Paul is evicted; Rachelle wins HoH

March 20, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Andrew asked Arlie, who had slept in the HoH room, if Ika had been trying to convince him to vote out Heather. Arlie said no but she is convinced that it’s a tie. Andrew said that it’s 100% not, correct? Kenny then gave him the thumbs up, to confirm that Sarah is on board with evicting Paul, which would give them the majority. Sarah joined in the conversation and said that the girls had been hoping that Sarah would at least tell them if she was flipping. Andrew told her that she cannot tell them. Sarah said that the whole point of it is to expose the other girls when they vote to evict Heather and she stays. Sarah explained that she would just say that it was a last minute decision to evict Paul and that she is really sorry.

11:00-12:00 PM: Allison went to Ika and told her that she is going to be voting with the boys to vote to evict Paul. Allison explained that she has made bonds with the boys and does not want to break them yet. She said that she doesn’t want this to mean that Ika will be afraid of her or won’t be open to working with her in the future. Allison said that she wants Heather gone and is very happy that she is leaving. Ika said that the girls are going to be upset but she could tell them that Allison had her blessing to do what she wanted with her vote. Ika added that it would be worse if Allison was the deciding vote, but Heather is still going home anyway. Allison told Ika that she is not her target. Ika said the same and swore to God and on her kids that she was telling the truth about that. Ika said that this week, next week and the week after, Allison is not her target unless she is Allison’s target.

Ika informed Rachelle that Allison is voting with the boys. She said that the boys told Allison not to tell her, but she did. Ika asked Rachelle if she thought that they still had Sarah’s vote. Rachelle said that she thinks Sarah will vote with them. Sabrina then joined in on the conversation. Sabrina lied and said that she believes Sarah when she says that she is evicting Heather tonight, meaning that Ika would be the tiebreaker. They discussed that the boys seem very comfortable, which is concerning. Sabrina said that Sarah is with them unless she is a really good liar. Rachelle said that she wants Allison gone if it’s a double eviction. Ika said that she wants the guys gone more than Allison, as they are the ones that are controlling her. Sabrina said that she would nominate Paul and Allison. Ika later told Rachelle that she swears to God that she would nominate Andrew and Kenny if she won another HoH.

12:00-1:00 PM: Ika told Paul that she is going to be the tiebreaker. She said that all of the guys and Allison are going to be voting to evict him. Ika informed Paul that she would be voting to break the tie in his favour. Paul said whatever happens, happens. Ika said not to think like that, cause she is keeping him there. Paul thanked Ika. She said that she really needs him to fight for the next HoH.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paul was evicted by a vote of 6-4. Sarah voted the way that the First 5 alliance wanted, exposing herself to the girls alliance.

10:00-11:00 PM: The feeds returned and we found out that Rachelle is the new HoH. She had to choose the have-nots for the week. She chose Sabrina, Heather, Adel and Arlie. Ika didn’t understand why Rachelle didn’t choose Andrew and Kenny in order to weaken them. As for the game talk, Ika discussed that Sarah had told her that she made a last minute decision to evict Paul when she went into the diary room to vote. Ika told Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina that Sarah informed her that the guys are after her, so she had to jump ship. The girls couldn’t believe that Sarah wouldn’t have told them that so that she could have nominated the guys last week. Ika was upset that she had wasted her HoH.

In terms of who to target this week, Neda made it clear that targeting Heather would be foolish since it would only end up having a similar outcome as this week. Ika said that Andrew and Kenny are the strongest in the house. Rachelle added that Allison as also strong, as she is similar to her but is more well built which makes her tough in competitions. Elsewhere, Adel and Jon were discussing what needs to happen this week. They both agreed that Andrew needs to go. Adel said that he would plant the seed with Rachelle if Jon would with Neda. They agreed that they would have the votes to evict Andrew over Heather. After Adel left, Jon laughed to himself and said “buh bye, Andrew! Who’s next?”.

