Nicole and Christine are evicted; Frankie wins HoH and the button is pushed

September 4, 2014

6:00-7:00 PM: The second double eviction of the season took place. First up, Nicole was evicted unanimously by a vote of 4-0. Derrick went on to win HoH and chose to nominate Victoria and Christine for eviction. He told Victoria that she was going on the block because everyone wants her to, but said that she will not go home because Christine is the target. In the event that Christine won the veto, Derrick assured Victoria that Frankie would go up and go home. Frankie won the Power of Veto and chose to leave Derrick’s nominations the same. Christine was then evicted by a unanimous vote of 3-0. Christine left without saying a word to any of her fellow houseguests. Christine was then greeted with boos from the live audience. Julie then announced the twist for the week. There is a “BBRewind” button. If the button is pushed then the entire week will be reset. The houseguests that are nominated tomorrow will come off the block and will have a chance to become HoH. The button appeared on the memory wall screen and living room screen, so the houseguests know that it exists but do not know the details of the twist.

7:00-8:00 PM: When feeds returned, the main topic of discussion was the reception that Christine received when she left the house. Frankie said that Christine is hated. Derrick said that the reaction was unbelievable and scary. He figured that Christine has been making fun of them a lot. Frankie pointed out that Christine has been saying mean things about him and his family, saying that it was unfair that he was in the house. Derrick said that Christine showed her true character by walking out without saying a word to any of them. Caleb felt that it had to do with Christine running her mouth and the live feeders seeing it all. Cody said that he wouldn’t be thinking twice about the boos if not for Zingbot’s zing to him. Frankie said that he will be honest with Cody, telling him that Christine and Cody’s relationship probably looked very bad on Christine’s part. Frankie explained that Christine looked at Cody with love in her eyes. Caleb seconded that and said that Cody was playing the game, while Christine was looking at Cody as though she really really liked him.

When Victoria went to the diary room, Derrick told the four guys that they have made it to the Final 4 because Christine is going home. They agreed not to tell her until after the veto competition. They then began discussing the button. Caleb said that he will win HoH if it’s hanging on to a wall, then he will not push the button if they tell him not to. Derrick said that it should be a group decision. Frankie said that he thinks that Caleb would push the button. Frankie was fine with it being pushed as long as it did not mean that someone was coming back in to the house. Derrick said that he doesn’t think that he will push it. Frankie pointed out that America will want them to push it. Derrick eventually gave in and said that he would if that’s what they decide on. Derrick and Frankie spoke alone and said that it is not a waste to get rid of Victoria. Derrick again mentioned that he would vote for Victoria to win the game if someone took her to the Final 2.

8:00-9:00 PM: The houseguests were given access to what was previously the have-not room. It is has been remodelled and now is the location for the BB Rewind button. The houseguests could not push the button, as the casing is screwed shut. There is a TV screen in the room that said “The choice is yours”. Frankie told the guys that the four of them are so strong that regardless of what the button is they should be able to weather it. Caleb went to Derrick and told him that Frankie has been mentioning that he may throw the HoH competition in order to be able to compete in the next one. Derrick said to let him. They have been discussions amongst Cody, Caleb and Derrick that they will target Frankie over Victoria. Derrick told Cody that it’s a good thing that he did not win HoH and nominate Frankie, as he would have won the veto and then been coming after Cody. Derrick let Cody know that now is the time to strike at Frankie. Caleb said that he will be scared to nominate Frankie if he wins HoH, out of fear that Frankie will again win the veto and will be coming after him. Derrick and Cody felt that it needed to be done. The three guys discussed that they are so close to reaching the end of the game together.

10:00-11:00 PM: Frankie won HoH. The feeds returned to the houseguests all standing in what was formerly the have-not room, surrounding the button. They were discussing whether or not to push it. Frankie speculated that it could bring back the Battle of the Block or take away his HoH. Derrick was worried that someone may be evicted immediately. Cody said that that person likely would have went home a week from now anyway. Frankie and Cody said that they should. Derrick, Victoria and Caleb did not want to. Caleb eventually changed his mind and they all pushed the button as a group. A countdown then appeared on the screen. It said 5 days, 19 hours, 12 minutes. They continued to speculate about what would happen. Frankie said that maybe past houseguests would come back to coach them. Caleb said that Dan might come back to compete against them. Derrick felt that it would be something game changing that has never been done before. Cody suggested that based on the countdown it could be a live eviction on Wednesday night.

Frankie told Cody, Caleb and Derrick that Victoria is the target and will be going home this week. He said that he doesn’t want anyone to be mad at him because he has to nominate one of them next to her. Derrick told Frankie that he was happy that he won, cause he was nervous about what would happen. Derrick was concerned that the button being pushed could mean that Frankie gets dethroned. Frankie agreed and said that that’s why he wants to make sure that nobody is pissed off about his nominations. Frankie spoke to Derrick and Caleb in the storage room, talking about nominations. He mentioned that the two of them have kept him safe twice, while Cody has kept him safe only once. Frankie asked if that was a good rationale for selecting the second nominee. Caleb told Frankie to nominate whoever he thinks would have his back the least. Frankie wasn’t so sure about that. Derrick said that you wouldn’t want to say that. Derrick said that Frankie’s rationale about who saved him more is the better way to go. After Frankie left, Derrick pointed out that Frankie has won nine competitions and is a beast.

