Caleb is the Head of Household; Donny and Paola are nominated

June 26, 2014

10:00-11:00 PM: The live feeds kicked off following the west coast airing of the premiere. The show had left off with Frankie and Caleb being the two HoHs for the week. When the feeds came on, we found out that Frankie had been dethroned as HoH when his nominees won the battle of the block. Frankie had nominated the first two girls to drop out of the second HoH competition, Victoria and Brittany. Caleb nominated the first male and the first female to drop out of the first HoH competition, Donny and Paola. They are two remaining nominees heading into the veto competition. It was revealed that Cody, Zach and Victoria were the three randomly selected players that will compete in the veto competition.

11:00-12:00 AM: Frankie and Zach spoke in the HoH room and shook on a Final 2 deal. They agreed that they are going to be able to glide through to the end, while making the moves along the way. They discussed that they will have their side alliances and will keep each other safe.

Zach told Frankie that he has made a three person alliance with Cody and Derrick. As for Frankie, he said that he is working on Christine. They mentioned the possibly of the five of them going to the end together. It was discussed that Caleb and Devin are the top two targets in the house at the moment. Zach said that Caleb and Devin are tight and that Devin is always up in Caleb’s HoH room. There was talk of Devin having “lost it” at some point, which ended any hope of an alliance that they had with him lasting. There was some chatter about an alliance of eight never having any hope of lasting to begin with, though it is unclear who the eight are. As for this week, Donny is the target. Frankie said that he would feel more comfortable with Paola going home but the others are not in agreement. Zach said that Paola will self-destruct if she stays in the game.

Caleb and Paola were talking things over in the living room. Paola said that she can’t read Donny. Caleb said that he can’t either and that there is a lot more to Donny than they know. Both agreed that Donny is smart. Caleb told Paola that he doesn’t think that she has anything to worry about this week in terms of the vote.

Much of the conversation focused on Caleb talking about his feelings for Amber. Caleb said that Amber is the kind of girl that he has been looking for for years and that she is the type that he would take home to his parents. Paola, who referred to Amber as her best friend in the house, suggested that Caleb make a move on Amber. Caleb said that he will soon let his feelings be known, as he wants to know how Amber feels about him.

12:00-1:00 AM: Derrick and Victoria talked a bit of game over a game of chess. Derrick asked her if she had thought about what she will do at the veto competition, as Paola will expect her to use it on her if she wins. Victoria said that she plans to remain neutral and leave nominations the same. Meanwhile, Cody and Zach discussed that they also plan to leave the nominations the same if they win the Power of Veto. That being said, Cody said that he wants to win the veto just because you never know what can happen. He said that he hopes that there are no backdoor plans out there. Zach told him not to worry and that he would let him know if there are.

Caleb joined Zach and Cody, at which point he said that Donny will be going home unless he wins the veto, as nobody will use it. Caleb mentioned that someone can be backdoored if Donny wins the veto, as Paola is not a threat. Joey’s name was thrown out there as the potential fallback option in the even that Donny wins the veto.

2:00-3:00 AM: Brittany, Frankie and Jocasta were talking things over when Amber asked for their thoughts on the vote this week. Frankie said that it comes down to harmony vs. strategy and that part of his is still torn over it. He explained that harmony would favour voting out Paola, while strategy would favour voting out Donny. Britanny said that Donny is smart, while Paola would continue to be nominated again and again. Frankie agreed and added that Paola will not win a single competition. Devin joined the group and was agitated because he felt that people are selfish and do not do their dishes.

After he left, Brittany told the others that she always cleans up after Devin when he cooks. Frankie said that it’s inevitable that some people are going to lose it and all that they have to do is let it run its course. Frankie suggested that they be united and make decisions together for the first month to get people out, at which point they can go at each others throats. There was talk between Jocasta, Frankie and Brittany that Devin must be bipolar due to the way that he has been acting. They brought up that he had made Christine cry earlier on over something to do with the sheets.

