The vote is up in the air; Arlie prepares for the demise of the First 5

March 18, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Sarah told Kenny that she was leaning towards keeping Heather, cause she feels that it is dangerous for the First 5 to keep both Adel and Paul in the house. Sarah was worried that she would be exposed if she voted Paul out. Kenny said that she doesn’t have to tell anyone, not even Sabrina. Sarah agreed and said that she feels as though she is at the bottom of the girls’ alliance anyway. She told Kenny that she will take the next couple of days to think about it. Andrew and Arlie then got to work on Sarah. Andrew told her that all it takes to save Heather is for her to change her vote and deny that she had done so. Again, she said that they have two days to think it over.

10:00-11:00 AM: Arlie told Sarah that she has the opportunity to take Paul out, and it would be of benefit to his game. That being said, he told her that she would be putting herself at risk in the game. He explained that he did not want to lose her as it would hurt his long term game. Sarah then wondered if she should try to convince more than one person to flip and vote out Paul, or if she should stick to the plan and hope that the First 5 is strong enough to battle through this. Sarah said that she has some concerns about whether or not she and Sabrina were smart to align with three powerful guys. She pointed out that the positive side of it is that the guys know that they can trust them and that they would be smart to take them to the end cause they could beat them.

Sarah said that she was scared that the others have backup plans in the event that the First 5 fails, while she is on her own if they fail. Arlie said that he will not go against the First 5 but he is very successfully putting together a backup plan just in case. He said that Sarah is at the top of his list for it, cause he knows that they share a great trust in one another. Arlie feels as though Sabrina has a million backup plans, likely on purpose.

1:00-2:00 PM: Andrew and Kenny agreed that they need either Sabrina or Sarah to to flip their vote in order to get Paul out of the house. Andrew said that Sabrina will fight it, so they need a group discussion with the First 5 alliance. Andrew suggested that Kenny be the one to bring it up to Sabrina. They agreed that it would be best to have just one person flip their vote, otherwise the First 5 would become too obvious. Andrew said that Adel and Ika are dangerous enough on their own, so they don’t need Paul with them as well. Andrew wants to take Ika out next. Andrew said that evicting Paul is the only decision for he and Kenny, cause they will be the targets from here on out. Andrew feels that Sabrina needs to understand that even though she is the biggest player on the girls’ side, she will be done if he and Kenny are gone. They agreed that Sabrina is smart but noted that she is way too emotional and it stresses them out.

Sarah spoke with Sabrina about potential ways to get Paul out of the house. Sarah said that she is already on the outs, so she could just flip her vote. Sabrina was concerned that Heather would be after her if she stayed. Sarah felt that it may be a good idea to tell Ika that everyone sees her as being with Paul and Adel, so they are going to come after her if Paul stays. Sabrina said that the biggest mistake in the game was keeping Ika over Anick. Ika joined the conversation and Sarah told her that she is very worried that Ika will be targeted next if Paul stays. Ika said that she feels that it’s clear that Paul is staying to keep a target in the house.

Ika said that they cannot even keep Heather because the guys could tell her what the original plan was. Ika said that Heather is injured and can’t compete for them, and it’s only a matter of time before she goes and starts spreading lies to the guys. Neda said that keeping Paul around takes the focus off of them. She argued that the guys will never go after Heather now that they know that Heather is not with the girls. Ika further argued the point by saying that taking out Paul is playing the guys’ game and strengthening their alliance. Sarah said she is on board with taking out Heather if the girls decide to do so.

2:00-3:00 PM: Andrew and Kenny explained to Arlie that it is imperative to take out Paul, as he is very dangerous to the guys in their alliance. Andrew said that Ika needs to go next, with Adel being the other nominee. Andrew told them that Sarah is 100% on board but doesn’t want to piss of Sabrina. Sarah plans to say that Heather cornered her and made her swear to keep her, making it seem as though she now has no choice but to vote to evict Paul. Kenny and Andrew then tried to convince Allison to get on board with them to evict Paul. Kenny said that Ika may be on board, cause they are essentially promising to evict Heather next. Kenny said that Ika’s concern is that she would piss off Rachelle if she kept Heather in the house. Allison said that if the majority is on board to keep Heather, then she is on board. The guys pitched that it buys Allison another week in the house since they promised to target Heather.

Sarah told Arlie that even though they discussed that evicting Paul may not be the best bet, Andrew and Kenny want her to flip so bad. Arlie told her that Andrew and Kenny are only looking out for themselves, and she will be exposed no matter what if she votes to evict Paul. Arlie said that it would be much better for her game if she goes against the guys as opposed to going against the girls and voting out Paul. Arlie said that he can already see cracks forming and that it won’t take much for the guys to turn on her if they feel the need to. Much like he did a night ago with Adel, Arlie told Sarah that he will look out for her in this game. He said that she may be in a bad spot socially but she is in a good spot in terms of the game. Sarah asked how it helps her to have Jon, Kenny and Andrew angry with her. Arlie said that he knows for a fact that Jon would not be angry if Heather left. Arlie explained that the guys would be dumb to target her when they feel that they could use her and they have bigger targets. Arlie again said that he just needs time to put together a backup plan for them.

