The houseguests scramble before the double eviction

September 3, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Nicole talked to Derrick about her thoughts on what is going on in the game. She said that Frankie is using Caleb like a puppet, while Derrick has Victoria. She figured that Frankie controlled Caleb this week in order to get her out of the house. She then told Derrick that she feels that everything that she says to him gets back to Cody, which is why she was upset and slept all day yesterday. Derrick told Nicole that she will look really dumb on camera if that is how she truly feels. Nicole questioned why the house is so united, which Derrick explained as being due to the fact that people are trying to make it as far as they can before making a move. Derrick said that Caleb may have a deal with Frankie and that it doesn’t have to mean that the whole house is working together. He told Nicole that he expects a text message apology when she sees that he did not tell Cody everything like she thinks he did. Nicole pointed out that it was odd that Victoria said that Cody is now coming up to her to kiss her ass and ask who she is targeting. Derrick said that it is not the case that he told Cody what she said.

Nicole began to cry and said that her feelings are extremely hurt. She said that it is exhausting to try to stay without the help of anyone at any time, so there has to be some tight bond in the house. She mentioned that in past seasons people would have used a broken person like her, so it doesn’t make sense unless there is a Final 4 or Final 5 deal. Derrick said that he is really offended that she doesn’t think that he tried to help her stay. Derrick told her that he didn’t straight up go up there and campaign for her but he did try to convince Caleb to put a bigger target on the block. Nicole said that she was thinking of everything yesterday and wondered if it could have happened because it looked like it wasn't even considered to keep her. She felt that it would have been a good game move by Derrick to stop her from campaigning for herself. Derrick denied it and said that he would never do that to her. He said that he told her that he wants his daughter to grow up to be like her, so he would never lie to her about trying to save her when he has to go home to his daughter. Nicole continued to talk about how frustrating this all is for her, as she is dying a slow death in the Big Brother game. She said that she did not give up but she cannot think of anything that can be done. Derrick told her that people will not keep her over Victoria. She told Derrick that his game is the only one that she respects in the house and she hopes that he is in the Final 2.

11:00-12:00 PM: Production came over the speakers and said that they would like the houseguests to decide on a special meal that they are going to have delivered today at 2 PM. It will be the end of have-nots. The houseguests decided on In-N-Out Burger. Derrick told Frankie and Christine that Nicole was outside spilling her guts to him, saying that it makes no sense and that everyone is working together. Nicole pulled Derrick aside and apologized to him for questioning him. She said that she feels bad that she hurt his feelings. Derrick accepted her apology. Nicole went to Derrick again and asked if he promises that he forgives her. Derrick swore on everything that he is not mad at her anymore. Victoria told Nicole that Derrick didn’t forgive her right away and hers was way worse. Nicole again went to Derrick and said that she really hopes that he knows how sorry she is. Derrick assured her that she would know if he was mad.

12:00-1:00 PM: Victoria told Nicole that Christine pisses her off so bad because she is so rude. Victoria said that she will blow up on Christine before she leaves the house. They went over who the others may nominate tomorrow in a double eviction. Victoria believes that Frankie would want to target Christine, while both Cody and Christine would go after Frankie. Nicole told Victoria that she will not have to worry about Frankie wanting to get her out. Victoria thought that Frankie could also want Derrick out. Nicole told her not to worry about Derrick, because he is in a good spot, and said that it seemed more likely that Christine is Frankie’s target. They discussed that Christine is trying to get Victoria to target Frankie. Nicole told Victoria that she cannot fall for it. Nicole pointed out that Frankie will be a big target as long as he is in the house. She also felt that Caleb going home would not be beneficial to Victoria’s game. Victoria said that she wants Christine out and that Cody or Christine will be leaving if she wins HoH. She told Nicole that Derrick will be mad, but Nicole said that it would make sense for Derrick to want Christine out since he would get Cody back 100%. Both girls agreed that they will be heartbroken if Derrick does not make it to the Final 2.

