Andrew nominates Neda and Paul for eviction

March 7, 2014

2:00-3:00 PM: Feeds were down for the nomination ceremony. They briefly returned, which gave us a chance to see that there were some confrontations taking place. Kyle was getting into it with Ika, telling her that he knows that she has been playing him since day one. Meanwhile, Paul was putting a guilt trip on some of the houseguests, such as Sabrina. It was implied that Paul had been nominated, but there was no official confirmation. The feeds then went back down, leaving us with nothing but the commentary of those in the war room. The war room has decided that the guys are running the house, thus they were cheering on the underdogs, Kyle, Adel and Paul, and hoping that they will indeed be the ones to take down those in power.

4:00-5:00 PM: Once the feeds returned, all had calmed down. The houseguests were participating in a series of tasks. Task #1 saw half of the houseguests being blindfolded. The other half had to direct the blindfolded houseguests around, giving them orders in order to clean up what had become a disastrous house. Following the successful completion of this task, they moved on to Task #2 - The Magic Carpet Ride. This Task consisted of having everyone stand on a red sheet, then needing to flip the sheet over in its entirety without letting any body parts touch the floor. It was again a success. Finally, Task #3 required the houseguests to weave a rope through their pant legs and down their shirts, connecting each of them in a big circle. The houseguests were successful. Big Brother told them to expect a “ring” later on in the evening.

5:00-6:00 PM: When the game talk got underway, we were able to find out that Andrew went through with his plan and nominated Paul and Neda for eviction. Kyle and Adel are expecting that whoever wins the PoV will use it on Neda so that either of them can be backdoored. Backdooring Kyle is indeed the plan that was discussed by Andrew and his alliance yesterday. They agreed that there is no good scenario, with their only option to stay safe being that they lose their ally Paul. Kyle and Adel discussed that they would have been better off had they not gone off on people earlier. While the live feeders were unable to see what happened, the two noted that they could not leave Paul hanging and they had no choice but to get into it. Adel, Kyle and Paul had discussed making things difficult on their fellow houseguests yesterday. Adel called Sabrina a cow at some point, which is something that even Kyle found to be crossing the line. He told Adel that they need to be stronger than that. A short while later, Andrew was reiterating to his allies that Kyle needs to go this week.

The feeds proceeded to go down for the remainder of the night, only to return once the houseguests were asleep. The houseguests watched a screening of Divergent, seemingly as their reward for completing the tasks.