The BB Rewind takes place; Caleb is the new HoH

September 10, 2014

5:00-6:00 PM: At the live eviction, an alarm went off and the diary room was locked when Derrick got up to vote. Julie then announced the Big Brother Rewind twist. She told the houseguests that nominees are now safe and that Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Victoria will replay the same HoH competition. The competition then began

Julie announced the schedule for a “super sized” week of Big Brother. The schedule is as follows:

Sunday- The jurors return to the house.
Tuesday- A special eviction episode.
Wednesday- A live eviction episode.
Friday- An all new episode.

Following those episodes, the only episode remaining will be the 90 minute finale that airs live on Wednesday September 24th at 9:30 PM ET, following the premiere of Survivor.

6:00-7:00 PM: The live feeds returned and we found out that Caleb is the new HoH. The houseguests sat around at the kitchen table, discussing what had just happened and also staring at the memory wall in anticipation of the veto competition being the same face morphing one as this past week.

7:00-8:00 PM: Derrick was alone in the fire room and began talking to the camera, saying that he just has to win that veto. Derrick said that there is no way that Frankie is going to beat him twice. Derrick then spoke to Victoria and told her that she had a great speech and crushed him. Derrick told her that it was awesome. Both agreed that they have no option but to win the veto. Victoria spoke to the camera and told Derrick’s wife and daughter that she is doing this for them so that Derrick can hopefully make it to the Final 2 if she does not make it herself. It was then Caleb’s turn to speak to Derrick. Caleb explained that he is thinking that it may be best to keep Frankie off of the block initially. Caleb felt that nominating Frankie would only give him fire. Derrick said that Frankie will have fire either way, though Caleb pointed out that he has to look out for his own game as well. Caleb was concerned that Frankie would win the veto, save himself and then win the next HoH and come after him. Derrick said that Frankie is likely after Caleb next either way, seeing as he is his biggest threat.

Caleb pointed to the Battle of the Block that Frankie won on his own and last week’s HoH as examples of Frankie winning when he felt that his back was against the wall. Derrick told Caleb that he should talk to Cody about things as well. Caleb then spoke to Cody and explained his logic as to why he feels that it is best not to nominate Frankie initially. Cody said that he would rather not go on the block again. Caleb told Cody that he is hoping that Derrick will offer to go on the block since he has yet to be nominated and experience what the rest of them have on a Thursday night. Caleb informed Cody that Frankie asked him if he was going to keep the nominations the same, but he told Frankie that Cody had been through enough. Cody said that he appreciates that. Caleb again said that he would like to nominate Derrick next to Victoria, then they can use the veto on Derrick and put Frankie on the block if they happen to win it. Derrick then came up to the two and said that he thinks that it is best to put Frankie under pressure by nominating him. The talk was then broken up as Frankie came out to the kitchen where the guys were talking.

Derrick went to Cody and told him that Caleb is a clown and that he is not going to nominate Frankie. Derrick said that Caleb has no balls and has a Final 2 deal with Frankie that he does not want to ruin by nominating him. Cody said that if they send Frankie home this week they can just go after Caleb next then and bring Victoria to the Final 3. Cody mentioned that Caleb was talking about putting Derrick on the block. Derrick then said that he would send Caleb home next week. Cody told Derrick that if he goes on the block and he wins the veto, he will tell Frankie that he is not keeping the nominations the same and that Frankie’s game is over. Cody said that he is nervous about pushing Caleb too hard to nominate Frankie, because it may out how close he and Derrick are in the process. Cody and Derrick were concerned that Frankie could use the veto on Victoria in order to send one of them home if he is not initially nominated. Cody said that Frankie stayed loyal last week when he had to, but it doesn’t mean that he will this week when he has an option. Derrick promised that Caleb will not put Frankie on the block, at which point Cody called Caleb soft.

