Plenty of girl drama throughout the day

March 12, 2014

Following some more girl drama, Heather spoke with Neda to clear the air on some things. Heather explained that she does not hate Rachelle and doesn’t even dislike her. Heather said that the two simply did not get along in the beginning, but things are currently improving between the two of them. Heather reiterated that she would not nominate Rachelle if she won HoH. Heather told Neda that the girls need to stick together if they want to survive. Neda agreed. Heather told Neda that she loves her and that she and Ika were her friends from the start.

5:00-6:00 PM: After a relatively quiet day, Sarah snapped on Ika. Sarah had spent a long time preparing some potatoes for the have-nots to eat, as it is the only food that they can eat other than slop. Evidently, Ika (who is not a have-not) had asked Sarah if she could have one. Sarah did not want her to, yet Ika went ahead and ate one anyway. Sarah proceeded to snap, telling Ika that she is such a bitch for eating their food. Sarah went up to the HoH room, where Andrew and Kenny both told her that they loved what she had done. Sabrina also came in and said that she had been thinking it earlier in the day but didn’t have the balls to say it, so she was happy that Sarah did. Kenny, Andrew and Jon later discussed that what had just happened was great, as it put a huge target on Ika's back for being an insensitive bitch.

6:00-7:00 PM: Sabrina approached Ika in order to explain why Sarah reacted the way that she did. Sabrina made it clear that Sarah and the girls are starving and haven’t been able to eat, so it’s tough. Sabrina also pointed out that she has been annoyed with Ika today as well. Sabrina’s advice was that Ika tone down her personality a bit, as she comes off as snappy. While Sabrina thinks that her character would be great in the outside world, she believes that Ika needs to put on more of an act while inside of the Big Brother house. Sarah eventually came by to clear the air. The girls apologized to each other. Ika continued to cry, noting that it is tough to deal with when the only people that you have in the house are yelling at you and calling you a bitch. She explained that nobody came to her to see how she was, pointing out that the only people to talk to her since are Sabrina and Sarah. Ika said that she has the girls’ backs at the end of the day.

7:00-8:00 PM: Andrew had a quick word with Kenny with regards to what had come to light in recent days when Jon began telling people that he wants Andrew out. Andrew asked Kenny to mention to Jon that he had heard about it from the girls, so that he can squash it. Andrew did not want Jon to find out that he had heard about his plans. Kenny said that he would speak with Jon tomorrow, but also made it clear that he doesn’t think that Jon has any intention of going against them.

9:00-10:00 PM: A few of the girls had a quick game talk. Sarah spoke with Ika and Sabrina about the logic behind avoiding making a big move next week. She said that if they take a shot at the big guns then they will be screwed because they will be after them in full force. It was discussed that Adel still needs to go next week. Sabrina told Ika, Rachelle and Neda that there is no way that Andrew would let Adel stay for another week, as he knows that she would be at risk of going home. Little does she know, Andrew, Kenny and Arlie were discussing that Paul needs to go next even though Sabrina will be pissed off about it.

11:00-12:00 AM: Ika spoke with Rachelle to inform her about her conversation with Sabrina. The most notable part of the conversation was that Ika said that Sabrina had brought up how she was the only one there for her after the earlier confrontation. Rachelle apologized for waiting so long to talk to Ika. Ika then went on to discuss how Sabrina is the one that makes others think that she is a bitch by bringing so much attention to it. She was also frustrated that Sabrina creates conflict by telling her what everyone is saying behind her back. The girls agreed that Sabrina just wants them to like her more than they like each other. Rachelle told Ika that she just nods and goes along with what Sabrina says, but doesnt actually chime in since she knows that it would get back to people. Ika and Rachelle mentioned that they are unsure of whether or not Sabrina is actually with the girls alliance. Ika believes that it’s very possible that Sabrina would keep Andrew over her. The girls agreed that the only two girls that are truly safe at this point are Sabrina and Sarah.

12:00-1:00 AM: Rachelle relayed her conversation with Ika to Sabrina. There was plenty of drama that came from it, as Sabrina could not believe that Ika had “lied” about what she had said. Sabrina said over and over and over again that Ika, not her, had brought up that no one but Sabrina and came to speak with her after the confrontation with Sarah. Despite the fact that Sabrina actually did point those things out to Ika, Rachelle said that she believes Sabrina. As Rachelle continued to retell the story, Sabrina found more and more to dispute. She put all the blame on Ika, and even wanted to go call her out on it. Rachelle pleaded with her not to do it, saying that she only came to her because she had 100% trust in her and did not doubt her.

Sabrina then proceeded to go up to the HoH room and cry about what Ika had done. Sabrina explained to Sarah, Arlie, Kenny and Andrew that Ika had been lying about her to Rachelle. She was crying the whole time. Rachelle was also present at the time. The First 5 used this as an opportunity to belittle the girls alliance. The guys, mainly Kenny and Andrew, said that it’s obvious that the girls alliance is having issues, so it’s time for Rachelle to think about joining up with them instead. Kenny quickly chimed in and mentioned that all three of the girls (Rachelle/Sabrina/Sarah) should join them and have something to think about.

1:00-2:00 AM: After the others cleared out of the HoH room, Sabrina, Andrew and Kenny discussed that this whole incident has likely drawn Rachelle in closer to them. It was discussed that the First 5 should make a Final 7, bringing Jon and Rachelle into the mix. All three agreed that it was a good move. They would still remain loyal to the First 5 until the Final 5. At that point, they discussed that Arlie would be the first to go, leaving Sarah, Sabrina, Andrew and Kenny.