Cody nominates Donny and Nicole for eviction

August 22, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Donny woke Cody up in the HoH room in order to let him know that he would like to talk with him before nominations. Cody said that he was willing to talk now. Donny asked if he should expect to go on the block today. Cody let him know that everyone has a chance of going up. Donny then made his pitch to Cody, telling him that if he puts two strong people on the block then one of them is guaranteed to go home. He said that Derrick would still be after him and Christine will be after Nicole, which would allow Cody to be in the middle. Donny said that he will vote for Cody if he is able to make it to the end but suggested that it would be tough for Cody to stay safe once he is gone. Donny said that he expects to be on the block and go home, followed by Nicole. He then told Cody that there is no way that the others are going to cut Victoria in order to keep someone like him around. Donny mentioned that he has never done anything to anyone and that it is pathetic that he has six people after him.

Donny continued to plead with Cody to make a big move. He said that Cody may think that it’s too early but it’s not, seeing as they have only 3 or 4 weeks to go. Donny explained that the three person alliance is Christine, Derrick and Frankie, and that those three are using Cody, Caleb and Victoria. He told Cody that he will not hold it against him if he nominates him, because he will know that those three pressured him and got in to his head. Donny pointed out that no matter what Cody does it will be he and Nicole that people are after. He suggested that now is the time to play Big Brother. Cody assured Donny that he has been thinking about things a lot. Donny asked him to please do, and then thanked Cody for speaking with him.

12:00-1:00 PM: The houseguests were put on an outdoor lockdown so that Big Brother could set up the have-not food for the week. Cody was tasked with selecting two houseguests to be the have-nots for the week. Cody asked if there were any volunteers. Nicole volunteered. Cody then chose Donny to be the other have-not. Cody, Christine and Victoria discussed Donny’s campaigning. They laughed about the lies that Donny is making. Cody said that Donny clearly wanted him out of the house last week. Christine told Cody that his parents will be proud of him for keeping his mouth shut after all of the rude things that Donny has said to him. They discussed that Donny called Cody dumb last night. Cody and Christine talked about Donny’s theory that Frankie, Christine and Derrick are working together. They agreed that Donny really wants Derrick or Christine out of the house.

Cody said that Donny sees Derrick, Frankie and Christine as the masterminds. He told her that Donny said that he wouldn’t hold being nominated against Cody, as he knows that those three are putting him up to it. Cody said that they are not the masterminds and that is not what is happening. Christine said that Donny has no idea what is going on in the house. Cody then told Caleb, Derrick and Christine about his talk with Donny. Caleb said that the only reason that he hasn’t called Donny out is because he respects his elders and sees Donny as one of them. He said that he would have crushed Donny if he was around his age. Derrick said that he will pull Donny aside if he doesn’t win the veto, letting him know that he doesn’t have his vote. He said that he would tell Donny that every week he is subliminally coming after him while smiling to his face.

1:00-2:00 PM: Derrick told Cody that they have to watch Christine and Frankie, because Christine is hedging her bets and playing both sides. Cody said that he doesn’t think that Derrick has to worry, because he thinks that he is the one that Frankie would come after. Derrick said that he thinks that Christine would come after him in order to get Cody away from him. Cody and Derrick agreed that Donny needs to go this week. He felt that Nicole would take out Frankie, Christine or Caleb if she were to win HoH next week. Cody feels that Nicole really would not come after them, while Derrick questioned if she would because she is thinking the same as Donny is at this point. Cody let Derrick know that Donny said that Hayden was really trying to get him to trust Derrick. Derrick said that that makes him feel bad. Cody mentioned that they made the biggest mistake in sending Hayden home, because he was locked in with them. Cody said that Donny was essentially letting him know that his top two targets are Christine and Derrick, while Frankie has dropped to his number three. Cody informed Derrick that he tried to talk Donny in to speaking with Derrick in order to take the target off of him a bit. The guys agreed that Donny has got to go.

