Cody and Derrick plan for next week

August 26, 2014

4:00-5:00 PM: The feeds were down for roughly an hour. When they returned we found out that the houseguests had taken part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. They got to watch a video of Julie Chen doing her challenge live on the show. The houseguests were then given the opportunity to challenge one person. For example, Frankie and Caleb challenged their mothers, Derrick challenged his wife, Donny challenged his girlfriend, and Cody challenged his brother.

6:00-7:00 PM: Victoria spoke to Nicole, telling her that Christine likes to belittle everyone because she thinks that she is better than all of them. Victoria also pointed out that Christine laughs at everything. The girls didn’t understand why. Victoria mentioned that Christine takes pride in the fact that everyone in the jury house hates her. Nicole explained that Christine likes to point that out because she wants everyone to think that she cannot win so that they will take her to the end. Nicole felt that Christine would nominate her if she won HoH. Victoria agreed and said that Christine isn’t genuine and doesn’t care about anyone. Nicole felt that Christine only cared about Cody. Victoria said that her opinion of Christine changed when she saw that she backstabbed her best friend, Nicole. Nicole said that she is afraid to talk to Christine because Christine may take what she says and spin it in a way that can make her go home this week. Nicole felt that Christine wanted her out the whole time and used the guys as an excuse to justify sending her home. Nicole assured Victoria that she is her closest friend in the house and that she would never put her up if she were to win HoH.

7:00-8:00 PM: Derrick told Nicole that he was pretty upset about the things that he heard that she had been saying before leaving last time. He said that it had him thinking that he should have left a worse goodbye message. They agreed that they were glad that they talked things over last night. Derrick then began talking about his game, saying that he didn’t talk to people much in the beginning an it may come back to bite him. He then said that he has been second guessing his game because he doesn’t know at what point you are supposed to make Final 2 deals. He explained that he always thought that making a Final 2 deal was a death move. They agreed that there are definitely some Final 2 deals going on in the house. Derrick felt that those are the people that they have to break up. Nicole agreed. Derrick then asked who Nicole thinks that he is closest to. Nicole said Victoria. Derrick questioned if she thought that he had a Final 2 with Victoria. Nicole said no and that she is not threatened by that at all. Derrick then promised Nicole that she is not going home this week. He also told her that she has a better shot at making it past this week than she thinks, because she is alone in this game and is not as much of a threat as others. Nicole said that one of her downfalls is making it too obvious who she is targeting, considering that she has yet to speak to Frankie.

8:00-9:00 PM: Nicole finally spoke to Frankie. They discussed how things ended between them the first time. Frankie said that he harbours no ill-will towards her as a person or in this game. Nicole said that she feels the same way about Frankie. Frankie added that it was ridiculous that they even had negative feelings towards each other at all. They agreed that things between them are fine and that they should not make any assumptions about one another, such as that they other is going to target them. Frankie thanked Nicole for talking to him. Caleb then went to Derrick and told him that Frankie spoke to Nicole and now feels better after doing so. Caleb said that he is always scared when Frankie or Christine talk to someone. Derrick agreed with him. Caleb brought up that Derrick is probably the only one that would bring him to the Final 2. Derrick said that he would because when he gives someone his word he sticks to it. Caleb said that his ideal Final 4 would be him, Derrick, Frankie and Cody. Derrick said that is the only combination that he wants to make it there with, even though it doesn’t set him up in a great spot.

9:00-10:00 PM: Cody told Derrick that he is concerned that Christine will come after them and Caleb if Frankie has been filling her in on everything. He felt that Frankie runs to Christine to find out what was discussed every time that he talks to her. Cody believes that he would be Frankie’s target. Derrick said that it wouldn’t make much sense since Frankie wouldn’t have the votes unless he nominated Cody next to him or Caleb. Cody and Derrick discussed that Christine is a huge liar, though Derrick pointed out that she thinks that she is smooth. Cody said that that’s why he would like Derrick to nominate Christine next to Nicole if he were to win HoH. Derrick said that he would prefer to nominate Victoria next to one of them because he could do damage control with Victoria but it would be getting unneeded blood on his hands if he nominated Christine and Nicole since one would definitely stay.

Cody then suggested nominating Nicole and Victoria and backdooring Frankie. He wanted Christine or Frankie to go home before Nicole and thought that it would be best to send Frankie home first since Christine would then run to them. Derrick said that he is willing to backdoor Frankie but would need Caleb on board. Derrick felt that they could get Caleb to flip and backdoor Frankie if he were to win HoH. Derrick then began discussing that Nicole is a beast in competitions and will win another one if she is left in the house long enough. He compared her to Ian. Derrick also said that he is scared of Christine because she could be downplaying her abilities. Cody felt that Christine is “nothing”, calling her a floater. Derrick didn’t want either of the girls to have a chance to pick Caleb off. He felt that Caleb being in the Final 3 with he and Cody would ensure that one of them win, while the girls could possibly beat them in the Final 3.

10:00-11:00 PM: Caleb mentioned to Derrick that Christine is everywhere that Cody is. He said that he feels as though Christine likes Cody. Derrick said that she might but it is not for him to say. Caleb simply said that that’s the way it looks. A short while later, Caleb told Derrick that Christine and Cody disgust him. He said that it eats him up. Derrick said that he can tell that it has really been getting to Cody lately.

11:00-12:00 AM: Nicole let Victoria know that she spoke to Derrick and he made her feel a lot better because he said that she is safe. Nicole said that Derrick is honest because he told her the truth the last time that she was on the block. Victoria then brought up that Cody and Christine are always together. Nicole said that it was getting intimate between them in the HoH room earlier. Victoria said that they are touching all day long. Nicole said that it has definitely gotten worse since she came back. Victoria said that if her friend had a spouse that was acting like Christine she would tell them to get the divorce papers ready. She pointed out that if the Zingbot said something about it then it’s clear to the world what is going on. Victoria mentioned that nothing has changed since then and that it looks like Christine has no respect for her husband.

1:00-2:00 AM: Everyone went to bed early, except for Cody and Christine who had a chat in the kitchen. Christine was concerned that America would hate them for trying so hard to get Donny out, and hate her for getting Nicole out. She also said that everyone in the jury hates her, which made her depressed yesterday because she feels as though she is playing for second place. Christine told Cody that they say not to trust anyone in this game but there comes a point where you have to trust someone. She let Cody know that she trusts him so much because she sincerely has his back and thus feels that there may be a chance that he sincerely has her back in return. Cody asked why she would think that he wouldn’t have her back. Christine said because it’s a game. Christine then revealed that Frankie, Nicole and Amber are the people that have offered her Final 2 deals, seemingly in hope of proving how much she trusts Cody. Christine told Cody that he would beat everyone at the end. Cody said that he definitely doesn’t think that he would beat Derrick and also doesn’t think that he would beat Caleb. Christine felt that Cody would beat Derrick in a heartbeat, though she did not give a reason why.

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