Caleb nominates Christine and Nicole

August 29, 2014

12:00-1:00 PM: The houseguests had an outdoor lockdown. They came inside to learn that the have-not food for the week is “snot roast”, a combination of meat products, mushrooms and garlic. Caleb was told that he had to choose two houseguests to be have-nots this week. Derrick had volunteered last night after taking the $5,000 reward in the HoH competition. He again said that he would volunteer today. As for the second have-not, nobody else was willing to volunteer and Caleb did not want to choose anyone. Caleb asked if they had all done it twice. Nobody spoke up. Frankie has only been a have-not once. They continued with the awkward silence for over six minutes until Caleb chose to make Nicole a have-not for the second straight week. Nicole was frustrated and said that she would have eaten something today if she thought that she was going to be made a have-not two weeks in a row.

Nicole then went outside by herself and started crying. She said that you don’t put someone on slop two weeks in a row. She then pointed out that Frankie has only been on slop once in this entire game. Nicole then said that she is for sure going on the block and for sure going home if she does not win every single competition. Nicole pointed out that Frankie is a manipulator and would disown Caleb if he did not put her up this week. Nicole hoped that the veto competition would be one where you can take punishments, because she would take every single one. Inside, Frankie was telling all of the others that Nicole had been in the jury house for a whole week, getting food cooked for her and making out, so he doesn’t give a shit. Frankie then explained that he cannot be a have-not because the room is too cold, even though he knows that he has done it less than everyone else. Frankie said that he needs to be able to compete this week.

1:00-2:00 PM: Derrick came outside to comfort Nicole. She said that she is so sick of being picked on and feels that people should have a little bit of heart and let her eat during her last week there. Derrick reminded Nicole that it is just a game. He told her not to give up because not everyone is against her. He advised her to keep doing what she has been doing if she ends up on the block after the veto competition. After Derrick left, Christine informed Nicole that Caleb was told to make her a have-not. Nicole assumed that it was Frankie that told Caleb to do that. She said that Frankie ruins her life in there and she is crying because Frankie is so mean. Nicole mentioned that she would have stuck to her word and not nominated Caleb for the entire summer if he were to keep her safe this week. Upstairs, Frankie was telling the guys that he cannot believe that Christine pointed him out as not having been a have-not as many times as the others. He said that Christine has a disease just like he does, and he did not do the same thing to her. Frankie said that he is over Christine.

2:00-3:00 PM: Caleb told Cody that he is worried that Christine will nominate him next week if he puts her up this week. He said that Christine is hard to read since they don’t talk a lot. Caleb explained that he doesn’t want Victoria to play in the veto competition, so it would be foolish to nominate her. He felt that it would only increase Nicole’s chances of winning. Cody said that he could talk to Christine for Caleb if he wanted. He asked if Caleb would tell Christine that they will use the veto on her if they win. Caleb said yes. Derrick joined the guys in the HoH room, at which point Cody revealed that Frankie told Christine that Caleb was trying to flip the house to save Donny yesterday. Cody said that he was not having any of that and let her know that Frankie was the one trying to flip the house. Caleb then told Derrick about his concerns surrounding nominating Christine. Derrick said that he has nothing to lose by nominating Christine since she knows that she is at the bottom of the totem pole already and will be coming after them next week regardless.

The guys discussed that Christine is a stronger competitor than Victoria and can help ensure that Nicole does not win. Derrick said that Christine is stronger than Nicole and he would not be upset if Nicole saved herself and Christine went home this week. Caleb was still having some reservations about nominating Christine. Derrick told him that the only way that they can be screwed this week is if Christine is not nominated and uses the veto on Nicole. Frankie then joined them and reiterated what Derrick had said. Frankie explained that Nicole and Christine would be morons not to work together, even going so far as to say that he would have no respect for Christine if she didn’t use the veto on Nicole. Derrick said that they need to guarantee that one of them goes home this week so that they cannot work together.

Frankie pointed out that Christine is in love with Cody and would not scorn him, which is what she would be doing if she went against them next week. Frankie told Cody that he has to continue to work on Christine. Caleb pointed out that he already looks like a home wrecker so he can just keep it up. Cody said that he does not and that he is just playing the game. Caleb said that holding hands on the hammock is a bit much and he doesn’t know that he would ruin a marriage over a game. Cody was getting irritated and said that Caleb is sounding like Zach. Cody then asked if they want him to grab Christine so that they can talk. Caleb said that he is use to grabbing her so go get her. They agreed to assure Christine that Victoria would go home if Nicole were to win the veto.

Once Christine joined Derrick, Cody and Frankie in the HoH room, Caleb explained that putting Victoria up would be a waste of his week and he needs to put someone up that can and will beat Nicole in the veto competition. He clarified that Victoria is indeed the backdoor option if Nicole happens to win the veto. Caleb said that he doesn’t want anyone to look at this move as him turning on them, because he is protecting them by putting one of them up. He said that he wants them to be the Final 5, so Victoria will go home during the double in order to make sure that the Bomb Squad has made it to that point. Everyone said that they understood why Caleb planned to nominate one of them.

