The houseguests plan ahead to next week

September 8, 2014

1:00-2:00 PM: Caleb and Derrick discussed that upcoming veto competition is so important because the winner has the lone vote to send someone home. Caleb told Derrick that as long as he is not sitting next to him he is fine. Caleb figures that both Frankie and Cody would be sent home over him if he is on the block next to them. Derrick agreed. Derrick said that it’s even possible that Frankie would take Caleb over him, because it all comes down to who he has a better chance of beating in the end. Caleb felt that Frankie knows that he can beat the both of them. Derrick said that he would rather lose to Caleb or Cody in the end than to Frankie. Caleb felt that it would be hard to send someone home next week, so he hoped that he won HoH so that he didn’t have to do it. Caleb pointed out that if it was him that sent Frankie home then he would have to win the final HoH because Cody would take Derrick over him.

3:00-4:00 PM: Derrick told Cody that it seems that everyone is on edge. Cody said that Caleb is most paranoid because of Frankie. Derrick said that he shouldn’t be because if Frankie has the opportunity to he will take Caleb to the end. Cody told Derrick that there is no way that Derrick will go home before the Final 3. Derrick disagreed and said that if Cody wins HoH and Frankie wins the veto, Frankie would send him home over Caleb. Cody disagreed, but Derrick felt that Frankie would do it since he thinks that Caleb would take him to the end. Derrick pointed out that it’s obvious that the two of them are taking each other to the end, so they will not want to go to the Final 3 with the both of them. Cody and Derrick discussed that if they win the Final 4 veto they have a 99% chance of going to the Final 2 together, because Caleb will not beat them.

Derrick told Cody that if he gets sent home before the end, Cody better make sure that he wins that final HoH, because he will make sure that Cody wins the game over Frankie and Caleb. Cody said that he would blow people up in the Final 2 speech, saying that Frankie and Caleb had no idea what was going on all game long. Derrick told Cody to do what he needs to do, but he will ruin those two in the jury house to make sure that they do not get the votes. They agreed that Caleb is a good guy but said that he did nothing in the game. Derrick said that he is scared because Nicole said that the people in the jury house are mesmerized by Caleb. Cody said that Hayden and Nicole just hate him because they are bitter, but if they are fans of the game they should still vote for the better game player.

Derrick told Cody that it will be a close vote if it is him against Caleb in the end, but he thought that Cody would win. Derrick said that Cody would have votes from him, Zach, Jocasta and Victoria. Cody then asked Derrick if there is any chance that Caleb would flip and vote him out this week. Derrick assured Cody that he is good, saying that Caleb knows that he cannot beat Frankie. Derrick said that of course it is possible but it would be stupid. Derrick also explained that Frankie does not want Caleb to flip, because he is all about going to the Final 4 with them. He pointed out that all that Frankie had to do was use the veto on Victoria if he had wanted to send Cody home this week. They agreed that they will nominate Frankie and Caleb together if they win HoH, and said that the only person that cannot win the veto is Frankie.

4:00-5:00 PM: Victoria asked Derrick if he thinks that she is giving up. He said no and then told her that there is nothing that anyone can do until Wednesday. Victoria did not want to beg for her life when she knows that she is going home. Derrick said that he knows exactly what she means. Victoria compared her situation to Britney’s when she found out about the Brigade, saying that there is nothing that can be done to change their minds. Derrick said that it is a little bit different since these four guys are not all working together, but he understood. They agreed that Caleb will not vote Cody out. Victoria said that the guys all have a different connection because they are bros, while she is the girl. Derrick mentioned that Frankie will not take him to the end. Derrick said that he will vote for Caleb if Frankie takes him. Victoria said that she would too, and Derrick said that Cody would do the same. Derrick felt that Caleb would crush Frankie with jury votes. Victoria figured that anyone would beat Frankie at the end. Derrick agreed and said that that’s why he thinks that Frankie would take Caleb, because he is the one that he would like to see get the money.

