Christine wins the Power of Veto

August 30, 2014

12:00-1:00 PM: Players were picked for the veto competitions. Caleb pulled the houseguest’s choice chip and chose Cody to play. Christine pulled Victoria’s chip and Nicole pulled Derrick’s chip, meaning that Frankie is the only houseguest that will not be competing in today’s veto competition. Frankie was upset that he did not get selected and continuously pointed out that he is never chosen. Meanwhile, Nicole was walking around the bathroom and talking to herself, trying to pump herself up. She kept repeating “let’s go” and said that she needs to get fired up. Christine told Frankie that if Victoria wins the veto they can have Caleb tell her that Derrick will be the replacement nominee and will be evicted if she uses the veto on Nicole. Frankie thought that that was a great idea.

1:00-2:00 PM: Frankie asked Derrick if he has ever had a conversation with Victoria about going to the end. Derrick said that she asked him if he would ever vote her out and he said no, but that was a lie. Frankie said that Derrick and Cody should talk to her about going to the end with her. Derrick wasn’t so sure that that would work, particularly for Cody. Derrick asked what Frankie is worried about. Frankie mentioned that Victoria is getting close to Nicole. Derrick said that Nicole is going home this week so it doesn’t really matter. Caleb then entered the room and Frankie told him that he has to threaten Victoria by saying that he will nominate Derrick if she uses the veto. Caleb said that he would go to Victoria and ask who the last person that she wants to see go home is. She will say Derrick and then he said that he would tell her that Derrick is going home if she uses the veto.

Caleb asked Cody, Derrick and Frankie what they would do if Nicole does win, as he would nominate Victoria. Derrick said that he liked what Frankie said yesterday about having to split Christine and Nicole up. Frankie said that they may have already succeeded in that just by nominating them together, as they are no longer talking. Cody, Derrick and Caleb all suggested that Christine would still need to go home over Victoria, which Frankie then got on board with. After Frankie left, the guys discussed that Frankie is covering his own ass with everyone because he is nervous about the end of the game. Caleb told Cody that he can’t get it out of his head that Frankie went to Christine and said that Caleb was the one that tried to save Donny, which is what Cody had told Caleb yesterday. Caleb let Cody and Derrick know that he and Frankie are close but not that close after he threw him under the bus.

Caleb told both Cody and Derrick that he would choose them over Frankie. The guys said that they would do the same. Derrick mentioned that Frankie only wants Nicole out so bad because he knows that he is her target. Derrick figured that Nicole would nominate Frankie and Victoria as long as they told her that they would vote Frankie out. They again discussed that Christine would have to go if Nicole wins the veto. Cody told Caleb that Frankie has now set it up so that Christine would want to nominate Caleb, so it is best for her game that she leaves. Derrick then asked what they are doing if he by some chance wins the veto. Caleb wanted Derrick to use it on Christine since he had told her that they would use it on her, then he would nominate Victoria. Derrick said that it may not be best for Caleb since he would have to nominate a third person. Caleb said that he is not concerned about that. Caleb felt that the best case scenario was him winning the veto and using it on Christine.

Caleb said that Frankie will likely run to Christine next week and tell her that the three of them agreed that she needed to go if Nicole won the veto. They said that they will all tell Christine that Frankie is lying and is really the one that wanted her out. Derrick said that Frankie and Christine both know that they have a lot of haters in jury but Frankie is the one that is scarier to have at the end because he has won a lot of competitions. Derrick spoke to Caleb alone and told him that they are golden and even though Cody has a lot of jury votes they know that he is loyal. Caleb agreed. Caleb said that if Cody were to win the Final 3 HoH he would choose Derrick. Derrick questioned it and then admitted that he likely would since Cody would know that he could beat him. Caleb brought up that Frankie may possibly go before Victoria. Derrick said that it’s possible and pointed out that they would be guaranteed Final 3 if Victoria was in the Final 4 with them. Derrick said that Frankie has played an incredible game, is a competition animal and has been very manipulative so he is a strong player.

2:00-3:00 PM: Victoria told Nicole that she will do everything in her power to win the veto competition. Nicole thanked her and said that they are not expecting either one of them to win. Nicole then said that their friendship is going to be a big part of the show, seeing as Victoria is all that she has. Nicole gave herself a pep talk prior to the veto competition, say that she is fighting for her Big Brother life and that she needs to think about how everyone is rooting for the underdog. She encouraged herself to prove to everyone that she is a competition beast. Feeds were then cut at 2:48, as it was time for the veto competition to begin.

