Derrick and Cody discuss who to bring to the Final 3

September 13, 2014

3:00-4:00 PM: Derrick told Cody that the only thing that could screw up his game is if Victoria won the next HoH and sent him home in order to prove a point. Derrick said that if he wins he will nominate Caleb and Victoria, then one of them has to win the veto. Cody said they can send Caleb home. Derrick asked if that is what Cody feels is truly the best move or if he is just agreeing. Cody said that it no doubt gives them the easiest path to the Final 2, though he was unsure if it was the move that would make him sleep easiest at night. He then said that it is the right move because he would feel terrible if Caleb won the Final 3 HoH and then Derrick got sent home. Derrick said that he hasn’t made a deal with Caleb anyway. Cody did bring up that both he and Derrick had talked Final 3 with Caleb, though he later backtracked and said that they didn’t make any promises to Caleb and that he was only brought in partway through the game to pull him away from Frankie.

Derrick said that they need to imagine that they played the best tandem game in the house, then Caleb could possibly ruin it all by winning the game. Derrick felt that they would then be remembered for having messed everything up at the end of the game. Cody said that Caleb needs to go in order to get them to the Final 2, so he is totally on board with it. Derrick told Cody that Caleb could beat either one of them, while he doesn’t know who would win between the two of them since they are both equally hated. Derrick mentioned that Caleb might win America’s Favorite anyway, though Cody felt that Zach and Donny would definitely smoke Caleb in it. Derrick felt that they needed to keep playing it up that Caleb could win it anyway. In the event that they get the chance to send Caleb home next, Derrick said that he would tell Caleb that he made a promise to one man on Day 2 and that is the only promise that he has to uphold. Cody said that he would say something similar, revealing the Hitmen at that point.

4:00-5:00 PM: Caleb told Derrick that he had been thinking about some game and concluded that there is only one way for them to guarantee themselves to be Final 2. He said that they send Frankie home this week, then next week if Derrick wins HoH and he wins the veto, he can send Cody home so that they are up against Victoria in the Final 3. Derrick said that it was true and that if Cody makes it to the end he obviously has a good shot at winning. Caleb said that Cody would understand that they were doing what is best for their games. Derrick said that Cody would respect the move. Caleb backtracked and said that he hopes that they are all in the Final 3 together, but this another option available to them. Caleb said that the last thing that he wants to do is cut Cody, but added that you have to think of game.

5:00-6:00 PM: Frankie told Cody that his biggest regret in the game is using the veto on Caleb instead of Cody. He explained that he thought that he would be able to buy Caleb’s loyalty, while he already had it from Cody. He apologized to Cody for doing so. Frankie then asked Cody and Derrick how long it would be before Caleb suggested sending him home this week and keeping Victoria. Frankie admitted that it would be a good move for Caleb since he is coming after Caleb, though he pointed out that it would not be smart for Cody and Derrick since he is not after the two of them. Caleb then asked Cody and Derrick when they should tell Frankie that he is going home. Caleb felt that it was best to wait until after Frankie made his speech on eviction night, so that he could not say anything about them.

Cody said that they should tell Frankie that he is leaving the night before because he deserves better than to be blindsided completely. After Caleb left, Cody told Derrick that Frankie had just been crushing Caleb and he would think that Caleb is the one behind sending him out. Derrick said that was good. Cody said it’s not because he plans to tell Frankie that it was their decision in his goodbye message to him. Derrick asked what Cody’s thoughts were about blindsiding Frankie. Cody said that he will not do that to Frankie. The guys then spoke to Caleb and let him know that as of now the plan is to speak to Frankie the night before the eviction.

1:00-2:00 AM: Frankie was running the bath water when he spoke to the camera and said that he is going home this week. He said oh well and that he has done an amazing job but it is sad. He pointed out that he is not going home empty handed and hopefully he can still win America’s Favorite. He believed that getting him out would be the best game move and that there would be no reason to keep him. Caleb came up to the HoH room and Frankie asked him why he hates him so much. Frankie felt that he was displeased with him of late and they have grown apart. Caleb said that he is over the game play and is ready to get back to a normal life, so it’s eating away at him but he is not mad at anybody. Frankie then questioned if Caleb wanted him to be evicted this week. Caleb said that he honestly does not want him to be gone but he has no say in whether or not it happens. Caleb told Frankie that from what he knows Victoria is going home. Frankie said that it sucks that it’s even a question at this point. Frankie told Caleb that he feels unsafe after how this week has played out. He pointed out that he has saved Caleb over and over again, using the veto on him, saving him in the Battle of the Block and talking people out of backdooring him twice.

