The Power of Veto goes unused; Adel wins "Most Buzzworthy Houseguest"

March 17, 2014

12:00-1:00 PM: The veto ceremony took place. Ika chose not to use the Power of Veto, meaning that Paul and Heather remain nominated. Sabrina told Ika that she rolled her eyes at Kenny during the ceremony, as if to imply that she wished that she could be nominating him. Ika was unaware that she had done that, but Sabrina said that Kenny didn’t see anyway. Neda was concerned about the possibility of Heather still staying if the guys won’t vote her out. Ika said that she will talk to Adel and have him vote with the girls. Sarah said to let Adel know that the girls promise not to nominate him. As long as they had his vote, the worst case scenario would be a 5-5 tie and Ika would send Heather home. That being said, Sarah believes that the guys are fully on board with evicting Heather. Sabrina is also confident that Allison will vote to evict Heather.

Ika told Adel that they don’t have all of the votes to keep Paul, but they will be able to keep him as long as he votes to evict Heather. Adel was on board to evict Heather. He said that he is going after the strong guys with all his heart. Ika requested that Adel not inform Paul. She said that Heather has no idea that she is going home. Adel said that if Paul stays he will explain to him that Ika proved that she can be trusted, hoping that Paul will stick with them. Ika informed Adel that he and Paul will be nominated next week if they don’t win HoH. She said that Paul is the target anyway though.

Ika informed Adel that she would have backdoored Kenny if she had the backing behind her. Adel said that he and Paul will do anything in their power to take Kenny and Andrew out. Adel agreed that it would have been too early for Ika to make that big move at this point, but he has nothing to lose. Adel called Andrew a “true powerhouse”, and stated that he has to get him out. He said that he can’t wait to see their faces when he puts them up. Adel said that he wants Kenny to go first, as Andrew is dumb and everyone is after him already.

2:00-3:00 PM: Neda, Rachelle and Ika discussed what will happen in the weeks ahead. Ika said that she doesn’t think that the guys will come after the girls next week now that she didn’t put any of them up. Ika said that Kenny’s time will come again. She figured that the other girls would be too scared to go after Kenny, but she said that she wants to be the one to do it anyway. Rachelle said that they promised to take Paul out. Ika countered that by saying that doing that will only strengthen the guys alliance. Neda and Rachelle agreed that they would rather target Allison than Paul.

Ika informed Paul that they have votes to save him from Sarah, Rachelle, Sabrina, Neda and Adel. She said that she will be the tie breaking vote. Ika asked Paul if she can trust him to not let this leak. Paul said that he is prepared to go, but Ika’s word will be solidified if this goes through and he ends up staying. Paul asked why Ika is telling Heather that she is a pawn. Ika said that she did not want Heather to go off.

Ika also explained that the guys put up a fight to try to get her to change her mind and evict Paul instead, specifically noting that Kenny and Andrew were against keeping him. Ika told Paul that the girls still do not trust him and have reason for it, but she is HoH and they are going to do what she wants. Ika asked Paul to at least show him a little bit of loyalty. Paul said that Ika will have he and Adel until the bitter end if he ends up staying. Ika informed Paul that everyone swore that Paul would go next week, so she told him that he or Adel need to win HoH in order to keep him in the game past that point.

5:00-6:00 PM: We found out that Adel had won yesterday’s task, being voted the “Most Buzzworthy Houseguest” by Canada. In addition to a power that Adel said that he wishes to keep a secret, Adel received news from the outside world. He began to share some of the news with the houseguests before the feeds cut. He was told that Canada won gold in both men’s and women’s Olympic hockey. He also told them than John Tavares got injured in the Olympics and is out for the season because of it. Finally, he informed them that Roberto Luongo was traded to Florida and Ales Hemsky was traded to Ottawa.

Kenny was upset that he had not won the task. Ika and the girls discussed that he had been crying. Ika was happy that Adel won, stating that she would have been happy as long as anyone but Kenny won. Kenny had been crying. Ika said that this is not The Kenny Show. The other girls didn’t mind that Adel won. Their only concern was that the guys would use this as an opportunity to reel Adel in so that they could use his power.

