The fallout from yesterday continues; Kenny wins the Power of Veto

March 8, 2014

12:00-1:00 PM: Paul has become irritated with the fact that Kyle and Adel are always around him. On multiple occasions today, he has been talking to himself about the desire to distance himself from those two. He acknowledged that the only shot that he has to stay in the game is to have either Kyle or Adel nominated next to him. He said that he will continue to play the mopey and depressed card, while opening up the lines of communication with some other houseguests. He ultimately hopes to see Kyle and Adel continue to stir things up in order to put a bigger target on their backs.

Kyle and Adel remain very frustrated with their fellow houseguests, pointing out that the girls have no chance of beating the guys. They noted that they had blown up the guys entire plan, telling all to the girls, yet they are still blind to what is going on. They continue to joke about their status as outsiders in the house, and have made it clear to Paul that they do not want him sucking up to anyone. While Paul tells them what they want to hear, he has been planting little seeds around the house in hope of getting back in with the bigger group.

The girls of the house had a little meeting up in the HoH room, discussing the events of the past 24 hours. It was revealed that Big Brother had taken down the feeds yesterday in order to protect the houseguests, as their behaviour was getting a bit out of control. We had previously heard about Adel mooing around Sabrina and calling her a cow, but Ika revealed that Adel was singing “started from the ghetto and now we’re here” towards her. Adel later told Kyle and Paul that he was singing that about himself. It was also mentioned that Paul had said a couple of horrible things, which is likely in reference to him calling Andrew racist and sexist following the nomination ceremony.

The girls discussed the need to keep the guys focused on taking out each other, in order to give them a chance to gain the numbers in the near future. Thus, they want to stick with the plan to target Kyle, Adel and Paul. Kyle is the target for this week, with Adel being their preferred target for next week. It was mentioned that some of them feel bad for Paul, but believe that he could work his way back into the group by slowly opening up the lines of communication with them. The girls want to push that those three are direct threats to the guys at this point, while they are not.

2:00-3:00 PM: The war room three were given a task. They had to match each of the houseguests with their description/occupation. They were required to correctly match nine of them in order to win a reward. The reward was said to be the chance to watch a clip from the house with audio. With the help of Big Brother, they eventually successfully completed the task.

Paul, Adel and Kyle had a brief game talk. Paul said that they need to take Andrew out, as he takes leadership and everyone follows him. Kyle added that Andrew and Kenny are the ones running things. Paul then told Kyle that he couldn’t believe that he had called the Newfies (Jon and Kenny) out. Adel told Paul that it was the best move to make. Kyle said that it didn’t matter since they knew that he was after them already. The three remain focused on breaking up Kenny, Jon and Andrew if they are able to get in power. They believe that some of the other houseguests would then be willing to jump ship from the power alliance.

3:00-4:00 PM: Neda spoke to Jon and revealed that her true concern about her nomination is not that she is going home this week but rather that Andrew will now have an easy time nominating her whenever he is HoH. Jon said that he would like to get Andrew out but does not know how to go about it. Neda agreed and pointed out that it would be best for Jon’s game since it would allow him to be even closer to Kenny. Jon felt the same but was concerned that nobody would vote Andrew out if he nominated him. They discussed that someone like Sabrina, that nobody would vote out, would have to be nominated next to Andrew. Neda admitted that she is scared of Sabrina since she has been getting along well with everyone.

4:00-5:00 PM: Arlie, Sarah and Sabrina discussed their First 5 alliance, reiterating their loyalty to each other. Arlie believes that Kenny and Andrew will stay to true to it. He said that Andrew has admitted to being afraid of being played by Heather, so there is no way that he would join her and risk looking bad to his boys back home in the event that she were to screw him over. Arlie explained that he himself has no reason to leave the First 5, given that he has nowhere to go and would be on the bottom anywhere else. He believes that there is no hierarchy within the First 5, as they are all of equal importance. Sarah agreed and said that they are in the best position in the house. She pointed out that Kenny and Andrew have repeatedly said that they are so lucky to have aligned with the only two sane girls in the house.

After Arlie left, Sarah and Sabrina discussed that they need to stay loyal to the First 5 over their alliance with the girls. Sarah said that Sabrina is the only person that she has 100% trust in and that she cannot trust any of the other girls because she knows that Rachelle has a side deal with Kenny and Jon, which Kenny told her about. For this reason, Sarah felt that it was too difficult to trust Rachelle. Sarah told Sabrina that Andrew has such a strong connection with her that he would never go against her. Sabrina agreed and pointed out that Sarah has a similar connection with Kenny. Sarah said that she would have left the house yesterday if she was not 100% sold on the First 5 making it to the end together. Both girls agreed on a rough eviction order of Kyle, Adel, Paul, Heather, Ika, Rachelle and then Jon, leaving the First 5 as the Final 5.