5:00-6:00 PM: Christine won the Power of Veto. Victoria pointed out that Cody was the first one out of the competition. Cody has to wear a dinosaur costume as a punishment. Caleb told Christine that it looks like he nominated the right candidate. Christine agreed and said that the plan worked. Victoria was concerned that she would go on the block as the replacement nominee. Derrick told her to prepare for anything because Frankie wont be going up. That being said, Derrick told her that it doesn’t matter anyway because Nicole will be going home. Upstairs, Frankie told Caleb that things will be easy now since Victoria wont win the next HoH and then they can go to the Final 5 together. He said that he even hopes that Christine wins the Final 5 HoH so that she cannot play in the next one. Caleb said that it would be scary if she won because she will realize that she is next to go and could come after them. Frankie admitted that Caleb was correct.

Frankie asked Derrick if Nicole still thinks that there is a move to be made or if she figures that she is done. Derrick said that she is done. They then discussed how it is odd that they have yet to receive a new mission. Frankie figured that it would be something to do with the vote or the replacement nominee, such as making it a split vote or getting a male on the block. Derrick said that they would fail then. Frankie feels as though people are now out to get them. Frankie said that 100% the reason that they failed the last mission is because people were mad that they didn’t do the mission that Donny wanted. Nicole asked Derrick if Victoria is going on the block. Derrick said that they have not told him yet and that it could be him. Nicole then did her makeup in the bathroom and was talking to herself. She said that she feels so much better now that the pressure is gone. She explained that being back in the house is making her an ugly person but she hopes that her family is still proud of her.

6:00-7:00 PM: Nicole told Derrick that she is ready to go because she is worn out and miserable. Derrick said that he can tell. She said that she would obviously be grateful if a miracle were to happen but she is not going to do anything. Nicole told Derrick that she hopes that he is in the Final 2 and said that she would be campaigning for him in the jury house. Upstairs, Caleb and Cody were discussing that people are likely going to nominate Frankie next week. Cody said that there is no way that Frankie would go after Victoria if he won the double eviction HoH. Cody felt that Frankie would take out a bigger target but told Caleb that there is no way that Frankie would go after him at this point. Cody also informed Caleb that Christine said that Frankie had approached her about a Final 2 deal.

Christine then joined them and they discussed that Frankie is always so paranoid because he knows that he has been rubbing people the wrong way and will have trouble beating any of them at the end. Caleb told Christine that it bothered him that Frankie threw him under the bus to her by telling her that he was the one that was trying to keep Donny. Caleb explained that he only suggested that they consider their options. They then discussed that getting rid of Victoria next would not be a waste since it would get their alliance to the Final 5 together. Christine said that she would love to get Victoria out, while Cody said that he would hate to see her get to the Final 2 and win more money than him when she did nothing all game.

Nicole asked Derrick if he has any influence over Caleb. Derrick said no. Nicole mentioned that Cody does and perhaps he could work with Cody to make something happen. Nicole asked if it would benefit Derrick more to have Frankie or her leave this week. Derrick said that it is about the same since they are both better competitors than he is. He let Nicole know that Victoria will likely go up. Nicole said that it would be a waste of an HoH if that were the case, since it is such a good opportunity to backdoor Frankie. Nicole acknowledged that Frankie is Caleb’s best friend but said that he is so easily convinced that it is possible that they could make something happen. Nicole admitted that she would have no shot against Victoria so she needs to get Frankie on the block. She asked Derrick not to tell anyone what she has been saying, as she wants to appear that she has given up even though she is trying to work her magic.

9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie and Derrick talked about how the various houseguests would fare at the end of the game. Derrick said that Caleb has played a very respectable game and has gotten little blood on his hands. Frankie said that they would have no chance against Cody at the end, while with Caleb they would at least have a shot. Derrick said that it would be a battle against Caleb as well. Frankie told Derrick that his best shot would be going with him because he is hated, contrary to how both Caleb and Cody are loved. Frankie went so far as to say that neither of them can win the game if Cody makes it to the Final 3. As for this week, Derrick said that it is in the books. He also said that the double eviction is in the books since Victoria will go. Frankie told Derrick that the good thing is that nobody is afraid to take him further in the game because they don’t know how influential he has been. On the other hand, Frankie felt that everybody knew how influential he has been in this game.

10:00-11:00 PM: The houseguests got alcohol and some of them had been drinking. Cody was in the worst shape. He was chatting with Caleb and let him know that he loves him and Derrick. They agreed that the two of them and Derrick are the only ones that have played a straight up game. Cody voiced his concerns about Frankie wanting him out the first chance he gets, as told to him by Zach. Cody believed that it was indeed true. The guys agreed that they just wanted to get to the end with Derrick and then they will be fine with things no matter how it plays out. Cody admitted that he is not confident that he would beat either Derrick or Caleb but he would be okay with losing to them because they got him to that point. Caleb felt that he would lose to Cody as well. They agreed that they have each other’s backs until the end. Caleb quickly filled Derrick in on his talk, telling Derrick that they need to make the Final 3 together. Caleb said that he is confident that Derrick would choose him over Cody, though he thought that Cody would choose Derrick over him.

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