Frankie decides not use the Power of Veto

September 7, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Frankie went to Derrick and informed him that the veto ceremony is today. He asked Derrick if he should say something about the four guys working together. Derrick said that he doesn’t know if it would be smart for Frankie’s game. Derrick pointed out that it can’t help them. Frankie agreed due to the unknown twist due to pushing the button. Frankie said that he will come up with something fake. Derrick suggested that Frankie say that he made these nominations for a reason so he is leaving them the same. Derrick told Cody that Frankie came to him and asked if he should say something to Victoria about the guys working together, so they are good since he will not be using the Power of Veto. Derrick said that’s all that they needed. Derrick then spoke to Frankie again, saying that Victoria may come to talk to him in the next couple of minutes. Derrick explained that they do not need any more enemies in case the twist hurts their games, so there is no need to tell Victoria about the guys working together. Derrick said that depending on how things go he will have to tell Victoria beforehand that he is voting her out. Derrick said that Victoria is going to hate him. Derrick told Frankie that he planned to explain that he has to vote for the person that deserves to be in that spot.

11:00-12:00 PM: All four guys then discussed the plan for the veto meeting. It was mentioned by Frankie and Derrick that it is not worth it to expose to Victoria that he guys are working together, though Cody pointed out that Victoria has no one else to go after except for them anyway. Caleb agreed with Cody, though he said that Frankie would look dumb if he crushed Victoria in his speech and then she sent him home due to the twist. Derrick said that there is no benefit from exposing it other than to make for good TV. Frankie said that he will keep his speech vague. Frankie told Cody, Caleb and Derrick that he wanted to congratulate them on making it to the Final 4. He said that he knows that no one has wanted to waste an HoH on Victoria, but this is not a waste to him at all since he is guaranteeing that the boys that he has worked with are making it to the end together. Frankie said that he is honoured to be the one that takes them to the Final 4, even though he is obviously terrified that he cannot play in the HoH competition. The guys told Frankie that they appreciate him making this move. Frankie told Cody that he does not want him to be mad for him not using the veto on him. Cody joked that he is pissed.

Derrick told the guys that he will let Victoria know that he is voting to keep Cody because you have to beat the best to be the best. Frankie was then called to the diary room in preparation for the veto ceremony. Derrick spoke to Caleb on his own and said that he is glad that Frankie did not get a crazy idea to put either one of them up next to Cody. Derrick said that they are good, pending what happens on Wednesday when the countdown ends. Caleb said that Frankie might stick them in a few minutes. Derrick said that Frankie will not do it, seeing as he thinks that there is a chance that one of them will take him to the Final 3 since he is being loyal and keeping them safe. Caleb mentioned that Frankie asked him yesterday if he would keep him safe if he won the Final 4 veto competition. Caleb said that he told Frankie that he would. Derrick pointed out that nobody is beating Frankie if he gets to the Final 2, and rightfully so. Caleb agreed. Derrick said that there is a very good chance that Frankie wins the veto competition to save himself anyway. Cody then joined them outside. Caleb filled him in on his talk with Frankie about keeping him safe if he won the Final 4 veto competition.

12:00-1:00 PM: At 12:02 PM the veto ceremony aired live on the feeds. Cody gave his speech first, saying that it is an amazing game and that he would love to be a part of it. Cody said that the potential replacement nominees are two of his best friends in the game and he would not want either one of them to sit in his spot. Cody then said that he would love for Frankie to use the veto on him, but said that Frankie earned it and it’s only fair that he leaves his nominations the same. Victoria then gave her speech and congratulated everyone on making the Final 5. She said that they are all like family and she does not expect Frankie to use the veto on her. Frankie then said that he has wielded a tremendous amount of power in this game, never more so than this week, though there comes a time where there are too few people remaining for him to be able to keep everyone that he loves safe. Frankie then informed that “it is with a very heavy heart that I have decided not to use the Power of Veto”.

The guys were discussing why they had the vet ceremony a day earlier. Frankie said that he is now convinced that there will be a live show on Wednesday. He also mentioned that Big Brother had informed him that the veto ceremony would air live on the feeds, so perhaps they just got them to do something on a Sunday to appease angry customers who were watching then sleep all weekend. Caleb suggested that the pushing of the button could flip their games upside down, because the word “game” is written upside down in the button room. Frankie was then called to the diary room, leaving Caleb, Cody and Derrick to talk. Derrick said that Frankie is impossible to beat, calling him a competition beast that will be brought back for All Stars. Cody said that if you actually look back on his game he is not a competition beast, as he won many comps with people or when most people were out of the house. Caleb said that he hasn’t smoked anybody in anything. Derrick said that they need to win HoH and then the three of them collectively need to find a way to win the veto.