6:00-7:00 PM: Neda, Ika and Rachelle briefly spoke, with Neda informing them that she does not trust Heather at all. Neda believes that they made a mistake by talking game in front of Heather earlier in the day, as she feels as though Heather is just relaying info to the guys. They agreed that Heather cannot be trusted and that they have to be careful around her. There was also concern that Jon is no longer in with the guys cause he did not know that Neda was being nominated.

Shortly after her chat with Rachelle and Neda, Ika filled Heather in on what had been said. Ika let Heather know that Neda and Rachelle were questioning whether or not they could trust her. Heather pointed out that she is only having problems with the girls when Rachelle is around, and that the two of them butting heads causes problems amongst the girls. Heather explained that her hanging around the boys and trying to be close to them is of benefit to the girls, seeing as she can have some influence over them. Ika told Heather that she will fight for her since she does not want her to go. Ika said that they should not vote out a girl at all, even if a guy is HoH. Ika pinky swore that she would not tell Rachelle that Heather believes that she is the reason that she is having a tough time fitting in with the girls. Ika proceeded to tell Sarah that Heather has her head on straight and really wants the girls to stick together.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paul, Adel and Kyle continued to isolate themselves from the group. Paul was still playing it up that he was going home, while Kyle and Adel continuously tried to drill it into his head that Kyle is the true target. Paul asked who it was that was making the decisions. Kyle said that Kenny, Jon and Andrew are running the house, with Heather and Rachelle blindly following them. Kyle warned Paul that the other side will be trying to reel him in by acting as though they saved his life by taking out Kyle over him.

The conversation then began to shine a little more light on what had happened yesterday when Big Brother took the feeds down. Adel revealed that he broke down due to the confrontations that were taking place. It was implied that Sabrina called him a homo and made fun of his religion, though we cannot confirm any of this. Adel noted that he spoke to the psychologist multiple times and that Big Brother had to “change the rules” in order to keep him from leaving, though we have no clue as to what rules were changed or put in place. Sabrina then came into the room to clear the air with Kyle, saying that she does not hate him. Kyle said that it was fine but pointed out that everyone there is just a pawn and that he knows that he is going home. He then told Rachelle that he hopes that she is still in a relationship when she gets home, implying that her man may have left her for getting close with the guys in the house. Sabrina went straight to Kenny and Andrew to inform that Kyle is well aware of the backdoor plan.

9:00-10:00 PM: Things once again got heated when Adel and Kyle went into the bathroom where many of the houseguests were hanging out. Kyle yet again told Sarah and the others that they are all just pawns, as he believes that Andrew, Jon and Kenny are running things. He did acknowledge that he expects Andrew to get picked off, even telling Andrew that there was a plan in place to do so last week. Andrew told Kyle and Adel that they have been playing very personally over the past couple of days. Adel said that it’s just a game and that he is fine with everyone except those that have attacked his character.

Adel made it clear that he was not happy with things that Sabrina had said to him. Sabrina was seen breaking down in the storage room a short while later. She was crying and telling Rachelle that Adel called her a cow, mooed at her and is just so mean, yet he is pretending that she is the reason that he had to see a psychologist. Rachelle tried to calm Sabrina, telling her that the guys are just trying to get under everyone’s skin. Meanwhile, Paul was putting on a show and shouting at Kyle and Adel.

Kyle and Adel were pissed off at Paul for trying to save himself. They felt that he was betraying them and had sold them out. Kyle and Adel could not believe that Paul had sold them out after they had done everything they could to stay loyal, even if it meant hurting their own games. Kyle told Paul that he cannot handle the game, while Adel said that Paul is a liar and not a man of his word. Adel was extremely frusrtrated at this point, taunting production that he will knockout the next person that talks about his religion or sexuality. The other houseguests saw right through Paul, as they immediately discussed that Paul realizes for the first time that he might be safe so he is trying to win his way back into the group.

10:56 PM: Big Brother Canada tweeted that the feeds will be down until further notice. It is possible that the houseguests are receving their reward for completing yesterday's tasks or that they are playing the veto competition.

3:00-4:00 AM: Sabrina was talking to the First 5 about the fact that Ika flipped on her because she accepted Kyle’s apology. Sabrina said that she wants to be civil with him, and it should not be a big deal. The alliance agreed that Ika needs to move up the hit list. As for Paul, everyone was in agreement that he is majorly sucking up. Andrew planned to confront him about it and tell him that they know what is going on, so it’s best to just drop it. Downstairs, Neda and Jon were discussing the hit list. Jon said that he wants Andrew out but would not be in a position to have the votes to take him out if he were to win HoH next week. Ika later apologized to Sabrina for flipping out on her.

4:00-5:00 AM: It was revealed that Kenny had won the Power of Veto. It is expected that he will use it on Neda so that Andrew can nominate Kyle.