4:00-5:00 PM: At the nomination ceremony, Caleb nominated Christine and Nicole for eviction. A short while later, Christine went in to the bee hive room by herself and said that she hates “them” because she has done so much for the Detonators and the Bomb Squad but she gets put on the block and screwed over every time. Christine said that she is now playing for herself and if that means that next week she does not want Victoria on the block, she will not be going on the block.

5:00-6:00 PM: Nicole approached Derrick and began crying, telling him that this week is going to be hard and that she will need somebody to talk to. She said that she will do what she can to stay in the game because she is a fighter, but she is scared of mean goodbye messages and being terrorized all week. Derrick told her that it’s not going to happen. He assured her that he is there for her to talk to at any time and encouraged her to keep her head up. Upstairs, Caleb told Frankie that he would love nothing more than for the Bomb Squad to make it to the Final 5 together. Frankie agreed and said that they just need to ensure that Nicole does not win the veto this week and then they will be on track for that.

9:00-10:00 PM: Caleb and Cody were talking about how difficult it will be once they get down to the Final 4. Caleb said that it would be tough to cut anyone at that point. They both agreed that it would be terrible to be evicted then. Caleb said that he feels as though the two of them are similar, while Frankie is ruthless. Caleb said that his ideal Final 3 is with Derrick and Cody. Caleb pointed out that Frankie has crossed them all at some point. Cody agreed. Cody said that at that point he would take whoever he thinks that he can beat in the Final 2. He said that it is pretty even. Caleb pointed out that Derrick has not won many competitions but you never know how people will vote because Derrick has never done people wrong and has been nice to everybody. Caleb said that he thinks that he would beat Frankie at the end. Cody agreed and said that Frankie likely knows that. Caleb said that the only reason that he would take it personally if Frankie cut him is because Frankie said since Day 2 that it’s “me and you to the end”. Cody mentioned that Frankie likely made that deal with a lot of people. Caleb agreed.

Derrick was alone in the have-not room and began talking to the live feeders. He said that he loves his family and is going to try his best. He said that it will take a little bit of luck but he is in a good position to make a move. He then explained that they did really try to save Donny but it would have completely blown up their games and caused a Detonators vs Team America divide. Derrick specifically pointed out that it would create a divide with his closest ally Cody. Derrick also pointed out that Donny did not want to take part in an earlier Team America mission. He hoped that they would be forgiven for not saving Donny.

10:00-11:00 PM: Caleb then spoke to Derrick and informed him of the conversation that he had with Cody. Caleb let Derrick know that he would choose him over Frankie since Derrick has never wronged him. Caleb also said that he would take Derrick to the Final 2 if he were in the Final 3 with him. Derrick said that Caleb already knows that he would take him because he has played the most loyal game. Derrick pointed out that he would be in tough against anyone. Derrick said that Caleb vs Frankie or Cody would be a title fight and there are not many title fights in this game since people are not stupid. Derrick said that any of those three could win the game. Caleb said that he would trust Cody’s word over Frankie’s at that point because Cody has not wronged him.

11:00-12:00 AM: Cody told Caleb and Frankie that Victoria has been getting a real attitude lately. Frankie agreed. Cody felt that Victoria has seen the writing on the all and realizes that she is not in a good spot. Caleb said that Victoria should have known that she was not going to win this game by not winning anything. Frankie said that Victoria thinks that she is playing the best game of anyone in the house.

12:00-1:00 AM: Caleb and Frankie discussed that Cody would beat any of them in the Final 2 because he has the jury votes from all of the girls. Caleb then pointed out that Derrick is in a good spot. Frankie said that Derrick is in a great spot because he has played such a friendly game and has not stabbed anyone in the back. They said that Derrick would likely have votes from Victoria and Jocasta. Frankie named Derrick and Cody as the two people that are unbeatable at the end. Caleb disagreed about Derrick being unbeatable since he has not won a lot of competitions. Caleb and Frankie said that it would be great if they were in the Final 2 together. Caleb brought up that Frankie told him on Day 2 that they can make it to the end and they are still there together.

1:00-2:00 AM: Derrick and Nicole were talking about the game. Nicole was frustrated that nobody was making any big moves like a Dan Gheesling would. Derrick said that the probably with that point of view is that he doesn’t think that there is a Dan in the house this year and that they would not even know it if there was. Nicole then told Derrick that he is the closest thing to Dan that she has ever come across. Derrick said that that is a huge compliment but he does not agree. Nicole said that she knows that Derrick is playing the best game in the house. Derrick argued that he is not in a much better position that she is. Nicole disagreed and said that if she is left on the block she will be in a spot that not even Dan could work his way out of. Derrick admitted that it’s going to be tough for Nicole because people are playing the numbers for as long as they can until they are forced to make a move. Derrick felt that there was nothing that Nicole could do other than get power and use it as leverage. Nicole said that she would really fight for the veto and would even give up her hand at a certain age to win the competition. Nicole told Derrick that she thinks that there are a couple of people in the house that feel as though they are in a great position and rightfully so. She did not name names but told Derrick that she was not talking about him even though he is in a great spot.

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