Plenty of last minute scrambling takes place

August 27, 2014

2:00-3:00 PM: Donny approached Frankie and asked him if there is honestly any way to save a member of Team America. Frankie asked Donny if he has any tricks up his sleeve. Donny said that the only thing that he has is that America voted for them. Frankie said that he isn’t the one that needs convincing and that he has been trying and the only person that may be able to be swayed is Caleb. Frankie said that they would be good in that case be he thinks that Donny would have to pull a rabbit out of his hat in order to get Caleb on board, such as telling him that he is military since Caleb wants the truth. Donny said that he can come up with a lie but he is telling the truth. Frankie encouraged Donny to work on Caleb but leave his and Derrick’s names out of it. Frankie said that he would be on board with keeping Donny as long as Caleb is. Donny asked if he will be leaving with Frankie’s vote. Frankie said that he would probably want to vote with the house but he will have his vote if he is able to get one more in addition to his and Derrick’s. Donny said that he appreciates the honesty.

Frankie then spoke to Derrick to fill him in on his talk with Donny. Frankie said that he explained to Donny that it is not looking good and that he will have to vote with the majority. He said that he suggested that Donny work on Caleb. Frankie let Derrick know that he told Donny to leave their names out of it but they will be on board if Caleb comes to them. Frankie felt that there was nothing else that he could do since he has tried. Derrick agreed that Frankie really had tried. Frankie also said that he had mentioned that it would be a good time for the truth to come out but Donny said that this is the truth. Derrick pointed out that maybe it is and they are all going to look like fools. Frankie agreed that that is very possible. Derrick then said that they actually wont look like fools because Donny is a very intelligent person.

3:00-4:00 PM: Frankie gave Caleb a heads up that Donny is going to be talking to him today in order to try to get his vote. Frankie explained that he told Donny that he has to vote with the majority but encouraged him to try. Frankie mentioned that Donny has a way of making him feel bad. He asked Caleb if that is weird. Caleb said that it’s not because Donny has worked hard to get to this point in the game and they are only human. Caleb added that it sucks that Donny is going home before someone like Victoria, but said that it is what’s best for the alliance so it has to be done.

6:00-7:00 PM: Donny checked in with Derrick to see if he had any hope of staying. He told Derrick that Frankie said he’s in but needs Derrick to be on board. Derrick pointed out that Donny suggested to make the mission to save him but Frankie said “No, let’s do a Broadway show”. Derrick said that he doesn’t think that Donny has the votes. Frankie then joined them and informed them that Julie is going to ask one of them on tomorrow’s live show about what food they would request if they were a have-not. They have to respond with “apple pie”. If Julie says yes to their request it means that they passed the mission. If she says no it means that they failed the mission. Derrick then asked Frankie, in front of Donny, if he has the votes. Frankie said that he doesn’t think that things are looking good. Frankie then left the room. Derrick continued to talk to Donny, telling him that Frankie may be able to convince Caleb if he is actually on board with keeping Donny but he doesn’t think that Frankie is on board. Derrick said that Frankie is the one that influences a lot of people. Donny pointed out that Frankie told him to talk to Caleb and Caleb said that he would not be opposed to voting to keep him if he’s in the majority. Derrick said that he feels as though people are not telling Donny the entire truth.

Donny said that he knows that there is nothing that he can do to persuade people but he had to try because it’s a TV show and also because he may regret it if he didn’t try. Derrick continually pointed out that Frankie could have stayed and talked with them but he immediately left the room and it shows that he likely isn’t on board with keeping Donny. Donny said that there are only eight people left and they have an opportunity to keep winning $5,000 each week, while only 1 in 7 (after this week) will win the game. Donny felt that Derrick understood but said that he liked to point that out anyway. Derrick agree and said that he is there to accumulate as much money through the missions as he can. Donny said that he would have better understood being sent home if Nicole was not there, as he already stayed over Nicole once and those same reasons for keeping him should apply this week. Derrick said that he doesn’t understand it either but pointed out that he heard some things about Donny coming after him and Frankie may have heard the same things. Derrick said that Frankie wouldn’t stick his neck out to keep him if everyone else wanted him out either.

