After hours of debating the decision, Caleb plans to nominate Victoria

August 31, 2014

2:00-3:00 PM: Derrick asked Christine if she thinks that Nicole will even campaign. Christine said yes, at least a little bit. Derrick acted slightly surprised, questioning what Nicole’s angle would be. Christine suggested that Nicole would just make something up. They then discussed that it would not be smart for anyone to let Victoria get to the Final 3. That being said, Christine pointed out how smart it was to have left her as the last person to get out before the five makes it to the end together. Christine said that she would feel very happy to get Victoria out because she would feel as though the useless person is finally gone. Caleb came outside and told Derrick and Christine that he is scared to death of Frankie winning HoH during the double eviction. Christine said that she is too. Derrick asked why they felt that way. Caleb said that if Frankie has the chance get someone out that he knows would crush him at the end he thinks that he would go ahead and do it.

Caleb said that Frankie knows that he can beat Victoria and thinks that he can beat both Derrick and Christine, while he knows that he has no chance at the end against him (Caleb) or Cody. Caleb’s concern was thus that Frankie would take the opportunity to nominate him next to Cody in order to ensure that he gets one of them out of the house and only leaves himself with one beast to compete with. Caleb said that he still feels that it is best to get rid of Nicole but he is just scared for what comes next, as does not want Frankie to win HoH. Derrick agreed that Nicole needs to go, saying that this week is a gimme, so they should send her home and then begin to play. Derrick mentioned that Nicole could just as easily nominate Caleb and Cody if she were to stay, so there are no guarantees either way. Caleb then went to Nicole and said that he think that he would beat Cody, Derrick and Frankie at the end but would want to go with Cody since he is someone that he would like to lose to if he has to lose.

3:00-4:00 PM: Caleb again spoke to Derrick about the possibility of backdooring Frankie. Derrick said that anybody is capable of making a move against them, not just Frankie. Caleb felt that that was why they need to keep who they can beat in competitions. Caleb said that Frankie has proven that he is hard to beat, while he can beat Nicole at pretty much anything. Derrick brought up that Nicole is a person that is a lock to win the game if she makes it to the Final 2. Caleb felt that he could beat her. Derrick pointed out that Nicole would have jury votes from Jocasta, Hayden and Donny. Derrick said that it’s a tough decision since there is no perfect decision and you wont know the right one until you get out of the house. Caleb said that Frankie will not want to bring him or Cody to the end since he knows that he cannot beat them. Derrick said that both Nicole and Frankie are dangerous. Caleb questioned which one is more dangerous. Derrick said that it depends on the competition, while Caleb argued that they would all have an easier time beating Nicole in anything.

Derrick then went over the fact that it would be two guys against three girls for HoH next week if Frankie were to leave. Caleb said that they have to look at who they can for sure beat and worry about the two of them and Cody. Caleb explained that he doesn’t trust Frankie as far as he can throw him and it is a big deal who stays at this point in the game. Derrick asked who Caleb thought that Nicole would nominate. Caleb felt that she would nominate Christine for sure. Derrick counted out the votes and said that they would indeed be able to vote Christine out if that were the case. Derrick let Caleb know that he doesn’t think that Frankie would go after him at this point, seeing as he sees Caleb as his secret weapon that can win competitions for him. Derrick told Caleb that Frankie would likely go after Christine and Victoria if he won, and then make a big move if he were to win again. Derrick said that it would not make sense to put up Caleb and Cody because one could win the veto and then both could end up staying.

Derrick and Caleb agreed that they cannot let Victoria get to the Final 3 because then whoever won would want to take her. Caleb then said that it would be smarter to send either Frankie or Christine home over Victoria in the second half of the double eviction. Derrick said that they still need to talk to Cody about potentially sending Frankie home this week. Derrick mentioned that Cody would be on board since he would think that he can get Nicole back by his side in a second. Caleb disagreed and argued that Nicole would want to work with him over anyone else. Derrick told Caleb to do what’s good for him, as he will support him either way. Caleb again asked if he thinks that Frankie would come after him. Derrick said that you can’t be certain but he would not if he was Frankie. Derrick then said that he doesn’t think that Nicole would go after Christine, as she could turn around and put up the guys that saved her and be cheered for it. Caleb said that Frankie would get a bigger kick out of evicting him than Nicole would. Victoria then broke up the conversation.

