Sarah continues to struggle to make a decision regarding her vote

March 19, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Adel continued to spread false information about his power. He told Neda that he had won Canada’s veto. He said that he doesn’t know what he is going to do with it, but he only has two weeks. He explained that he has zero real alliances once Paul goes home. Adel said that as of now he would rather not use it, cause he would have a whole new crew of people after him. Neda told Adel not to tell people about what he has, as they will nominate him to flush the power out. She said that people may be scared of the unknown and choose not to nominate him if he keeps it a secret. Neda said that this is his chance to make a big move. Next up, Adel spoke to Sarah to tell her about his power. Sarah told him that if he keeps doing what he’s doing, being the funny Adel, nobody will want to take him out.

Sarah spoke to Arlie and told him that she is pretty sure that she can convince the guys that she cannot vote out Paul. She said that she has Kenny on board and feels that Kenny can get Andrew on board as well. Sarah explained that it’s better if she doesn’t have to expose herself this early, so she is feeling better about things. Arlie said that it may be best to just go ahead and expose herself anyway, as he expects that Andrew or Kenny will go home next week. He now felt that it was best to get rid of Paul. He said that he had a talk with Heather and is confident that she would be on their side. Also, Arlie figured that Adel would come to them if Paul goes home.

Jon and Sarah discussed that Arlie is eventually going to want to go after Kenny. They both agreed that they are not opposed to it but will not be the ones to directly make the move. Jon said that they will probably not be able to beat Kenny in the Final 2. Jon then mentioned the alliance that Arlie has been putting together that would consist of himself, Arlie, Sarah and Adel. Sarah said that she likes it. Jon said that nobody would ever suspect that the four of them were working together.

11:00-12:00 PM: Adel went on to tell Kenny and then Andrew about his power. Andrew then relayed the information to Sabrina. Sabrina asked if Andrew thought that Adel was telling him the truth. Andrew said yes. Sabrina asked if Andrew planned on forcing Adel to use the power. Andrew said that there is no point if it’s going to run out in two weeks anyway, especially if they aren’t trying to get him out. Sabrina was skeptical, saying that Adel probably lied about the two weeks part. Andrew was convinced that Adel had told him the truth. Andrew said that he wants to get Ika out first. After that, the plan would have been to take out Adel but now they have to reconsider things as a group. Andrew then went to speak with Kenny, Arlie and Jon. It was discussed that Adel had revealed his power to Andrew and Kenny. Andrew felt that they could possibly use this to their advantage by getting Adel to use it to save one of them if they play it cool with him and keep him in their back pocket.

12:00-1:00 PM: Sarah and Sarina discussed that Andrew and Kenny are in this game for themselves and aren’t necessarily looking out for them. They agreed that Andrew and Kenny would already be out of the game if not for the two of them. Sabrina said that the guys take them for granted. Sarah feels as though she is at the bottom of the list for both the guys and the girls. Sabrina disagreed, saying that Kenny is obsessed with her. Sabrina asked Sarah if she is 100% on board with going to the Final 2 with her. Sarah said 100% yes. Sabrina told her that she does not want to go to the Final 2 with Kenny and Andrew, saying that she would prefer to go with Arlie over them. As for this week’s vote, Sabrina told Sarah to do what she wants to do. Sarah said that she felt bad betraying the girls but thought that it was best for the First 5 if she votes out Paul. They agreed that it would be best to let Allison vote Paul out, even though she has stated that it is best for her game to let Heather go. They figured that this would make the girls hate Allison, which puts a target on her back.

1:00-2:00 PM: Sarah went to Kenny and told him that exposing herself is bad for him, as people already think that she is close to him. Exposing herself would only confirm it. Sarah noted that Kenny and Andrew were targets regardless of what happened. Kenny agreed, said Sarah is right, and told her to vote out Heather. Kenny said to let Allison vote Paul out, then it will be a tie vote and Ika will be forced to break the tie and show that she is a lying snake. Sarah preferred to try to get Andrew and Allison on board with the plan to evict Heather.

2:00-3:00 PM: Allison said that it is the best move for her to take out Paul. Kenny told Allison to look at what the girls are doing to Heather. He said that they would do the same to her, as she would be the new low man on the totem pole. Allison told him that she has heard on numerous occasions that they have said that the “new girl” is next to go. Kenny told Allison that voting to evict Paul would be a large token of trust for her within their group. Allison said especially since she wants Heather out. Kenny said that she can go next week. Allison then asked what about Ika? Kenny had told Ika that he would not go after her since she didn’t nominate him, so he said that he personally cannot go after Ika.

3:00-4:00 PM: Kenny went to Sarah with a new plan that they could use to evict Heather, keep Sarah undercover with the girls, and raise suspicion when it comes to Allison. Kenny said that Allison is a question mark and nobody knows what to think about her. He said that Andrew will never want to get rid of her, so he could could vote to evict Heather in order to raise suspicion about Allison. Kenny figured that it would benefit the First 5, as Sarah wouldn’t have to expose herself and Andrew would be more willing to take out Allison. Kenny said that Arlie and Sabrina do not need to know about the plan. Sarah that that it was a brilliant plan. They agreed that Andrew would never suspect that Kenny would have voted Heather out.

