Victoria continues to question Derrick

September 20, 2014

1:00-2:00 PM: Victoria brought up that Derrick said that he would just have to tell Cody whatever he wants to hear. Derrick said to keep Victoria in the game, yes. Derrick said that Victoria is like a little sister to him and he protected her game wise and personally. He said that there is a difference to him between Big Brother and people that he cares about personally. Derrick let Victoria know that he cares about her regardless of how mad at him she is. Victoria said that she is mad at herself for losing the competition. Derrick explained that every week he found a reason to justify keeping her there, giving her chances to prove herself to everyone. He said that he did it because he wanted to, not for game reasons or because she asked him to. Derrick said that the loyalty that he has shown to her does not usually happen in Big Brother. Victoria said that she knows that. He told her that they are both fortunate to be at this point since it does not happen often. Derrick said that it seems to him that Victoria is doubting everything that happened this season. Victoria said that she is not and that she is down because she cannot control anything at this point. Derrick pointed out that she hasn’t ever really been in control of her game. Victoria said that she was in control towards the beginning of the game, winning competitions to save herself.

Derrick questioned why Victoria is acting the way she is, asking if she would have expected him to act this way if she had won yesterday. Victoria told Derrick that he is sitting really good right now, while she feels helpless. Derrick understood. Victoria told Derrick that no matter who won the Final HoH he knew that he was going to be in the Final 2. Derrick told Victoria that you never know if Cody will take her because he thinks that he can beat her, even if he doesn’t believe that Cody would do that. Victoria said that he would not do that, due to the whole Hitmen thing that she did not know about. Victoria said that she wishes that she would have known how close Derrick and Cody were. She said that she would have been able to prepare herself emotionally if that were the case. Victoria pointed out that Derrick kept saying “Don’t worry, I got you”, even after Part 1 of the Final HoH competition. Derrick went back to saying that they have a real friendship outside of the game. Victoria then began crying, saying that she feels so helpless. Derrick said that he feels as though he should be apologizing for trying each time that he has spoken with her over the past 12 hours. Victoria said that it’s not like that at all. Derrick said that it is difficult for him to be happy about winning when she is so mad about it. Victoria again clarified that she is just upset with herself. Victoria said that it has nothing to do with Derrick and it is all about her having lost even though she made no mistakes and did her best.

6:00-7:00 PM: Victoria brought up that Derrick has said that anyone sitting next to Cody at the end would lose. Derrick said that there is a good chance of it. Victoria questioned why Derrick would want to hand it to Cody. Derrick said that it’s not about that. Victoria then mentioned that they had conversations about her possibly throwing the competition since Derrick would have a better shot at beating Cody. Derrick told her that he never once told her that she should throw it. Victoria said that she never thought that Derrick would have to weigh the options between her and Cody. Derrick let her know that there is a big difference between game and personal. Victoria then rehashed their conversation from after Caleb’s eviction when she questioned if Derrick would ever go against Cody after everything. Derrick said that she did not straight up ask. Victoria explained that it would have been better for her to have known that he was torn when she asked at that point. Derrick said that it would have accomplished nothing but to shake her up. Victoria felt that Derrick did not mention having difficulty choosing between the two until after he won Part 2. Derrick said that he told her that he wasn’t even thinking about the finale.

Derrick said that he cares about her differently that he cares about Cody, but game wise they are equal to him. Derrick told her that it must be tough for her since she didn’t think that, but he felt that that was their understanding. Victoria said that she thought that they had the same vision but she guesses that they did not. Derrick let Victoria know that he did not mean for that to happen. He then said that they have been going back and forth talking about this for 24 hours now. Derrick explained that he could have easily convinced Victoria to throw the competition and then take Cody to the end if he really wanted to burn her. Derrick said that he did not want to do that to Victoria in the event that he decided to take Cody to the Final 2. Derrick told Victoria that he wouldn’t have held it against her if she won the competition and decided that she had a better shot at beating Cody, as that’s the risk you run when you don’t win.

After Derrick had made a comment about he or Cody winning, Victoria said that she basically knows what’s going to happen, as he left her name out of it and made it sound as though she is out of the picture. Derrick said that every two hours she comes to him from a different angle to figure out where he’s at. Derrick wanted Victoria to know that he is basing his decision on game. Derrick said that all that matters to him is that she is cool with him once they leave, whether she votes for him or against him. Victoria wondered why Derrick would not want to be sitting next to her, who he knows he has a better shot at beating. Derrick said that he does not necessarily think that that is the case, as he believes that she has a very good chance at winning it. He let her know that people have told him that if Victoria makes it to the end she will win the game. Victoria felt that both Cody and Derrick would have a better argument as to why they should win than she would, adding that they have made a lot bigger game moves than her. Derrick said that it doesn’t matter to the jury, as they will vote based on personal feelings. Victoria began to cry, saying that with the way things are looking it doesn’t look like she is going to make it. Derrick said that if that’s the case, she will know why.