Nicole spoke to Frankie to make a pitch to him. She said that big moves need to be made, so she is going to ask him some honest questions because she has nothing to lose at this point. Nicole said that she has been looking at the memory wall and doesn’t see anyone that would be fighting for Frankie during the double eviction, as Caleb cannot play. She named off the others and suggested that they would not nominate each other and it would only leave Frankie to target. Nicole said that Christine told her that Frankie is the one that made her a have-not. She also said that Caleb told her that he wants to go to the end with Cody. Nicole explained that Frankie has not backstabbed her as much as some people have, because they were never in an alliance and she cannot say the same for some others.

Nicole told Frankie that he was not her target coming back in to the house but could not say that or else she would have been evicted. Nicole offered to work with Frankie and Caleb until the Final 3 if they can get a bigger target nominated next to her. Before Frankie gave his thoughts, Nicole said that it was a crazy pitch and she can tell that he is not interested. Frankie said that it’s not that he isn’t interested but rather that he doesn’t know if it’s feasible. Nicole said that it was okay and that this is her last attempt since she will not have votes from Cody, Christine or Derrick. Nicole simply asked that Frankie did not make her final week torturous by telling everyone that she is going around and saying things. Frankie said that he would not do that to her. They agreed that they are on good terms and will enjoy their last few days together.

5:00-6:00 PM: Cody let Derrick know that he told Caleb about Frankie going to Christine for a Final Two. Cody said that Caleb was pissed when he found out. Derrick said that the Final 2 would make sense for them since they are both hated. Derrick let Cody know that Caleb spoke to him about possibly backdooring Frankie. Cody said that he told Caleb to do it. Derrick said that Caleb is definitely not going to do it and was just talking about it. Derrick said that he doesn’t think that Frankie is coming after them. Cody disagreed. Derrick then said that Nicole is not sending home Christine or Victoria if she wins, as she will go after the biggest players in the game since she has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

They agreed that both Frankie and Nicole are dangerous. Derrick said that they could send Frankie home and then next week Nicole could decide to put the two of them up to break up the duo, even though she likes them both. Derrick pointed out that every time that he talks with Nicole she mentions them together as the only people trust. He said that what Nicole really means is that she knows that they are together and she will break them up. Cody felt that Frankie knows that they are together as well. Derrick said that Frankie talks about Cody and Christine being close and doesn’t know that Derrick would go with Cody. Cody eventually said that they will need to have a conversation.

6:00-7:00 PM: Nicole told Victoria that she has been testing the waters and sees that she is clearly the target. She said that she doesn’t think that anything would change their minds. Nicole told Victoria that she needs to win after she goes because Caleb was telling her that he wants to go to the end with Cody and also said that Victoria wont be there. Nicole said that she doesn’t know if that means that Victoria is next or what, but advised her to do what she can and not let the pressure get the best of her. Nicole then said Cody and Christine are pretending like they don’t have each other’s backs but they do, because everyone needs someone to get through this game. Victoria said that she doesn’t know what Cody’s deal with her is.

Nicole mentioned that she doesn’t see Victoria leaving during the double eviction, cause she thinks that Caleb or Frankie will go. Victoria disagreed and said that Cody doesn’t like her and keeps announcing that he wanted her to be a have-not. Nicole told Victoria a secret, saying that Hayden can’t stand Cody and that Cody was going to be Hayden’s #1 target if he got back in the house. Nicole asked Victoria to please not tell Derrick that. Victoria said that she does not trust Cody at all and only talks game with him because of Derrick. Nicole told Victoria to be careful about Cody. Victoria said that she cannot stand Cody. Nicole said that Cody should be Victoria’s target, which Victoria replied to with “Trust me, I know”.