1:00-2:00 PM: Victoria was sitting in the kitchen and began to cry. Frankie hugged her and pleaded with her not to cry. He told her not to be sad because nothing is set in stone. Victoria told him that it hadn’t hit her until now. Frankie said that she is on the block and nothing more. Frankie then asked Derrick if they should give her some hope. Derrick pointed out that she may end up being there over all of them come Wednesday. Frankie agreed. Frankie and Derrick were up in the HoH room a short while later and continued their talk. Derrick told Frankie that they have to win competitions because they are not in the best position. Frankie said that Derrick winning HoH is his only shot to stay. Frankie felt that Cody would be the person that he would like to be sitting next to most next week. Derrick assured Frankie that he would choose him over Caleb as well. Derrick said that if they lose the Final 3 HoH it will be tough for them to win the game.

Frankie told Derrick that he can see why Derrick would sell his game short, but he shouldn’t. Derrick pointed out that it’s just not the same game as Frankie, who will be brought back for All Stars. Frankie said that he has no idea what Cody would do if he had to choose between him and Caleb. Derrick told Frankie that Cody will take him since Caleb is tougher to beat at the end. Derrick said that he doesn’t know if anyone can beat Caleb at the end because it is going to be a bitter jury. Derrick said that Caleb is scary because he is well liked and has won five competitions. Derrick asked Frankie which of them Caleb would choose if they made the Final 3 together. Frankie said that he honestly doesn’t know, because Caleb thinks that he can beat Derrick easier and he is afraid of him and sees him as his biggest competition. Derrick then asked who Cody would take, which led Frankie to say that Cody would choose Derrick over him. Derrick then began questioning who would win between certain Final 2 combinations. Frankie said that he thinks that it will be close between any of them, even if Derrick is there. Derrick acted surprised, though Frankie pointed out that he has played an impeccable social game, won 3 HoHs and has never been nominated.

2:00-3:00 PM: Derrick then told Frankie that it feels like his game has fallen apart over the past couple of weeks. He mentioned that Hayden is pissed at him for lying about how he would vote. He then said that Nicole is pissed off at him because he voted out Hayden and then voted her out again for a second time. He also said that he tried to hug Jocasta but she pushed him away. Derrick wondered if Donny would vote against them now too, saying that the only person that he knows that Donny loves is Caleb. Frankie said now that they burned him there is not much reason for him to be loyal. As for Christine, Derrick and Frankie agreed that Caleb came out looking cleanest in the plan to send her home since he was not a part of the Detonators. Derrick then went downstairs to the fire room to sleep, though Victoria was there waiting for him.

Derrick told Victoria not to give up yet since you never know what can happen on Wednesday, Victoria wondered why Frankie is now Team Cody. Derrick said that Frankie hasn’t even said anything yet, though Victoria said that it is obvious. Derrick mentioned that Cody has won competitions and hasn’t burned Frankie, so Frankie may not want to put him out of the house. Derrick said that he can still vote for Victoria to stay if she wants him to. Victoria told him that it sucks because there is nothing that she can even say to try to stay. Derrick explained that that’s what happens at this point in the game. Victoria said that she really thought that they had a chance to make it to the Final 2, though Derrick said that there was no chance without them winning any competitions. Victoria said that Julie will call her out for giving up the last couple of days. Derrick told he to campaign if she wants, but focus on the positives if she leaves, such as being the last girl there. Derrick again told her not to think that she is leaving yet, at least not until they see what goes down on Wednesday.

9:00-10:00 PM: Derrick told Cody and Caleb that Frankie is going to be tough to beat. He said that if Frankie wins the Final HoH he will win over any of them. The others agreed for the most part but were a bit more optimistic. They agreed that the Final 4 veto means everything. Cody said that Frankie will not even have a talk with him about taking him if the decision is up to him, as he knows that it’s not happening. Cody let Derrick and Caleb know that he would without a doubt vote for either of them over Frankie.

