Sabrina informs Andrew and Kenny that Jon wants Andrew out; Jon gets injured

March 11, 2014

Morning/Afternoon: Late this afternoon, Jon’s shoulder popped out. He calmly informed his fellow houseguests of what had happened. The houseguests began freaking out and yelling that they need a doctor. The feeds went down for a bit. Jon was taken away for medical attention. He has been gone for a couple of hours now. Prior to the injury, a number of game talks took place. UPDATE: Jon returned a a few hours later with his arm in a sling. Here is the recap:

Sabrina went to Kenny and filled him in on an earlier conversation with Jon. She gave Kenny a heads up that Jon told the girls that they need to start taking out strong players that would affect their game. Sabrina said that Jon pointed out that Andrew and Kenny win everything. Sabrina also relayed Jon’s frustrations with regards to not know that Neda was going to be put up on the block this week. Kenny confirmed that Jon was not kept in the loop in that regard. Sabrina’s final bit of advice was that they should not let Ika get to the jury house, which is something that she began telling her allies yesterday.

Sabrina reported to Andrew and Kenny that Jon has been telling Sarah and Neda that they need to get rid of Andrew. Sabrina also explained that Jon is upset that Kenny is spending more time with Andrew than with him. She said that Jon will not nominate Andrew himself, as he does not want to get any blood on his hands. Andrew said that he no longer wants to share his cigarettes with Jon. Kenny was quick to tell Andrew that he cannot react to it, and has to play it cool in order to avoid giving it away. Andrew told Kenny that they are the biggest targets since they are threats in both a mental and physical sense, but he was surprised that Jon would go against the three man alliance so soon. Kenny later told Sabrina that she should have came to him first with this, as Andrew is getting too worked up over it. Kenny believes that Jon is frustrated that he feels as though he is losing his only boy (Kenny), so he has focused on getting rid of Andrew.

Ika went to Sabrina and told her that Neda is blind to the fact that Jon is in a very tight alliance with Andrew and Kenny. Sabrina agreed with Ika that Jon is very much in an alliance with the boys. Neda then came in the room and said that Kenny and Andrew’s allegiance is to each other, even though Jon is not on the outs with them. Ika is under the impression that Jon, not Andrew, is Kenny’s number one. The girls ultimately agreed that Jon wants them to do his dirty work cause he cannot be the one to take out Andrew on his own. Ika said that the combination of Kenny, Andrew, Jon and Arlie is scary. Neda pointed out that it’s best to stick with the plan and not make a move too soon. Sabrina is still set on taking out Adel next week.

Rachelle, Ika and Neda discussed that Sabrina mentions how Andrew tells her everything, yet she won’t tell them what all Andrew says. They were concerned that Sabrina had said that she will never nominate Andrew. Ika believes that the alliance is Andrew, Kenny, Jon and Arlie, and they have Sabrina as their girl. Ika pointed out that it is scary that the three of them are in the line of fire, while Sarah and Sabrina are not. Ika believes that Sabrina wants the girls to like each other but wants them to like her a bit more. There is a growing concern about the budding friendship between Sabrina and Heather, as the other girls know that Heather is an automatic vote to keep Sabrina. Looking ahead to next week, the girls are convinced that, if the guys win HoH, Adel will be passed over as a target in order to take out a girl.

After talking with the girls, Neda went to Jon to advise him to avoid bringing up Andrew’s name as a target. She also told him to stop saying that he is not close with the guys, as that makes the girls more suspicious of him. Jon informed Neda that Adel and Paul no longer appear to be the targets. He said that it will not be any of the guys going up. Neda was not the least bit surprised. When Rachelle and Ika questioned Neda on what Jon had said, she lied and told them that Jon had said that Adel is for sure going home next week.

7:00-8:00 PM: Sabrina approached Rachelle and informed her that she trusts Ika the least out of the girls. Rachelle said that she feels the same way. Sabrina then said that she wants Ika evicted before jury. Rachelle told Sabrina that the two that she really trusts are her and Sarah, pointing out that Neda is “just there”. Meanwhile, Ika and Neda were outside talking. The girls wished that Kyle was the one staying this week, as they know that he is the only one that would go after the guys.

8:00-9:00 PM: A mini “First 5” meeting took place, with all but Sabrina being present. Sarah informed the group that Ika is definitely the ringleader in terms of being the one that wants to make a big move against the guys. Sarah was worried that the girls will have the numbers once Adel and Paul leave, which will expose her and Sabrina as not actually being with the girls. The guys reassured her that it won’t matter at that point, as their alliance will control things. The guys agreed that Ika and Heather need to be the first girls to go up, while Kenny pointed out that Rachelle is the safest at this point. There was discussion about nominating Paul and Ika next week, with the goal of scaring Ika. Paul would be the target, with Adel or a girl (Ika) being the target the following week. Though Sabrina is not on board with keeping Adel around, Andrew said that they have the numbers to save her if Adel were ever to nominate her. Andrew and Arlie believe that they can pull Adel in once Kyle is gone.

9:00-10:00 PM: Sarah spoke to Kenny and let him know that she calmed Andrew down about having to worry about Jon. Sarah said that she never meant for Sabrina to take that information back to Andrew. Sarah said that she told Andrew that Jon had said that he wants to be in the Final 6 with the First 5. Kenny was happy to hear that Andrew was cooling off a bit. Kenny figured that Jon has been a bit put off by the fact that he has been spending so much time with Andrew this week, as he and Jon were really tight. Both Kenny and Sarah agreed that they wished that Jon had entered the house with them so that he could have been in the First 5 alliance. Sarah let Kenny know that he is the one that she trust the most in the house. Kenny told her that he is happy with where they stand as well.

Jon had returned after a few hours out of the house to get some medical attention. Kyle observed that everyone was very freaked out when Jon had left. He told Adel and Paul that things will be ten times worse if they are able to win HoH and evict either Kenny, Andrew or Jon. Adel and Paul realize that they are in a very tough spot, but believe that they can possibly reel in Arlie if they are able to win the next HoH.

10:00-11:00 PM: Sabrina told Sarah that she has been crushing on Kenny, stating that he reminds her so much of her ex-boyfriend. While she has a crush on Kenny, she has been really close with Andrew as well. Sabrina said that it’s really a combination of the two guys. Sabrina is confused what to think about Kenny, as he told her to “just let it bloom” when she said that she would totally date him at one point in the past. Sarah’s advise was to just let things develop organically and see how things go. Adel, Kyle and Paul were later discussing the budding relationship between Sabrina and Andrew. Sabrina slept next to Andrew last night, so the guys theorized that Andrew is totally going to use Sabrina and take advantage her to better himself in the game.

12:00-1:00 AM: Adel, Kyle and Paul discussed the approach that the underdogs or “The Outsiders” need to take in order to get back into the game. The obvious first step is winning HoH. In the event that they do, Adel wants to bring Sabrina in and have her swear on the bible, on her grandmother and everyone else, as he believes that this would ensure that she would keep them safe for a week. They would then turn their focus to breaking up the guy alliance of Kenny, Andrew and Jon. Adel explained that Kenny needs to be the one to go, as everyone wants Andrew’s head on a platter. He figures that Andrew’s time will come regardless, while Kenny is not only running things but is well more liked. Adel told Paul that they cannot afford to turn on each other under any circumstance.