Cody went up to the HoH room where Caleb was awaiting him. Caleb said that he was asking Derrick who he should put up. He then asked Cody who would be more dangerous from here on out in terms of competitions, Frankie or Nicole. Cody said that it is definitely Frankie but he questioned if Frankie would make the move if he won during the double eviction. Caleb said that’s exactly what he is trying to figure out because Frankie may say that he and Cody are two people that he cannot beat. Christine then immediately came up to the HoH room and broke up their talk before they could discuss things any further.

Victoria and Nicole continued their discussion, with Victoria saying that Cody pisses her off so much. Nicole revealed that she wanted Cody to go up next to her because he would go home, but she cannot seem to convince anybody of it. Nicole said that she thinks that Christine is working with Cody and Derrick. Victoria agreed and said that she has had a very strong feeling about that. Nicole did say that she thinks that Derrick has Victoria’s back 100%. Victoria replied by again saying that Derrick is working with Cody and Christine. Nicole said that Derrick is the only one that she trusts out of those three. Derrick then came in to the room and broke up their conversation.

7:00-8:00 PM: Caleb told Derrick that he is thinking that if they are going to send Frankie home they should do it after Nicole is gone. Derrick said that he would agree because he does not think that Frankie is going to put Caleb up. Derrick said that you are taking a chance if you keep Frankie but it’s no different than keeping anyone else around. Derrick then mentioned that in a perfect world the Final 4 would be the two of them, Cody and Victoria. Frankie then came outside with Caleb and Derrick. Their talk was then broken up when a fan yelled over a megaphone and they were forced to go inside. The fan yelled that “Frankie is destroying you all in the diary room, especially you Derrick and Caleb”.

8:00-9:00 PM: Derrick spoke to Nicole and told her to stop acting like she is going home, at least until tomorrow. Derrick explained that he has been doing some talking and doesn’t know if it is working but he is trying. He said that it is very unlikely to happen but he has been dropping subtle hints. Nicole questioned what the possibility could even be. Derrick told her to just let him do his thing. Derrick then told Caleb that he doesn’t think that Frankie would come after the two of them. Caleb responded by saying “It’s not that he is coming after us, it’s that he is crushing us in the DR. He is using us”.

Caleb and Cody continued their talk from earlier. Cody said that it would definitely be tougher to beat Frankie that it would be to beat Nicole moving forward. Caleb questioned if Frankie would pull the trigger right now. Cody said whenever he wins HoH next. Caleb said that Frankie’s whispering and running around throwing people under the bus is what bothers him. Caleb and Cody agreed that Caleb is not Nicole’s target. Caleb also did not think that Cody would be Nicole’s target. Cody felt that Frankie would nominate two of them together, while Nicole would only nominate one of them with Christine. Caleb said that the ideal scenario would be to send Frankie home first, followed by Nicole on an HoH reign of Christine’s. The guys then told Derrick their thoughts. Derrick said that he is completely down with sending Frankie home but is going to play devil’s advocate. He was concerned that Nicole would work with Victoria and Christine to come after them. He also thought that Frankie would not target them during the next HoH. Cody and Caleb disagreed. Derrick said that Frankie has to go home if he goes on the block, so they have to be 100% sure. Frankie then broke up the talk.

9:00-10:00 PM: Derrick and Caleb continued their talk from earlier on, with Derrick questioning if Nicole would put Caleb up after he did the same to her. Caleb said that she would not now that he is saving her life. Caleb felt that Frankie would only come after he and Cody since he knows that he cannot beat either of them. They discussed asking Nicole who her targets are. Caleb suggested that Derrick go ahead and do it, and if she says Caleb then they know that they cannot keep her. Caleb again said that it all comes down to who they can beat easier, seeing as they feel the same about both Frankie and Nicole coming after them. Derrick let Caleb know that he would support him in whatever he did. Derrick mentioned that it seems as though Caleb is leaning towards nominating Frankie. Caleb confirmed that he is, because he would rather take the first shot than let Frankie win the next HoH and get him out. Derrick threw things out there such as Cody never going against Christine and also that Nicole and Christine are mental beasts. Caleb said that Frankie is more of a mental beast than the two of them combined. Frankie then broke up the talk.

