With Nicole on her way out, the houseguests planned for the double eviction

September 2, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Caleb and Derrick were hanging out in the living room when Cody got out of bed to ask Caleb what he had told Frankie about the plans to backdoor him. Caleb explained that he said that it was all him and that he personally thought over his options. Cody said that he wanted to get his story straight for when Frankie talks to him, because he had already tried to last night. Cody questioned if Caleb had told Christine anything about their discussions, as she seemed to know what was going on. Caleb said that he did not remember, though he had told her last night that he was close to nominating Frankie. Caleb then informed the guys that when Christine came to him last night she said that she would not have worked with the girls if Nicole had stayed. Cody concluded that Frankie is a rat and told Christine.

11:00-12:00 PM: Derrick told Caleb that he was talking to Victoria about who she would vote for and she mentioned that the only two people that are always nice to her are the two of them. Derrick therefore said that Victoria would never vote them out. Derrick then told Caleb that he is going to nominate Victoria and Christine if he wins HoH. Caleb said that he would vote to evict Christine. Derrick said that his concern is that both Cody and Frankie would vote to keep Christine and then she would be safe. He said that Christine is bad for his game and for Caleb’s game. Caleb agreed. Derrick again pointed out that Victoria would choose either of them over Cody and Frankie. Derrick told Caleb that Cody said that he will put up Christine and Victoria, so hopefully he will. They both said that they think that Cody would do it. Caleb felt that Cody is more loyal to them than to Christine. Caleb said that he thinks that Frankie went to Christine and told her that the guys were worried that she would work with the girls if Nicole stayed.

Derrick thought that Caleb had only said that he was worried about the girls working together when they were talking with Cody and trying to decide who to send home. Derrick said that he isn’t sure that Frankie was the one that did it, though they agreed that it only could have been Cody or Frankie. Caleb suggested that Cody, Frankie and Christine may possibly have a Final 3. Derrick disagreed and said that they are both trying to work Christine but she is more loyal to Cody and Frankie does not realize that she doesn’t like him. Caleb mentioned telling Christine to prove that she dislikes Frankie by nominating him next to Victoria if she wins HoH. Derrick said that Christine is going to play both sides with Cody and Frankie because she knows that they are both strong competitors and she wants to see who makes it further. Derrick brought up that Christine would never vote Cody out and that she would take him further over the both of them. Caleb felt that she may take Derrick to the end over Cody since she would have a chance to beat him but not Cody.

12:00-1:00 PM: Derrick went to Frankie and told him that he was talking to Victoria and she mentioned that the two people that have always been nice to her are the two of them. Derrick said that he thought that it was a good thing since Victoria plays based on emotion and would make her vote based on stuff like that. Derrick pointed out how important that is since they would have her vote and each others vote to stay, and it only takes two votes at this point. Derrick asked Frankie if he thinks that Christine is more loyal to them than Victoria is. Frankie said that Christine is more loyal to Cody than anyone, which Derrick agreed with. Derrick asked what happened between Frankie and Christine since they were so close at one point.

Frankie said that Nicole messed it all up because Christine began separating herself from him when she and Hayden called the two of them out. Frankie told Derrick that Caleb keeps going back on forth on who to evict, Christine or Victoria. Derrick asked if Frankie thought that it would be smart to keep Christine. Frankie said no. Derrick asked if Frankie would nominate Christine and Victoria in hope of everyone voting Christine out. Frankie said yes. He mentioned that Christine would be mad at him for nominating her so she would have to go. They were also concerned that Christine would stay, win the Final 5 HoH and take Cody over them. Frankie said that Cody told him last night that he too would be okay with nominating Christine if he were to win HoH this week, so he may do it as well.

2:00-3:00 PM: Victoria went to Derrick and told him that Cody’s attitude with everyone is disgusting. Derrick advised her that she needs to watch how she is acting with everyone because Christine is going around kissing everyone’s ass. Derrick said that it’s possible that the two girls will be nominated together so she needs to make sure that she has some votes. Victoria said that she will be going home if Christine wins HoH, because she wants to be the last girl in the house. Derrick pointed out that Christine wouldn’t get to vote but said that he is only one vote so she needs to go hang out with the others. Derrick pointed out that hanging out solely with Nicole, who wanted Frankie out, will make Frankie think that she is after him. Victoria argued that Nicole is the one following her around everywhere.

3:00-4:00 PM: Caleb told Derrick and Frankie that Christine has been questioning why Caleb thinks that Frankie would only nominate him and Cody, not her or Derrick. Caleb and Frankie agreed that Christine is trying to stir things up so that she doesn’t go home next. Caleb said that she either made it up or someone told her it. Frankie said that he wishes that he could completely believe that Cody has nothing to do with it but unfortunately he cannot. They agreed that they have to send Christine home because they are basically guaranteed Final 4 if they only have Victoria in their way. Frankie felt that Christine was using things in order to ensure that the group targets him next. He thought that Christine saw a little crack between him and Caleb and has been trying to make it bigger. Frankie said that it’s great that Victoria is against Christine and Cody, because she would never put the three of them up.

Derrick said that they are the second Brigade and the four guys are going to the Final 4 together. He pointed out that the Brigade had four strong guys against one weak girl, and Christine is not a weak girl. He pointed out that Victoria is a weak girl and can be their Britney. A short while later, Derrick spoke to Caleb alone. He said that Christine may be starting to realize how tight the guys are and is thus trying to create wedges between them. They discussed that if Christine nominated Caleb and Frankie together that Caleb would have Derrick and Victoria voting for him to stay. As for the Final 4, Derrick said that he would nominate Frankie and Cody and then leave nominations the same so that Caleb has the lone vote to evict and can keep Cody unless something big happens before then that makes them want to keep Frankie.

