Victoria and Derrick execute their plan

September 9, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: The houseguests were woken up as a guest visited this morning. The houseguests were gathered around the door and the doorbell rang. A dog named "Izzy" was then sent in, as the live feeders voted for the houseguests to get a dog for the day. The other option was a bunny. The houseguests spent the next seven or so hours playing with the dog. Frankie got his HoH camera and they were all able to take pictures with the dog as well.

3:00-4:00 PM: Frankie told the guys that Victoria wants to talk to him later. Caleb said that they should all just tell her that they have had a Final 4 deal since Day 2 and that everyone has worked hard to get to this point. Frankie and Derrick then spoke in the HoH room. Frankie brought up that Caleb wants to talk to Victoria as a group. Derrick said that he can be in the room for it but he is not someone to kick somebody while they are down. Derrick said that he would like for Caleb to be the one to speak up, again telling Frankie that he is not someone to kick the girl when she is down. Derrick felt that there was no point in having a group meeting, since Victoria was never part of the group and thus they don’t owe her an explanation. Derrick said that he already told her that he will not be voting for her and that it would be better if they spoke to Victoria individually. Frankie was fine with that. Derrick pointed out that it was not long ago that Victoria told him that she liked Caleb and Frankie. He also noted that Victoria has not said a word to him all day today.

4:00-5:00 PM: As was planned by Victoria and Derrick last night, Victoria went to Frankie to throw Derrick under the bus and give Frankie the impression that she is done with him and will not vote for him at the end. Victoria informed Frankie that Derrick basically told her that he is not voting to keep her and that he has been loyal to the guys. Victoria began tearing up and eventually cried a lot to Frankie, saying that she didn’t think that her life in this game would end almost because of Derrick. She mentioned that he could have given her a vote and then Frankie could break the tie to send her home. Victoria said that she felt as though Derrick used her until it was time for her to peace out. Frankie tried to talk Victoria out of thinking like that, saying that Derrick’s personal relationship with her is still real. Victoria said that she feels super betrayed and that she does not even want to look at or talk to Derrick anymore. Frankie told Victoria that there comes a certain point in the game where you cannot be loyal to everyone. He said that they have all promised each other stuff at certain points.

Victoria said that it doesn’t make any sense to her that Derrick is with the boys, because that is not what he had told her all along. Frankie explained that Derrick would have been betraying the others if he had told her about working with the guys. Victoria said that Derrick no longer exists to her and that she is done with him. She said that she no longer respects Derrick and that if he wants to play dirty then she will play even dirtier. Frankie pointed out that Derrick feels that he owes more to Cody in the game, as he has chosen to be more loyal to the people that have kept him safest the most. He noted that Derrick has played a big role in getting Victoria to this point. Victoria said that she does not care about the past, comparing this to what it would be like if Caleb chose Derrick over Frankie. Victoria said that she should have taken Derrick nominating her as an eye opener, but she didn’t. She told Frankie that nothing that Derrick can say to her can mend things, as she doesn’t even want to talk to him. They eventually wrapped up their talk and Victoria encouraged Frankie to make the smart decision if he gets to the Final 2. She told him to “kill it” cause she no longer can.

5:00-6:00 PM: When Victoria went to the diary room, Frankie told the guys that Victoria is not happy and that she feels most hurt by Derrick. Shortly thereafter, Frankie had a quick chat with Derrick to fill him in on his talk with Victoria. Derrick asked if Victoria is pissed off at him. Frankie said that she is indeed most hurt by Derrick. Frankie let Derrick know that he had his back and tried to explain it so many different ways that he chose to be loyal to the people that had gotten him to this point. Derrick said that he knew last night that Victoria was genuinely mad at him. Derrick asked if it is something that is fixable while in the house. Frankie said that it is not something that can be fixed within the next 24 hours. Derrick then went to Victoria and told her that Frankie totally bought it. She explained that she told Frankie that Derrick is dead to her and that she will play even dirtier than he is. Victoria said that she is slowly working on getting Frankie to realize that Derrick is more beatable at the Final 2. Derrick told her that she is amazing and encouraged her to keep feeding Frankie.

9:00-10:00 PM: Victoria and Derrick were alone in the HoH room and got a chance to catch up. Derrick mentioned that hopefully what Victoria has been doing will get Frankie to take him tot he end. Derrick said that if he does not make it then it could end up being Frankie and Caleb in the Final 2. Victoria said that Caleb will win 100%. Victoria let Derrick know that she wants to mention him in her speech tomorrow, feeling that it will make it seem more real that she is leaving angry at him. Derrick was fine with that but again reminded her to be ready for tomorrow just in case there is some kind of twist that saves her.

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