8:00-9:00 PM: Cody told Caleb that he is frustrated that Frankie went to him to ask if the nominations will be the same as last week. He said that he is not comfortable going on the block. Derrick explained to Caleb that if Frankie is not nominated then he could use the veto on Victoria and ensure that he or Cody are evicted. Cody said that it makes him nervous since Frankie would send him home. Caleb told the guys that he will do what is best for the three of them no matter what it takes. Derrick let Caleb know that he can nominate him if Frankie wins the veto and takes himself off the block. Caleb said that he will do that then. He planned to tell Victoria that she is going on the block because he has had a Final 4 deal from the start. As for Frankie, Caleb planned to gather all of the guys once Victoria went to the diary room. He would then explain that Cody was just on the block and that Derrick didn’t even have a chance to compete, so it would be unfair to him to be nominated. They agreed that they need to make Frankie feel very safe and as though they still want to go to the Final 4 together. Derrick told Caleb that doing this will secure that they make it to the Final 4.

9:00-10:00 PM: Derrick went to Victoria and told her that they are good for this week because he convinced Caleb to not nominate them together. Derrick said that Frankie will be on the block. He told Victoria that he is going to win the veto and leave nominations the same, then Frankie will go home because it was already agreed upon by the guys. Derrick said that her acting like she hates him is part of what made this happen and prevented them from going on the block together, so they may need to keep the act up for the rest of their time in the house. Derrick said that he is going to be the replacement nominee if Frankie wins the veto, so they cannot let that happen.

11:00-12:00 AM: Derrick asked Cody if he thought that there talk with Caleb worked. They figured that it did for now but thought that Frankie would definitely try to change Caleb’s mind about nominating him. Derrick said that they cannot let Frankie beat them in the veto competition, as they are smarter than he is. Derrick then spoke to Victoria and brought up that the whole house thinks that they hate each other when they are tighter than anyone in the house. He said that they have no choice but to ride it out and play this up for the duration of their stay. Derrick then went to Cody and Frankie and told them that he thinks that Victoria is done now, as she cannot call him out on national television for a second time. Cody said that it’s ignorance on Victoria’s part when she says that Derrick betrayed her. Derrick told them that he is glad that she is still in the house because she would be crushing him in the jury house. Frankie asked the guys to make sure that Caleb doesn’t get any more crazy ideas this time around. Derrick and Cody didn’t say much in response, with Derrick eventually saying that they should be good since it’s the same week as last week all over again and that they just need to win the veto.

1:00-2:00 AM: Frankie asked Derrick to please let him know if there is any whispering going on with regards to putting him on the block. Frankie felt that he is the only one that could stop it from happening. Derrick said absolutely. Derrick told Caleb that if Frankie is not nominated and decided to do something crazy it could put him or Cody at risk of going home, while if Frankie is on the block they are guaranteed even if Frankie wins he veto. Caleb said that with this win Frankie knows that he will not beat him, since he has four solo HoHs. Derrick agreed and told him to do what’s good for Caleb, adding that he would like to get to Final 3 with the guys that he respects the most. Derrick then pointed out that Frankie can play in every HoH competition from here on out.

3:00-4:00 AM: Caleb spoke to the guys and said that he felt that it would be a lot of stress on Cody to go on the block again as a pawn. Derrick mentioned that he and Frankie have not been on the block on a Thursday. Frankie said that Derrick has not been on the block at all. Caleb reiterated that Victoria is the target and they simply have to win the veto in order to send her home. Frankie and Cody eventually left the HoH room. Frankie told Cody that he is not going on the block and that he hopes that it will be Derrick over him since Derrick has never been nominated. Frankie said that he will try even harder to win the PoV if he is nominated. Meanwhile, Derrick continued to tell Caleb that Frankie needs to go on the block. Caleb said that he is down. Derrick told him that it’s the only way to guarantee that they get to the Final 3, as Frankie may sense something between them and save Victoria. He also said that it would allow for him and Cody, not him and Victoria to try to protect Caleb next week.

4:00-5:00 AM: Frankie spoke to Caleb and told him that he is nervous about going on the block because Cody and Derrick could easily unite against them. Frankie said that if they don’t do everything that they can to keep each other safe then they may no longer be safe. Frankie then explained that whoever is nominated next to Derrick will go home. Caleb agreed that Derrick would not go home. Frankie pointed out that Derrick is the safest person in the house since everyone but him would take Derrick to the Final 2. Frankie did say that he would like Derrick in the Final 3 with he and Caleb. Frankie reminded Caleb that as HoH there is only so much he can do to keep him safe and said that Derrick and Cody could vote him out anyway. Frankie told Caleb that he will win either the HoH or the PoV next week and would not be afraid to use it to save Caleb. Caleb was short with most of his answers and did not reveal much.

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