2:00-3:00 PM: After the houseguests finished eating their food from In-N-Out Burger, they began separating throughout the house. Frankie and Derrick were up in the HoH room when Frankie told Derrick that he feels that there is a lack of communication between certain houseguests. He was concerned about Christine in particular. Derrick told Frankie that if he wins HoH he will not have to worry about it. Frankie said that he doesn’t know if Christine would nominate Victoria anymore. Derrick said that they will find out if she wins. Derrick mentioned that the last that he heard she was going to nominate him and Caleb. Derrick said that he could go home tomorrow. Frankie told him that anything is possible at this stage in the game and that the only way to be safe is by winning HoH or the veto. Frankie told Derrick that he will definitely say something if Christine back stabs him, but he said that it would be filtered. He then said that he will say something along the lines of “if the world didn’t already know you are a cheater, they certainly do now”.

3:00-4:00 PM: Caleb told Cody that Frankie came to him last night to ask who initiated the talks about getting him out. Caleb said that he explained that they weren’t actually discussing getting rid of him but they had heard things about him and Christine so they had to decide if he would be more loyal to them or to Christine. Caleb said that he told Frankie about hearing that he told Christine that it was Caleb that tried to keep Donny, and also that Frankie and Christine had a Final 2 deal. Caleb told him that they decided that they did not believe that he would be loyal to Christine so they kept him. Cody asked Caleb if Frankie questioned how he knew about the whole Donny thing. Caleb said that Frankie knows that it came from Cody. Cody then told Caleb that he has to nominate Frankie if he wins HoH. Caleb said that Christine has to go up next to Frankie if that’s the case. Cody did not seem to agree with that idea but Frankie broke up the talk before he could voice his opinion.

7:00-8:00 PM: The feeds were down for a few hours while the houseguests were in the HoH room for a lockdown. When they returned, the houseguests went downstairs and found out that the have-not room had been bolted shut. Derrick thought that he could smell fresh paint coming for the room, so they felt that there may be something going on in there. Frankie spoke to Christine and told her that Nicole stirred the point with him about Christine, and he let it get to him. He apologized to her for that. Christine said that she is really pissed off that she was put on the block. Frankie said that it’s understandable and that he feels as though they are in the same position, as he doesn’t want to anger the others.

Frankie felt insecure about his place in the game. He told Christine that there is nothing that he can do except for continue to be loyal and prove himself over and over. Christine said that she feels the same way. The houseguests were given beer and wine. Nicole and Victoria had a drink together. Nicole told Victoria that she is thankful to have had her in the house the past couple of weeks, as Victoria was always so nice and comforting even when the others were mean. Nicole wished Victoria the best of luck in the game and said that she loves her and they will keep in touch once they get out of the house. Nicole then began to pack and said that it is so sad because she loves the Big Brother house and doesn’t want to leave because she belongs there.

10:00-11:00 PM: Derrick, Cody and Caleb discussed their plans for tomorrow night. In the event that Christine went home in the double eviction, Derrick said that they should try to send Frankie home over Victoria if possible. Derrick and Caleb agreed that they would prefer to see Christine go home over Frankie tomorrow. Derrick believed that Caleb was petrified and has really bought in to the Final 4 with the guys and will not go against it. Derrick guaranteed that Frankie would nominate Christine and Victoria if he won HoH. Cody was concerned that Frankie would nominate him and Caleb next to each other in order to send him home. Derrick said that it would be dumb for his game since he would only get one out and then would not be able to play in the next HoH. Cody said that the only reason that he would not put Frankie up is because Caleb and Derrick have convinced him not to. He said that he will put up Christine and Victoria but asked who goes up if Christine wins the veto. Derrick said that Frankie can then go up and go home. Derrick told Cody that he could gain trust with Frankie by not nominating him, and he would also avoid Frankie winning the veto and then coming after Cody because he nominated him.

12:00-1:00 AM: Cody told Derrick that he cannot go after Christine over Frankie if he wins tomorrow. Derrick said that he will respect whatever Cody decides but he has given his opinion that it is smarter to take Christine out first. Cody said that he feels as though Caleb would want to go to the end with Frankie over the two of them. Frankie then came by and broke up the talk. Elsewhere, Victoria asked Nicole who she thought would go home if she nominated Christine and Cody. Nicole said Christine. Victoria said that she cannot stand Cody and he grosses her out cause he is so cocky and conceited. Nicole said that she hopes that it is Cody that follows her out the door tomorrow. In the HoH room, Frankie asked Derrick who he thought that Victoria would nominate. Derrick said that it would be Christine for sure and then probably Victoria. Caleb and Frankie asked if Derrick would be fine with that. Derrick said yes and that he would not try to talk her in to nominating Christine and Frankie, because she would not listen to him anyway.

