Derrick wins Part 2 of the Final HoH competition

September 19, 2014

12:00-1:00 PM: Cody told Derrick that Victoria is more concerned about what she is going to wear to the finale than about winning the competition. Derrick said that he will get it done for them. Cody said that there was never a doubt in his mind, which is why he was frustrated with Derrick for being concerned about losing. Derrick pointed out that you never know what the competition will be. He said that if it’s a mental competition he will have it won, but it could be up to chance. Derrick mentioned that there is so much pressure on him with this competition because he is one win away from at least $50,000 and accomplishing his goal. Derrick told Cody that he did his part, now it’s his turn. Derrick wanted to be able to shut it down and not have to be studying everything any longer. Derrick told Cody about Victoria bringing up how her finale dress fits, adding that this is why she does not deserve to be there.

Derrick told Cody that he already has his finale night speech planned, telling Victoria that "in good conscience as a fan of this show, you do not deserve to be in that seat" at Final 2. Derrick and Cody agreed that they would look like fools if they brought Victoria to the end, with Derrick saying that the jury would crush them if they were to do that. They agreed that they made the right move in sending Caleb out. Derrick felt that Caleb would have expected that there is a good shot that both he and Cody would take him to the end, making it awkward for them as they would have had to watch what they said. On the other hand, Derrick said that Victoria knows and that is better. Cody pointed out that there would be some bit of physicality involved in the competitions, so Caleb would have had a better shot at beating them. Derrick said that they will likely have to justify the move in the Final 2, but said that it’s an easy justification. Cody agreed. Derrick then went over an explanation for the jury, saying that “As Caleb already told you guys, we’ve been in a Final 2 deal since Day 2. The only goal was to get to the Final 2. That was the only objective. We wanted to take the easiest path to get there, and each week we based our nominations and voting on who would make it easier for us”.

Cody said that they had to play the odds, going with the person that had not won as many competitions as Caleb. Derrick agreed and said that nobody can fault them for it or call it a cowardly move. Cody said that the cowardly move would be one of them crossing each other. Derrick assured him that it will not happen, saying that Cody has a better chance of losing a limb before Wednesday than that happening. Derrick told Cody that if he loses $500,000 it will be to him and to him only. Derrick said that’s the only way he wanted it from Day 2, telling Cody that it would have been a loss if he was in the Final 2 and Cody was having to vote on a winner. Derrick again pointed out that he just needs to win this competition and then they have accomplished their goal.

9:00-10:00 PM: Once Big Brother After Dark started, Cody was alone in the HoH room as Part 2 of the Final HoH competition was still underway. Cody went over the jury votes if he was in the Final 2 against Derrick. He said that Hayden would most likely not vote for him. He said that Nicole, Victoria and Caleb would not vote for him, while Christine and Donny would. Overall, felt that it was not looking good for him. That being said, Cody sat there and said multiple times that he hopes that Derrick wins the competition.

10:00-11:00 PM: Derrick won Part 2 of the Final HoH competition. Derrick and Cody celebrated that they had done it and had made it to the Final 2 together, locking up at least $50,000 each. Victoria was in the bathroom crying alone afterwards. Shortly thereafter she told the guys that she did not understand how she took 30 minutes in the competition, seeing as she did not second guess herself at all and had everything right. Once Victoria went to the diary room, Derrick congratulated Cody on making the Final 2. Derrick said that their families can now get excited. Cody said that he cannot believe that they did it. Derrick told Cody that they are now enshrined forever, just like Dan and Memphis are. Derrick felt that Victoria must know that he is not taking her seeing as she has been crying ever since the competition. Derrick said that he doesn’t want to crush her on finale night, so he is going to say that he doesn’t know which way he is going in terms of who he would take to the Final 2.

Derrick did admit that he was glad that he is not allowed to tell Victoria yet, as she would want to know tonight. Derrick went over what he would say to Victoria on finale night if he wins HoH, telling her that she and Cody are both deserving of the money but he would not be there if not for the competition wins of Cody. He added that he could never betray Cody seeing as he would not be there without him. The guys then discussed jury votes. They each said that they felt that the other has the advantage. Cody thought that Nicole and Hayden would vote for Derrick, as would Zach. He thought that Christine’s vote would depend on what he said to her on finale night. Derrick believed that Frankie would try to embarrass them with his question, while Caleb would question him about saying that they were going to the end together.

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