Donny is evicted; Caleb wins HoH

August 28, 2014

6:00-7:00 PM: During the live eviction episode, we found out that Team America had failed their latest mission. America voted against rewarding them for the Broadway play that they put on. As for the vote, Donny was evicted by a unanimous vote of 5-0. Julie announced that next Thursday will be the second double eviction of the season. The HoH competition was an endurance competition that carried over to the feeds.

9:00-10:00 PM: Derrick and Victoria fell behind early on in the competition. Derrick therefore decided to go for the smaller snowman in order to received the $5,000 reward. At 9:08 PM Derrick filled up his snowman and won the $5,000 and will now receive the “holla” punishment that comes along with it. Caleb filled up his large snowman and won HoH at 9:24 PM. Christine was in second place at the time, followed by Frankie, Nicole and Victoria in that order.

10:00-11:00 PM: Caleb mentioned that Derrick won $5,000. Derrick said that his concern was that the punishment may be something that bothers the whole house and then they will want to send him home because of it. Cody and Caleb didn’t think that it would be a big deal. Caleb injured his knee during the competition. He said that they are going to have to give him crutches because it is swollen and is the same knee that he tore in the past. Derrick and Frankie had to help carry him to the shower. The houseguests had plenty to say about Donny. Caleb pointed out that it was neat that Donny’s brother called him a hero in his town. Frankie said that he has no shot at America’s Favorite with Donny out there, as the fans are obsessed with him. Frankie said that Donny must be somebody because fans are obsessed even though he didn’t do anything in the game. Derrick pointed out that he won six competitions. Derrick then asked Nicole if she heard the cheer that Donny got. Nicole said that she did and that she knew that Donny was loved because he has a good heart.

12:00-1:00 AM: Nicole spoke to Frankie to let him know that she does not want him to be scared of her in this game. Frankie said that he will not be after their conversation. Nicole said that she is not against him at all and that he had no reason to be scared even if she had won HoH. Frankie thanked her. Nicole explained that she wants moves to be made for game reasons. Frankie and Derrick spoke about their failed Team America mission. Frankie figured that it was edited to make it seem as though they did not want to save Donny. Frankie said that he will take the failure as motivation and constructive feedback. He admitted that he saw this mission as a gift but clearly they were wrong. Frankie again said that they may have made it seem as though they had abandoned Donny even though he worked his ass off for him. Derrick said that both Cody and Christine would have been pissed off if they had kept Donny, which would have caused a divide, so there was nothing that they could do. Frankie said that he now realizes that people hate him and he is embracing it. Derrick said that sucks cause then people hate him too. Frankie said that of course they do. As for nominations, Derrick pointed out that Christine will want Nicole and Victoria nominated. He felt that Christine would then have a chance to make a move if she were to win the veto. They are hoping for Christine and Nicole to go on the block.

1:00-2:00 AM: Victoria went to Derrick to ask if Caleb will be putting her on the block. Derrick said that he will not be if he gets his way. Victoria questioned who Caleb would put up with Nicole then. Derrick said Christine but that it’s not a certainty.

3:00-4:00 AM: Nicole spoke to Caleb and told him that everyone in this game has someone except for her. She said that there is no way that she would have nominated Caleb if she had won. Nicole explained that she could be as loyal to Caleb as she was to Hayden, so her going on the block would not benefit Caleb at all. She said that she would love to sit next to Caleb in the Final 2 because she respects him so much. Nicole swore to never put Caleb up as a nominee or a replacement nominee if he does the same for her this week. Caleb said that he will think about it for sure. Nicole even offered to promise something to Frankie if Caleb is scared that she will go after him. Nicole told Caleb that it’s the point in the game where he needs to make big moves because if you wait you are just waiting for the others to take him out. Nicole said that she is tired of going up when she is a small target. Caleb said that she is definitely not cause she can win competitions. Nicole said that if he had her on his side he should want her to win.

Nicole again said that she would keep Frankie safe if Caleb wanted, as there are others that have stabbed her in the back more. Caleb questioned if Cody had. She named off Cody and Derrick, in addition to Christine. Caleb told Nicole that if she doesn’t win comp after comp she is not going to last in this game because she had a second change. Nicole said that the point of bringing someone back is to use that person to help further your game, not to send them immediately back out. Caleb told Nicole that she didn’t help her case by telling Christine how to do better in the HoH competition tonight. Nicole said that Cody wanted to tell Christine but was not allowed to so he looked to her to say it. Nicole explained that there would be no reason to help the person that backstabbed her. Nicole mentioned that she thinks that Christine is protected by a lot of people in this house. Caleb disagreed and said that she is protected by nobody. Nicole encouraged Caleb to do what his brother told him to do and do what is best for his game. Nicole wrapped things up by telling Caleb that she thought long and hard about what to do when coming back in to the game and wanted to work with him because he is the person that she can trust. Caleb promised to think about it.

Derrick spoke to Caleb next. Caleb told Derrick about Nicole having told her that Christine wants to work with her. He then mentioned that Nicole told him that she is the only person that she can trust. Frankie joined them. Caleb said that Nicole’s pitch was death to his ears and that she promised that she will not put him and Frankie up, which means that she would put the rest of his squad up which is unacceptable. Caleb told the guys that Nicole offered to make him her new Hayden and to let him pick her nominations. Caleb brought up the fact that Nicole said that she has been studying for a before and after competition and can win it. Derrick said that that’s the stupidest thing that she could have said.

4:00-5:00 AM: Derrick told Caleb and Frankie that one of Nicole and Christine have got to go. Caleb agreed. Derrick said that this is so much easier of a decision than last week. Frankie advised Caleb to tell Christine that she is going up as a pawn so that they have a backdoor option, so don’t take it personally and go win the veto. Caleb said that he is fine with even telling Christine that she has been getting too close with Nicole so he is afraid that she may use the veto. Derrick and Frankie said that there is no need to admit that to Christine. They agreed that they will have to have a conversation about who to send home if Nicole wins the veto. Frankie said that they are past the point of playing the game as gentlemen, as they are there for $500,000. Cody then joined them and the guys informed him about what Nicole had been saying. Cody said that it was bold faced lie that he told Nicole to help out Christine in the competition. Cody told Caleb that he would love to hear what Nicole said about him because he can’t wait to call her out on it. Caleb mentioned that Nicole felt that he stabbed her in the back.

Caleb and Frankie had some alone time. Frankie asked if Caleb actually wants to make Derrick a have-not tomorrow. Caleb said that he volunteered so he would rather do that than put someone up there continuously to make them suffer. He said that Nicole is already going home. Frankie suggested that Derrick could possibly talk Victoria in to it. Caleb agreed and said that Victoria takes being a have-not well so it may work. Frankie said that he would do it if Caleb asked him to but he doesn’t want to volunteer. Caleb confirmed that he plans to nominate Nicole and Christine. Frankie and Caleb then discussed that the two of them, Derrick and Cody should be the Final 4. Caleb said that Nicole will go home if she does not win the veto, then they have to decide if they play to be the first five person alliance to make it to Final 5 or if they play to ensure that they make the Final 4 by sending Christine home over Victoria.

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