7:00-8:00 PM: Neda is concerned that the guys are going to fight tooth and nail in order to get Heather to stay over Paul. Ika was not as concerned, feeling that they have five votes secured. This would guarantee that she gets a chance to break a tie at worst. Ika reiterated the need to keep Paul and Adel in the game. She said that they need to take Adel as far as they can. Neda agreed. She thought that the guys would even refrain from nominating him, opting to go after the girls instead. Ika said that at least Adel is a vote for their side. Ika told Neda that she is the last girl that she would ever nominate, as she needs her in the game. She swore to God that Neda is the girl that she wants there the most. Ika said that she would definitely keep Rachelle over Sarah or Sabrina, seeing as Sarah and Sabrina are very tight.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paul went to Ika to check in with her. Ika said that Allison had agreed to vote to evict Heather. She said that she was proud of him for not spilling anything yet, as nothing had gotten back to her. Paul was concerned that the guys would try to tell her that he had been telling them stuff, as it is clear that they do not want him in the house. Ika said that it wont bother her if she sees him talking to people. Paul said that the two of them need to stick together with Adel, cause the whole house may turn against the three of them. Ika said that she is not going to pretend that she knows that she can trust Paul, cause she doesn’t know that, but they are getting there. Paul agreed. Paul told Ika that Adel would be coming to her to discuss the info that he got, presumably from his power. Paul said that it will be very valuable to the three of them. He said that they need to make it sound bigger than it is, as that can be something that they can use to their advantage to prevent others from coming after them.

10:00-11:00 PM: Adel and Ika continues to solidify their bond in the game. They agreed that they need each other and Paul in the game. Ika said that nobody can know about the three of them. While none of this can be 100% confirmed until Wednesday’s episode airs, Adel then revealed the power that he got for being voted the “Most Buzzworthy Houseguest”. He said that he is allowed to replace one of the randomly chosen players in the veto competition. He said that the power lasts “forever”. Adel and Ika agreed that it’s best for Adel to lie about what his power is. He is going to leak false information about it. He is going to say that he got “Canada’s Veto” and can use the veto AFTER the replacement nominee is named at the veto ceremony. He plans to say that it lasts only two weeks. He said that telling Sabrina about it would make it get across the house, seeing as she has the biggest mouth in the house.

Adel also claims to have seen tweets, including one that said “Congratulations Adel. You are the only one that sees right through Sabrina”. He told this to Ika but told the other houseguests that he only saw tweets from family members. He later told Paul that the tweets were from his sister, the girl he wants to marry, his brother in law and the fans. Looking ahead to next week, Adel said that he (and Paul) would nominate Kenny and Andrew. He hopes that Andrew would win the veto, then he would nominate a “safe” girl in order to ensure that Kenny leaves. He said that it would have to be Sarah that goes up as the replacement nominee.

Sarah, Andrew, Kenny and Arlie talked about Adel’s power. Andrew said that Adel may have a Diamond PoV, so it would be best to force him to use it as soon as possible, maybe by nominating him next week. Andrew said that they should nominate Adel with Paul. Kenny believed that it would be better to backdoor Adel in order to make him feel as though he is the true target, which would then make him even more likely to use his power. There was also talk about Allison. Sarah said that she did not want to let her go just yet, as she thinks that it would be best to get her to jury.

Adel and Paul had a lengthy game talk. Adel explained to Paul that he was planning on lying about his power, just as he had told Ika. Adel said that he would use his power if there is an opportunity to replace Kenny or Andrew in the veto competition, otherwise he would save it. Adel was ecstatic that he had be selected by Canada to win the task. He believed that it means that he will have a very good chance of winning anything that Canada votes on in the future, as will Paul. He figures that Canada is behind him cause they want to see him make a big move. Adel told Paul that Ika is 100% with them. He said that they are trying to pull Neda in, even though he feels that she is a weak player. Adel suggested that Paul poke at Andrew when nobody is around. He figures that Andrew will then fight back even harder in front of everyone, which will only make Andrew look worse to the others.

