Rachelle looks to target Ika and Heather

March 21, 2014

8:00-9:00 AM: Allison told Ika that she is scared and is wondering if Ika has any idea what Rachelle is going to do. Ika told her that she should be scared. Ika explained that she was up all night trying to get Rachelle to realize that she is not making a smart move. Ika said that she has no say at all this week. Allison wondered why she is viewed as a big threat. Ika said that people see that she is really tight with Andrew. Ika told Allison that she is pretty sure that Rachelle’s main target is Heather. Ika’s advice for Allison was to let Heather sink her own ship. Allison found it odd that Rachelle was planning of further lessening the girls’ numbers.

Ika and Adel then discussed that Rachelle is likely to nominate Allison and Heather. Both agreed that it was a stupid move. Ika said that it makes no sense to go after Heather when she can barely walk, talk or dress herself. Adel told Ika that she will need to just drop it and push for Rachelle to nominate Heather and Allison, as some of the guys will take out Allison since they see how close she is with Andrew.

9:00-10:00 AM:Heather informed Andrew that he was not even one of the people that Ika was considering targeting. Andrew asked who the target was. Heather said that it was clearly her but Ika was going to nominate Kenny if the she had come off the block. Andrew told Heather that it took a lot of work on his part to keep her around. He said that it was not her time to go and now she can work with him. Heather said that she would love that.

Sabrina informed Sarah that they were planning on backdooring Ika, and had Rachelle on board to do it, but Adel swore on his Quran that he would use his diamond PoV on Ika. Sabrina noted that it is Adel’s last week to use it, so they can no longer backdoor Ika. Sabrina explained that the plan is now to nominate Allison and Heather, with the goal of evicting Heather. Sabrina said that she will talk to Allison and tell her that she is safe. Sarah was disappointed that Ika would not be going home, but understood Sabrina’s explanation that Rachelle would be screwed if she nominated Ika and she didn’t go home.

11:00-12:00 PM: Sabrina asked Adel if he would use his veto on anybody this week. Adel said one billion percent no. Adel said that the veto is to be used for a power move. Rachelle again asked for confirmation that Adel would not use the veto and would go along with whatever she wanted. Adel explained that he will not even use it if someone that they think that he is aligned with is on the block. Adel then said that he is going to save it for next week. Sabrina was surprised to hear that Adel still had another week to use it, as she thought that it expired this week.

12:00-1:00 PM: Sabrina approached Allison and informed her that she will be going up but she is a pawn. Sabrina said that Heather will be the one that is going home if the nominations stay the same. In the event that Allison saved herself, Sabrina said that it may be someone other than Heather leaving. Allison asked what would happen if Heather were to win HoH, as she will be expendable to everyone since she is the new girl. Sabrina simply said “it will not be you to leave”. Sabrina then hinted and who would be going home and asked Allison if she knew who she was talking about. Allison correctly guessed Ika. Sabrina told Allison to tell Rachelle that she is taking her word for it that she is safe and that she will not go after her if she wins. Sabrina explained that she wants Rachelle to be there with her for as long as possible.

Sabrina went to Rachelle to relay her conversation with Allison. Rachelle asked Sabrina if she believed that Allison would truly not come after them. Sabrina said that she believes Allison. Rachelle was still unsure if it was the right time to take out Ika. Rachelle wondered who the guys would take out next if Ika was gone. Sabrina said that if she does this for them, they will likely take out Heather for her. Sabrina said that right now they can agree that 100% it is not Allison that is going home. Depending on how things play out at the veto competition, they can decide whether or not they want to go after Ika or Heather. Allison then joined them and Rachelle swore on her mother that she will not target her. Rachelle said that people know how much she hates Heather and wants her gone. She said that she has not gone against her word in this game. Allison said that she is putting her trust in Rachelle and will not be coming after her. Rachelle told her that she will not be going home even if Heather wins the veto, as she will nominate someone that everyone would want out.

1:00-2:00 PM: Sabrina informed Andrew about the plan for this week. She revealed that Heather is the target for now. Sabrina said that she likes Allison and now trusts her after the talk that she just had with her. Sabrina then made Andrew promise that he will not go after Andrew before he goes after Neda, Jon, Ika and the others. Andrew agreed and said that he already was planning on making Rachelle the final non-First 5 member to leave.

Sabrina caught Kenny up on what was going down in terms of nominations, telling him the same story that she had just finished telling Andrew. She asked that he please not go after Rachelle, as she is her best friend and she really wants her to stay. Sabrina told him that she has done everything to keep Andrew and Kenny safe, so she just wants her best friend to be protected. Kenny said that they absolutely would not go after Rachelle. Sabrina then said that they can even take Neda out, but not Rachelle.