5:00-6:00 PM: Caleb told Derrick that Frankie brought up that Derrick is the last one there with a family and a daughter. Frankie’s words were "Derrick is the only family man left in this game. Don’t you think that that is going to affect people’s votes? People are going to vote for the man that is providing for his wife and daughter”. Derrick said that Frankie is just trying to ensure that Caleb takes Frankie to the end over him. Derrick told Caleb that there is no way people will reward him for having three competition wins over someone like Frankie who could have thirteen at that point. Derrick also assured Caleb that he will vote for him over Frankie in the Final 2. Derrick explained that it may not be enough to get him the win since others could vote based on competition wins, but he would still vote for Caleb.

A message appeared on the living room screen. It said “The next live show begins in 48 hours”. After half an hour, Victoria finally noticed the message. She began screaming that the live show begins in 48 hours, so the others ran in to the living room to see. Derrick said there is an eviction on Wednesday. Victoria agreed and Frankie said that it’s very possible. Frankie pointed out that the countdown doesn’t end until 8:36 or 8:37 PM ET on Wednesday night. Cody and Caleb felt that the pushing of the button had sped up the game and they will end the season on Sunday. Cody thought that the nominations would now stay the same. Derrick was second guessing that it would be an eviction, seeing as the message only said “live show” and not “live eviction”. Derrick, Caleb and Cody reiterated that they need to get to the end together. Derrick gave them his word on his family that he will evict Frankie if he wins the veto and has the lone vote. Derrick told Cody and Caleb that he will not let Frankie win the game now that he used Derrick's family for strategy.

7:00-8:00 PM: Cody told Derrick that it is kind of nerve wracking that Caleb thinks that he can beat Frankie at the end. Derrick said that he is not going to lie, telling Cody that it is possible that Caleb will flip and vote to evict him. That being said, Derrick said that he has no information to suggest that that will happen. Derrick pointed out that Caleb and Frankie may have a Final 2 just like they do. Cody said that they definitely do, though Derrick felt that Caleb did not plan to honour it since he told them about it. Derrick assured Cody that there is nothing that will make him flip his vote, so he will either be staying or Derrick will be leaving right after him. Derrick said that they can beat Frankie at the end but he isn’t sure that they would beat Caleb. Cody felt that the only reason that they would not would be out of spite.

8:00-9:00 PM: Victoria went to Derrick and said that if Cody or Caleb win HoH they will be getting rid of Frankie. She suggested that she could go to Frankie with that information. Derrick said that it will stir the pot. Victoria then said that Caleb wants to take Cody to the Final 2 and that Cody will not take Frankie either. She didn’t think that it made sense to send her home over Cody. Derrick told Victoria that she has a couple of options, one is letting things play out however they may. Alternatively, she can try to make something happen but it could lead to some drama. Derrick warned Victoria that Cody is not a punk and that he will call her out if she campaigns against him. Derrick said that Frankie will go back to Cody with whatever she says, which Victoria agreed with. Derrick also pointed out that the guys seem to be basing their decision on who deserves to be there more.

Derrick told Victoria that he is likely to leave right after her, because the others will not want him to be at the end since he will have votes from Victoria, Nicole, Hayden and Zach. Victoria said that she can talk to Frankie in order to try to throw him off and make him think that she would not necessarily vote for Derrick to win. Derrick said that they could play it up, as he could tell the guys that he said that he is voting her out and then she can be pissed off at him. If she ended up staying due to a twist, Derrick explained that he could say that they made up and then he will nominate and evict Frankie. Derrick felt that Victoria pretending to be mad at him may be exactly what he needs in order for Frankie to want to take him to the end. He suggested that she play up that loyalty means everything to her and that Derrick was the person closest to her and he backstabbed her.