2:00-3:00 AM: Caleb and Frankie continued talking. Caleb said that the guys have not come to him about getting Frankie out, and he expects that they would have a meeting with him if they wanted to get him out. Frankie then questioned why Caleb would feel that he would take Derrick to the end over him. Caleb said that it’s about the game. Frankie then told Caleb that what hurt him so much is that Caleb preaches about honour, integrity and loyalty but what he did this week was inconsistent with that. Caleb said that he understands but neither Cody nor Derrick had ever told people to put him on the block. He again explained that Cody was on the block all last week and that it would not be fair to nominate Derrick after he got hurt the most by pushing the button since he could not play in either HoH. Frankie said that it doesn’t matter if they played the competition 350 times, as Derrick would not have won them. Caleb then began discussing that Frankie made deals with people like Christine. Frankie told Caleb that he believes what anybody else tells him about him and does not come to him directly. Frankie was also irritated that Caleb thought that he would use the veto on Victoria. Caleb explained that it’s a game and that people lie straight to your face.

Frankie said that the same fear that Caleb had about him taking Victoria further in the game is the fear that makes him think that Cody and Derrick will vote him out. Frankie then told Caleb that if he gets evicted this week it will be because of him since he put him on the block and did not keep him safe. Frankie mentioned that he and Caleb started this all on Day 2, then Cody and Derrick came in on Day 4, so he wanted to fix things between them. Frankie them brought up that he is concerned about Cody and Caleb having become so close. Frankie asked Caleb if he feels that Cody and Derrick tried to pit them against each other because they felt threatened by how close they were. Caleb said that he doesn’t think so. Frankie then began explaining to Caleb that Derrick will be very difficult to beat, saying that “I don’t feel that we can beat Derrick. I don’t know why everyone thinks that. He has played a brilliant social game, he has been very very subtly manipulative of everyone, using small suggestions here and there. He is a father. He is going to do wonderful things with the money. He has never been on the block, Caleb. He has played the most impeccable social game in the house”. Caleb said that he doesn’t know if Derrick’s social game was impeccable.

Frankie again noted that he has never been on the block. Caleb said that it’s because he has never stabbed anyone in the back, which Frankie told him is why he has played an impeccable social game. He also said that Derrick has been very influential no matter what Caleb thinks. Caleb said that Derrick doesn’t have the votes in jury that people think he has, pointing out that one that he doesn’t have is Victoria’s. Caleb also listed off Nicole, Jocasta and Donny as votes that Derrick does not have. Frankie said that Derrick would have Nicole and Jocasta’s votes if he brought him to the Final 2, so why would Caleb be concerned that he would take Derrick. Caleb disagreed and said that Hayden and Nicole would vote together and would vote for him. Frankie told Caleb that "I don’t think my chance are good against Derrick…don’t try to convince me otherwise because that’s stupid”. Caleb then said that Frankie telling people that he is donating his money to charity will trump having a daughter, saying that Derrick having a wife and daughter wont matter to anybody. Caleb told Frankie that anyone would have a good chance against Derrick and that you don’t take someone that you may not beat. Caleb used stories about Jon and Neda from Big Brother Canada and about Woo from Survivor as points to defend not doing that. Caleb learned of both of those situations from Derrick telling him about them.

Frankie said that Caleb shows his cards too easily, saying that he will take Derrick over him. Caleb said that Frankie would do the same thing and would take Derrick to the end. Frankie said that he would only take Derrick because Caleb would take Derrick. Caleb again brought up Woo from Survivor, which led Frankie to say that Derrick is the one that told Caleb about Woo and that it is brilliant and is part of his strategy to get to the end. Caleb said that Derrick’s three competition wins will not be enough for him to win the game. Frankie then said that he hopes that Derrick would not convince Cody to vote him out this week, as he doesn’t think that Cody would do it without Caleb’s blessing. Caleb let Frankie know that he would not let him go out being blindsided. Frankie said that he does not want that and he feels as though it may not hurt to let the guys know that they are having issues, because Cody and Derrick have likely thought that they were locked in up to this point. Frankie said that there is nothing that he could say to convince Caleb that he would take him to the Final 2 but it has been his intention to do so this entire game. Caleb felt that Frankie would make the greedy choice and pick the easier person to beat. Frankie said that he would not go the dishonourable route to benefit a charity. Caleb said that he agrees that Derrick is in the best position but he would only get one or two jury votes against the guys. Frankie said that’s why he hopes that Derrick would not keep Victoria. Caleb said that he didn’t think that he would.

Derrick and Cody continued to go back and forth on whether or not to blindside Frankie. Derrick was concerned that Frankie would tell too much to Caleb if they let him know the night before. The main concern was that Frankie would tell Caleb that Cody and Derrick are together, then Caleb would evict one of them if he wins the Final 4 veto. Cody said that he doesn’t want to blindside Frankie but then again he is all about “#BBBlindside”. Derrick said that he doesn’t owe Frankie anything. They eventually agreed, for now, on blindsiding Frankie and then sending Caleb home next. Derrick said that they need to continue to pump Caleb up about how he will win America’s Favorite, even though Zach is going to win.

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