Caleb nominates Victoria

September 1, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Caleb went to Derrick to let him know that Frankie said again this morning that he thinks that they can make it to the Final 4. Derrick assured Caleb that he is with him no matter what decision he makes. Caleb said that he will do it and they will win, implying that he will keep Frankie around. Frankie spoke to Caleb and asked what he plans to say at the veto ceremony. Caleb said that he wants to tell Victoria something to make her feel better since he knows that she doesn’t like sitting there, so he will tell her to be comfortable since Nicole is the target. Caleb mentioned that he is still scared that somebody will try to break up the Final 4 before it happens, and he is usually right when he goes with his gut. However, he told Frankie not to be scared since he is nominating Victoria.

Caleb and Frankie agreed not to turn on each other, with Caleb pointing out that if he was going to turn on Frankie then today would have been the day since he cannot compete and that is the only way to get Frankie out of the house. Frankie questioned if the paranoia was coming from Caleb because someone was trying to get Frankie out this week. Caleb said no. Frankie assured Caleb that he will do anything in his power to keep them together, to which Caleb said that is what he is banking on. Frankie said that he is Caleb’s biggest ally. Caleb explained that’s why he is going with his gut and saying Frankie will do him no wrong. Frankie said that he will not since he needs Caleb.

11:00-12:00 PM: Caleb asked Frankie if Christine will go during the double eviction. Frankie said no, Victoria will, unless they flip it. Caleb suggested that it would be the better move. Frankie said that he is 100% on board with that because Christine has stabbed him a few times and she will be going on the block anyway. Caleb said that they would be guaranteed to make the Final 4 if Christine went next. Frankie agreed but then questioned if anyone would take Victoria further. Both agreed that everyone is loyal and would not do that. Frankie also asked if Cody was on board with evicting Christine, which Caleb said yes to. They felt that Christine would nominate Victoria if she won. Caleb let Frankie know that his loyalty is to Frankie and then to the four. Caleb did admit to having run through all of the scenarios with Cody and Derrick before deciding on evicting Nicole. Frankie reiterated that he is down with the Final 4 and said that once it got down to four he would nominate Cody and Derrick in hope of Caleb staying loyal to Derrick with the lone vote.

12:00-1:00 PM: At the veto ceremony, Christine used the Power of Veto on herself. Caleb nominated Victoria in Christine’s place, putting her on the block next to Nicole. Nicole told Victoria that she doesn’t want to be in a house full of wimps anyway. She said that they all make stupid game moves and need to get some guts. She told Victoria that it’s sad that she is more willing to make big moves than big Beast Mode is. Nicole said that she was not after Caleb so he just wasted his HoH. Victoria questioned why Caleb would not have nominated Frankie. Nicole said because he is a wimp and said that she will call him out on it since she is going home anyway. Caleb said in his speech that Nicole is going home. Nicole asked if Victoria will nominate Christine and Cody and asked if that’s who she wants out. Victoria said that she wants Frankie out. Nicole told her that Frankie is not after her because he is a game player and wants to take out big targets. Victoria was also concerned that he would be after Derrick, but Nicole told her that Frankie is likely after Cody. Nicole suggested that Victoria nominate Cody and Christine together so that they cannot save each other. If one wins the veto she told Victoria to nominate someone that she thinks would stay.

Nicole told Victoria and Derrick that she gets to join Jocasta, Hayden and Donny in jury, all of whom are genuine people, so she does not feel bad. Nicole mentioned that she would bet $5,000 that Christine will make it to the end. She pointed out that Frankie has wanted to take her there ever since Day 49 when he tried to get a Final 3 with her and Christine, but she blew it up. She also said that Christine has Cody protecting her. Once Victoria went to the diary room, Nicole advised Derrick to be careful of Cody and Christine together. Derrick said that he doesn’t think that Cody is loyal to Christine, but rather that he knows that he would beat her at the end. Nicole pointed out that Christine has won more competitions so that is not necessarily true. Nicole figured that Frankie would nominate Cody and Derrick, while Christine would nominate Derrick and Caleb. Nicole said that there is a bitter jury and that people have said that they will vote for Victoria if she gets to the end, so she has a good chance of winning if she is there. Derrick and Nicole both said that they would vote for her to win. Derrick said that Victoria will be winning the money if he is not at the end.

Frankie went to Derrick and Derrick questioned if Frankie was doubting him. Frankie said that he was never doubting him and has never doubted him. Derrick said that he already made a mistake in getting rid of Donny. Frankie understood why Derrick did what he did, because he would have done the same and just subtly dropped hints about keeping Derrick if ever needed. Frankie said that he knew that Caleb was thinking about putting him up because he was acting weird towards him. Frankie said that this has changed nothing for him and only made him happier. He admitted that his name is likely to come up for the rest of the game, but he would have been upset if he went home without getting a chance to play for veto.

