Caleb is evicted; Cody reveals The Hitmen and then wins Part 1 of the Final HoH competition

September 17, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Cody told Derrick that he has been thinking about things and feels that there is no disloyalty in evicting Caleb at all. Derrick said that they would look dumb if they brought Caleb to the Final 3 and then did not make it to the Final 2 together. Cody agreed, saying that they would look stupid. Derrick’s rationale was that they could have taken the easier route and competed against Victoria, rather than against someone that has won seven competitions. Cody pointed out that he and Derrick have been playing the game of Big Brother all along, while Caleb has sat around and talked about him and Amber for 90% of the show. Derrick said that it’s the truth. Derrick felt that Caleb sees this move coming, as it gives the two of them the best shot at making it to the end. Cody agreed, saying that if you have someone like Victoria with you in the Final 4, you know that you are in trouble if you are nominated up against them.

Derrick said that the major fans are going to get on them for keeping Victoria in the game for this long, but it’s a strategy. Cody questioned what they could say if the two of them end up sitting in the Final 2 together. Derrick said that’s just it, as it will all come down to that. Derrick mentioned that Victoria has no clue what’s going on and hasn’t played the game at all, so people will be frustrated that she made it this far. Derrick promised the live feeders that he will never talk about Big Brother again if Victoria somehow manages to beat them in the Final HoH and wins the $500,000. Derrick added that the bitter jury would love nothing more than to have Victoria make it to the end and win the game. He said that he would lose it if that happened. Cody didn’t feel that the jury would be a fan of Victoria making it to the end. Derrick pointed out that if they took Caleb to the end they would have to be sitting there feeling as though it is a coin toss as to whether or not they win the HoH competitions.

5:00-6:00 PM: During the live show, Cody had the chance to cast the sole vote to evict as the winner of the Power of Veto. During Caleb’s speech, he preached loyalty and pointed out that he helped get Cody and Derrick to this point by being loyal to them, also pointing out that Victoria hasn’t won anything to prove her loyalty. During his eviction speech, Cody explained to Caleb that he and Derrick made a Final 2 alliance called “The Hitmen” on Day 2. Cody went on to say that he has to make the move that gives the two of them the best chance to make it to the end together, so he has to vote to evict Caleb.

6:00-7:00 PM: Feeds returned and Cody told Derrick that he cannot believe that they started something on Day 2 and made it all the way to this point. Derrick said that they have one thing left to do, win these two comps to guarantee themselves both at least $50,000. Cody wondered if it was messed up to send Caleb home. Derrick said that he honestly does not. They discussed that the deal that they made with Caleb at the beginning of the game was only to get to jury, not to the end together. Derrick then pointed out that Caleb made Final 2 deals with Frankie, Devin and Amber, not Cody and Derrick. Cody said that he explained that in his speech, saying that Derrick came to him before he had anyone. Cody wondered if having told Caleb about the Final 2 deal could hurt them. Derrick said that it will not as long as they are at the end together, but he felt that people such as Zach would be pissed once they hear about it.

Cody and Derrick reiterated that they just have to win these two competitions. Derrick asked Cody which one he felt more comfortable in. Cody said that they had the same skill set. Derrick said that he will not kill himself to win the endurance competition if he cannot hang on any longer, as he will go for the win in the mental competition. Derrick then spoke to Victoria, congratulating her and telling her that he cannot believe that it worked and that Cody sent Caleb home. Victoria asked Derrick if he thinks that Cody is mad. Derrick said that he is only upset about having to send someone home live on national television. Derrick told Victoria that he has full confidence in her and she got what she wanted, a chance to compete in the Final HoH. Victoria questioned if Derrick would really betray Cody. Derrick said that it doesn’t matter and that he is playing the game of Big Brother.

After speak to Victoria, Derrick went to Cody and told him that Victoria is so pissed at him. Derrick told Cody that all they have to do is win two more competitions to guarantee themselves $50,000. Derrick added that Victoria is not taking it away from him. Cody said that it makes him mad that Frankie will now be throwing it in Caleb’s face that he was not the king of the house that he thought he was, figuring that Frankie will rip Caleb apart for not listening to him and having sent him home. The Final 3 then sat around and discussed all of the deals that everyone had made. Cody let Victoria know that Derrick had never played Victoria, since he was with him from the beginning.

7:00-8:00 PM: Part 1 of the Final HoH competition began at 7:55 PM.

8:00-9:00 PM: The houseguests remained hanging on the wall. At 8:35 Victoria began complaining that her hands were slipping, though she managed to hang on at the time. Cody asked Derrick if his hands were going numb. He said that he could not feel his hands. At 8:37 Victoria was the first to fall. Almost immediately, Derrick told Cody that he will stay up for a couple of minutes and then jump off. Cody asked Derrick how he feels about the next competition. Derrick said that he is unsure because it is a crap shoot. Derrick asked Cody if he wants this one. Cody said that he does and then asked Derrick if he is confident about Part 2. Derrick said that he is not. They continued to go back and forth, with Derrick saying that he doesn’t want Cody to be upset with him if he loses to Victoria. Cody said that he would never be. Eventually, Derrick dropped at 8:54. Cody has won Part 1 of the Final HoH competition and has moved on to Part 3 on finale night.

9:00-10:00 PM: Victoria asked Derrick if he threw the competition. Derrick responded by questioning if she is serious, and then told her that he is not even going to answer that. He then asked how he threw it when he lasted longer than her. Victoria said that she will talk to him later. Derrick then again told Cody that he does not want him to be upset if Victoria beats him for some odd reason. Cody went off in to the bedroom by himself and was questioning if it’s a joke that Derrick is scared to lose to Victoria. Derrick and Victoria spoke again. Victoria asked if Derrick was trying to convince Cody to drop. Derrick said yes. Victoria said that she heard that, and then mentioned that she did not see Derrick slip off. Derrick said that he did not slip, as he stepped off because he could not feel his hand. Victoria pointed out that he looked fine. Derrick said that he was shaking like a leaf. Victoria told him that all that she heard was “I got you” and he looked completely fine so she was confused. Victoria apologized and said that she did not want to hurt Derrick’s feelings in any way. Once Victoria went to the diary room, Derrick told Cody that he is going to smoke Victoria in Part 2 of the Final HoH competition. He promised Cody that it would be the two of them at the end.

10:00-11:00 PM: Derrick and Victoria were talking things over once Cody went to the diary room. She felt that Derrick is guaranteed to make it to the Final 2 now. They discussed the two of them getting to the end together. Derrick said that they have to see how things play out. He told Victoria that she may beat him in Part 2, but he just hopes that she wins Part 3 if so. Victoria said that’s why she would rather not win it. Victoria said that if she threw the competition she would look stupid in doing so but she is very confident that Derrick can beat Cody in Part 3. That being said, Victoria told Derrick that she would hate herself if Derrick did not beat Cody in Part 3. Derrick explained that that’s why he would never ask her to throw it. He advised Victoria to do what she needs to do, as he is going in to the competition trying to beat her. Derrick said that he knows that he is capable of beating Cody in Part 3. Victoria told Derrick that he better take her to the Final 2 if he wins. Derrick promised her that she will be good. He said that she does not need to win in order to be taken care of.

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