11:00-12:00 AM: Ika went to Adel and said that she is screwed, as the guys are coming after her and Rachelle is stupid and is going after Heather. Ika was still not impressed with Rachelle's choices for have-nots. Adel asked who else would be nominated. Ika said probably Allison. Ika said that Sabrina is closer to Rachelle, so it will be tough to get her to change her mind. Adel told her to get in there and make it happen.

Ika had a talk with Rachelle and Neda. She said that she tried so hard to do what was best for the girls, playing it safe in order to prevent them from having to vote out a strong guy and have people after them. Ika said that she feels betrayed and as though they are in the minority, and are now the “Pauls” of the house. Neda continued to voice her opinion that it is foolish to go after Heather, noting that she is not the head of the monster.

12:00-1:00 AM: Ika continued to cry about how her HoH was a waste, going so far as to say that it was basically Andrew’s HoH as he got what he wanted out of it. She was venting to Arlie, who was playing up the fact that he is totally clueless in this game. Ika said that she thinks that Sarah knew what she was doing all along. Arlie told her that he had no clue that Sarah would change her vote. Ika then caught Sarah in a lie by saying that Sarah had told her that she informed the guys of her decision, which was not true. Arlie then admitted to having known about it today. Adel then joined Arlie and Ika. Ika said that she will not be pressuring Rachelle, yet Rachelle is not strong enough to make a big move so all of the strong players will still be there next week.

Sabrina and Rachelle were talking over the plan for the week. Rachelle was looking to nominate Allison and Heather. Sabrina wanted Ika to be backdoored. She looked for reassurance that it would be Ika that leaves. Rachelle said yes. Their plan was to backdoor Ika. Sabrina’s rationale was that Ika could stay and win the next HoH and take out the guys next week, which would only lead to the guys coming after them. While it’s clear to the viewers that Sabrina has ulterior motives, Rachelle went along with it. Rachelle’s one concern was that Adel could possibly use his power to save Ika. They agreed that they would have to get Adel to swear on his Quran that he was not using it, without giving away that they were after Ika.

Heather and Sabrina had a chat to clear the air. There was plenty of “he said, she said” going on. Heather revealed many things that Ika had apparently told her. Sabrina then went to Ika and relayed everything that had been said. Ika denied it all, saying that Heather was a liar and that she was just using Heather to get good game information out of her before she left. Sabrina eventually called Heather over. The three girls made a brief attempt to talk things over before things got out of hand and Heather walked away. All that ended up coming of it was that both Heather and Ika were irritated.

1:00-2:00 AM: Sabrina asked Rachelle if it would possibly be smarter to evict Heather now, not Ika. She said that if Heather goes this week and Ika goes next week, they are only one away from jury. Rachelle thought that she would then be that last person to go, but Sabrina told her that it would definitely be Allison. Sabrina was worried that Ika would go around the house and tell everyone everything that they have said if she knows that she is going home.

2:00-3:00 AM: Ika, Sabrina and Rachelle talked about nominations. Even though she had just had a “fight” with Heather, Ika said that she would rather have Allison go than Heather. Ika explained that Allison is in with the guys alliance and it is imperative that they begin to break them up. Rachelle said that they don’t have the votes for anything. Sabrina was quick to agree, while Ika pointed out that it doesn’t matter who has the numbers if you nominate two of them, specifically Andrew and Kenny. Ika continued argue against targeting Heather by saying that she had thought that it was a smart move but it wasn’t, as the guys had every intention of coming after her even though she had kept them safe after winning both HoH and the PoV.

Rachelle said that she was scared about being the next to go if she were to go after the guys. She said that she would have done it had Paul stayed, as then they would be in the majority. Sabrina said that they need to take out Heather first, then things will start to even up. Ika was puzzled as to how that was going to work. Sabrina told her that Heather is clearly on the other side, so she is a vote for that side of the house. Ika was still hesitant to leave the strong guys alliance untouched, but she could tell that she was getting nowhere with her arguments. Ika eventually gave in and told Rachelle that she will support whatever she wants to do, even if it means that they just get rid of Heather this week. Allison and Heather still remain the most likely candidates to be Rachelle’s initial nominations as of this time.