Derrick wins Big Brother 16

September 24, 2014

The Big Brother 16 finale kicked off by showing the conclusion of Part 1 of the Final HoH competition. In the diary room, Derrick said that winning the HoH competition is crucial, since he and Cody worked the whole summer to make the Final 2 deal happen. Once Victoria dropped, Cody was frustrated that Derrick was saying that he felt as though he could not beat Victoria in Part 2. Derrick said that he would have been all for having Cody throw the first part to him, though it wasn’t going to happen so he let Cody have it. Cody said that he is super pumped and that all that Derrick has to do is win Part 2 for them to get to the Final 2. As for Part 2 of the Final HoH competition, Derrick finished in a time of 15:29. He beat Victoria, who had a time of 30:03, to move on to Part 3 and face off against Cody. Cody said that the Hitmen will be in the Final 2 unless the biggest backstab in history goes down on finale night.

Next up was the jury roundtable segment, hosted by Dr. Will. Caleb made his way to the jury house and filled them in on what had happened and that Cody revealed that he and Derrick had a Final 2 since the beginning called “The Hitmen”. Jocasta told Caleb that she finds it really interesting that Caleb got rid of Frankie when Frankie had worked with him the entire game. Caleb pointed out that Frankie tried to get him put on the block when Nicole was HoH. Frankie said that actions speak louder than words and his actions were never disloyal to Caleb. Frankie told Caleb that he pulled him off of the block twice and would have taken him to the Final 3. Dr. Will then had them discuss Derrick. Caleb said that Derrick is manipulative and uses things such as his child. Hayden said that Derrick’s likability and being the family guy has gotten him through this game. Nicole mentioned that you feel guilty when Derrick betrays you, which others agreed with.

Caleb then pointed out that Derrick has not been on the block even once. Dr. Will asked if Derrick is a master manipulator or if he just had an alliance with everybody. Frankie thought that Derrick was a master manipulator since others tried that strategy and it did not work. Donny said that Derrick stabbed friends in the back and then tried to work them on their way out the door. Jocasta was upset that Derrick was fake praying with him. Dr. Will questioned if outright manipulation is allowed here. Zach had nothing but positive things to say, while Donny felt that Cody was equally as worthy. Hayden noted that Cody did a lot of talking for Derrick. Caleb and Christine thought that Cody flew under the radar and then came in to the game when it counted most. Caleb saw Cody’s best move as getting so much information and not saying a thing about it.

It was then time for the live conclusion to the Final HoH competition, with Derrick and Cody going head to head. After 7 questions they were tied, and Cody won in a tiebreaker. Cody then decided to stay loyal to the Hitmen, evicting Victoria. The jury members then gave their questions to the jury members. Christine told Derrick that they all feel that he sent them home, yet he has always denied having any part in it. Derrick said that he had an intricate part in everything but did not one to be seen as in the forefront. Frankie then told Cody that the jury feels that Cody has been the puppet, and asked him to tell them if they are wrong. Cody said that he had a huge social game and had the single hand in sending him home, convincing his best friend to turn on him. Caleb told Derrick that a lot of them feel that he used his family to manipulate them and asked if it crossed the line. Derrick said absolutely not, as by no means did he use his family as a strategy. Hayden asked Cody about his biggest strategic move. Cody said that the week that Zach was on the block with Jocasta he went to Derrick and said that he had to call Christine out, which led to flipping the script and sending people out that were targeting Derrick.

Nicole asked Derrick why he deserves to win over Cody. Derrick said that he has gone 55 nominations without ever being nominated. Donny asked Cody why he deserved to win over Derrick. Cody explained that his social game was a huge part of them getting to the end, as the information that he relayed to Derrick was how they made their decisions. Finally, Victoria asked Derrick if it was his plan all along to remain loyal to the Hitmen over him. Derrick said that he wanted to bring her as far as he could but he could not betray Cody as a friend and an ally and expect the jury to still vote for him to win. In his final speech, Cody said that being told that he was viewed as the puppet hit him in the heart. He said that he heard information from just about all of them that led to the decisions that were made, and he was the one that Caleb and Frankie out. Cody said that someone that does that is no puppet. Derrick again pointed out that he was never nominated and that he was able to win four HoHs and that’s why he is sitting there.

It was then time for Julie to reveal Team America. The three members were revealed, as were some of their missions and the fact that they got $5,000 per successful mission. Julie then said that there is one secret that only one person knows, giving the floor to Derrick. Derrick told them that he omitted one fact. He said that he has been a police officer for 10 years and an undercover detective for 3 years. It was then time to reveal the jury’s votes. The voting went as followed:

Votes for Derrick (7): Hayden, Zach, Nicole, Christine, Frankie, Caleb, Victoria.

Votes for Cody (2): Jocasta, Donny.

The $25,000 prize was then awarded for America’s Favorite Houseguest. Julie revealed that the Top 3 vote getters were Zach, Nicole and Donny. She said that the winner received over 5 million of the record 10 million plus votes. Donny was announced as the winner of America’s Favorite.

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