The jury members return; Caleb nominates Frankie and Victoria

September 11, 2014

11:00-12:00 PM: Big Brother put a new message up on the living room screen. It read “It’s time for a luxury competition”. A short while later, the houseguests were put on lockdown in the HoH room. Caleb read instructions aloud. Big Brother said that the dinosaur costume is once again extinct and that it is time for a luxury competition. The houseguests were told to watch a TV screen because Big Brother had a surprise for them. The six jury member then came running through the front door. They began trashing the house. Zach grabbed Victoria’s clothes, climbed up on the living room table and dropped them everywhere, before dancing all over. Nicole grabbed a box of Froot Loops and brought them to Zach who then spilled them all over Victoria’s clothes. The guys were watching in the HoH room and said that this is why they love Zach. Cody pointed out that they got him a new pink hat. Frankie said that the only one that they are watching is Zach. The feeds were then cut as it was time for the luxury competition.

1:00-2:00 PM: The feeds returned following the conclusion of the luxury competition. The jury members were gone and the house was totally trashed. The competition was played in pairs. Either Frankie or Derrick chose their partner first. Frankie chose Zach and Derrick chose Donny. Victoria then chose Hayden, Cody chose Nicole and Caleb chose Jocasta. Nobody chose Christine, so it sounds as though she played by herself. They then eliminated Christine from the competition first. Hayden and Victoria won the competition and won $5,000 each. There were clothes all over the place, as the houseguests had to search the house for chips. Victoria said that she was pissed off that her favourite necklace was broken. She wanted Big Brother to get her a new one. Derrick asked Cody who he thought that the jury wanted to win the competition, because they definitely weren’t a fan of them. Derrick figured that they wanted Caleb to win because they definitely didn’t want Frankie to win. Cody told Derrick that if they get to the Final 2 the reveal of them playing together all along will be epic. Derrick said that they are getting there. Both agreed that if they win this veto competition they will be in the Final 2.

Victoria continued to go on about her necklace. She said that the money is going to come out of the pockets of the jury members. Victoria said that she is so excited because she won and those people are going to lose some money, which his so fun. Frankie asked if Victoria thought that Christine was bitter. Victoria said yes and pointed out that Christine definitely hates her. Frankie said that Christine was stomping around like a child, saying “No! No! No!” when Victoria won the competition. Victoria said that it is such a bitter jury. Frankie and Victoria joked that everyone will refuse to vote for a winner. Frankie and Derrick discussed that they have already won a lot of Team America so they did not want to win that money. Frankie said that it played out perfectly. Derrick told Victoria that he is so happy that she won. He said that she deserves it so much. He advised her to play down that she won the $5,000 and to let the focus continue to be on how much of a disaster the house is. Victoria then went and said that some of the behaviour of the others was malicious and disgusting.

Caleb then went to the bathroom and found out that someone had put a circle around Victoria’s name on the bathroom door and had x’d it out. Caleb said “they hate her”. Frankie said that’s hateful. Caleb then went to tell Victoria about what had happened. Cody said “talk about a bitter jury”. Victoria was quite upset when Caleb told her. She said that it is so cruel and was strictly personal. Cody figured that it was Zach that did it. Frankie said that he would put money on it that it was Christine. Caleb went back and forth on it, figuring that it was either Zach or Christine. Derrick and Victoria also believed that it was Christine. Victoria said that people get booed for doing things like that, because they are super personal and malicious. The houseguests then focused on cleaning up the kitchen and the rest of house, as it was a disaster. Frankie said that there was chicken juice all over everything. Frankie said that the jury members did an excellent job of destroying the house. Caleb felt that they went a bit over the top. Frankie agreed that some of it was malicious and unnecessary. Derrick said that some of the most beautiful people are ugly when it comes to money because they get desperate.

2:00-3:00 PM: Cody and Caleb were irritated that the jury members got to compete as opposed to letting the remaining houseguests compete for $10,000. Caleb figured that America voted for the luxury competition. Frankie disagreed and said that America loves them. Caleb told Cody that it’s obvious that America hates them and chose the competition. Cody said that he feels as though nobody would care about the jury if Zach was still in the house, because they love Zach since he is such a character. Caleb said that if Zach was a competition beast he might have had a chance at America’s Favorite. Caleb also pointed out that people will look down on Zach for the way that he talked. Cody agreed that Zach will have haters as well. Caleb figured that people would think that Zach has a filthy mouth and thus would not let their kids wear a pink hat.

