A fan message leads to the houseguests questioning if Frankie is the saboteur

August 24, 2014

4:00-5:00 PM: Derrick and Caleb were discussing that it will be tough for anyone to beat Frankie at the end. Caleb figured that he would have as good of a chance as anyone to do it. Derrick also pointed out that Cody is becoming a beast with his competition wins of late. Derrick mentioned that Cody is another person that could be tough to beat since he has the votes of all of the girls, while someone like Caleb was only loyal to Amber. Caleb said that he would choose to take Cody to the end over Frankie but would take Derrick to the end over Cody. Derrick told Caleb that he is taking him to the end as long as he is there, even though he will lose to Caleb, because they have been talking about it since Week 2 and he is straight up. Caleb felt that the two of them are playing the most straight up games in the house.

5:00-6:00 PM: Frankie spoke to Derrick about the plan for their mission. They are each pretending to be one of the first eight evicted houseguests. Frankie said that the concept that they are going to play along with is that Joey’s girls alliance actually worked and she is the mastermind of the season. Derrick told Frankie that Donny didn’t seem too confident in the mission being a success, but he let Donny know that Ariana Grande’s fans and Frankie’s fans will ensure that they pass the mission by voting it a success. Frankie said that he hopes that it doesn’t backfire and that they don’t go a different route about deciding whether or not the mission was a success. Frankie figured that America gave them this mission to throw them a bone since they want them to succeed. Derrick felt that this is the best that they can do by tomorrow’s deadline.

Derrick and Frankie discussed the roles that each houseguest is playing in tonight’s play. They are as follows: Donny/Devin, Derrick/Jocasta, Victoria/Amber, Frankie/Joey, Nicole/Hayden, Christine/Paola, and Caleb/Brittany. Derrick then asked if Donny had tried to speak to Frankie at all today. Frankie said that he hasn’t. Derrick explained that it is tough to justify keeping Donny when he is up against a girl that has not said a single word game wise to anyone. He said that there is no way to spin it when Nicole has been doing a good job of keeping quiet. Derrick said that even though Nicole could end up being the reason he goes home, Donny could be too. Frankie said that he cannot voice any more concerns about Nicole without looking like an idiot, so he is done doing so and just needs either he or Derrick to win the next HoH.

6:00-7:00 PM: The houseguests were all outside when someone could faintly be heard yelling over a megaphone (6:35 Cam 3/4). The houseguests were then called inside for a lockdown so that they could not hear whatever was being said. Inside, Caleb asked Cody why he was looking at him all weird. Cody questioned if Caleb had not heard what was just said. Caleb said that he did not hear it and that it sounded like the police. He said that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Caleb then asked if Cody knows something that he doesn’t know. Feeds were cut. A short while later (6:41 PM Cam 3/4), Caleb went to Derrick and told him that he and Cody had both heard the same thing, that being that Frankie is the saboteur. Derrick asked if Caleb was serious, and then feeds were again cut.

EDIT: Later in the evening, Evel Dick was tweeting about a friend of his having been the one to yell things to the houseguests. His friend revealed what was said in this tweet.

The same person also said that they yelled that "Christine is hated by America" and told Derrick to "Stop being the fun police", adding that "You are not on duty".

7:00-8:00 PM: Caleb pointed out to Christine and Caleb that whoever yelled that Frankie is the saboteur could have just been huge fans of Donny’s that are hoping that they will flip the script. Christine responded with “exactly”. Feeds were then cut again. Christine pointed out that when they were dealing with things being stolen last week, she was talking with Frankie about the possibility of America choosing tasks for houseguests to complete. Christine said that Frankie then said that he would be offended if America didn’t choose him. Caleb began to discuss what made him question that Frankie may have been the one hiding things is that Frankie’s glitter was seen out in the open for two days before it disappeared, yet now you never see it out. Feeds then cut again. Cody said that he is about to go in to the diary room to tell them to lock things down and get people on the outside to prevent fans from yelling things over the wall. Caleb later approached Derrick and said “I don’t know why but that makes so much sense to me”. Feeds were again cut.

9:00-10:00 PM: Team America organized their “BB Broadway” play for their mission. It took place for approximately one hour, with each of the houseguests playing the role of an already evicted houseguest. Everyone took their turn, one at a time, answering such questions as how they got to this point in the game and what their plan is for the rest of the way.

12:00-1:00 AM: Caleb and Derrick talked a bit of game over a game of chess. Caleb asked if Derrick thought that Christine has been clinging to Cody because she is afraid that she is going to be nominated. Derrick didn’t think so, attributing to them being tight. Caleb said that if he won the Final 5 HoH he would nominate Christine and Cody together, presumably under the assumption that he, Derrick and Frankie were the other remaining houseguests. Derrick went along with that, saying that those two may take each other over taking Caleb. Derrick did mention that he would like to see Christine go before Victoria because there is a better chance that Christine lucks in to a competition win and has a chance to send one of them home. Caleb understood.

1:00-2:00 AM: Caleb told Cody that he doesn’t want them to study the dates in front of Christine. He was concerned that Christine would take the info to get in power and then would turn on them. Cody said that Christine makes him nervous. He told Caleb that he and Derrick are the only two that he doesn’t question. Cody explained that he doesn’t want to question Frankie but he just doesn’t know how tight Frankie is with Christine. Caleb said that Christine and Victoria are going up once Nicole is gone, and Christine is going home. Cody said that he would support that move if Caleb won HoH and wanted to make it. Cody agreed that Victoria will never beat them in a competition but he was afraid that Victoria would manage to make it to the end. Caleb didn’t think that that would happen but Cody pointed out that it does almost every season. They agreed that Christine has been floating on their backs all season and is playing both sides. Caleb plans to nominate Nicole and Christine if he wins the next HoH. Caleb said that if everything works out perfectly it would be him, Derrick and Cody in the Final 3 together. Caleb wanted Frankie to be with them in the Final 4.

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