Kenny uses the Power of Veto on Neda, Kyle goes up in her place

March 9, 2014

Morning/Afternoon: Sarah was feeling ill this morning and was vomiting. Arlie began freaking out on Big Brother for not giving them any medication for Sarah. His fellow houseguests were not impressed with his behaviour. Andrew and Kenny discussed that Arlie is putting a target on his back by going off on Big Brother. Andrew said that they are a team and will not go back on that, but he is not happy with what Arlie did. Andrew said that he liked the quiet Arlie better. Kenny and Andrew discussed the plan to pull Neda off the block in order to nominate Kyle. Kenny asked what his reasoning should be behind using the Power of Veto. Andrew said to keep it simple by saying that he wants Neda to stay in the house and thinks that she will be beneficial to his game.

At the veto ceremony, Kenny and Andrew went through with things as planned. Kenny used the Power of Veto on Neda, while Andrew nominated Kyle in her place. Either Kyle or Paul will be evicted on Thursday. Kyle remains the target at this point. Kyle had seen this move coming for a number of days now, so he took it in stride when Kenny and Andrew actually went through with it. Kyle said that he is going to leave the game nicely, simply telling Andrew that he respects him but that he needs to make a big move. Kyle, Paul and Adel were talking about what needs to be done in order for Paul and Adel to have any shot in this game. They agreed that Kenny needs to be taken out in order to send everyone scrambling, making it anybody’s game.

The girls were having some drama within their group today. Ika had heard that Sabrina said that she would not necessarily always vote to keep a girl over a guy if one of each were on the block. Sabrina tried to clear things up by saying she only meant that that would be the case right at the end, when everyone has to fend for themselves. Sabrina admitted that she will never nominate Andrew over any other guy. Neda reassured Sabrina that she would vote to evict Jon over the girls, as the girls are her number one priority. While that may be the case for Neda, Sabrina and Sarah remain loyal to their First 5 alliance with Kenny, Andrew and Arlie.

4:00-5:00 PM: The girls discussed that they will be in the majority as long as Adel does not win the next HoH, as he will surely take out a girl. Sabrina told Ika and Neda that she had heard that they no longer trust her because they fear that she will go with the boys. Neda immediately guessed that it was Heather that was saying this. Both Ika and Neda denied it.

Neda was also upset with Heather for telling some of the guys that she had been relaying info to the guys, which is untrue. Sabrina said that they have to pretend that Heather is their friend, but they will not believe what she says about them. A short while later, Heather told Sabrina that Neda is likely the one that spread the rumour that Sarah is the leader of the girls alliance. Sabrina then told Neda, causing even more friction between Heather and the rest of the girls. It has been a common theme around the house to have little trust in Heather, as everyone is finding that everything they tell her gets spread around the house.

5:00-6:00 PM: Kenny told Andrew and Sarah that it is imperative that the First 5 wins the next HoH, as the girls are 100% going to come after he, Andrew or one of the guys. Sarah said that she agrees 100%. Kenny expanded on this thought, saying that if the girls were any sort of smart they would align with Paul and Adel. Sarah asked Kenny if he feels that Rachelle is on his side. Kenny replied by saying “absolutely not”. Kenny also said that he does not trust Heather or Ika one bit. Sarah told the guys that Ika is spearheading the “girl power” train of thought and will turn the girls on the guys.

Kenny, Andrew and Arlie were discussing that it is best for Paul to go home next over Adel. The logic behind that move was that Paul is 100% going to be after Andrew, while it’s possible that Adel will go after the girls. While the First 5 are fearing that the girls will go after the guys, the girls (Rachelle and Neda) were fearing the possibility that the guys would come after the girls next, rather than going after Paul and Adel. Rachelle and Neda were discussing that Jon doesnt appear to be aligned with Kenny and Andrew at this point. While they believe that he wants to be with those two, they don’t think that he is actually on the “in” right now. Neda is worried that Jon is slipping away from her ever since she got put on the block. She felt that he was her closest male ally.

8:00-9:00 PM: Neda and Ika yet again voiced their frustration with Heather. They feel that Heather is repeating what they say and also spreading lies. As for Sabrina, Ika said that she is really playing the game. Neda noted that Sabrina is covered on all sides, as she is in with both the guys and the girls. Neda and Ika were also wondering what’s going on with Jon. They concluded that he is the #3 on the depth chart for the power alliance, behind Kenny and Andrew. That being said, they don’t believe that he is 100% in at this point. Looking ahead to next week, the girls believe that they could be targeted since the guys will fall for Paul playing the card that he is extremely weak.

