Frankie and Caleb push for Donny to stay, while Derrick and Cody argue against it

August 28, 2014

11:00-12:00 PM: Frankie told Caleb that he came up with some interesting things with regards to possibly keeping Donny. Caleb said that he did too. Caleb felt that if he told Donny that all of the guys are keeping him but the girls are not, then he may nominate the girls. Frankie said that Donny definitely would do that. Frankie said that he would even take it one step further than that and get Donny to swear and give his word that he would nominate the girls, as he is a man and will stick to it. Caleb agreed. Frankie pointed out that that is the better alternative as it is something that is guaranteed as opposed to not knowing what Nicole would do if she stayed and won HoH. The houseguests were headed up to the HoH room for a lockdown so that preparations could be made for tonight’s live show. Caleb told Frankie that he would speak to Donny after they got out of there.

1:00-2:00 PM: After the HoH lockdown, Caleb went to Derrick and said that they can trick the girls in order to make them the only votes to evict Donny, then Donny will nominate the girls if he wins HoH. Derrick questioned if Cody was okay with it. Caleb had yet to talk to him. Caleb then went to Donny to ask if he would nominate the girls if they guys save him this week. Donny promised that he would. Frankie spoke to Cody and informed him that he, Caleb and Derrick want Nicole out. Cody said that he wants Donny to go. Frankie then informed Cody about the deal that Donny made with them to nominate the girls. Cody felt that there was no reason for Donny not to accept the deal. Cody said he will be pissed off if they vote to keep Donny but they are going to vote how they want. Caleb then joined them and explained why Nicole is more dangerous than Donny. He said that Christine would work with Nicole while she would not work with Donny. Derrick got a quick word in with Cody alone, saying that he is not voting for Donny to stay. Derrick admitted that Donny likely would stick to his word and nominate the girls. Derrick wanted Cody’s word that Nicole would not nominate him. Cody assured Derrick that she would not. Derrick said that he will trust Cody. Derrick, Christine and Victoria then all promised each other that they would vote to evict Donny.

Cody spoke with Frankie and Caleb again, pointing out that Donny has wanted him out two weeks in a row so he has got to go for his game. Frankie argued that Nicole will not nominate the two girls, while they at least have a verbal promise from Donny to do so. Frankie said that the threesome of Victoria, Nicole and Christine is a dangerous one to leave together. Caleb agreed. Cody acknowledged that they would be okay if Donny won as long as he didn’t nominate two of them together, which is what the guys had been trying to explain. Cody asked if Frankie believes Donny would stick to his word. Frankie said yes and encouraged him to talk to Donny. Caleb also believed that Donny is the type of guy that would stay true to his word and would nominate the girls. Frankie pointed out that Donny is alone and just wants to feel apart of something. Caleb pushed the thought that Christine knows that she is on the bottom of the totem pole and thus will definitely try to work with Nicole in order to make her way back up.

Cody continued to have doubts about whether or not evicting Nicole was the right move. He pointed out that Christine could get mad at them and target them if they keep Donny. Frankie told Cody that Christine loves him more than anything on this planet and would not be going after him. He told Cody to stop trusting people just because they cuddle him, suggesting that Nicole does not have his back and does not trust a sole after having been evicted once already. Caleb said that they can compete against three (the girls) or one (Donny), so they should go ahead and keep Donny. Cody said that he trusts the guys so he will go along with them. He quickly began having doubts again and said that he is not confident with Donny in the house. He said that he feels as though he is sacrificing his game if he keeps Donny. Caleb pointed out that Frankie is definitely going home if Nicole wins, while they don’t know for sure that Donny would go after Cody. Frankie mentioned that he sent Zach home when it was not best for his game but was best for the group’s game, so this is a situation where you may have to do what is best for the group. Cody was still unsure but the guys told him to go talk to Donny.

2:00-3:00 PM: Cody went to Donny and asked him what the deal is. Donny said that he was told that if he nominates the girls he will be safe so he will do what it takes to save himself. He clarified that Cody was never a target of his. Cody mentioned that Donny seemed to want him out last week. Donny explained that he heard about one scenario that was brought up in a talk with his nemesis Christine, but there was never a plan to actually get him out. Cody said that Frankie also told him that he was approached by Donny about keeping Zach. Donny promised that that was a lie. He explained that he would not waste an HoH on Cody since he likes him and Nicole and has even grown to like Caleb. Cody told Donny that if he will work with them to get out the girls then they will do the same. Donny said that he is 100% down for that. Donny told Cody that he would not have targeted him even if they did not make this deal. Cody said that he believes Donny. Donny then promised Cody that he would not hold it against him if he goes home tonight, as he knows that there was a group behind it all.

Nicole was panicking because she saw all of the guys in rooms talking. Derrick told her that he has to get Cody on board because if he keeps her and doesn’t win HoH he will get sent home. Nicole asked if he is saying that Cody wants him to go home. Derrick confirmed that. Derrick asked Nicole to trust in him and said that he will talk to Cody. Nicole then pulled Cody aside and said that she is well aware that Frankie is trying to flip the vote. She assured Cody that he has nothing to worry about if she stays and wins HoH. Cody said that he knows that and that the vote is not flipping. He explained that Frankie is afraid of Nicole and thinks that she will team up with the girls. Nicole said that Derrick wants her to stay but doesn’t want to make Cody mad. Cody said that pisses him off that Derrick would say that since he has never wavered about keeping Nicole. Derrick then walked in and said that they are keeping Nicole. Cody encouraged Nicole to get her mind right because she needs to win the HoH competition.

Cody went to Caleb and said that Donny would not look him in the eyes at all when he was making promises to him. Derrick was quick to point out that that is not a good sign. Caleb mentioned that Donny looked down when he shook his hand too. Derrick, Christine, Frankie, Caleb and Cody then all gathered together, at which point Derrick said that Donny has promised each of them safety so he has to be lying to one of them. Then eventually agreed that Donny has to go. Frankie then went to Nicole in order to do damage control. He said that he has been told that she is after him and is scared of that, so that’s why the scrambling was taking place. Nicole said that she would talk to the group before making a decision if she wins HoH.

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