3:00-4:00 PM: Sabrina told Andrew that Ika is going to be the tie breaking vote, so there is no way that she can expose the First 5 by going against the girls. She said that it is too early for that. Andrew said that Sarah disagrees and wants to evict Paul. Andrew said that Sarah does not want to go against Sabrina, but is willing to take out Paul if the First 5 can get her on board with evicting Paul. Sabrina did not understand why it is such a big deal to keep Paul for one more week. Andrew said that Paul, Adel and Ika all want he and Kenny out of the house.

Andrew said that there is no need for Sabrina to change her vote. He explained that Sarah is the only one that has to switch, so Sabrina can swear on her mother that she evicted Heather. Andrew said that they have no option but to get rid of Ika next, so it’s not a big deal if she is upset for one week. Andrew informed Sabrina that Allison will be voting to evict Paul. Sabrina was still not sold on the plan, as Heather would then know that she voted to evict her. Sabrina felt that she could go up either way. Andrew told Sabrina to make her pitch to the five. Sabrina said that if four of the five want Heather to stay, she will go along with it even though she will be screwed if Heather wins HoH. Sabrina said the hit list should be Paul, Ika, Adel, Heather, Rachelle, Allison and then Jon.

4:00-5:00 PM: Sarah spoke with Andrew and Sabrina about her plan to tell the girls on Thursday morning that she is voting to evict Paul as it is best for her game. She feels that it would give the others a chance to change their votes and would hopefully make her less targeted than if she had surprised them by voting out Paul without warning. Sarah said that she knows that she is already on the bottom with the girls, so there isn’t much to lose. Sarah told Sabrina that only Ika, Rachelle, Neda and Adel will be mad at her. Sabrina plans to pretend that she is mad at Sarah, in order to help keep their alliance a secret.

Ika went to Paul and voiced her concern about Sarah potentially flipping her vote. She said that she will work on Sarah. Ika explained that she needs Paul to stay, as evicting him would only be doing the guys’ dirty work. Ika pleaded with Paul not to do anything that would put a bigger target on his back. He has denied having said anything that would give away that he knew that he was safe. He says that the guys are spreading dirty lies to set him up.

5:00-6:00 PM: Ika and Jon spoke about the upcoming vote. Ika said that Paul is so disgusting so he will continue to stand out and remain a target, while Heather would be capable of creeping her way back into the group. Ika informed Jon that there is no way that Paul is after him. Furthermore, she said that none of the girls have even mentioned his name. Ika continued to add to the speculation that Adel has a veto that can be used after the veto ceremony. She knows his true power, but she and Adel have made up a lie in order to try to make the most of it. Ika and Jon agreed that it is best for both of them to keep Adel in the game. Ika and Jon discussed how rude Andrew was to come into her HoH room and try to tell her what to do.

Ika told Sabrina and Rachelle that Jon told her indirectly that he wants Andrew out. Ika said that she hates Andrew at this point. Sabrina asked if Jon would nominate Andrew if he won HoH. Ika said no and that he would need her, Paul or Adel to do it. Sabrina later took this information to Sarah. She said that she plans to tell Kenny so that Kenny can keep an eye on Andrew. They did not want to tell Andrew in case he would blow up over it and do something irrational.

6:00-7:00 PM: Andrew and Kenny worked on getting Allison to vote to evict Paul. Both guys guaranteed her at least one week of safety, with Andrew saying that he wants to bring her to jury. They tried to sell her on the fact that the girls are not solid and are capable of turning on you at any time. Kenny said that they have no allegiance, no alliance and no loyalty. Allison was concerned that Heather hates her and would come after her if she stays. She added that Heather is the bigger immediate threat to her game. The guys tried to calm that fear by saying that it won’t be the case if Heather knows that Allison voted to keep her. Kenny

Adel told Jon about his power, though he lied about what it really is. He told Jon the same story that he told Arlie last night, that it is a “Canada’s Veto” that can be used after the veto ceremony. Adel said that he has to trust someone and that he wanted to share the info with him. Adel hinted that he should tell at least one more person, and he was leaning towards Arlie. Jon let know Adel know that he and Ika and agreed that Adel is someone that they want to keep in the game.

7:00-8:00 PM: Allison had a quick chat with Arlie. She revealed that she thought that the original plan to get rid of Heather this week and Paul next week was “golden”. She is uneasy about keeping Heather in the game cause Heather is not a fan of hers. Allison then went to Sarah and said that getting Heather out of the game is more beneficial to her. Sarah asked if there is any way to get the guys on board with evicting Heather. Allison said that she has already tried and that it is not going to happen. Sarah pointed out that the guys at least give her info, while she knows that she is first to go on the girls side. Allison felt the same.