11:00-12:00 AM: The majority of the houseguests were chatting in the HoH room. They were speculating about Adel’s power. Afterwards, Sabrina told Andrew that they should not be talking about the power in front of Ika, seeing as Adel and Ika are working together. Before the HoH talk broke up, Jon informed the houseguests that Paul had said “now that I know what I know, it’s on boy”. This led Jon to believe that someone had told Paul that he is safe. Adel was questioned about it but denied having any part in it. Ika was furious at Paul. She told Adel that Paul cannot be trusted and she cannot believe that he is incapable of keeping his mouth shut for one second.

Kenny told the First 5 that is necessary for them to stop hanging out so much cause people are going to catch on. His main concern was that they were losing Jon. Kenny suggested that the others get closer with Jon and hang out with him when Kenny is not around. Sabrina pointed out that Neda has said that Jon does not like Andrew. Kenny had Jon’s back and said that even though Jon thinks that he is going to Final 2 with him, he has never said such a thing. He played it off as though Neda made it up, even though Kenny knows that Jon is eventually after Andrew. The first 5 agreed that Ika and Adel need to be nominated if Kenny or Andrew win HoH. They want Adel to be forced to use his power.

12:00-1:00 AM: Adel told Sabrina that he is furious with Paul and cannot believe that he keeps getting blamed for weird shit. Adel went on to tell Paul to shut the fuck up cause he just gets into more trouble whenever he hangs out with him. Ika spoke with Sabrina and Rachelle, informing them that she was the one that told Paul that he was safe. She said that they had discussed doing so in order to prevent Paul from doing something stupid cause he thought he was leaving. Ika eventually went to Adel and told him that she believes him that he didnt tell Paul anything.

Adel and Arlie had a huge game talk, with Arlie seemingly revealing plenty of info. Adel told Arlie that he had won Canada’s veto, which gives him the power to use a veto after the veto ceremony concludes. He further explained that he can essentially backdoor someone with the power. Arlie informed Adel that he wants to work with him deep into the game. He said that he wants them to trust each other and to talk strategically. Arlie explained that he has info but doesn’t want to share it yet, as he is working on masterminding something big. Arlie claimed to intentionally coming off a pussy, but said that he does not intend to play like one the whole way. He told Adel that this is the first talk like this that he has ever had in the game.

Arlie said that Adel could use his power to his advantage to backdoor a power player. Arlie said that it would be amazing. Adel said that that’s his plan. Adel revealed that his target is Kenny, not Andrew. Arlie said that he is down, as Kenny is the scariest one in the game. Arlie said that he is down with a big move no matter how close he may be to the person. Arlie also revealed his frustration with Andrew, saying that Andrew never runs anything by his alliance members. Arlie told Adel that he did right by trusting him. Arlie said that he trusts Adel more than anyone. Adel said that he doesn’t plan on chilling with Arlie for a couple of weeks until they make a power move, but wanted him to know that he and Paul both really want to take Kenny out of the game.

Ika told Adel that they will need to do damage control because of Paul. Ika let Adel know that Sabrina knows that she is the one that told Paul that he was safe. Even though she cannot trust Paul, Ika made it clear that she will not play emotionally cause she knows that they need his vote. Adel then began to reveal his entire conversation with Arlie. Adel said that he really does trust Arlie, seeing as they have been sharing a bed since Day 1. Adel mentioned that Arlie had pointed out that no one in his alliances had ever come to him to say that Adel had said something, so he feels that there is a mutual trust. Ika was glad to hear that Arlie is on board with making a power move in the near future. She said that she would have backdoored Kenny had she not thought that he was with the guys. She pointed out that he is always going out for a smoke with the guys, so she has refrained from talking much game with Arlie to this point.

Adel and Ika agreed that Adel should leak news of his power to Jon. He will tell him the same thing that he told Adel, that it is a “Canada’s Veto”. Adel intends on telling Jon that he really wants to work with him, so he is sharing this info with him. The goal of this all is to have the information leak back to the boys so that they may be afraid to come after Adel.