Cody chooses not to use the Power of Veto

August 25, 2014

11:00-12:00 PM: At the veto ceremony Cody decided not to use the Power of Veto, leaving Nicole and Donny on the block. One of the two will be evicted on Thursday. Nicole told Donny that feels like deja vu, as they are back in the same spot that they were the week that she was evicted. Nicole pointed out that Donny has had it the roughest of anyone left in the house. She felt that she was next after him. Donny agreed. Nicole asked what they are going to do this week. Donny said that they need to enjoy their last few days. Nicole asked Victoria if she knows how she is planning to vote. Victoria said yes. Nicole mentioned that Cody had told her that she is good this week but she is just wondering. Victoria assured Nicole that she is indeed safe this week, pointing out that people have even been telling Donny that from a game standpoint he is a scary person to have in the house. Nicole said that she thinks that she realized how tough it is to get Donny out. Nicole asked Victoria to let her know if the vote flips so that she can wear a nicer outfit for the live show. Victoria said that she will let her know but said that there is no chance of things flipping.

12:00-1:00 PM: Cody asked Christine what she thinks that people will do next week in the event that Nicole goes on the block and then wins the Power of Veto. Christine said that Victoria would then go home. Cody said that he hopes so but questioned if everyone would do that. Christine said that she would hope that they would and didn’t want Cody to make her worry about that. Nicole checked in with Christine to see if she knew what she was planning to do this week. Christine said yes and that Nicole is not going to be going home. She explained that she has wanted Donny out the whole time so there is no way in hell that she would change her vote. Christine said that she can’t see the others changing their votes either. Elsewhere, Derrick and Frankie were discussing how well the Broadway show went last night for their Team America mission. They agreed that Donny did an amazing job. Derrick thanked Frankie for the effort that he put in to organizing it all. Derrick mentioned that they could very well have $38,000 now and may still be getting more missions. They discussed that the goal if Nicole wins HoH is to get her to nominate Christine and Victoria. Frankie pointed out that Christine is getting really paranoid whenever someone is alone with Cody, likely because she thinks that Cody is the only one that would take her to the end.

4:00-5:00 PM: Frankie told Derrick that he feels like there is a way to get Caleb to flip to keep Donny. Derrick asked if he thinks that it’s a good move. Frankie said to look at what’s happening with Nicole and Cody. Derrick said that he sees it and that they need to have detailed conversation later. Derrick told Frankie that they should “make magic”. Derrick pointed out that Nicole is a schemer. Frankie said that Nicole and Victoria are dangerous together. Frankie felt that he could convince Caleb to keep Donny pretty easily. Derrick said that they can make some good TV. He said that he knows that America would be happy if Donny stayed. Frankie agreed. Derrick said that Christine hates Donny so there is no way that she would keep him. Frankie said it would be better for all of them to do so. Derrick said that it may be. He again said that they need to talk later to break it all down.

Frankie said that he thinks that it all comes down to Caleb and that it’s doable to get him to want to keep Donny. Derrick said that they would have to have Cody on board too. Frankie said “yes, but that’s it”. Derrick then questioned if it is the right move. Frankie said that he really thinks that it is. Derrick asked who Donny would nominate. Frankie said Cody and Christine. Derrick said that Donny loves Cody so it’s unlikely that he would put him up. Derrick mentioned that everyone loves Cody. Frankie said that’s the problem and the reason why Donny would put him up. Derrick said that he cannot see it and thinks that Donny would put one of them up. Frankie didn’t see it happening if they saved Donny this week. He pointed out that America wouldn’t do that to them, putting them with someone that is a “monster”. Derrick said that Frankie is correct about that outside influence.

5:00-6:00 PM: Frankie pointed out to Caleb that Nicole is doing a wonderful job reintegrating. Caleb said that at least they know where they stand with her. Frankie told Caleb that Nicole wants him out of the house, so he doesn’t stand in a very good place. Caleb said that they all know where Nicole stands with them too, as she is going home if she doesn’t win. Frankie agreed. Caleb questioned who Nicole would nominate next to Frankie. Frankie said that they know that it’s not Cody and that it probably isn’t Christine anymore since they have been getting close again. Caleb said that it may be him or may be Derrick, seeing as Nicole will do whatever is best for her game. Caleb again said that they just can’t let her win and then she will be going home. He believes that the five remaining Bomb Squad members are too strong so Nicole will not beat them. Frankie then asked who Donny would put up if he won. Caleb said Cody’s name, then Frankie threw Christine’s out there. Caleb simply said “yeah” when Frankie said Christine’s name.

9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie spoke to Derrick about keeping Donny this week. He said that Christine is concerned about the closeness of Nicole and Cody, but not enough to want to keep Donny at the moment. Frankie said that Caleb is still up in the air at the moment as well. As for Cody, Frankie said that Cody’s concern is that Nicole is integrating back in to the group well but he still feels that they could beat her in HoH. Derrick pointed out that the endurance competitions are set up for girls to win. Frankie agreed. Derrick asked if Frankie is dead set convinced that keeping Donny is the right move. Frankie said that he is. Frankie reiterated the importance of Team America, saying that it is their responsibility to try to keep Donny. He said that if it can be done lightly they should do it, and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. Frankie said that he is 100% convinced that they will be safe if Donny wins HoH if they were to save him.

