One leaves but one enters, as Ika is crowned the new HoH

March 13, 2014

9:00-10:00 PM: During tonight's eviction episode, Kyle was evicted by a vote of 9-1. Adel was the lone vote to evict Paul. Ika went on to win the HoH competition. The final houseguest was revealed and we found out that Canada had voted Allison into the Big Brother Canada house. She is not allowed to tell the houseguests about the secret room or that she has been watching them for the past week. As was shown on the show, her game plan was to pretend that she was unaware that tonight was not the premiere night. Allison acted shocked to hear that the other houseguests had been there for two weeks.

10:00-11:00 PM: When the feeds returned, we saw Adel making a pitch to Ika. He swore on the Quran that he would never nominate Ika and that he would use the Power of Veto on her if it came down to it. Adel said that Paul would be on board with keeping her safe as well. Adel made it clear that he has no intention of leaving Paul hanging, saying that he will stick with him and will not embarrass him. Adel mentioned that he would be interesting in keeping Neda safe as well. He has observed that Neda is being used and he believes that she has no shot in this game if she does not switch sides. It was discussed that Sabrina is in a very good position in the game. Ika said that she cannot trust Sabrina or Rachelle, but Adel advised her not to worry about Rachelle as it is Sarah that is Sabrina’s best friend.

Elsewhere, the other girls were chatting about Allison. Rachelle asked what they should tell her. Sabrina quickly replied with “Nothing!”. Sabrina believes that Allison knows more than she is letting on. She is also annoyed that Heather has been quick to get in Allison’s ear and tell her stories about the other girls. When Ika entered the room, Sabrina asked if she was still going through with the plan to nominate Adel and Paul. Ika gave a quick “Yep” in response, but it was less than convincing. Sabrina could tell that the wheels were turning inside of Ika’s head, so she pressed her for more. Ika said that Sabrina wouldn’t like “it”. It was implied that Adel and Paul may not be Ika’s true targets, but she refused to get into the specifics. When Sabrina questioned Ika about her chat with Adel, Ika said that Adel did not talk any game with her.

Ika and Neda made time for a quick chat, where it was revealed that Paul and Adel may not be the true targets after all. Neda pointed out that Sabrina will never nominate Andrew, which will prevent her from being 100% loyal to the girls, so she wants Andrew to go. Ika was more focused on getting rid of Kenny, the one that she views as the #1 on that side of the house. Ika suggested that it would be smart for them to align with Paul and Adel in order to get rid of one of the big boys. Ika reassured Neda that Jon is not on her radar. The girls agreed to talk more once Ika gets her HoH room.

Sarah and Sabrina chatted to discuss if the First 5 is still a go now that Allison has entered the house. Sarah said that she had spoken with the guys and that they had said that it would make no sense to divert from the plan at this point. Sarah was concerned about the possibility of a showmance between Kenny and Allison, which could damage the First 5 alliance. Ika eventually joined the conversation. Once Sabrina left, Ika reassured Sarah that she would be 100% good this week. Sarah said that it is important that they stick together or else they will be screwed.

12:00-1:00 AM: Sabrina told Ika that going after Paul and Adel is the move that would be best for her game, noting that it’s best not to do anything crazy right now. Ika suggested that Kenny would be a good target, but Sabrina didn’t like the sound of that. Ika countered by saying that it would be wise for the girls to align with Paul and Adel in order to get rid of the guys, at which point they can turn on Paul and Adel. Sabrina then said that they needed to go talk to Adel. Sabrina immediately questioned whether or not Adel would nominate her and Ika. Adel explained that it is a game and that Sabrina is no threat to him.

Though Sabrina was hardly satisfied with the answer, she changed the focus to Adel calling her a cow. She said that she could not talk to him because of it. Adel denied ever having done such a thing, saying that Sabrina was so convinced that he had done it that he knew that he was screwed and just had some fun with it by mooing. With Ika right next to her, Sabrina mentioned that it may have been Ika that had told her that Adel called her a cow. Ika was not impressed to be thrown under the bus like that. The two girls then went to speak with Paul in order to ask him if Adel had called Sabrina a cow. Paul said that he did. This led Ika to conclude that Paul cannot be trusted, as he threw Adel under the bus after he had stood by Paul through everything all along. Ika then told Sabrina and Rachelle that she was considering making a different move but now needs to go after Adel and Paul due to what had just transpired.

1:00-2:00 AM: Evidently, word had spread that Ika was considering making a big move. Kenny spoke with Jon and informed him that Sabrina made it sound like it is a 100% done deal that Ika is now aligned with Adel and Paul and plans on nominating he and Andrew. Ika had spoken with Jon earlier in the evening. She told him that he was 100% safe. He didn’t believe that Ika would really go through with nominating Andrew and Kenny. The two agreed that it was best to let things go for the night. Jon said that he can get through to Ika tomorrow, either directly or through Neda.

Ika eventually spoke to Kenny and Arlie. Kenny straight up asked her what she was thinking. She said that she was nominating Adel and Paul, as she could not trust Paul. She went on to explain that Paul threw Adel under the bus. Kenny and Andrew talked over the possibility of being nominated. Both agreed that it would only end up being bad news for Ika if she went through with it. They hoped that Ika would be stupid enough to nominate them both together so that one of them could win the veto and then they could use their numbers in order to assure that they both remain in the house.

Andrew and Kenny had a chance to catch up with Jon a little later as well. Andrew told them that he thinks that they have another vote on their side now; that being Allison. Kenny agreed and said that Andrew had done some work there. Allison was glued to Andrew’s side for most of the night. Kenny did a little work of his own, giving Sabrina a brief kiss. Sabrina proceeded to talk about it to numerous houseguests, as she debated whether or not to try to make a move on him. Kenny told the boys that what he did was a calculated game move. While Kenny still had a gut feeling that he and Andrew would be nominated, the guys agreed that it was best to act as though everything is fine. They decided to regroup tomorrow and figure out a plan from there.

2:00-3:00 AM: Ika called Paul out for throwing Adel under the bus. Ika explained that it is so hard to trust him after he did that, as he could easily go on to do the same to her. Ika, Sabrina and Adel then went on to have a lengthy chat, though most of it could not be heard due to there being no audio on the feeds. Based on what we did hear, it was more of the same with Ika explaining why Paul cannot be trusted and with Adel explaining that taking out Paul is a complete waste of an HoH. Adel continued to pitch that the game will not change and that the dominant guys will continue to roll through them if they end up evicting Paul this week. Adel made it clear that both he and Paul have burned their bridges with the guys and have no choice but to stick with the girls.