1:00-2:00 PM: Derrick asked Frankie who he would nominate if he won HoH. Frankie said that he would have to nominate Christine and Victoria. Derrick said that it would be the smart thing to do since it would be hard for him to go to everyone and justify that Frankie is still with them if he does not do that. Frankie figured that Caleb was worried that he would nominate him and Cody, which he just did in his previous HoH and decided to use the PoV in order to ensure that they both stayed in the house. Frankie asked if Cody would put him up. Derrick said no and that last night was more about Caleb.

6:00-7:00 PM: Derrick informed Cody that Caleb and Frankie were talking things over this morning and Caleb told Frankie about his thoughts on things that were going on last night. Derrick said that Frankie then came to him and said that he knows that they were up there with Caleb running through scenarios but he is glad that they came to their senses. Cody said that Caleb is an idiot for having told Frankie. Cody felt that Caleb 100% told Frankie the things that he said to Caleb about Frankie. Derrick didn’t think so and said that he really doesn’t think that Caleb threw them under the bus. Cody said that Caleb is still an idiot and there is no chance that he is going after Christine over him. Derrick brought up that Christine will send the two of them home over Frankie. Cody disagreed and told Derrick that both Frankie and Christine would go after him before Derrick so he has nothing to worry about. Derrick and Cody discussed that Frankie and Christine do not like each other but know that the two of them need to go to end together because their is a bitter jury against the both of them. Derrick advised Cody to be careful about what he says to Christine cause it may get back to Frankie.

Derrick suggested that Cody go to Caleb and ask what was said to Frankie in case Frankie comes to him. Derrick told Cody that Frankie 100% was blaming Nicole for having put ideas in to Caleb’s head. The guys agreed that it was a mistake not to have sent Frankie home. Derrick explained that he stopped pushing for it once Caleb said that he would be hated by millions if he took Frankie out, because he knew that Caleb would not do it at that point. Cody said that Caleb’s blind loyalty is so frustrating. Cody said that he wants to send Frankie home on the double eviction, putting him up next to Victoria. Cody believed that Frankie is the person that would take a shot at him. Derrick said that he is nominating Christine if he wins, then would nominate Frankie if Christine won the veto. Cody said that he will nominate Frankie if Christine wins the veto. They agreed that it will be a win as long as one of the two goes home next. They also agreed that Christine would nominate Victoria alongside of Derrick or Caleb. Derrick believed that Frankie sees himself as the best competitor in the house so he would be stupid to turn on them now when he could stick it out until the Final 4 and then win his way to the end.

7:00-8:00 PM: Frankie asked Derrick if he told Cody that he knows about what went down last night. Derrick said no. Frankie asked if he should talk it over with Cody. Derrick questioned if it was necessary since nothing came of it. Derrick pointed out that it would only create paranoia, because it really was not that big of a deal and was more so just Caleb brainstorming. Frankie said that Cody is still concerned that he would not nominate Christine so he should possibly talk to him about it. Derrick said not to and just show him by winning and doing it.

8:00-9:00 PM: Nicole asked Derrick if there is any way that Cody would ever keep her. Derrick said not with Christine around. Nicole mentioned that Christine had promised her that no guy would ever come between them. Derrick said that Christine has to view her as a huge target since she sent her home. Nicole agreed and said that she does not blame her for that. Nicole questioned why Cody cannot do something that Christine doesn’t want. Derrick said that he thinks that Cody wants to stick with Christine. Nicole said that she cannot wait for Cody to see that Christine told her to put him and Derrick on the block.

9:00-10:00 PM: Nicole told Victoria that she would have to be strong if Derrick left the house. Victoria said that she would not let him leave and that she doesn’t think that anyone has the guts to go after him. Victoria said that everyone knows that if Derrick makes it to the Final 2 he is winning. Nicole agreed and said that’s why he would go up during a double eviction. Victoria told Nicole that she would not be okay if Derrick left. Nicole said that she was worried that Victoria would not be okay emotionally. Victoria agreed and pointed out that she wanted to self evict when she got in to a fight with Derrick. Nicole encouraged Victoria to get her head in the game. Victoria said that there is no head in the game, because if she doesn’t win competitions she is going home. Nicole said that everyone would send Derrick home over her. Victoria agreed but said that it cannot happen.

Victoria began crying. Nicole told Victoria to remain strong. Victoria explained that she has been with Derrick since Day 1. Nicole said that she has been worried about how Victoria would be if Derrick left, because she knows how much Victoria relies on Derrick for support. Victoria said that she feels as though they are practically family. She also said that she would feel as though it was her fault if Derrick were to leave. Victoria asked Nicole to get Derrick. She then began breaking down to him, saying that she cannot continue on in this game without him. She said that she will not be emotionally stable. Victoria offered to leave before him, but Derrick pointed out that it wont be up to her. Derrick said that there will only be a couple of weeks left so Victoria would have to stay and fight because people would take her to the end if she were to make it to the Final 3. Derrick reminded her that they don’t die if they get evicted and that it’s only a game so he will be okay. He advised her to start leaving emotion out of the game and play with her head. Nicole let both Derrick and Victoria know that Caleb said that he wants to go to the Final 2 with Cody.

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