3:00-4:00 AM: Devin spoke to Christine in the storage room, trying to clear the air with her. He said that he wanted her to know that he wasn’t mad at her and wasn’t upset. Devin explained that he just gets frustrated sometimes with how the house looks and that he is also frustrated with Victoria about things at the moment. Devin apologized to her for making her think that he was upset at her. Devin then added that things are really hard because they have an eight person alliance and he feels that it is all on his shoulders to get people on the same page. Christine consoled Devin and told him to talk to her if he ever needs anything.

Devin spoke with Amber and let her know that he is feeling really bad when it comes to Donny leaving. He asked her not to tell Caleb or anyone. Devin explained that he had a chat with Donny, questioning if he is who he says he is. Donny said that he is and that he will have Devin’s back even if Devin isn’t who he says he is, which Devin told Amber is the “ultimate sign of loyalty”. Devin added that it made him feel really bad because his lack of trust for Donny is a huge part of the reason that Donny may potentially be going home. Amber has a liking for Donny as well, pointing out that he is not there for the money and that he genuinely enjoys being with them. She said that Donny would enjoy the opportunity to remain with them for a few more weeks. Amber said that she wants Donny to remain in the game and that he deserves to be there.

4:00-5:00 AM: Devin and Amber continued their talk about Donny. Devin said that he is there to play the game but he feels bad about Donny and part of him hopes that Donny wins the veto. Amber said that what is really bothering her about Paola is that she didn’t talk to her for days until she went on the block and knew that she needed a vote, while Donny handles things on his own and doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him. Devin said that the only reason that he doesn’t want to send Paola home is because she is a weak player. Devin told Amber that if he could do things over, knowing what he knows now, he would want to backdoor Joey this week. Devin explained that Paola and Victoria are weak players and it would only make it harder on the house if they take them out. On the other hand, Devin said that nobody would question things if they took out Joey because she started to create an all girls alliance.

Devin continued to keep going back and forth on things, saying that his brain is telling him to send Donny home but his heart is telling him that Donny is a good guy that should be kept around. He said that there is a logical reason to backdoor Joey and that it would benefit their alliance of eight to do so, as there would be little fallout if they do so. Amber said that she is worried that there might really be an all girl alliance, even though Joey outed it as having been a failure. Devin said that he thinks that there is one. Amber agreed but denied having any knowledge of it. Though Devin and Amber want Donny to stay, Devin was concerned that they will be seen as wavering if they push to keep Donny. Devin revealed that he would want to nominate Paola and Joey if he wins HoH next week, with Joey being the target.

Devin wavered and went back to saying that Donny is a warrior, a male, and needs to go home this week. He said that his talk with Amber has solidified that train of thought, as he needs weak players to stay in the house. Amber mentioned that she and Christine are the only two girls in the eight person alliance, revealing that the alliance of eight (The Bomb Squad) consists of Amber, Christine, Devin, Frankie, Caleb, Zach, Cody and Derrick. Amber let Devin know that Joey would be her main target as well if she were to win HoH next week, at which point Devin suggested that Amber go to their alliance and advise them to backdoor Joey. Amber was unsure of whether or not that would be a wise idea.

Devin said that they will have to see how things play out, as they can stress that Joey needs to go if Donny saves himself with the veto. Amber pointed out that it comes down to choosing between Donny, who has full trust in them, and Joey, who has already tried to go against them by making a girls alliance. Devin told Amber that if they win the Power of Veto they could pull Donny aside, in front of Caleb, and tell him that he cannot nominate any of the eight if they save him and he wins HoH next week. Devin suggested that they could threaten to backdoor Donny if he nominates one of them and they dethrone him as HoH. Devin felt that it would be the only way to get Caleb and the others in their alliance to be on board with keeping Donny this week. Amber felt that they may listen to her since she is close with Donny, but Devin let her in on something by telling her that the guys have been saying that is unikely since she is the only one that they have been questioning in the alliance. That being said, Devin said that he agrees with Amber 100% that Joey should go home over Donny.

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