Derrick spoke to Donny and told him that he is torn because Donny is an easy target but, contrary to what Donny may believe, it is in Derrick’s best interest to keep him. Derrick said that he is not in with a specific group that will take him to the end. Derrick then told Donny that over the weeks there have been numerous times that Donny has said that he wants him out of the house. Derrick let Donny know that he doesn’t take it personally but said that it has been hurtful. Derrick said that he believed Donny and respected him when he let them know that he is there for Donny Thompson, not for Team America. Donny said that he would not kiss anyone’s butt when he is against the wall, so he was just being honest. Derrick told Donny that it was eating him alive that Donny was after him, so he had to bring it up. Donny said that he doesn’t believe anything until he hears it for himself. Derrick mentioned having heard it from multiple people, so it starts to add up. Derrick noted that Hayden was the only person that said that Donny was not after Derrick. Donny explained that he was honest with Hayden and that other people are just filling Derrick with mud. Donny explained that the paranoia of the house is what is leading to Derrick hearing that he is after him.

Derrick and Donny agreed that being selected to Team America means a lot to them. Donny said that Team America is all that he has in this game. Derrick wanted Donny to know that he is coming to him in order to let him know what he has heard so that they can have a clean slate. He said that whether or not what he heard is true, it doesn’t matter. Derrick said that things get misconstrued to make it seem as though he or Frankie are not loyal to Donny at times. Donny said that he had no other way to look at things last week aside from thinking that it was the decision of the majority and Derrick has no other choice. Derrick let Donny know that it is no secret that Donny and Nicole are going on the block today. Derrick warned Donny that Nicole will campaign against him, just like she did the last time. Derrick then brought up that it was hurtful and demoralizing to hear that Donny was coming after him, but he kept him over Nicole who had never said anything like that about him in the past. Derrick said that he could have voted Donny out but did because he felt that there was still something there between them.

3:00-4:00 PM: Feeds returned following the nomination ceremony. Cody nominated Nicole and Donny for eviction. Nicole told Donny that it was so predictable. Donny and Nicole, the have-nots, went to nap. The others discussed Cody potentially getting a Pandora’s Box. Cody said that it would be so cool. Derrick brought up the possibility of Pandora’s Box somehow saving both nominees. Christine said that there is no way and that they would never do that. She said that she would destroy the house if that were to happen.

5:00-6:00 PM: Cody told Derrick that his HoH room is locked. Derrick said that it could be Pandora’s Box. Derrick said that they will try to do a twist where both Donny and Nicole are saved. He figured that Cody would get a punishment while those two would be safe for the week. Cody said that there is now way that that could happen.

8:00-9:00 PM: Cody asked Derrick if he can nominate Frankie if Donny wins the veto. Derrick asked if he would be doing it with the intent of sending Frankie home. Cody said yes. Derrick said that it would be a big boy move. He told Cody that they would have the votes to send Frankie home but he would not suggest doing it. Derrick explained that leaving Donny and Nicole in the house together is dangerous. He also said that Caleb may go after Cody out of retaliation. Cody reiterated that he definitely wants Donny to go home but he was just trying to plan for the event that Donny wins the veto. Derrick said that there are three duos right now: Cody and Derrick, Frankie and Caleb, and Nicole and Donny. He told Cody that it would not be wise to anger two duos this week by nominating someone from another one and keeping both Donny and Nicole in the house. Cody mentioned that putting up Victoria wouldn’t be a big deal because she would never win HoH anyway.

Cody mentioned that after next week he doesn’t care who goes home and will be turning on people if he wins HoH. Derrick agreed that that is the plan. He pointed out that Caleb wants Christine out, which led to Cody saying that that’s why he does not want to do anything that would make Caleb turn on him. Derrick said that they will have to break up Christine and Frankie if the remaining one of Nicole and Donny wins the veto next week. He then mentioned that Victoria could possibly go after that. Cody said that he wants to send Frankie home before Christine, because Christine would then lock in with them. He did not believe that she would ever go to Caleb’s side. Derrick said that he is concerned about Nicole being there next week because she can easily convince people by swearing on everything. Cody worried that Frankie may work with Nicole and come after them eventually. Derrick said that there is a better chance that Frankie works with Jesus Christ than with Nicole. Christine eventually came upstairs and broke up the talk. She told the guys that Donny is being really nice downstairs and it is pissing her off.

9:00-10:00 PM: Donny and Nicole discussed that only one of them can be safe this week, if they are able to pull out a win in the veto competition. They agreed that there is no hope for the other because there is nothing that they can say or do to get anyone else voted out. Donny said that it will then be 6 against 1, with whichever one of them remains next week being the one. Donny and Nicole then decided that they should make their way upstairs, even though Donny said that it’s very awkward and high schoolish in the house.

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