4:00-5:00 PM: Andrew and Ika had a chance to talk things over. They have been at odds of late, but they decided to clear the air. Andrew admittedly wants Paul out, but he told Ika that she is likely to get her way since he doesn’t think that he has got the votes to save Heather. Ika said that she is also unsure of how it will play out, as she does not know how Sarah and Allison are voting. Ika then told Andrew that she hopes that she built some trust with him by not nominating he or Kenny even though she could have once she won the veto. She said that it’s clear that she is not after them or else she would have done it. She began crying and swore on everything that Andrew was never a target for her. Andrew said that they should let things go back to the way that they were between them. Ika agreed. Andrew mentioned that he still cannot vote to evict Heather, but nothing will change between them regardless of how the vote plays out. Ika understood. After Andrew left the room, Ika said that she deserves an Oscar for that performance. She added that Andrew is a dumbass and thinks that she is not after him.

5:00-6:00 PM: Sarah told Sabrina that she has gone back and forth, changing her mind 1000 times on what to do. Sabrina said that Paul would go after Andrew and Kenny, and nobody would vote out Jon if he is put up as a replacement so one of them will go home for sure. On the other hand, Sabrina said that Heather would only be a threat to her. Sabrina said that it’s the only week that they can do this because Ika cannot compete next week. Sarah said that she feels horrible doing this to Neda. Sabrina said not to, and that she is the only one that is getting screwed out of all of this. Sarah asked why not just take out Heather then. Sabrina told her that it’s better for her to suffer than to leave Paul in the house, since they will win HoH anyway.

Sarah mentioned that everyone in the First 5 wants Paul out, so she would be going against her alliance if she voted to evict Heather. Sarah asked what will happen if Allison is Canada’s player and has to vote Heather out. Sabrina told Sarah that she can just swear that she voted to evict Heather, as nobody will believe Allison. At the end of the day, Sabrina said that she does not want Sarah to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. She is fine with whatever decision Sarah makes.

Sarah went to Kenny and told him that she feels that it is best to evict Heather. She was tired of constantly going back and forth between the two alternatives. Sarah asked what she should tell the alliance if she decides to evict Heather. Kenny advised her to just be straight up and tell them that she has decided that it’s the best move to make, as she cannot be exposed this early. Kenny later agreed to be the one to talk to Andrew about it, hoping to get him at least somewhat on board. There has been plenty of speculation that Allison could be Canada’s player. It has often been discussed that someone could try to pin a vote against Heather on Allison. Kenny and Sarah briefly mentioned that.

7:00-8:00 PM: Earlier, Adel had told Sabrina about his power. She spilled the details to Allison, who swore on her cats that she would not tell anyone. Sabrina informed her that Adel is targeting her, Kenny and Andrew. As for this week, Sabrina told Allison that Sarah has been second guessing her vote. Sabrina said that Sarah has to vote Paul out, cause they need him to go. Meanwhile, Kenny spoke with Andrew about Sarah wanting Heather to go. Andrew was not happy. He believes that it is the wrong move to make for the First 5 alliance. He said that he will not push Sarah any more, but he does not agree with her. He believes that it is an emotional play because Sarah is upset about being the outcast in the girls group. Andrew explained that he and Kenny were at bigger risk than Sarah in every possible scenario. Kenny told Andrew that Sarah just wanted him to run it by Andrew. He explained that it’s not a done deal yet and that he will go back to her and let her know what he thinks.

Kenny went to Sarah and let her know that Andrew was not happy about the plan to evict Heather. Kenny said that he now believes that Andrew is right and that Paul needs to go. Kenny explained that it would be more detrimental to the First 5 to have Paul left in the game. Sarah understood and said that she is on board with evicting Paul.

10:00-11:00 PM: Neda told Jon that he will be in trouble if Kenny leaves, as she feels that the house would come after him before they would come after Andrew. Jon disagreed, thinking that he would for sure have the votes to stay if he were up against Andrew. Neda is worried that people would keep Andrew around since he is not well liked. Neda asked Jon who he would nominate if he were to win tomorrow’s HoH competition. He only named Ika. Neda informed him that Ika is not after him and that she is not the one that is holding the girls together. Neda said that she sees Sabrina as the one that is keeping the girls together, and feels as though the girls would be a lot more easily influenced if she were to leave the game. After Neda left, Heather checked in with Jon to make sure that the votes were still in her favour. Jon told her that he knows where the guys are at and that there is no way that they will be switching their votes. They both agreed that they will have each other’s back for the duration of the game.

11:00-12:00 AM: All along, Ika has told Allison that she will not hold it against her if she votes to evict Paul. Ika acknowledges that Allison just came into the game and owes her nothing, so she can’t expect her to do anything for her. All that Ika asked is that Allison gives her a heads up as to how she is voting, as she wants to be able to tell Heather if she is going home.

12:00-1:00 AM: Adel, Sabrina and Ika talked things over. Adel said that he had told Sabrina that he would not nominate her at least until they make jury. Sabrina was initially annoyed that he would put her up once jury got there, but he explained that everything needs to be reevaluated at that point. Sabrina told Adel that she can do the same for him and will not nominate him before jury. She also said that she will try to persuade people not to nominate Adel if she hears his name come up in that same time period.

Ika and Sabrina discussed that they are nervous about Sarah potentially switching her vote in order to evict Paul. Ika believes that Allison is voting to evict Paul, so Sarah’s vote becomes even more crucial. While Sabrina knows what’s going on with Sarah, she played along with Ika. Ika pointed out that Sarah doesn’t give them any information and also did not tell them that Adel had told her about his power. Ika hoped that Sarah would at least tell Sabrina if she were going to change her mind. Sabrina asked if it would blow up in her face if she came to Ika if she hears about Sarah changing her vote. Ika said no. Ika admitted that it would not be good for the games of Sabrina, Neda and Rachelle if they voted to evict Heather but Sarah did not. If Sarah were to confess to changing her vote, Ika said that the girls would be wise to as well.