Christine began crying to Cody. She said that it upsets her that people associate her with Frankie when she has done everything to intentionally avoid being around him. Cody mentioned that Zach went home for being too close to Frankie, so it’s scaring him that she is associated with Frankie. Christine said that she has been avoiding Frankie so much that it is likely becoming obvious to him at this point. She also said that she feels as though she is on the outs with Cody, Derrick and Caleb. Cody said that she is not even close to being on the outs and that Caleb is getting extremely tight with him but it’s not changing anything between he and Christine. Christine revealed that she does not want Victoria to go home if she wins HoH, as she would prefer to see Frankie go. Cody said that he feels the same way. He pointed out that Frankie is playing a sneaky game, while Caleb is playing with blind loyalty.

5:00-6:00 PM: Christine told Derrick that Victoria will not be her target if she wins HoH during the double eviction. Derrick asked who she is thinking of targeting. Christine said Frankie and that she would put Victoria up with him. Derrick told her that she will only need two votes to get him out. Christine felt that it would be best for everyone’s game. Derrick acknowledged that Frankie is the strongest competitor in there. He said that he has no problems with that plan. Derrick told her that as long as one of them or Cody win HoH they will be good until Day 84. He also said that barring a major backstab they are good until the Final 5. Christine told Derrick that she feels as though people will want to take the two of them to the end because they think that they could beat them. Derrick said that they might get some sense of pride about it and want to beat the best.

10:00-11:00 PM: Frankie asked Cody if he is concerned that he would put him on the block. Cody said no and questioned if that is coming from Caleb. Frankie said yes. Cody asked if Caleb specifically said that “Cody is concerned”. Frankie clarified that Caleb himself is the one that is concerned. Cody told Frankie that Caleb was just very nervous that anybody could be coming after him at this point. Frankie let Cody know that he wants to go to the Final 4 with the guys and said that they are at their best when they are communicating so he had to ask. Frankie said that he does not question Cody at all. He felt that Caleb had been creating paranoia within the group, though he was not doing it intentionally. Frankie reiterated that he has no interest in doing anything but getting to the end with the guys. He pointed out that the test will come down to choosing between Christine and Victoria. Cody said that they have to get Christine out if they are all about the Final 4. Frankie agreed. Cody said that if either of them win HoH and nominate Christine the others will not want to keep her, which Frankie agreed with.

11:00-12:00 AM: Derrick told Frankie that he has come to the conclusion that Team America is done. Frankie disagreed and said that it may just be a week off. Derrick said that he does not want to think that Team America would end just because Donny went home, and he would like to believe that if it’s over it’s because it’s scheduled. Christine then spoke to Derrick and asked him if he is still going after Victoria if he wins HoH. Derrick said yes but he has to put her up with someone so he would also be okay with that person going home. Derrick mentioned that it may be a waste to send Victoria home. Christine told Derrick that she has to go after Frankie because as cool as it would be to make the Final 5 with the alliance, she has thought about the money more. Derrick said that Christine does not have to convince him of that.

12:00-1:00 AM: Derrick and Caleb agreed that Victoria is not a threat to them. Caleb said that one of them needs to win and send Christine or Frankie packing. Derrick said that he would prefer to get Christine out but like Caleb said they have to get one of them out. They agreed that Frankie would roll with them if he stayed. Derrick pointed out that the difference is that Frankie would roll with the two of them while Christine would roll with Cody. Derrick and Cody then discussed Frankie and Christine. Derrick told Cody that he knows that he trusts Christine more than Frankie but he does not think that she will take them to the end. Cody felt that Christine may take Derrick because she would think that she can beat him. Cody thought that Frankie would feel that he has the chance to beat them so he will ride it out with them. Cody said that he would have no problem crossing Christine, Frankie or Caleb if needed. Derrick agreed but said that he doesn’t think that Caleb would cross them. Derrick told Cody that he thinks that Cody would beat him in the end but he is fine with that. Cody asked why Derrick thought that. Derrick explained that they had both played incredible social games but Cody played a much better physical game.

1:00-2:00 AM: Derrick told Cody that it is imperative that they get Caleb to the Final 3 with them because it would guarantee them each at least $50,000. Derrick said that if Caleb is not on board with taking a shot at Frankie, he may feel betrayed if Cody does so. Cody didn’t understand why Caleb would feel that way, but Derrick explained that Caleb thinks that they are going to the Final 4 together. Both agreed that Caleb would likely take Derrick to the Final 2 over Cody. Derrick then went back to saying that he would hate to keep Christine around and get sent home by her. He felt that Christine realizes that Cody would choose him over her, so she would be threatened by him. Cody disagreed and told Derrick that she does not see it that way. Cody then said that if Frankie is gone there is not a single person that can take either of them out of the game. Cody believes that nobody would be able to beat Frankie in the Final 3, which Derrick agreed with. However, Derrick felt that Frankie and Christine would mend things quickly if they were in the Final 4 together, and would try to get to the end together since they are both hated.

Cody believed that Frankie would ideally like to go to the end with Derrick or Victoria. Derrick said that it’s just because he could beat them both. They then agreed that Victoria cannot get that far because if you take her to the Final 3 and lose, the other person will strongly consider taking her. Derrick promised to vote for Victoria if someone took her because they felt that it would be an easy win. Cody said that he would do the same. They went back to discussing this week, with Cody saying that Frankie needs to go for his game. Derrick understood and said that he would vote Frankie out over Victoria if either Cody or Christine nominated them together. Derrick did tell Cody that it would be stupid of him to nominate Caleb if Frankie were to win the veto. Cody agreed and said that he would have to send Christine home in that scenario.

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