Derrick said that he has to do what’s best for the game and then pray that the friendship that he built for 90 days will last beyond the game. Victoria let Derrick know that he has been her #1 person in the game. Derrick said that she and Cody have been on par for him, as Cody has won competitions to keep the two of them safe. Victoria said that it would suck for him to know that he made the decision, in reference to him potentially sending her home. Derrick countered that by saying that it would suck for him just as much to have to make the decision, though Victoria pointed out that he would be winning money by doing so. Derrick then said that if he was just doing this for game purposes, he could tell her that he was taking her to Final 2, then she would leave thinking that if Cody ultimately won and took him to the end. He said that it’s not benefitting his game to let her know where his head is at with regards to this decision, but he cares about her enough to do so. Victoria wished that she had know that Derrick was torn all along, feeling that she would have taken it better. She said that she thought that Derrick was for sure taking her to the end until yesterday.

7:00-8:00 PM: Derrick went to Cody and said that he just asked to speak to someone. He said that he cannot make things any clearer to Victoria without breaking the rules by telling her that he is not keeping her. Derrick said that it is driving him nuts and he cannot do this for four days. He told Cody that it should be a celebratory time for him. He then told Cody that he let Victoria know that people have straight up told them that they will vote for her if she gets to the end. Cody suggested that Derrick let Victoria know that it’s not just game and that they are close like brothers. Cody said that there is nothing more that he can say based on the rules. Derrick again said that he is going to ask. Cody pointed out that it will not get through to Victoria and it will be a repetitive conversation. Derrick felt that it would be the end of the conversation once Cody brought up the Hitmen in his speech. He explained that if he heard that he would know that the guys are taking each other to the end.

8:00-9:00 PM: Victoria told Derrick that she hopes that he will make the right decision for himself and what he came there for. Derrick said that he intends on it. She gave him a hug and told him that she loves him. Victoria eventually promised not to bring up this topic again, about who Derrick would take to the end. Derrick said that it’s good to talk about. He told her that she doesn’t have to vote for him if Cody wins and takes him. Victoria questioned why she would not. Derrick said that he is just telling her to do whatever, adding that he doesn’t expect her to vote for him if he takes Cody to the Final 2 over here. Victoria hoped that Derrick would think about taking her. Derrick told her that she has the right to say that. He said that regardless of what happens they will still be cool. Victoria tried to explain that the jury would have no option but to see it as Derrick carried her to the end if he won the final HoH and chose her. Derrick disagreed, saying that she was not a part of many conversations that he was. Victoria eventually gave in and said that nothing that she can say will change Derrick’s mind. Derrick told her that she is right.

12:00-1:00 AM: Victoria continued to question Derrick about bringing her to the end. Cody was frustrated with it and was outside on his own saying that it’s a joke. He explained that they carried Victoria to the end and she doesn’t belong there, yet Derrick is sugar-coating it and allowing her to act like no one would vote for her if she was dragged to the Final 2. Cody said that Derrick should tell her how it is, because he is tired of it. Cody felt that it was way worse to dangle it in front of her face than to tell her how it is. Cody again said that it is a joke, adding that Derrick is playing such a soft game. Derrick was telling Victoria that she is making assumptions as to what he would do. She explained that there is no other way to take it when he tells her that it’s a game decision when he said that he has a game relationship with Cody and a personal one with her. Derrick told Victoria that people told him to his face that she would win if she made it to the end, so he would be pissed if he took her and she beat him. He did say that he would also be pissed if he lost to Cody as well. Victoria said that so much has changed since people said that and that there is no reason to base a decision off of something irrelevant like that.

Derrick told Victoria that he is trying to tell her as much as he can. He said that he will get called in to the diary room and get crushed, implying that he is pushing it by giving away too much info about his decision and breaking the rules. Derrick continually explained that it is not worth the two of them rehashing this over and over when there is a 50% chance that he will not even get to make the final decision. Victoria told him that she just never thought that she would have to campaign to him. Derrick assured her that she does not, as he knows who she is and she does not have to convince him of anything. Derrick then asked Victoria to tell him why she deserves to be in the Final 2 over Cody without bringing their relationship in to it. Victoria said that Derrick told her all along that they were going to the Final 2 together and that she did not know that he had a Final 2 deal with someone else. She explained that she did not think that she would ever have to question whether or not Derrick would take her to the end. Derrick then asked why she even tried to beat him in Part 2 of the Final HoH then. Victoria said that she hasn’t thrown a competition this year and would not throw one. He suggested that part of it was that she didn’t want to take any chances that he would not take her.

Victoria told Derrick that they have been talking about the Final 2 for so long, while Derrick disagreed and told her that she had not said it until about a week and a half ago. Derrick again told her that she would not have cared so much about winning Part 2 of the competition if she was set on him taking her to the Final 2. Victoria said that she never thought that it would have been Derrick that would send her home. Victoria pointed out that it’s very clear that Derrick and Cody have a Final 2 together. Derrick confirmed that they absolutely do but said that he has to do what is ultimately best for him. Victoria questioned if she should not even bring it up anymore. Derrick said that she can if they are going to talk about it as adults, but not if she is going to cry about it and make him feel as though he betrayed her. Derrick told Victoria that if he took her to the end and lost because the jury saw it as a cowardly move, his family would not be happy with the move that he made. Victoria said that she understands but she would be very angry with Derrick if he took Cody to the end and lost, as she believes that he has a better chance at winning against her.

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