Derrick continued to help Victoria with what to say, telling her to pretend that Nicole said that Hayden, Jocasta and Donny are mad at Derrick and will not vote for him to win. Derrick explained that if Frankie is dumb enough to buy this and ends up taking him to the end, Victoria will be the reason that he loses the game. Derrick told Victoria that she can say whatever she needs to say and he will not be offended. They agreed that they will start the plan in a couple of hours. Derrick said that he would tell the guys that he is going to talk to her tonight about not keeping her. He then went outside and told the guys that he is going to talk to Victoria tonight, being honest with her and telling her that he is not voting to keep her. Caleb suggested that they talk to her as a group, but Derrick said that he is the only one that has been close to her so he has to do it on his own. Derrick told them that she is going to start saying things about him, though the others did not believe that would be the case.

11:00-12:00 AM: Victoria had a quick chat with Frankie and told him that she doesn’t want to just give up. Frankie understood and encouraged her to do what she needs to do, campaigning without throwing people under the bus. He said that she could even tell Cody beforehand that she needs to talk to people for her own game. Victoria explained that she needs to have all of the answers when she walks out so that she knows that she is fine with it and doesn’t have to wonder “what if?”. Frankie agreed and told her that everyone should respect her to take the time to talk, seeing as she could be the reason that someone is $500,000 richer. Victoria said that she will talk with everyone one on one. She thanked Frankie for talking to her.

12:00-1:00 AM: Derrick spoke to Victoria, for what the guys thought was a talk to inform her that he is voting her out because he has been loyal to the guys. What really happened was that Derrick and Victoria continued to discuss their plan to fool the guys in to thinking that Victoria is mad at Derrick for voting her out. Derrick believed that he could beat Cody and Frankie at the end, and likely beat Caleb as well. His issue was finding a way to get to the end. He believed that this plan could help him get to the end with Frankie. Victoria told Derrick that he will owe her if this works out. They settled on saying that Derrick told Victoria that he has been loyal to the guys and to Cody, so he is keeping Cody and she is to say that she feels betrayed because she didn’t think that Derrick would send her home.

1:00-2:00 AM: Derrick went and filled Cody and Frankie in on his talk with Victoria. He explained that Victoria wanted him to vote for her to stay, then Caleb and Frankie could send her home. Derrick said that Victoria is blaming her for sending her home because he could have left it up to Frankie by voting for her to stay. Frankie and Cody pointed out that they could have had the conversation as a group so that Derrick did not have to shoulder the blame. Cody said that she will feel better if everyone tells her that they have been working with Cody and want to keep him. Frankie said that they could tell Victoria that they have been in the alliance since the beginning. Derrick told the guys that he would be fine with that, though he figured that Victoria would pull them aside individually. Derrick said that he doesn’t want to embarrass Victoria like the Brigade did to Britney. Derrick then tried to sell that Victoria was mad at him, saying that he wasn’t even done talking to her but she was done with him and went to bed.

Derrick told the guys that he didn’t say any names but he told Victoria that she can campaign if she likes but she is not staying. Derrick explained that he emphasized that his friendship with Victoria is something that goes beyond the game, so hopefully she understands that they are cool once the game is over. Derrick said that he will not regret telling Victoria, even if something bad happens to his game because of it. Frankie said that as long as Derrick feels good about it as a person outside of the house, that is all that matters. Derrick said that Victoria seems mad right now so he would let her have her space, though hopefully she feels better tomorrow. Derrick eventually headed off to bed. Frankie told Cody that Derrick is a mess, which Cody agreed with and could not understand why Derrick was so irritated by that. Frankie said that Derrick is too concerned about what everyone thinks, including America. Cody said that Victoria did nothing, while he was HoH multiple times and helped keep Derrick off of the block for the entire season. Cody said that he is the one sitting next to Victoria and wonders why it is that hard to break the news to her when the alternative is sending him home. Cody pointed out that he voted out Christine even though he said that he would never do so. Frankie mentioned that they had wanted to tell Victoria as a group but Derrick did not want to, so he should not be a baby about it.

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