On the other hand, Frankie felt that Nicole would be coming after him and would be smart to put him up next to Derrick or Caleb. Derrick thought that Nicole may nominate Christine over Frankie. Frankie told Derrick that he thinks that he will have to talk to the guys to make it happen. Derrick said that he definitely will talk to Caleb about keeping Donny if Caleb approaches him about it. Frankie believed that they should be able to make it happen since the same points that they made to evict Nicole the first time are still valid this time. Derrick pointed out that Donny went in to Nicole mode and threw them and Christine under the bus to everyone. Frankie said that they still know who the lesser of two evils is, though they can’t tell anyone why. Derrick wondered who Donny would nominate. Frankie said Christine and Cody. Derrick felt that he would need to hear it directly from Donny’s mouth in order to believe it.

10:00-11:00 PM: Cody informed Derrick that Frankie seemed to be hinting at trying to keep Donny this week. Cody said that he shut that down. Both guys mentioned that Caleb had come to them and said that Frankie seemed to want to keep Donny. Derrick questioned what the rationale would be behind wanting to keep Donny. Cody said that it’s because Frankie thinks that Nicole would come after him and Donny would not, therefore it is a move solely to benefit Frankie’s game.

12:00-1:00 AM: Frankie, Derrick and Caleb were together at the hammock. Frankie asked Derrick if he was concerned by Nicole and Christine being close already. Derrick said that he honestly doesn’t know if Christine and Nicole will work together again after Christine ended Nicole’s game. Derrick mentioned that it would not be a good move for Nicole to go after both Frankie and Christine, and would likely try to win people over in order to take out the other later on in the game. Derrick said that Nicole and Donny are equally dangerous in competitions. Frankie said that he does know that Nicole is coming after him. Derrick pointed out that Nicole would not have the votes to get him out anyway. Caleb agreed. They then pointed out that Donny could come after them as well. Frankie and Caleb agreed that Donny would likely nominate Cody since he always talks badly about him. Derrick didn’t think so and asked what the worst case scenario was with Nicole winning. Derrick thought that it would be Frankie and Christine going up, while Frankie felt that she may put him up with either Derrick or Caleb.

Derrick told Frankie that Nicole has to beat them in HoH before she can do anything. He said that he does not see it happening. Caleb seconded that. They discussed that it would be on them if they lose HoH to either Nicole and Donny and get sent home next as a result of it. Derrick said that they control their own fate and thus Frankie should have been more worried last week than he is this week when he is able to compete for HoH. Derrick acknowledged that it was important for Frankie to come to them and address his concerns so that they could talk it over. Frankie explained that he had to talk to them about it because they are all that he has got in this game. Caleb mentioned that if it’s not Nicole coming after Frankie then it’s Donny coming after one of them. He felt that they could threaten Nicole, telling her that she has to put up Christine or Victoria or else she will be the next one gone. He figured that Nicole may fall for it if she doesn’t think it over and realize that she is the next to go no matter what.

Nicole approached to Derrick and said that a couple of people have told her that she has their votes so he wanted to talk to him. Derrick said that he is voting to keep her but he was a little hurt by some of things that he heard that she had said before leaving the house. Nicole explained that she could have blown up Derrick’s game and told everyone about the alliance that they had and told them the name, but she didn’t. Derrick explained that there was nothing that he could have done to keep her since she didn’t have the votes. He mentioned that Zach had been lying to Nicole and never had any intention of keeping her. Nicole previously felt that Derrick and Cody did not want to keep her when Zach did. Derrick said that they definitely need to talk and he was waiting for her to come to him. Nicole said that she feels like an outcast. Derrick said that she is not because he is voting to keep her even though she hasn’t said a word to him. Nicole then checked in with Caleb and said that she has talked to a couple of people and it sounds like she has a good chance of staying so she wanted to talk to him. Caleb assured Nicole that she has his vote.

Derrick and Frankie quickly spoke alone. Derrick filled Frankie in on his talk with Nicole. Derrick told Frankie to be prepared to talk to Nicole because she said that she will come to everyone. Derrick then mentioned that Frankie is getting too much resistance when he talks about keeping Donny. Frankie agreed. Derrick said that he does not want Frankie to hurt his game by campaigning for him. Frankie said that at least they tried. Derrick agreed and said that if the opportunity presents itself over the next couple of days they can revisit it, but he does not want Frankie to be the one leading the charge.

1:00-2:00 AM: Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Caleb discussed that they cannot make Christine feel as though she is on the outs. They wanted her to feel safe so that she does not get in power and then come after them. Caleb was concerned that Christine would trust Nicole enough that she would nominate him and Frankie. Derrick and Caleb spoke on their own afterwards. Caleb again said that he doesn’t think that Christine would go after Nicole. That being said, Caleb did not think that Christine would win over them. As for Nicole, Caleb said that he knows for a fact that she would nominate Christine. Derrick said that they will be fine as long as that happens and Christine does not win the veto.

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