Heather approached Sabrina to talk about the other girls, particularly Rachelle. Heather was upset that Rachelle did not thank her for cooking her fries and also because Rachelle ate too many of their slop cookies. Sabrina advised her to brush it off, saying that Rachelle does not get as aggravated with Heather as she does with Rachelle. Sabrina relayed Heather’s comments to Rachelle and Ika, which only added to their frustration with her. Elsewhere in the house, Adel got in Andrew's bad books by refusing to wash dishes after Andrew had cooked for everyone. Kenny overheard Andrew saying that he would not do the dishes, and then reported that back to Andrew who proceeded to call out Adel.

9:00-10:00 PM: Andrew told Sabrina that they need to worry about the girls winning HoH and nominating him next to Kenny. Sabrina said that she is in the girls alliance and that Andrew has nothing to worry about. She explained that she has already told the girls that Andrew is the last one that they will nominate. Andrew told Sabrina that she and Kenny are his top two, while Sabrina said that Andrew is her number one. There was talk of a Final 3, with Andrew wanting Kenny to join them and Sabrina wanting Sarah to join them. It was agreed that Arlie will be the first of the “First 5” to go home. After Kyle, Paul and Adel go home, Sabrina would like to see Heather leave because she is dangerous due to her running around and spreading everything. Ika would be the next one on Sabrina’s hit list. Andrew thought that they should send Ika out before Heather due to her excessive scheming.

11:00-12:00 AM: The outsiders, Paul, Adel and Kyle had one of their regular chats. Paul told Adel that they need to sit back and wait for the house to explode. He suggested that it is bound to happen with all of the ladies and egos in the house. In the event that they won HoH, Adel wants to come right out with the fact that they will nominate Kenny and Andrew, with Jon as a potential replacement nominee. Adel feels that this will cause the guys to immediately campaign against each other, which can weaken their relationships. Adel said that he would tell Sabrina that she is no threat to him and that he is going after those that took out his ally (Kyle).

Ika and Neda discussed that Sabrina is in such a good position and that nobody is going to nominate her. The concern was that anyone that gets nominated next to her will go home, especially if it’s one of them. Ika pointed out that Sabrina tells them that she doesn’t like Heather but is nice to her to her face. Ika went on to say that Sabrina uses her skills, such as makeup and cooking abilities, to win people over. Neda pointed out that the only threat to Sabrina is Adel, so Sabrina is shoving it down their throats that they need to get rid of Adel. Ika and Neda were also frustrated that Sabrina knows so much about the game but nobody even thinks twice about it. Neda reiterated that she is loyal to the girls, more so to Ika and Rachelle than to anyone else.

12:00-1:00 AM: After Ika left, Jon pounced on the opportunity to talk to Neda and voiced his hate for Andrew. Jon told Neda that Kenny approached him and said that he hates everyone in the house, even pointing out that Andrew is on a massive power trip. Jon believes that there is a 0% chance that Kenny will stick with Andrew, but he feels that they have to let things run their course and not force him to turn on Andrew too soon. Jon said that both he and Kenny need to have the numbers behind them in order to go after Andrew. Neda noted that Ika could be persuaded to get on board with them. Jon and Neda agreed that they will not be able to act to soon, with Jon stating that you absolutely cannot miss when you do take your eventual shot at Andrew. Jon said that you would have to avoid nominating Andrew initially, hoping that he does not get selected to play for veto, before making him a replacement nominee.

Next up, Jon approached Kenny with his concerns about Andrew. Jon explained that Sabrina and Andrew are becoming awfully close. Kenny was under the belief that Sabrina would side with him over Andrew if it came down to it, but Jon informed him that Sabrina and Andrew were currently holding hands while sleeping. Kenny replied with “no way!” and said that the plot has thickened. Jon then campaigned for the guys to keep Neda around, as he said that she will be a critical vote on their side whenever they need it. Kenny said that there are no plans to take her out. Jon and Kenny agreed that they will be able to get Arlie’s vote whenever they decide to make a move. Both agreed that they need to wait a while to make a move, with Jon suggesting that the right time would be at the Final 5 or Final 6. Kenny agreed and said that’s when they will start cutting ties and making the big moves.

Finally, Jon spoke with Ika. Ika relayed her concerns about Sabrina, again saying that nobody will nominate her cause she is in good with everyone, especially with Andrew. Jon asked if the girls are scared of Andrew, to which Ika replied that nobody is even thinking about going after Andrew. Ika explained that Andrew and Sabrina are so close that Sabrina knew about Andrew’s nominations ahead of time. Jon was frustrated that the guys did not keep him in the loop and let him know that Neda would be nominated. Ika and Jon discussed that they shared a mutual a feeling in terms of not really belonging to a solid group at this point.