Andrew Gordon Exit Interview

April 4, 2014

What do you think would have been the most challenging part of keeping the First 5 together for you down the road, and who do you think was least trustworthy in the group?
Andrew: I think maybe the most challenging part of it would have been my relationship with Allison, and seeing where that progressed and how that might play a part with my decisions when it did boil down to the final few in the house. In regards to trustworthiness, I don’t know if I could really line anyone up in that regard because I felt really comfortable with every one of the people in my alliance. They were all super amazing people, very solid from everything I can tell. I haven’t watched the episodes and I haven’t reviewed everything, so until I do I can’t really give an answer as to who would be the least trustworthy.

Had you known that Canada would play this big of a role in the game, would you have acted/played any differently in order to better shape your perception to the country?

Andrew: I think the idea would have crossed my mind, but then it would have gone back to Andrew Gordon and it’s not a character that I played, it’s me that you saw the good and the bad. I really can’t change that in my real life, and wouldn’t have been able to change it on camera, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for what seemed like the end of time and all existence.

Many fans have expressed disappointment in Allison since voting her in, saying that she spent all of her time with you and hasn’t really played the game. What type of gameplay do you think that we will see from Allison now that you are gone?

Andrew: Well I don’t know if that’s a fair criticism. I think maybe involving herself with me was a smart gameplay. I mean ultimately she made it a few weeks into the game; I’m gone. I hope that she goes forward with the remaining four of the First 5. I hope that she joins in with that crew, and is able to divide and conquer and fight her way to the end.

The following questions were asked by during our conference call:

Let’s say the First 5 had made it all the way, and the First 5 were the final five. What would have been your plan? Would you have wanted to go to the final two with Kenny, even though he might be a pretty big threat to win, versus somebody like Sabrina who a lot of people in the house didn’t seem to really care for?
Andrew: I think certain things about me are shown that not everything is strictly about gameplay, and I absolutely would have liked to go final two with Kenny. Not only because I made the pact with him at the beginning, but because he is an awesome guy. It maybe would be a bit more difficult competing against him, but I would be willing to run that risk.

How far would you have been willing to take Allison in the game? You guys were obviously very close, and at a certain point personal feelings get in the way of game play a little bit.
Andrew: You know, they definitely do. I still stick true to my First 5 alliance. I always have from the beginning. But I think where I left off with Allison, had things not gone this way, I would have taken her as far as I possibly could have. Getting down to the final six with her being the sixth, I would be in a situation that I would have to figure out at that time, so it’s really hard to speculate right now.

The following questions were asked by during our conference call:

Canada was HoH this week. What is your opinion about fans having so much power in the game?
Andrew: To be perfectly honest, I was taken aback. I never saw that as a possibility. You feel helpless in a situation like that. So, I thought it was kind of unfair but at the end of the day nothing about this show is about fairness. Neither is life. You just get dealt these hands sometimes and you have got to roll with it.

What did you think Kenny’s strategy was behind hiding the fact that he is gay?

Andrew: I have been thinking about this all day. I have been thinking about it last night, all night. It was a sleepless night, let’s just say. I’m not really sure what his strategy was. I don’t think that it would have affected him in negative way, coming out on the show. I don’t see how that could be viewed as a bad thing. I could only really speculate that maybe he wanted to keep doors open with the female aspect of the house. Maybe that was his reason for it.

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