Derrick got another chance to speak with Cody, telling him that they will not get to the end together if Cody nominates Frankie and Frankie wins the veto. Derrick felt that it would give Caleb every reason to turn on them if Cody tried to get Frankie out. Derrick continue to try to convince Cody to nominate Christine over Frankie, telling him that she would take him to the end over Cody because she cannot beat Cody. Cody pointed out that they would still be in the Final 3 with her even if that happened. Derrick said that he would like Caleb in the Final 3 with them. Derrick mentioned that it is scary to try to take a shot at Frankie and miss, while on the other hand Christine would have no choice but to run back to Cody if they took a shot at her and missed. They discussed that it would be Caleb and Frankie against the two of them if Cody swung and missed at Frankie, and Derrick noted that Cody would then not be able to play for HoH. Christine then broke up the conversation.

1:00-2:00 AM: Nicole had a long talk with Derrick, trying to figure out if there was anything that she could have done to save herself if she had talked to Caleb. Derrick said no. Nicole was asking because Cody led her to believe that she could have done something to keep herself safe. Derrick said that it will likely be a unanimous vote and that will her everything that she needs to know. Nicole told Derrick that she would like to blow up Christine’s game before she goes, telling Frankie not to protect her because she always says that she hates Frankie. Nicole said that she is sick of Christine getting away with talking so much crap. Derrick suggested that Nicole tell Cody and Caleb that she will vote for Frankie or Christine if they make it to the Final 2.

Nicole advised Derrick to be careful with Cody because she has caught him in lies. Nicole did believe that Cody would take Derrick to the end, even over Christine. Derrick said that he would love to be in the Final 2 with Victoria but said that it’s not going to happen since one of them will get picked off beforehand. Nicole said that she would not be upset if Caleb won the game. She told Derrick that Caleb would have a good shot at winning over anyone except for Derrick, as nobody would beat Derrick at the end. Nicole informed Derrick that the jury has a soft spot for him but they also have one for Cody, as Jocasta, Donny and Zach all love Cody. Nicole said that she will talk to the jury about how Derrick went out on a limb for her. Derrick told Nicole that Zach said that he wants him to win the game. Nicole said that everyone feels that way. Nicole then advised Derrick to break up Cody and Christine. She said that she doesn’t think that Frankie is after Derrick, as he is after Cody.

3:00-4:00 AM: Derrick told Cody that Christine would not nominate the two of them together, even if Cody nominated her and she stayed. Cody wasn’t so sure. He suggested that Derrick would have to become her closer ally and get her to nominate Cody and Caleb together. Cody then said that he can make a speech that he is going after a big player, then Caleb and Derrick and act livid. If Frankie wins the PoV, Cody said that they would blame it all on him and then nominate Cody next to Victoria. Derrick said that Caleb lacks the mental capacity to pull it off. Cody still thought that it was a great plan. Derrick got Cody to agree that Christine is the easier target, though he did not want to nominate Christine. Derrick told Cody that Christine knows that she is not in with them and has said that she wants to be the Britney but then cross them at the end. Cody felt that he had Christine’s ear still.

Derrick tried to convince Cody that they would have the votes to keep him even if Frankie took a shot at him. Cody questioned if Frankie would nominate him next to Caleb or Derrick. Derrick said that it would be next to Caleb since Frankie wants him (Derrick) to stay cause he can beat him. Cody pointed out that Britney would not have crossed Lane. Derrick said that Christine will try to keep Victoria there over the guys because she would want to win the $500,000. Cody then said that he is not 100% sure that Caleb would go to the end with them, and that he may want to go with Frankie instead. The girls then got out of bed and broke up the talk.

Derrick said that he will bet his life on it that Frankie will nominate Christine and Victoria if he wins tomorrow, so they can guarantee themselves Final 4 if they go along with the guys. Derrick explained that he would roll with that and play the odds. Cody wondered if his plan to have Caleb act livid would work. Derrick said that he can run it by him but everyone already thinks that he is close with Christine so it could make him look bad to want to keep her. Derrick told Cody that Caleb may not go to the Final 3 with them if Cody fails at getting Frankie out. Derrick said that his plan is to send Frankie home before Victoria after the double eviction. Cody believed that Caleb would do the same. Christine then came to bed and broke up the talk.

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