Adel told Arlie that he had filled Jon in on the specifics of his power. Arlie thought that it was a bit of an antsy move. Arlie told Adel that he should not tell anyone else. Arlie said that Adel may be wise to tell the next HoH that he can overturn both of their nominations with his power. Arlie specifically mentioned this as an option if Kenny were the HoH. He told Adel that he could make a deal not to use his power if the HoH did not nominate him.

Arlie asked Jon what he had told Neda about the guys. Jon admitted to having told her that he is not a fan of Andrew. Arlie then said that Neda told Ika, who then told Andrew. Jon was surprised by the news. Arlie encouraged Jon to act like a bigger fan of Andrew’s in order to squash it. He said that Jon could just say that Ika is a liar or Neda is a liar if it ever came up. Arlie then began working on bringing Jon into the alliance that his has begun building. Arlie told Adel about it last night and told Sarah about it earlier today. Arlie said that they can bring Adel and a couple of others in. Jon said that they especially need Adel, then he said that Sarah would be a good choice. Arlie agreed, saying that he is working on getting Sarah. Arlie said that he will continue to put the group together and that it’s going to work cause it will have no cracks. Arlie told Jon that he wants to take Andrew out of the game. They agreed that Adel’s power can be used to do so.

8:00-9:00 PM: Arlie told Sarah that the guys in the First 5 are being too selfish and don’t care about her game. He explained that he tried to tell Andrew and Kenny that they were putting Sarah's game at risk by making her flip her vote, but they didn't care. He is mad and feels that they will do the same thing to him down the line. Arlie said that he has factual reason to believe that he can trust Adel and Jon. He told her that Jon trusts her as well. Sarah said that she feels good about those two. Sarah was wondering if Adel is in too close with Ika. Arlie said that if she knew what he knows, she would know that he is in 150%. Arlie revealed that Adel has a secret power that can pretty much screw over Kenny or Andrew, so it’s not worth ruining her game for them.

Arlie said that he has been very very careful in putting this alliance together, cause he wants no cracks in it. While he has identified a “core four”, he said that they can find a fifth. Arlie said that he doesn’t see the First 5 lasting too much longer. He said that the guys don’t have their best interest at heart, as they are only looking out for themselves. He is upset that he does not have a voice in anything. Arlie implied that they could pin a vote to evict Heather on Allison by saying that she may be Canada’s player and had no choice, then Paul, Adel and Ika can still go after Andrew and Kenny.

9:00-10:00 PM: Sarah went to Kenny and told him that if he thinks that it is best for the alliance that she evicts Paul and exposes herself, she will trust him and do it. If not, she asked him to be honest with her. She said that she is worried that she may end up exposing herself for nothing. Kenny said that if Sarah thinks it will impact her game that negatively, don’t do it. Sarah informed Kenny that Andrew is the clear #1 target, so he would leave before Kenny even in the worst case scenario. Sarah said that she would sacrifice herself and expose herself if it meant saving Kenny, but she would not do it just for Andrew. Kenny told her not to do it. He said that they could replace Andrew with Jon if Andrew ended up getting evicted.

11:00-12:00 AM: Sarah went to Andrew and told him that it’s better for Allison’s game to vote with the girls. In addition to being better for Allison’s game, Sarah said that it may be better for the First 5 as a whole to get rid of Heather. She believes that having an in with the girls is too valuable to give up. She did not want to expose herself when it isn’t necessary. Andrew disagreed with everything that Sarah had said. Sarah opened up about potentially wanting to keep Allison deeper into the game. She told Andrew that it’s necessary for Allison to make a connection with the girls this week if they are going to make that happen. Andrew again disagreed.

Andrew eventually conceded that they can get rid of Heather if it’s what the First 5 decides as a whole, but he is against it. Sarah promised that Ika will go home next week if they win HoH. Sabrina joined in on the conversation and told Sarah that she can just say that she was cornered by Heather and ended up swearing that she will keep her, so she cannot go back on her word. Sabrina went back to the girls and put on a show, telling them that Andrew was pressuring her so much and saying things that were hurtful. The girls couldn’t believe that Andrew would do that to her. Sabrina kept going back and forth between the girls and Andrew, playing things up for the girls in order to make it seem that she is 100% with them.

Jon approached Neda and said that Andrew told a group of people that he had heard that Jon wasn’t a fan of his. Jon revealed that he was told that Ika went to Andrew with the information, which she said had came from Neda. This upset Neda a great deal. Jon eventually confessed that it was Arlie that had told him about this and said that Neda cannot be trusted. Neda said that Jon is always saying little things that would give away to multiple people that he does not like Andrew. She figured that it would make no sense for Ika to have told Andrew, so it must have been another girl.