2:00-3:00 PM: Sabrina went to Rachelle and said that she has thought long and hard and believes that they will be dead if Ika wins HoH next week and takes out the guys, as the guys will then come after them. While Sabrina said that the initial nominations should be Allison and Heather, she again pushed for Ika to be the replacement nominee. Rachelle said that Ika has nobody in this game. Sabrina said that that’s exactly why she is dangerous, since she can win competitions. Rachelle was worried that they lose a week if they take out Ika. She said that she would be willing to take out Ika if the guys agreed to take Heather out next. Sabrina told her that she thinks that it can be done.

3:00-4:00 PM: Rachelle told Kenny that as of now it will be Heather and Allison going up with Heather going home. Rachelle said that she is strongly considering backdooring Ika. She told Kenny that she would want him to use the veto so that Ika could go. Rachelle said that she wants a guarantee that Heather will go home next week if she gets rid of Ika this week. Kenny said that he is absolutely on board, as he would be fine with Heather going this week as well. They agreed that targeting Ika is likely the best move, seeing as she is the bigger threat. There remained some concern that Adel would use his power in order to save Ika, which would leave them in a bad spot.

Rachelle told Kenny that she purposely did not put he and Andrew on slop, since she did not want to make them weak. Kenny said that he fully trusts her and will not go after her if he wins HoH next week. Talk then turned to Allison. Kenny was concerned that she is getting to Andrew, so is he is almost hesitant to tell anything to him anymore. Rachelle said that she will only tell Andrew that she is targeting Heather this week. Kenny agreed that it was the right call. Both agreed that it is too soon to take out Allison but said that she needs to go soon.

4:00-5:00 PM: Adel and Jon agreed that they should put it in Rachelle’s ear that Andrew needs to go. They discussed that they will have votes from the two of them, Arlie, Sarah and Neda. Adel continued to say that Rachelle will need reassurance that she has the numbers if she were to make the move. Continuing to lie about his power, Adel said that he will be able to “smash” anyone he wants next week. Adel said that Jon has Neda, while he has Ika. Adel then said that Ika is an emotional wreck and he can suck the blood out of her. Jon said that they should take her along for as long as they can.

Jon then went to speak to Rachelle. He asked where Rachelle’s head was at. She said that she will be nominating Allison and Heather. Jon asked if there was the potential for a backdoor. Rachelle said yes. Jon said that it would be a huge move and he is 99% sure that they could get the numbers. He assumed that it was Andrew that would be her target, and he told her to come see him so that he could help rally the votes. Rachelle then said that she is not thinking about backdooring Andrew. He again asked about going after Andrew. Rachelle said that she would be screwed if she did it, as she would have a lot of blood on her hands. Jon said that they only one that she would have to worry about is Kenny.

5:00-6:00 PM: Jon mentioned to Neda that he, Arlie, Adel and Sarah would be on board with getting Andrew out, so Rachelle would have a lot of support. Neda said that Sabrina has such a big influence over Rachelle, so it is unlikely to happen. Jon asked who Rachelle would backdoor if she had the chance. Neda simply said that she feels as though Rachelle intends on playing it as safe as possible.

Rachelle told Sabrina about Jon approaching her about getting Andrew out. Sabrina said that Jon wants Andrew out so bad. The talk then went back to discussion backdooring Ika. Rachelle said that she is on board with it as long as they will for sure have the votes. Sabrina reassured her that they will. Rachelle was wondering if getting rid of Ika before Heather is really that advantageous to her. Sabrina told her that she will gets weeks of safety as a result of taking out Ika. Sabrina said that they will be able to get to the Final 6 along with Andrew, Sarah, Kenny and Arlie, at which point they can make a Final 2 and go to the end. Sabrina explained that they need to use the veto on Allison in order to nominate Ika. Rachelle said that she will be terrified when she has to do it. Rachelle noted that Ika will likely not put her up. Sabrina said that she will not but her and Adel cannot keep her safe.

7:00-8:00 PM: Arlie told Sarah that he expects that Kenny and Andrew will remain with the First 5 since it makes sense for them, though it doesn’t make sense for he and Sarah long term. Arlie and Sarah discussed that they will try to protect Andrew and Kenny for a couple of weeks, but they cannot stick their necks too far out there for them. Sarah said that she would eventually be open to letting them go. Arlie said that it will happen on its own and they wont have to do anything. Arlie is still expecting that they will be taken out in the near future. He said that Andrew and Kenny fully expect them to stick their necks out for them, but they would never do it in return. He noted that Andrew flat out tells him what to do. As for Sabrina, Arlie told Sarah that Sabrina is in the middle of two alliances that wont touch her. He said that it’s genius play on her part, but she thinks that he wont understand it. Arlie noted that Sabrina has added so much fuel to the Ika/Andrew fire, so who’s to say that she wont do the same to him.

