The houseguests are given a rewarding task

March 16, 2014

11:00-12:00 PM: Arisa had informed us that there would be a task upcoming on Sunday that would involve the fans. Today, Ika was put in charge of revealing the task to her fellow houseguests. She explained that the houseguests need to do whatever they can to stand out over the next 12 hours, in order to be seen as the most “buzzworthy” houseguest. Canada will observe and vote throughout the day. The houseguests were given a camera to take pictures and record a 15 second video to use to try to gain votes. The prize for the winner of the task was said to be a special power for use in the game as well as news from the outside world.

The houseguests have taken many different approaches to the task. Arlie started things off by streaking. Jon has been wearing a dress and been twerking. Kenny stripped down to his underwear and oiled his whole body up.

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Voting was open on March 16th from 11 AM ET until 11 PM ET. Big Brother informed the houseguests that the winner will be announced on Monday March 17th.

3:00-4:00 PM: The task took the houseguests’ minds off of the game, making for very little game talk throughout the day. The one main talk was between Paul and Adel. Paul said that Ika had been continuously telling him that he is going home, so many times that he is starting not to believe it anymore. Paul’s theory is that something big is going to go down at the veto ceremony. Paul is expecting that Ika will use the veto and will nominate Andrew. Adel wasn’t so sure about that. He pointed out that while Sabrina and Sarah see the opportunity to take out one of the boys, they don’t seem to be taking it. Paul hopes that Andrew is the one to go, as he feels as though he can work his way back into the game once Andrew is gone. He explained that nobody will see him as a threat at that point.

7:00-8:00 PM: Neda told Jon that she is scared that the guys want Ika out, then the target will shift to her after Ika leaves. Jon told her not worry. He said that Kenny is running shit and he has a lot of pull with Kenny. Neda was also worried that the guys will not actually vote Paul out next week. Jon informed her that the guys may even be trying to sway a girl to change her vote this week in order to save Heather. Neda said that she would be so pissed off if that happened, cause then Heather would know that Neda voted to evict her and would come after her. Jon clarified that it’s not a certainty that the guys will try to go through with that plan.

Jon told Neda that he thinks that he can have some pull in convincing the guys to keep Paul there for another week. Neda didn’t understand why the guys would try to flip the vote after everyone in the HoH room had promised to get rid of him next week, last night. Neda said that the girls would be more likely to target the guys than to target Adel and Heather if the guys decided to keep Heather this week. Arlie joined in on the conversation for a minute. He said that he doesn’t care if Heather is the one to go, since it’s Ika’s HoH, but said that he cannot vote against her since he promised on everything that he would keep her safe. Ika and the girls were already aware of this, so it was not an issue.

After Arlie left, Jon told Neda that Kenny had overheard Ika and Adel talking and heard that they are aligned. Jon wondered if that concerned Neda in terms of keeping Paul around. Neda didn’t think that it would be a big deal. She explained that the girls are all 100% on board with getting rid of Paul next week. Jon agreed to do whatever he could to ensure that the guys target Heather this week, and said that he would let Neda what is going on the night before the eviction.

9:00-10:00 PM: Heather and Ika had a lengthy conversation about the upcoming eviction, centring around Heather trying to convince Ika to backdoor Kenny. While Ika had been open to evicting Kenny just a few nights ago, she was concerned that she would become an instant target if she were to take out a strong player such as Kenny. She also said that she told Kenny that he was not going up, so she doesn’t want it to look like her word means nothing. That being said, Ika did point out that it may be the right time to take out a strong player since Jon is injured, and thus she would only have to worry about Andrew coming after her.

Heather told Ika that she would fight for her to stay in the house if she were to get Kenny out. Ika was worried that Allison, Jon and Andrew would team up if Kenny was gone, and would all be coming after her. Ika also felt as though the stronger players would feel the need to start playing even harder if she took one of them out, but she did acknowledge that the alliance needs to be broken up. She still went back to saying that she doesn’t want to become a target by evicting Kenny. Heather explained to her that Andrew is going to be after her anyway, at which point Ika acknowledged that it may be a good idea to get rid of Kenny if she is a target either way. Ika told Heather not to mention any of this to anyone, cause they are just discussing things.

10:00-11:00 PM: After speaking with Heather, Ika immediately went to Sabrina and told her that she wants Kenny out of there. She said that Jon is injured so the only person that could come after her would be Andrew. Sabrina told her that she shouldn’t do it and that it’s not the right time. Ika gave in and said that it was “just a thought”.

11:00-12:00 AM: Ika, Neda, Sabrina and Jon had a conversation about Allison. They found it odd that she is doing nothing but spending time with Andrew. Sabrina is upset that Allison has taken Andrew away from her. She pointed out that she used to be that person. She wants Allison to be the next to go. Neda said that Paul still needs to go next or else he will coast on to jury, at which point people will take him to the end cause they know that they can beat him. Sabrina still wanted to get rid of Allison as soon as possible. There was some speculation that Allison could be a saboteur since she is doing nothing game wise and Arlie’s cigarettes all went missing the night after she arrived.

1:00-2:00 AM: Sabrina confronted Andrew about the whole Allison thing. She has made it quite clear that she is jealous that she was so close to Andrew before Allison got there, yet now he is only spending time with Allison. Andrew asked her to give him a day to make things right and show her that he can change. Sabrina said not to bother and that she is ready to wake up and focus on the game again. Sabrina told Andrew that his girlfriend is going to have to go home. Andrew said that it’s fine because his loyalty has and always will be to the First 5 alliance. Sabrina told Andrew that Allison has a boyfriend, saying it slipped out during her talk with Allison. Sabrina made Andrew swear not to bring it up. Andrew swore not to.

The veto ceremony is expected to take place tomorrow.