Ika looks to target Paul, but is open to changing that

March 14, 2014

11:00-12:00 PM: Ika let Sabrina, Rachelle and Neda know that no matter what happened and what was said between them, she will never put them up on the block. Ika explained that her allegiance will remain to the girls, not the boys, 100%. The girls agreed that they can no longer talk to each other about the girls unless they are present, as they didn’t want it to become a game of telephone. The girls discussed what was going on with Allison, wondering why she was there. Neda said that Canada may have voted her in. The girls hoped that Allison would be evicted once her week of immunity runs out, but they believe that the guys are going to want to keep her around.

Ika and Sabrina had a one on one conversation in which Ika informed Sabrina that she does not like Rachelle. That being said, Ika wants to continue to work with her. Ika said that after seeing how Paul is, she knows that she cannot trust him. She said that it would have been nice to work with Adel and Paul in order to pick off the strong guys, but Paul just cannot be trusted. Ika revealed that her original plan was to nominate Paul and Adel with a plan to backdoor Kenny. Ika told Sabrina that she will be nominating Adel and Paul. Ika believes that Paul needs to go. She feels that Adel runs his mouth and keeps his thoughts out in the open, while Paul acts very sneakily. Sabrina acknowledged that Paul plays very viciously, opting to sell people out whenever he needs to.

12:00-1:00 PM: Ika had quick chats with Jon and Arlie. She told both of them that they will be safe. She made it clear that she cannot trust Paul any longer. It was said that Paul and Adel will be nominated. Sarah, Sabrina and Andrew we discussing how Ika being HoH and Allison entering the house will impact the First 5. Sarah explained that they will have the numbers to save their fellow First 5 members as long as two of them don’t end up being on the block together on Thursday night. Sabrina mentioned that Ika’s original plan was to backdoor Kenny. Sarah said that the lines will be drawn in the sand if they are forced to vote to keep Kenny, but they will be able to do so. Sarah and Sabrina agreed that they would also like to protect Rachelle and Jon for as long as possible, up until the point that it hurts the First 5 to do so any longer. Sarah and Sabrina said that Paul or Adel need to go home this week, followed by Ika next week. In the event that Ika were to win the veto, they decided that it would be best to backdoor Heather.

4:00-5:00 PM: The feeds returned following the have-not competition. Jon, Paul and Allison are have-nots this week. It didn’t take long for the game talk to get going again. Ika informed Neda, Rachelle, Sarah and Sabrina about her plan to nominate Adel and Paul for eviction this week. Ika explained that she feels as though Paul needs to be the one to go. She said that Adel swore on the Quran so she cannot see him going back on his word. Sabrina was still worried about leaving Adel in the game. The girls asked what would happen if Paul were to win the veto. Ika was unsure at this point. Sabrina asked if it was possible that she would backdoor Heather. Ika believe that it would be a dumb move because Heather is a vote for the girls. In the even that a girl ended up on the block next to a guy, Ika thinks that the girl would automatically have Heather’s vote.

5:00-6:00 PM: As has been the case most days this season, there was drama between the girls. Ika was unhappy with an earlier incident in which Rachelle betrayed her trust, so she told her that she will work with her but does not want to be friends with her. Rachelle as stunned and wanted an explanation. Ika didn’t want to go into details. She simply said that once you betray me, you are dead, you are done, and there is no coming back. After Rachelle continued to press Ika for more, Ika explained that when she vets to Neda it never gets back to her. On the other hand, when she has vented to Rachelle it has gotten back to her. The girls all agreed that they need to stop talking about each other behind each other’s backs if this alliance is to work.

6:00-7:00 PM: Neda and Rachelle discussed that Allison is someone that needs to go in the near future, perhaps as soon as her one week of immunity is up. Neda said that Allison really sketches her out because she is already so close with all of the guys. Rachelle said that she has yet to make an effort to speak with the girls. Neda expects that Allison will stick around for a while, seeing as the guys will not get rid of her.

Paul went to the HoH room to speak with Ika in order to try to keep himself off of the block. Ika continuously told him that she cannot trust him after he threw Adel under the bus last night, even though Adel was the person that had been there for him through everything. Paul tried to justify it and explain his actions, but Ika was having none of it. Ika said that Adel showed the kind of loyalty that you cannot buy in this game, so it was admirable and made him earn her respect. Ika told Paul that he is going to be nominated as of this moment. Paul then asked if Ika could at least give him a fighting chance by keeping Adel off of the block. Ika asked Paul who he wants nominated next to him. He listed off Andrew, Kenny and Heather as possibilities.