11:00-12:00 AM: Derrick told Frankie that he is going to try his best to win the next HoH and will keep Frankie safe. Derrick said that he will not make the same mistake of sending a Team America member home and then leave to boos. Derrick let Frankie know that he will not burn him, so Frankie will either burn him or be loyal to him. Frankie then pointed out that he does not care that he is wasting his HoH on Victoria, as it is not a waste. Frankie mentioned that if anyone nominates him they better know that he will win the veto. Derrick again told Frankie that he will not nominate him. Derrick explained that he wants to go to the end with Frankie because Frankie is putting the money to good use with charity. Derrick told Frankie that he will lose 9-0 to Cody and Caleb and may lose 8-1 to Frankie. Derrick then spoke to Victoria, telling her not to worry too much because he thinks that having pushed the button will mean that something big is going to change. Derrick also pointed out that Victoria is the last girl in the house, so she is already a winner.

3:00-4:00 AM: Caleb spoke to Derrick about the possibility of Cody going on the block and then either he, Derrick or Frankie win the veto. Derrick said that he can’t use it because then Caleb would go on the block. Derrick also said that the intent is not to vote Cody out over Victoria. Caleb pointed out that if they did vote Cody out they would be guaranteed Final 3 with Frankie. Derrick said that the problem with that is that if Frankie makes it to the Final 2 they have no chance of beating him due to how many competitions he has won. Derrick told Caleb that he would hope that Caleb would not think the same thing if Cody happens to win the veto on he goes on the block. Caleb ensured Derrick that he is different and that he would not have the same thought about Derrick, so he would not vote against him. Derrick reiterated that he would take Caleb to the Final 2. Caleb questioned if either of them could beat Cody or Frankie at the end. Derrick said that he honestly does not know. Derrick pointed out that based on some things that Nicole said to him he can tell that he took the brunt of things with the jury members, but they have no choice but to give him $50,000 if he makes it

4:00-5:00 AM: Cody spoke to Frankie and said that this situation sucks for him because he has to choose between the guys. Frankie agreed that it sucks. He said that he has to put his life in all of their hands because he cannot play next week, but his decision on who goes up next to Victoria will not be based on anything. Frankie pointed out that he is fully expecting to go on the block next week since only one person is safe. Cody asked what Frankie is thinking with regards to nominations. Frankie mentioned that Derrick has obviously never been on the block, but it’s a bad reason to put him on the block. Frankie also said that Derrick seems to be losing his mind. Cody said that Derrick is so close to the end and it’s hitting him because he is doing this all for his family. Frankie then brought up that Derrick and Caleb have been HoH three times and kept him safe, while Cody has kept him safe two time. Frankie explained that he has to look at it based on who will not be the biggest baby, and suggested that Caleb would freak out about being nominated. Frankie felt that Caleb would hold it against him if he nominated him. Cody brought up that the only person that is not losing it is him then and said “great”. Frankie said that he will not hold it against Cody if he uses the same reason for putting him up next week.

Frankie told Derrick and Caleb that essentially he told Cody that the two of them could not handle the emotional burden of being on the block, so Cody knows without knowing that he is going to be nominated. Frankie clarified that his decision was not made based on betting who he thinks will win HoH next and can keep him safe. Derrick said that Cody could easily win the veto and then Frankie will have to nominate another person. Frankie agreed and said that he will flip a coin to decide between Derrick and Caleb. Frankie believed that Cody would not hold it against him that he nominated him, though he may nominate him next week but not for that reason. Frankie told Derrick and Caleb to tell Cody that he said that there is a possibility that they are going up.

5:00-6:00 AM: Cody told Derrick that he is going on the block. Derrick said that Frankie made it seem as though he may be the one going on the block. Cody mentioned that Frankie explained that Caleb and Derrick could not handle it and that he will not use the fact that Derrick has not been nominated as a reason to put him up. Derrick told Cody that Frankie said that he is not about to burn any of them and wants to go to the Final 4 together. Cody said that he does not doubt Frankie for a second and that he does not mind going on the block. Derrick said that he has full confidence that Caleb would not vote Cody out. Cody agreed but said that it is a game, though he is not stressed about it. They did not think that Frankie would try anything to get one of them evicted this week. They discussed that it is huge that Frankie cannot play in the next HoH competition. Derrick felt that Frankie’s thought process was that he has more comp wins than anyone and will bank on that winning him the game. Derrick said that it is pretty impressive what Frankie is doing. Cody said that he is hands down the best competitor in the game, as he has the competition wins and has a social game equivalent to the one that he is playing.

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