Caleb went to speak to Derrick. He told Derrick that Nicole is a much bigger threat than Donny is. Derrick agreed and said that he has been saying that all along. Caleb pointed out that they are really not thinking about the game right now and really need to think things over before they send Donny packing. Caleb wondered who Donny would nominate if he won. Derrick said that he has thought it all over for many hours. He felt that Donny would put up Christine, which isn’t a bad thing for them. However, Derrick felt that Donny would want to send a big player home and would not put Victoria up if Christine were to win the veto, which could put them at risk. On the other hand, Derrick felt that Nicole would put Christine as well. He figured that Nicole would send Frankie home if Christine were to win the veto.

7:00-8:00 PM: Caleb and Derrick continued to talk. Caleb again mentioned that the big thing to consider is who is the bigger threat to win HoH. Caleb believes that it will be a physical competition which would definitely benefit Nicole. Caleb said that Nicole can win both physical and mental competitions, while they would crush Donny in physical. Derrick suggested that Caleb speak to Frankie to see where his head is at. Caleb went to Frankie and said that he and Derrick had just been talking and they feel as though Donny is not a physical competitor, while Nicole is a good physical and mental competitor. Frankie agreed. He also agreed with Caleb that Christine can flip to Nicole’s side if she wins HoH. The guys ultimately agreed that it is best for their games to send Nicole home. They felt that Cody would be opposed to it but said that they have to do what is best for the group. Frankie celebrated after Caleb left the room. Frankie then went to Donny and Derrick to let them know that Caleb is wavering.

Caleb then went to the HoH room to speak to Cody. He said that Donny would nominate Christine if he wins HoH, which is good for them unless she wins the veto. Cody said that Donny wanted him on the block two weeks ago and wanted him out last week. He also pointed out that they easily got Nicole out while they have had Donny on the block multiple times and not got him out. Meanwhile, Derrick was telling Donny to be prepared to give two names if someone asks him who he would nominate. Donny said that he would likely nominate Christine and Cody. He assured Derrick that he and Frankie will not go up and that Caleb will not either since he likes him. Derrick let Donny know that he will try his best to get him the votes. Upstairs, Cody continued to argue in favour of evicting Donny. He said to Caleb and Frankie that Nicole is more likely to work with them than Donny is. Frankie argued that Donny will 100% put up Christine, which would keep them safe. Cody disagreed.

Derrick joined them and said that it’s a lose-lose situation. He mentioned that from what he has heard he is Donny’s #1 target. Cody said that there is no way that he is flipping and agreeing with Donny staying in the game. He pointed out that Nicole has not won a physical competition. Frankie said that she would win an endurance competition. Derrick said that if any of them aren’t on board with keeping Donny then he is going home. Caleb mentioned that they could control who Nicole would nominate, while they cannot do the same with Donny. Caleb figured that they could threaten Nicole by telling her that she is going home next week if she doesn’t go after Christine and Victoria. Caleb said that there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument. Cody mentioned that it would have to be the guys keeping Donny since Christine and Victoria will not flip. Frankie said that it’s worrisome that they are set on keeping Nicole. Caleb polled them on who should go. Cody said Donny, Frankie said Nicole, and both Caleb and Derrick said that they are torn. Derrick wanted an hour to think it over. Caleb then said send Donny home. Derrick said it’s done then. Caleb began discussing that no one can beat Donny in the Final 2. He also agreed that it is more likely that they can control Nicole than Donny.

8:00-9:00 PM: Derrick went to Nicole and asked her who she would nominate. Nicole said that she would talk to Derrick and see what he thought, but she would not put him up. Derrick asked if she would talk to Cody as well. Nicole said yes. Derrick then talked to Frankie and said that there is no doubt in his mind that Donny has thrown them under the bus. Frankie said that Donny has to do that for his own game. Derrick brought up the fact that they can remain cohesive as a house if they keep Nicole, while they would cause a clear divide if they keep Donny. Frankie still felt that Nicole would come after them while he said that he was 100% sure that Donny would not. Elsewhere, Cody filled Christine in on what had been going on. He said that Frankie is really scared because Nicole may come after him. Christine said that she hopes that she does. Cody assured Christine that Derrick, Victoria and Caleb will not be switching their votes.