7:00-8:00 PM: Adel yet again put his offer for Ika on the table. He swore on the Quran that he will use the veto on Ika every time that she needs it. He also said that he would not nominate her if he wins HoH. Adel pleaded with Ika to refrain from nominating him, even as a pawn, as he feels as though it would be too easy for the rest of the house to decide to wait until next week to evict Paul. Ika would not commit to keeping Adel off the block but did not rule it out either.

8:00-9:00 PM: Ika told Sabrina, Neda and Rachelle that she is thinking that she will nominate Paul and then use Heather as a pawn. Ika said that she would bring all of the girls in the room in order to see if anyone volunteers to be a pawn. When no one does, she will tell Heather that she is the most likeable and thus she is the best option. In the event that someone comes off the block, she is considering nominating Adel. Ika is willing to consider the possibility of taking Heather out in the event that Paul and Adel swear that their allegiance to the girls. Ika said that Paul and Adel are two votes that could be used by their side while Heather is only one. The girls were all unsure of whether or not Paul could be trusted, so this plan is very much up in the air, even if Paul were willing to swear on everything.

9:00-10:00 PM: Ika, Neda, Sarah and Rachelle met to discuss whether or not they should nominate Heather or Adel alongside of Paul. Neda said that it is not smart to alienate another girl, as they have already lost Allison to the guys. Ika suggested that Heather would be staying regardless, though it would leave the door open to evicting her if she starts anything in the coming days. Heather has said that she is not trying to win HoH, so Ika figures that it would be more beneficial to have Adel and possibly even Paul on their side and fighting to win HoH to keep them safe. Sarah brought up another point in favour of nominating Heather, saying that it may make the guys feel less of a need to bring in Heather if they feel that the girls are not solid. Sarah also said that Heather is somewhat threatening since she would be an ideal candidate for the guys to bring to the end. It was eventually settled that Ika would nominate Heather and Paul. She decided to tell the guys in hope of gaining their trust.

10:00-11:00 PM: Ika gathered the girls in the HoH room to stage a conversation in which she asked if anyone would volunteer as a pawn. Heather was the only one that did not know that the conversation was coming. Ika eliminated Sarah because the guys may target her since she is the rumoured ringleader of the girls. She also eliminated Neda because she was nominated last week. That left her with a choice between Heather, Sabrina and Rachelle. Ika eventually asked if Heather felt comfortable being a pawn. Heather said no. She felt that it would be easy for the house to change their mind and keep Paul for another week.

Heather eventually had a one on one chat with Ika to voice her concerns about being used as a pawn. Heather felt that the guys would then find it easy to use her as a pawn again. She was also concerned that she is not as in with the girls as the other girls are. Ika explained that Heather is the most in control of her emotions out of the girls, so she knows that she would handle the situation the best. Heather acknowledged that it is a logical move and would be the best time to be a pawn. Ika tried to play it up that no one would suspect that the two of them were so close after this. In the end, Heather knew that she was going to be nominated but said that she will not say that she wants to be a pawn. She also asked that Ika tell the others that she, not Heather, made the decision. Ika agreed. Finally, she wanted reassurance from the guys that they would not vote her out.

11:00-12:00 AM: Heather informed Jon about Ika’s plan, as she was unaware that Ika had already told him what was going on. Jon reassured her that she has nothing to worry about and that he will fight for the veto for her. Heather then made her way outside to the girls. They all promised her safety. Heather was hoping that the veto would be used on her no matter what. She was disappointed to find out that this would not be the case. Ika wants her nominations to stay the same to ensure that Paul goes home. Heather felt that it was risky, but everyone swore that they would vote to keep her. She then got reassurances from Arlie, Kenny and Andrew. Looking ahead to next week, Sarah, Sabrina, Rachelle, Neda and, to some extent, Ika, agreed that it would be best to get rid of Allison. She has spent her 24 hours in the house stuck by Andrew and Kenny’s side. Sarah pointed out that they it would be smart to get rid of her before it gets to a point where the guys really trust her.