Frankie is evicted; Derrick wins HoH and Cody wins the Power of Veto

September 16, 2014

11:00-12:00 PM: There was a feed leak at 11:54 AM. Frankie has been evicted. Derrick was in the HoH room and the HoH basket had a “#1 Dad” license plate, which would mean that Derrick won the Final 4 HoH competition. The houseguests all had veto t-shirts on and were awaiting the start of the Final 4 veto competition.

Derrick told Victoria to have fun with the competition. She told him that there is no fun is losing $500,000. Derrick replied by saying that they are all winners, as they are in the final veto competition of the season. Derrick told Victoria that if she looks at it that way there will be less pressure on herself and she will perform better. He said that she told him something last night that stuck with him, that money is not everything, so he advised her to play for herself and to prove to herself that she is a competitor and it’s only a matter of time before she wins one.

9:00-10:00 PM: When the feeds returned we found out that Derrick had nominated Caleb and Victoria for eviction. Cody had won the Power of Veto. Caleb pointed out a couple of times that Victoria is now trying to be buddies with Derrick again, in hope of him trying to convince Cody to keep her. Cody said that Derrick will likely tell her that he is staying out of it, seeing as he has no say in the matter.

10:00-11:00 PM: Victoria spoke to Derrick and told him that whatever Cody has decided cannot be changed and there is nothing that can be said at this point. Derrick said that he doesn’t think that it looks bad for Victoria, saying that things look good but you never know. Victoria felt that it was not looking good for her. Victoria asked if Derrick knew something that she didn’t. Derrick said no but he did tell Cody about some reasons why it would be more beneficial to keep her, explaining that Caleb is a big threat while Victoria is not. Derrick also told her that he let Cody know that the best shot at the two of them getting to the Final 2 is by keeping Victoria around, which Cody agreed with. Derrick said that hopefully it will be enough to get Cody to keep her, as it’s the best argument that he can give.

11:00-12:00 AM: Caleb had spent a good amount of time lying in bed alone. Derrick asked Cody if he thought that Caleb knows that he is going or if he is just tried. Cody said that he is probably nervous, tired and depressed. Cody said that he will explain to Caleb that the two of them were together since the beginning and that getting rid of Caleb will give them the best shot at making it to the Final 2 together. Cody also wanted to reveal the Hitmen to Caleb, saying that he deserves to know. Derrick said that Caleb will be so pissed off at them, pointing out that they are doing the exact same thing to Caleb that they did to Frankie. They hoped that Caleb would respect that Cody is being straight up with him, not saying or doing anything disrespectful on his way out. Cody pointed out that Caleb already seems nervous, which led Derrick to believe that Caleb would have cut them as well if he had the chance. They agreed that Caleb understands that it would be dumb of them to keep him around. Derrick then told Cody that it would be in their best interest to take each other to the end even if they weren’t such good friends, seeing as they have pissed off a lot of people in the jury.

Both guys were concerned that Victoria would win the game if she somehow managed to beat them in the upcoming competitions and win the Final HoH. Caleb then broke up the talk and was pacing around the kitchen area. He briefly spoke with Derrick, who then went to Cody and relayed that Caleb said that he has some good one liners for his speech. The one in particular that Derrick told Cody is that Caleb will say that he will either be saved by Cody’s loyalty or sent out by the sharpness of his blade. Derrick joked that it’s not a blade but a gun, in reference to the Hitmen. Derrick told Cody that he is a bit worried about telling Caleb about the Hitmen, as he can then tell the whole jury and it would spoil their reveal in the Final 2. Cody didn’t care and said that he had already mentioned it in his goodbyes anyway.

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