Derrick and Caleb talked things over and agreed that sending Donny home is the best route to go. They agreed that it’s a tough decision either way because both will need to come after them for their own games. Derrick figured that Nicole’s first targets would be Christine and Frankie. Caleb pointed out that Frankie has run to Nicole before in order to try to save himself, so they have to prepare for him to do the same thing again. Derrick said that he was concerned that Cody has Nicole locked up so it will be him, Caleb or Frankie going home if she wins HoH. Frankie then joined them. The guys talked things over and Frankie eventually said that they have convinced him to keep Nicole.

9:00-10:00 PM: Nicole had observed all of the scrambling and went to Derrick to see what was going on. Derrick assured her that she is fine and is staying. Nicole said that she is so tortured by them cause they are stressing her out. Derrick and Cody told Nicole that Frankie is worried about her coming after him, so he is the one scrambling. Nicole said that Frankie gets what he wants every week and is running the game. Cody left and Derrick continued to talk to Nicole. He said that he is the one battling for her because Cody does not have a vote. Nicole asked if Caleb is wavering. Derrick said no because they know that she will go after Frankie or Christine, not them. He brought up that Caleb was only a bit concerned that Nicole may nominate Cody and Derrick together, which would be a bad move. Nicole said that she would not because she is not stupid. Derrick said that some people may be pissed off about her staying this week, so he needs her to get her head 100% back in the game and win HoH or else the two of them may end up on the block together.

Nicole was talking to herself, giving herself a little pep talk. She said that she has so many options and doesn’t know what is best for her game so it is driving her crazy. She said that if she needs to appear weak to get to the end then that’s what she has to do. She encouraged herself to become the gamer that she was prior to being evicted, in the event that she makes it through this week. Nicole then went on to say that she needs to have a lot of confidence, be proud and make big moves. She ended her talk by saying that it’s now or never and is all or nothing, cause she needs to get back in the game because the game aint waiting for nobody.

11:00-12:00 AM: Donny asked Caleb if they are considering keeping him. Caleb said that they had been going over the pros and cons and are definitely considering it. Caleb said that some of the concern is about not knowing who Donny would nominate. Donny told Caleb that the two of them are even and that he would not be putting him up. Donny asked if Cody was in on the conversation. Caleb said yes and that Cody was telling them that he would go on the block if Donny were to win HoH. Caleb let Donny know that he, Frankie and Derrick want Nicole gone because she is more an all around threat. Donny said that it would suck to go home before Victoria when he has won six competitions. Caleb told Derrick about his talk with Donny. Derrick said that everybody is mad about going home before Victoria but that’s the game. He mentioned that Victoria is not going to get to the Final 3. He said that she can go once they get down to the Final 5.

12:00-1:00 AM: Caleb told Frankie and Derrick that the decision is up to the three of them. Derrick pointed out that they would be drawing a line in the sand if they were to keep Donny. Caleb questioned what Cody could do about it, and said that Cody wont work with Donny if they keep him. Derrick spoke to Caleb a short while later and told him that he is thinking that Donny needs to go and they need to win HoH. He again questioned if Caleb wants to draw a line against Cody right now. Caleb said no but he is concerned that if Nicole stays they will team up against him, Derrick and Frankie. Caleb felt that if one of them goes home next week they will be weak and then it’s game over. Derrick explained that Donny is capable of doing the same thing and that they just need to win like they have been doing all season long.

1:00-2:00 AM: Frankie told Derrick that if they do not pass the mission it means that America is pissed off at them for not doing the mission that Donny suggested. Derrick thought that they should be alright since Frankie’s and Ariana’s fans would have their backs. They pleaded with the fans to vote for them to pass. Derrick said that there will be people that vote just to vote against them, but they have to hope that there are more lovers than haters. Frankie pointed out that the fact that they will get some type of feedback is huge. Derrick said that America either loves them or hates them, and they are about to find out. Frankie said that it makes him nervous that Donny was so set on the other mission, which could lead to people wanting them to fail. Derrick didn’t think that it would make sense for Donny’s fans to take away $5,000 from him. Derrick felt that everything was in their favour to pass, so they are doing something terribly wrong if they do not.

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