10:00-11:00 PM: Derrick told Victoria that he is working on something to try to keep her off the block. He said that he just hopes that she is not wrong about Nicole. Derrick asked if Nicole would go after him. She said no. Derrick asked who Nicole would be after. Victoria hesitated to say at first, bringing up that Derrick is working with Cody and Christine. Derrick said that he likes Cody but is not working with Christine. Victoria revealed that Nicole is after Cody. Derrick asked how Victoria knows that. Victoria said that Nicole told her and said that she can’t stand Christine or Cody, and also that Hayden can’t stand Cody. Victoria let Derrick know that she doesn’t like Cody either, saying that she doesn’t trust him and that he is the fakest person. Derrick said that he is nervous that Nicole would come after him. Victoria said that she is not but she cannot make any real deals with her until she knows that she is staying. Victoria said that she already told Derrick who Nicole is after. Derrick said that he knows that Victoria believes that Nicole is after Cody but he has to make sure that he believes it too.

12:00-1:00 AM: Derrick asked Nicole who she would nominate in case Caleb wants to know. Nicole asked if it would be bad to nominate Caleb’s best friend, Frankie. Derrick asked what if Frankie is not there. Nicole said that Christine would be her target. Derrick told Nicole that he just has a feeling about her. He said that he wants somebody nice to win if he doesn’t win, and they are running out of those types of people. Derrick said that he thinks that he made a mistake sending Donny home and is trying to clear his conscience. He told her that he felt bad after their talk the other night. Nicole promised that she would be very dedicated to Derrick. He pointed out that she has said that to other people. Nicole said that Hayden was the only one, but Derrick brought up that Caleb told them about her offer. Nicole admitted that she would have worked with Caleb if he had kept her safe, which Derrick understood. Derrick gave Nicole his word that he is trying to keep her safe and said that she will see if it happens. Nicole mentioned that she would not be able to nominate Victoria because she may go home, so she would have to nominate Cody with Christine. Derrick was fine with that but asked if he could tell the others that she would nominate Christine and Victoria. Nicole said yes.

Frankie told Caleb that Nicole let him know that he wants to sit next to Cody at the end of the game because he is a strong competitor. Caleb said no and just said that if he lost to someone he would want to lose to someone better than him. Caleb told Frankie not to worry about what she said. Frankie said that he just wanted to reiterate his commitment to Caleb both inside and outside of the house. They agreed that if they get to the Final 4 together they have accomplished a lot. In particular, Frankie said that the two of them did because they started this. Caleb said that he is scared about someone turning during the double eviction. Frankie said that he was not that concerned until he began talking to Caleb. Caleb admitted that it’s scary for him to be a huge target and unable to play, because people may try to split the guys up and will overlook Victoria and Christine. Caleb said that he is scared of anyone including Frankie winning the next HoH, because all that needs to happen is paranoia set in for two seconds and he puts the two biggest beasts up. Frankie could not believe that Caleb felt that way and said that it scared him that Caleb may do that to him then.

Caleb explained that they have reached the point in the game where people will try to get big targets out, and he does not think that Christine will go after Victoria. Frankie said that he trusts Caleb. Caleb said that he trusts Frankie but understands that he may need to nominate him for his game. Caleb said that they will always be friends but you have to expect that anything could happen, cause everyone has to do what’s best for their game. Frankie said that he would love to sit next to Caleb at the end. He added that he doesn’t know if he could beat Cody or beat Derrick since he has never even been on the block and is so beloved. Caleb noted that Derrick has never stabbed anyone in the back. Caleb said that somebody is going to have to turn on someone at some point. He said that he doesn’t want that guy to be him. Frankie pointed out that Caleb seems to be thinking about it a lot. Caleb admitted that he is. Caleb then went back to saying that he doesn’t even know who he wants to win the double eviction HoH because anyone, including Frankie, could decide that it’s best for their game to send him home because he is in their way of $500,000.