12:00-1:00 AM: Derrick told Victoria that he is okay with any of the remaining houseguests winning the $500,000. He said that Christine was the last one that he didn’t want to win. Derrick admitted that he his not a big fan of Frankie’s but said that Frankie has played such a great game. Victoria said that Frankie’s social game has sucked. Victoria questioned if Derrick wants Frankie out if he wins HoH. Derrick said yes. Victoria then questioned why Derrick does not want Cody out. Derrick explained that Cody has been loyal to him and has not stabbed him in the back, so he would like someone like him to win if he cannot. Derrick told her that if he wins the next HoH or PoV he will get to the Final 2. He felt that Frankie would choose Caleb over him but wasn’t sure since Frankie may see him as less of a threat. Derrick again encouraged Victoria not to get upset until Wednesday, saying that the nominations don’t mean anything to him right now because of the countdown. He told her that it could just as easily be him on the block come Wednesday.

2:00-3:00 AM: Derrick told Frankie that he doesn’t think that the twist will be that detrimental. Frankie said that it is for the fans of the show, so they will love it as fans but may hate it as players of the game. Frankie asked Derrick if he knows who Cody is nervous about. Derrick said that it seems to be an unwritten and unspoken thing between Cody, Caleb and Frankie that they like each other but see each other as a threat to winning the money. Frankie questioned if Cody would take him or Caleb. Derrick said that he thinks that Cody might take Frankie since Caleb could be the one to beat this season, seeing as he has five wins and has not went back on his word. They discussed that Caleb has jury votes from Donny, Jocasta and Hayden on lock against, and then Nicole could vote with Hayden as well. Frankie felt that the only vote that he for sure does not have is Jocasta’s.

Frankie then wondered what Caleb is thinking in terms of who everyone plans to take to the end. Derrick said that he doesn’t even think that Caleb thinks like that. Derrick told Frankie that it seems as though there is still part of Victoria that thinks that she is going to vote for her to stay. He promised Frankie that he will not do that to him and force him to make the decision, but said that he just needs to figure out how to explain to Victoria that he is not keeping her. Derrick said that as long as Victoria knows that it’s not personal he can live with it. Derrick told Frankie that he is nervous to tell Victoria that he is not keeping her, though come Wednesday everything could change and he may need Victoria to save him.

3:00-4:00 AM: Frankie told Derrick that it is so nerve-wracking that he cannot play for HoH, though he pointed out that maybe he will be able to after Wednesday since it could change everything and he may no longer be HoH at all. Frankie said that he would be devastated if he does not make it to the Final 3. Frankie told Derrick that it will all come down to that Final 4 PoV. Derrick said that it kind of hurts him that Frankie doesn’t think that he would stay if he won the veto. Frankie said that’s true that he could stay that way too. As for Caleb, Frankie felt that Caleb would vote him out over Derrick if he was the lone vote to evict next week. Frankie also pointed out that Cody would vote to evict him over Derrick. Frankie noted that Cody called Caleb and Derrick his two best friends in the house during the veto ceremony today, so there is no way that Cody would not put him on the block.

Frankie told Derrick that he would feel better about Derrick having the veto than about Cody having the veto. He didn’t know who Caleb would choose between him and Cody. Derrick asked who Frankie would choose. Frankie said that he would keep Caleb over Cody if he won the Final 4 veto. Derrick said that in his opinion Frankie would have a better chance to win over Cody than Caleb, so he would base his decision on that. Frankie told Derrick that that is interesting but he is going to honour the three of them (Frankie/Derrick/Caleb) as much as he can, because if he was going to pull a fast one he would have done it this week. Frankie pointed out that Cody is better speaker than Caleb as well, which makes him tougher to beat at the end. Frankie said that he hopes that he is not kicking himself later on for not having evicted Cody this week, but he had to be loyal.

Derrick went to Cody and told him about his talk with Frankie, saying that Frankie has definitely shown his cards. Derrick explained that based on what Frankie was saying, he definitely thinks that his best chance to win is going to be against him or Caleb, not Cody. Cody said that it irks him that Frankie is always trying to BS with him, as Frankie has no idea how hard he has tried to get him out of the house. Cody was concerned that Frankie will pitch to Caleb to try to get him out of the house this week. Derrick didn’t see it happening, saying that Caleb doesn’t feel that he can beat Frankie at the end so he will need the two of them to help get Frankie out. Derrick said that the upcoming veto is what matters, as they are locked in to the Final 3 with Caleb if they win it. Both agreed that they will nominate Frankie and Caleb. Derrick and Cody both felt that Caleb is locked in with them and will choose them over Frankie.

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