5:00-6:00 PM: At the nomination ceremony, Caleb nominated Frankie and Victoria for eviction. He told Cody and Derrick that he didn’t want to have to pick between the guys but he felt that Cody had been on the block enough and that Derrick didn’t even get to compete for HoH so it would not have been fair to nominate him. Caleb then asked Frankie if he hates him. Frankie said that he did not understand. Caleb explained that Cody had just been a pawn and that Derrick didn’t get a chance to play in the last two HoH comps, while Frankie got to play in both. Frankie pointed out that he won once and that Derrick hasn’t even been on the block. Caleb said that Frankie hasn’t either, but Frankie pointed out that he had been and that Caleb had a hand in it. Caleb told Frankie to win the veto and pull himself off, then Derrick will go on the block and Victoria is going home. Derrick then joined them. Frankie told the guys that he is not afraid of going home but it was the shock of the whole situation that got to him. Derrick and Cody discussed that this is their shot at $500,000. They said that the veto is huge. Derrick felt that they would be in the Final 2 if they win it. He said that they will send Frankie home this week and then likely Victoria next week, though it may be Caleb. Derrick mentioned that Caleb just made a stupid move by putting Frankie up, since they have a Final 2, so he is clearly on board with them in terms of sending Frankie home.

8:00-9:00 PM: Derrick and Frankie discussed that if Victoria gets to the Final 2 the jury will vote for her to win out of spite. Frankie brought up that Derrick doesn’t have anything to be concerned about since nobody will ever put him on the block. Derrick said that the hopes that that is the case. Frankie then discussed today’s nominations, saying that it was a dick move on Caleb’s part to nominated him without giving him a heads up ahead of time. Frankie pointed out that he gave Cody that courtesy last week and would have liked the same in return.

9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie spoke to Caleb and questioned if there were any reasons that Caleb nominated him that he has yet to tell him. Caleb said that he, Derrick and Cody discussed that Frankie could use the veto on Victoria in order to make a big move if he was not on the block. Frankie then said that Cody and Derrick are clearly lying to him about everything then and that people at home are laughing at him for trusting those two. Frankie said that if Caleb is saying that he is the only one that he can trust, it’s quite possible that Derrick and Cody could send him home this week. Frankie noted that Caleb doesn’t even trust him enough to believe that he would not use the veto on Victoria. Caleb responded by saying that he would have sent Frankie home the week before last if he did not trust Frankie. Caleb then explained that he knows that Frankie would choose to take Derrick to the end over him. Frankie wondered why Caleb would think that. Caleb said that Frankie knows that he could not beat him, though Frankie said that he does not think that.

Cody and Derrick joined the guys outside. Caleb filled them in on what he had told Frankie, saying that he told Frankie that the group decided that if anyone were to make a big move this week it would be Frankie. Caleb clarified that he does not want Frankie to think that they are plotting behind his back, as that is not the case. Frankie was frustrated that they were discussing this again. He pointed out that he has bent over backwards to keep the guys safe. Frankie said that last week he proved himself again and he will continue to do it. Frankie felt that if that is the reason that he gets sent home then at least he walks out with a good conscience. Frankie told the guys that he feels slightly defeated but he loves them and has their backs. He mentioned that he had the veto last week and did not use it on Victoria, so it would be silly to think that he would this time around.

Cody went inside to the storage room and said aloud that he could put his head through a wall right now. He then told Frankie that he is not going to send him home a week after he was going to be safe when put on the block. Frankie asked if he had to worry about Derrick. Cody said that he doesn’t think so but he doesn’t know how Caleb made that conversation out to sound. Cody told Frankie that he is so tired of getting dragged into everything because he was sitting in the room when a conversation went down. Frankie said that proving himself is going to be his downfall in this game and that he is going to feel like such an idiot when he gets out of there. Frankie let Cody know that he was never going to strike first and that he is happy that he did not since it will make him look like the better person. Meanwhile, Derrick was sitting on the hammock talking to himself, saying that Caleb talks too much. Derrick said that the game is not that difficult and that you just have to make moves and shut up and lie about it, rather than telling the truth about why you made them.