Caleb brought up that nobody is going to want to put Victoria up because it’s a waste. Frankie said that that’s not true because she has to go home at some point. Caleb again said that people will do what will get them closer to $500,000. Frankie asked if Caleb is happy with getting rid of Nicole. Caleb said yes because he doesn’t want her there since she can win, but he they are at the point where he is a big target for next week. Frankie said that Victoria will be sitting in the end if nobody wastes their HoH on her. They agreed that she has to go. Frankie said that he would love to be the one to send her home. Frankie said that part of him is upset that Caleb doesn’t trust him but part of him understands because of the game. They eventually wrapped things up and Frankie told Caleb to talk to him if he needs, because Caleb cannot hide things from him.

Cody told Derrick that the decision comes down to the ability of both of them to beat Nicole. Cody said that Frankie needs to go because he is harder to beat. Derrick said that he is nervous about every decision at this point and isn’t 100% sure so he will go with Cody on this one. He told Cody to just make sure that Christine doesn’t put him up if she wins. Cody assured him that she will not. Derrick said that he is going to go ahead and get Frankie nominated since Cody is the deciding factor for him on this one. Derrick pointed out that Caleb will gain a ton of points with those in the jury because this would be the biggest move of the game. Cody said that this move was made by the Hitmen and that Caleb wont make it to the end anyway. Derrick again said that he will go through with the plan and Cody will see it when Caleb talks to him. Derrick said that he does know that Christine is one person that will go up if Nicole wins HoH. They continued to go back and forth with it, and ultimately left off with Derrick saying that he would go ahead and get Frankie nominated.

2:00-3:00 AM: Derrick went to Caleb and informed him that Nicole said that she would target Christine and would likely put Victoria up with her. Derrick asked what Caleb would do if he and Cody were not in the house. Caleb said that he would keep Frankie. Derrick said that Nicole and Christine need to be broken up next if Frankie goes, and pointed out that Christine is the stronger competitor of the two. Cody then joined them. Caleb said that getting Frankie out would be the biggest move of the season but he doesn’t know if he wants to take it. Cody and Derrick said that they support Caleb no matter what he does. Caleb said that more than likely what he is going to do is nominate Victoria and send Nicole packing. Caleb explained that he doesn’t think that Frankie is going to try to split them up after his talk with him tonight. Derrick mentioned that Frankie can ride this out until the Final 4 or try to make a move on them right now and seal his own fate. Caleb told the guys that Frankie said that he would nominate Victoria and Christine. Derrick said that he believes him.

3:00-4:00 AM: Caleb felt that Frankie had not gone against them ever since they had their squabble and he revealed everything to them. Cody then said that if Frankie is going to be on their side there is no reason to send him home. If not, he felt that Frankie needed to go because he is definitely the better competitor. After over two hours of discussing things, Derrick began to throw out reasons for nominating Frankie. He said that they know that Nicole will nominate Christine if she wins HoH and that Frankie is the better competitor. Caleb pointed out that keeping Nicole is good for them all until Christine goes at which point it becomes good for Cody alone. Caleb asked what they are going to do. Derrick said to send Frankie home. Cody said that he is down. A minute later Caleb said that he doesn’t know what he is going to do and is clueless after hearing all of the scenarios. Cody suggested that they wait until morning to talk about it.

4:00-5:00 AM: Caleb and Cody were getting ready for bed and Caleb said that Frankie would know that he couldn’t play for the next HoH if he sent them home, while he would know that they are good if he sends Christine home. He then said he believes that Frankie would nominate Christine and Victoria, as he felt that Frankie was just trying to set himself up in case Christine won. Cody said Caleb should make his decision based on that then. Caleb told Cody that if he is wrong then they just cannot let Frankie win. Derrick made his way back up to the HoH room. Caleb said that he feels as though Frankie is loyal to them and he will feel that it is too early to put two of them up together. Caleb brought up that Nicole has never been with them. Cody and Derrick agreed. Cody said that they should just send Nicole home and win the HoH. Derrick said that it’s done then.

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