Anick Gervais Exit Interview

March 7, 2014

In the big brother house, especially week one, it’s easy to pick on those who are “different”. So if you had known that showing too much of your true “bubbly” personality would have made you such a target, would you have maybe eased up on showing the real you if it meant staying in the game longer?

Anick: Oh definitely, definitely! My strategy was to not show who I am. I tried to be normal once. It lasted 2 minutes, it was the most boring time of my life. I feel like being normal creates depression and I’ve been there done that. I wanted this opportunity to shine…and what if they would have seen me as a target regardless if I would have shined or not, and then I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to show Canada how I am and who I am? Really I was embarking on this journey to show Canada who I am and I’m happy that I did that. But if I would be able to turn back time, I would have stuck to my strategy and laid low.

Looking back on everything now, how much do you regret being the first houseguest to step off of that ice block in the HoH competition?

Anick: Oh I regret that a lot…that is probably my biggest regret right now. But for some reason I don’t think it would have changed things. I still think I would have been a person going up on the block because Paul did tell me that he saw me as the biggest threat in the house.

Do you know why Paul thought of you as the biggest threat in the house?

Anick: Because I work with energy, and he thought he was the biggest threat because he works with behavioral. He thought I was semi-psychic and that I was able to read people’s thought process. I pretty much told Paul, “Paul, I know you're putting me and Andrew up” and I think that kind of freaked him out because I kind of read his mind.

If you were not evicted and had stayed in the Big Brother house, who would you have seen yourself making an alliance with down the road?

Anick: Eventually, when Andrew would be kicked off the show, I would have liked to align with Kenny because we had a great connection. And I really liked Jon. But you know I base things on an emotional standpoint and in this game you cant do that. I was hoping to win, and going in I was like, ”Yeah, I’m going to win”… You can’t walk into the house thinking you're going to lose. That’s not a good thing, but I never really thought I would win the whole game because I base all my actions on emotions, and in this game you cant do that. You have to be all game. I’ve never been a really good player, I’m always the first on out of any game…including Monopoly, I’m horrible at Monopoly.

The following questions were asked by during our conference call:

The vote was unanimous. Who disappointed you the most by not having your back last night?

Anick: It is a game. I know if they go against the house they will be a big target. I didn’t expect anybody to vote for me if the whole house is voting against me. I expect them to do that. I love Adel. Adel had my back. Adel was one of my favourite people in the house. He wanted me to stay in the house. If it was roles reversed, I would have voted against Adel cause I wouldn’t want a target on my back. So I’m not going to hold it against anybody, but the guys…Kenny, Andrew, Jon, Kyle, Adel and Arlie, all said they were voting for me. Including Sarah. So I did not see this coming, It was a big, big surprise to me.

Do you think there are some people who aren’t really playing and are just going along with what everyone is doing?

Anick: Oh definitely. All the girls are going to be floaters. They don’t have a game at all. Their game is just going to be to lay low but, you know what, they obviously have more game than I do cause I was the first one out. There are definitely a lot of people that are just going with the house cause it’s so early in the show. You don’t know how it’s going to twist and you never know what’s going to happen. Everyone was terrified of this twist, cause we all knew a big twist was going to happen. No one wants to shake the boat. It’s just sad that certain people cant stick up for themselves or for someone that they care about to stay in the house, to keep this love revolution going, you know? And that they were so threatened by me…it’s kind of a sad story.

What did you think about the move that Paul made with the HoH? It’s almost like you are making instant enemies and playing the game really hard, really fast.

Anick: You’re right. You’re right. I did feel that he did that. The people that weren’t on the (ice) block wanted to align together, but it’s so funny when you are in the house. Literally five minutes later there can be a different alliance. You can never ever trust anyone in that house. We were going to stick together and get Paul up. He didn’t really need to make that decision (to have everyone on the ice block align). People could have decided who was HoH without making that decision and that statement. Paul did tell me that he was threatened by me because I work with energies, and he’s a motivational speaker and he just thought that I had way more knowledge about way more than most people. Maybe he planted that seed in everybody’s head.