10:00-11:00 PM: When Frankie went to the diary room, Caleb spoke to Cody and Derrick to explain that he said that they felt Frankie would be the one to make a big move, though he did not throw them under the bus. Cody later went to Derrick and said that they are playing with a child. Derrick agreed and said that Caleb cannot keep his mouth shut. Cody said that he told Frankie that he is getting paranoid and that the two of them did not bring it up. Derrick figured that Frankie would not believe them. Cody said that he doesn’t care and that they just need to win the veto.

11:00-12:00 AM: Once Frankie got out of the diary room, he told Cody and Derrick that he does not think that they had anything to do with Caleb’s actions. Frankie told them that Caleb said that their trust in him is wavering. Derrick replied with “Oh. Okay”. Frankie again said that he would not be acting like this if Caleb had sat him down and talked to him before putting him on the block. Cody questioned if Caleb said that they were the ones talking about Frankie possibly using the veto on Victoria. Frankie said that of course Caleb did. Frankie told the guys that he clearly knows who he is putting up next week if he wins now. He acknowledged that it makes sense that Caleb would try to cover his bases, but he felt that Caleb was so bad at it. Frankie then went to take a bath and spoke to the cameras while doing so. He said that his nomination was the most horrific betrayal ever because it came from Caleb. He said that he is devastated and hurt but he will fight for the veto like he has never fought before.

Derrick and Cody had a few minutes to chat, with Derrick saying that he doesn’t understand why Caleb always feels the need to tell the truth. Cody felt that it was an ego thing, as Frankie goes to him and says that he is being honest so that Caleb then feels the need to be even more honest. Cody said that he doesn’t understand how Frankie thinks that he has played a loyal game. Derrick figured that Frankie is trying to do whatever he can to make it to the Final 2, seeing as he feels at that point he could out talk anyone and use his competition wins in order to beat anyone in the house. Derrick told Cody that if this all blows up they can say that Caleb came to them with concerns about Frankie, then it’s two against one.

12:00-1:00 AM: Victoria asked Derrick if he would take her or Cody if it came down to deciding who to bring to the Final 2. Derrick said that he would take Victoria but he honestly doesn’t think that it will come down to that because people will put the two of them on the block together, so only one of them will make it. Victoria asked if Derrick promises that he would take her. Derrick did promise her and then told her that they have got a long way to go to get there. Derrick and Caleb then discussed that Frankie keeps saying that he is not after them but there is no one else left to target. Derrick explained to Caleb that Frankie is mainly just trying to ensure that he has his and Cody’s votes in the event that he does not win the veto. Derrick continued to imply that Frankie would have been after Caleb regardless of how this week played out. Caleb said that Frankie may look at it that way for game purposes or may look at him as truly being his best friend and would then keep him around. Derrick then said that Frankie wanted him on the block this week and to be punished for not throwing Caleb under the bus. Caleb said that he told Frankie that earlier, which he had indeed said. Derrick said that he is a guaranteed vote to vote the way that Caleb wants, so it would be foolish to nominate him.

1:00-2:00 AM: Cody told Derrick that on a certain level he is frustrated that they are getting Frankie out before Caleb. Derrick told him not to be since Frankie would take a shot at him if he got the chance. That being said, Derrick felt that Frankie would now go after Caleb first. Cody agreed. Cody said that this same thing has gone on with Caleb the entire game and he is tired of it. Cody also said that he is fed up with Caleb calling himself the king of the house.

2:00-3:00 AM: Frankie told Derrick that he has said it since Day 1 of Team America that they are going to the end together. Derrick said that he hopes so. Frankie told him to stop saying that. Derrick said that he likes hearing Frankie say that he wants to go to the end with him, especially since he hasn’t said it of late. Derrick brought up that the two of them have made a lot of enemies. Frankie said that’s why they need to be sitting next to each other at the end. Derrick encouraged Frankie not to get too down, as he has multiple outs even if he does not win the veto tomorrow. Frankie was still frustrated with Caleb and told Derrick that he does believe that what he has done to keep the guys safe has registered in the minds of he and Cody, unlike with Caleb.

3:00-4:00 AM: Derrick told Cody that it definitely seems like Frankie has had it with Caleb. Cody agreed and said that they don’t need to feed in to it anymore, because Caleb and Frankie are already at each others throats. They discussed that they could be in trouble if Frankie wins the veto and decides to cross reference stuff with Caleb. Cody told Derrick that he would have no problem sending Caleb home in the Final 4. Derrick said that they could then bring out the champagne prior to the Final 3 HoH competition since they would be against Victoria.

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