Victoria continues to campaign

September 21, 2014

4:00-5:00 PM: Victoria told Derrick that they should walk out the front door together, implying that he should take her to the Final 2. Derrick jokingly said that he agrees that they should walk out to the red carpet together for interviews afterwards. Derrick told her that they have no clue what the jury is thinking. Victoria felt that Nicole would be thinking “What the F?” if he took Cody over her. Derrick believed that the jurors would show up on finale night knowing who they are going to vote for. Victoria told Derrick that she is not giving him any props for the Hitmen name or anything about it. She then laughed and said “Derrick, what do I have to do?! I’ll do anything!” She told Derrick that she will sell her soul to the devil. Derrick replied by saying that she doesn’t want to do that and that it’s not her character.

5:00-6:00 PM: Cody and Derrick were playing pool while Victoria was watching. Victoria said that she hopes that everything happens for a reason. Cody asked her what she is hoping for. Victoria said that miraculously she makes it to the Final 2 somehow. Derrick said “everyone can dream”. Victoria said that she thinks that she is being a really good sport about all of this, as anyone else would have flipped. Derrick disagreed that that would be the case, mentioning that Britney made a joke out of it and her situation was way worse. Once Victoria got called to the diary room, Derrick asked if Cody liked his comment about how Victoria can dream about getting to the end. Derrick then asked Cody if he has any doubt that he will take him. Cody said not even close and that he wouldn’t even doubt it for a second. Derrick let Cody know that it’s done and that he even told the diary room that.

10:00-11:00 PM: Victoria told Cody and Derrick that this sucks even though they are loving it. She said that she is begging to get taken to the end because there is nothing else that she can do. Derrick asked what begging is accomplishing. She said that maybe it is going to help. Derrick said “really?!”. He then asked if she is trying to turn them against each other in front of each other. Victoria told Cody to take her to the Final 2. Cody said that he would never do it, questioning why he would ever cross Derrick. Victoria again said that the two of them are loving it because they are in a great spot. Cody told her that they played a great game to get in to that position. Victoria told him that it still sucks for her since no matter who wins Part 3 they are both taking each other and there is nothing that she can do about it. Derrick told Victoria that they have already been warned that they cannot say who they will take to the Final 2, so he is not about to get in trouble by saying one way or the other. Additionally, he said that he does not want to pity her because she is begging. Victoria said that she was just joking, though Derrick didn’t agree. He said that he just wants to enjoy the rest of their time there. Victoria then brought up that she wishes that she knew about the Hitmen earlier. Derrick told her that that is not Big Brother.

Cody and Derrick then went to play pool. Derrick pointed out that Victoria was just trying to campaign to them in front of each other. Cody felt that Victoria was definitely joking. Derrick wondered how many ways he could say it before Victoria would understand. He said that he just doesn’t get it. Cody said that he does, as it’s Victoria wondering why Derrick would take him when he could guarantee a win over her. Cody explained that she doesn’t deserve to be there and that the jury would vote for her out of spite, though they cannot say that to her because she would be hysterical. Derrick felt that Victoria could not comprehend how intricate of a game they played together. Cody said that Victoria did not make any moves. Regardless of what happens, Cody told Derrick that Victoria will still vote for him. Derrick said that he hopes that Cody is right. He did like that Victoria is very slowly starting to realize that he will not be taking her to the Final 2. Derrick said that he can kind of respect Victoria’s campaigning but he hopes that it does not happen too often.

1:00-2:00 AM: Derrick and Cody were discussing this past season of Survivor, particularly Tony and Woo. Derrick said that people thought that Woo made a huge mistake in taking Tony to the end. Cody said “I knew Tony. I hated Tony”. Derrick explained that Woo was loyal to Tony and wanted to beat the best. Cody then said “Tony lied the entire time about being a cop. Couldn’t stand that guy”. Derrick said yes and told Cody that the only reason that he liked Tony was because he was a hustler. Cody mentioned that his dad is obsessed with Survivor. Derrick questioned what Cody’s dad thought about Tony, though Cody said that he could not remember.

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