Team America discusses a new offer; Cody wins the PoV

September 12, 2014

1:00-2:00 PM: Frankie went to Derrick, hugged him, and said “they love us”. They then said that this doesn’t change anything and Derrick added that they have "still got to get there". Frankie said that it is affirmation that America has seen how hard they have worked. Derrick agreed since they chose it, adding that it is even more pressure now. Derrick told Frankie that if they get to the Final 2 they are guaranteeing that one of them gets $550,000, as it's possible that they would lose the game if up against someone else. Frankie said that America loves them together. Derrick agreed and said that they absolutely do. Derrick then pointed out that this is in addition to the money that they have already won, so they will be around $575,000. Derrick said that they need to get there and it begins tonight. Derrick pointed out that Cody will keep the nominations the same. Derrick said that Caleb would also do that. Frankie joked that he is the only one that wouldn’t apparently.

The guys then agreed that there is no option but to send Caleb home next week. Derrick said that Caleb is a great kid but does not think that he can beat Frankie. Frankie did not understand why Caleb would feel that way. Derrick pointed out that there is one thing that cannot be taken away from Frankie, that being his comp wins. Derrick told Frankie that Caleb already has one vote in Victoria, so he just needs four more and he thinks that Caleb is well liked. Derrick mentioned that if they make it to the end with Caleb they would have to try to crush him in three minutes, which would be tough to do, and hope that people believe that Caleb has done nothing. Derrick said that’s what scares him. He then questioned what they can say about Cody if he gets to the end. Frankie said that Cody is the Jeff of the season and that everyone likes him.

Derrick reiterated that there is only one option for them to guarantee that one of them wins $550,000, that being that they both have to be in the Final 2, specifically saying that “There is only one option to guarantee that one of us win $550,000. There is only one option to guarantee it. We both have to be there. It’s a no brainer, because if I pick you off and I’m there, nobody might get it. Not happening. One of us is going to be the biggest winner in Big Brother history. We can guarantee it. We have to beat three people”. Derrick said that he thinks that they can do it but he also pointed out that this a very strong Final 5. Derrick pointed out that they cannot guarantee that Caleb goes home next week, even if they win HoH next week. Derrick told Frankie that if he wins HoH and PoV he will put Caleb up there and make Frankie the vote to send him home. Derrick said that Caleb and Cody clearly have some type of understanding. Derrick wondered if they could beat Cody in the end. Frankie said that Cody has less comp wins and has played no game. Derrick felt that they would have to roll the dice that if Cody wins the final HoH that the jury would not love him as much as they think they do.

Derrick said that he would hate to be in the jury and have Frankie sitting there and not win “because that $50,000 goes in the air and nobody gets it”. Frankie said that America wants them to get there. Derrick agreed, saying that it’s evident and they want them to go together and win the money. Derrick told Frankie that America is saying that A) they like them and B) “Go win Big Brother and one of you can get an extra $50,000 for doing it”. Frankie then told Derrick that “if we are sitting next to each other at the end, I’ll split it with you”. He followed that up with “$100,000 second place”. Derrick simply replied with “agreed”, then told Frankie that if they are sitting together they are guarantying that one of them wins $575,000.

Frankie told Derrick that “if I win the $575,000, I will walk away with $550 and let you have $100”. Derrick said that he is down. Frankie felt that it was fair. Derrick said that he will gladly accept. Victoria then came in to the bathroom so the talk broke up. Derrick whispered to Frankie that they have got this and congratulated him on being acknowledged. They are assuming that they have already made $25,000 from Team America missions, so the implication is that the winner would get an additional $50,000, putting them at $575,000, not that they would each get $50,000 for making the Final 2 together. Frankie saying that he would take $550,000 to get Derrick to $100,000 implies that they to do not both get an additional $50,000, as Derrick’s $100,000 would be $50K for 2nd place, $25K for the missions and $25K from the $50K that Frankie said that he would split with him. Based on Derrick's comment that "nobody might get it" if they are not in the Final 2 together, suggesting that the offer was simply that if a Team America member wins they would get an additional $50,000, no matter who they beat in the Final 2.

4:00-5:00 PM: Derrick asked Frankie how he is feeling about the veto competition. Frankie said that he knows it as well as he can and has to trust that he will be able to problem solve quickly. Derrick then brought up that they have completed 5 of 8 missions, with the possibility of one of them winning the 9th and final mission as well. He said that unfortunately they both cannot win that final mission. Derrick pointed out that if things go according to plan, with them being Final 2, they are guaranteed at least $75,000. The $75,000 would be $50,000 for the second place prize and $25,000 that they think that they have won from the missions up to this point. Derrick said that it would be a travesty if neither of them win the game. They discussed that America wants them to.

Derrick said that if neither of them win then people would be talking about how they had a chance to win an extra $50,000 but couldn’t pull it off. Derrick asked what the best course of action is for next week if they both make it through this week. Frankie said that he still thinks that it would be to get Caleb out. Frankie felt that Caleb would take Cody over the two of them. Derrick agreed. Derrick questioned who is more liked by the jury, Caleb or Cody. Frankie figured that it would be Caleb since he has done more in the game. Derrick agreed that he has. Derrick suggested that Jocasta is the only one that may not vote for Caleb to win, though Frankie felt that she definitely would. Derrick then said that the two of them have to make it to the end together.

8:00-9:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto competition and we found out that Cody had won in a time of 2:21. Frankie was not even close based on the discussions that took place. Derrick told Victoria that she has nothing to worry about because she is not going home. Derrick promised her that Frankie is going, as he is a vote and Cody has wanted Frankie gone for weeks.

9:00-10:00 PM: Caleb and Cody discussed that it was a huge win and that their two wins were the two biggest of the season. Caleb said that he guaranteed them Final 4, then Cody guaranteed them Final 3. Derrick told Caleb, in front of Victoria, that Victoria is nervous about going home. Caleb told her that he is the HoH and that she is not going anywhere. Caleb then said that quite frankly he would love for it to be a 1-1 vote so that he could be the one to send Frankie home and tell him that there is only one beast in the house. Once Caleb walked away, Victoria told Derrick that he cannot make it a 1-1 vote. Derrick replied with “I got you”. Derrick then went to Cody and asked if he realized how big this win was, saying that they are now going to the Final 2. Cody asked when they should break the news to Frankie, suggesting after the veto ceremony. Derrick said that Caleb wants to now. Cody said that he is an idiot.

Derrick then told Cody that if they get the chance next week they should take Caleb out. Cody disagreed and said that they should stay loyal. He told Derrick that he doesn’t think that Caleb would ever cross them. Derrick didn’t argue the point any further at that time. Cody made his way up to the HoH room to talk to Caleb. Caleb told Cody about his plan to make it a split vote so that he could be the one to send Frankie home. Cody said no way, because he is voting Frankie out and making it 2-0. Derrick then joined them and backed Cody up, saying that it’s not a good idea to make it a split vote. Derrick told Caleb that what they can do is have a talk with Frankie after the veto ceremony and tell him that he is going home. Derrick then left and told Victoria that the guys confirmed that Frankie is going home by a 2-0 vote.

Cody told Caleb that the Final 3 is set. Caleb said that it’s 99% set. Cody assured Caleb that if he or Derrick have the sole vote next week they will not be sending him home. Cody said that even though they are sending Frankie home, he would never do that to Caleb or Derrick. Caleb mentioned that people like Derrick make it to the end all of the time because they are going to get second place. Caleb said that he would love for it to be him and Cody in Part 3 of the Final HoH competition, then they can take each other no matter who won because Derrick had two shots at winning for himself. Caleb explained that he would like to be next to someone that has done just as well as him, then he could say that Cody deserved it if he beats him. Cody said that the Final 3 HoH competition will come down to them, as Derrick wont beat either of them.

10:00-11:00 PM: Victoria was worried that she may be going home. Derrick reiterated that she is safe, promising that she is not going anywhere or else he would tell her like he did last week. Derrick told Victoria that if he ends up in the jury she would have his vote. Victoria said that she thinks that she could beat Cody over Caleb any day, so that is who she would take if Derrick was gone. Derrick then asked if that means that he should take Cody over Caleb. Victoria said 100% because Nicole and Hayden would never vote for Cody. Victoria told Derrick that he deserves to win over anyone. She explained that Derrick has played an amazing game, hasn’t been on the block, never lied or manipulated anyone in the wrong way, and stuck to his word from Day 1. Derrick said that if it comes down to the three guys he would hope that Caleb and Cody would backstab each other in order to take him since he would be the easier one to beat.

Derrick and Caleb discussed that they wont be pushing any buttons or opening Pandora’s Box at this point in the game. Caleb told Derrick that the best thing that could happen is the two of them being together in Part 3 of the Final HoH competition. Derrick agreed. He then said that even if Victoria wins the next HoH they can take each other to the Final 3. Caleb said that they would then be guaranteed to make it to Final 2. Both felt that there is no way that Cody would turn on either of them in order to take Victoria further. Caleb noted that they had already said that you will not get the money if you bring Victoria to the end. Derrick said that he would never do it and that he has already proved himself.

11:00-12:00 AM: Derrick told Caleb and Cody that it would likely be best not to tell Frankie that he is leaving too soon, suggesting that they wait until the night before. He then spoke to Victoria, who informed him that Caleb seemed to be leaning towards taking Cody to the Final 2. Victoria asked if Derrick has a Final 2 with Caleb. When Derrick said no, Victoria encouraged him to get on that since it seems like Caleb would take Cody because he thinks that he can beat him. Derrick asked her to continue to try to pry information from Caleb in order to find out if that’s the case. Victoria said that she would vote for Caleb to win over Cody if they ended up in the Final 2. Derrick said that’s fine but she has to make it seem as though Cody would win. Derrick then went back upstairs to talk to the guys. He said that he believes that Frankie already knows that he is going home but said that they will need to handle it the right way, giving him a lot of compliments and being honest with him.

2:00-3:00 AM: Derrick told Cody that Victoria is not going to beat them in the Final 3 HoH, while Caleb might. He said that he wants Cody on board with sending Caleb home next, otherwise he wont do it and will just ride it out with Caleb there. Derrick said that they have played too hard and too well to miss out on that money at this point. Derrick told Cody that if he crossed him he would get crushed. and he cannot say the same for anyone else. Derrick mentioned that people already said that if you take Victoria to the end you are losing the game, so they would have to go with each other. Cody said that if he won veto next week and was going to send home Caleb, he would want to tell Victoria about his Final 2 with Derrick since Day 2. Derrick said that he would be down with that. Cody admitted that it’s a guarantee that they get to the Final 2 if they in the Final 3 with Victoria. Derricked wondered what the question was then. Cody told Derrick that he would feel that he crossed Derrick if Caleb won the final HoH and took him over Derrick. Derrick said that Caleb would take the easiest route possible, which means he would take him over Cody. Derrick told Cody that he wants the Hitmen in the Final 2 because it will make them notorious. Derrick again pointed out that taking Victoria to the Final 3 will guarantee them making the Final 2. Cody said that he is down with doing that.

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