Arlie mentioned that his backup plan consists of an alliance including himself, Sarah and Jon, with Adel on the outside. He explained that Adel trusts him but has trouble trusting others. Sarah said that taking out Paul and then Ika will likely help in bringing him in. Sarah told Arlie that she is First 5 first, and knows that he is too, but she will be 100% in if the First 5 ever falls apart. Arlie said that he is completely with the First 5 but he foresees the others running it into the ground. Sarah said that she is holding out hope that that wont happen. She said that she is grateful that she has him there to help her out with a backup plan, as all that she has been focused on is the First 5.

Arlie approached Heather about aligning with he and Jon for the long haul. He said that he took a leap of faith in asking her, and had wanted to for a long time but he knew that she was with the girls. Arlie said that the three of them can all bring something to the table and help each other. Heather told Arlie that her strategy was a lot like his and Jon’s, as she wanted to stay underestimated. She said she wanted to build her loyalty with one or two others and remain that way until the end, but she picked the wrong person in Ika. Heather said that she loves that Arlie came to her as it is what she has wanted from the start.

Arlie noted that he is clearly with the guys at this point. He told Heather not to worry about him and the guys, as it is something that fell into his lap and is not something that he sees lasting forever. Arlie said that their new alliance will focus on everyone being equal, as you cannot stick together if your group is run like his current one is with dictators and followers. He said that the followers eventually get fed up. Arlie explained that he is not actually a follower, which is why he is fine with acting like he is for the time being. He said that he looks at it as though Andrew and Kenny can take the bullets for him. Arlie said that he assumes that Rachelle will at least nominate Heather, but he will go to bat for her as quietly as he can. Heather plans to lay low. Arlie clarified that this alliance will need to remain as secretive as possible, otherwise the other houseguests will not allow it to happen.

9:00-10:00 PM: The feeds were down for a while, during which time Allison and Jon successfully completed a task. Marsha the Moose may have made her return. The houseguests noted that the numbers on the screen had reached 2 million. When they returned, the houseguests were drinking in and around the pool. They also got food, even for the have-nots to eat. Many of the houseguests were drunk. Jon spent most of the night going around and making deals. He and Neda discussed making a Final 2. Neda said that she is 100% down for making a Final 2. She said that she has not promised that to anyone. Jon said he had already promised Kenny. Neda asked him who he would take. Jon said that he would take her. Jon said that Neda is the only one that he would be genuine friends with outside of the house. Jon then cornered Adel and Arlie. He told them that he is playing up that he is drunk. He then told them that he wants to make a Final 3 right now. Both Arlie and Adel agreed.

10:00-11:00 PM: Andrew and Jon went out for a smoke, at which point Andrew confronted Jon about not liking him. Jon told Andrew again and again that if he did not like him he would not be hanging out with him. Jon admitted that he did say that Andrew was an idiot on Day 1 and said to get him out of there, but he credited Andrew for quickly changing after that. Jon said that he is in with Andrew and will never turn on him. He looked Andrew in the eyes and told him that he will not turn on him this whole game. Jon said that he, Andrew and Kenny will get to the Final 3, at which point it is every man for himself. Andrew said that he now trusts Jon. Jon later told Neda about what happened, and told her that he hates Andrew. Meanwhile, Sabrina and Rachelle were in the HoH room telling Kenny that Jon has been pushing for Rachelle to backdoor Andrew this week.

11:00-12:00 AM: As the houseguests began to wind down, so did the game talk. There were a few more very brief conversations. Sarah and Kenny compared notes about what they had heard in terms of Andrew being a target for some. They agreed that Andrew is putting himself in greater danger by getting so close to Allison. Sarah said that Ika had told her that she needs to get the Allison and Andrew showmance going so that she can push the target on to them. Jon and Arlie had a quick chat and discussed that they are going to be the Final 2. Jon went so far as to imply that they will be the new Chilltown. One thing to note is that Jon said that they should take Ika as far as they can take her. Finally, Jon and Arlie both comforted Heather when she was worried about the week ahead. Arlie told her that he and Jon have more power than she thinks and will do what they can to save her. Arlie said that he is confident that their plan is in place and will be successful. He told Heather that she likely wont even have to fight hard, as he and Jon will take care of her this week.

Adel let Arlie know that he got in Heather’s ear and told her that the best person to work with her, look out for her and get her to the Final 6 is Arlie. Adel continued on by saying that he told Heather that she cannot trust Kenny or any of those other guys cause they are all working for Andrew. Arlie said that is so smart. Adel then said that he will pair up with Ika and Jon with Neda. Arlie said that he will pair with Heather. Arlie spoke with Heather a short while later, telling her that Adel is also in the group but is pretty much the low man on the totem pole. Arlie explained that it’s hard to trust Adel with any real game information due to his unknown connection with Ika. That being said, Arlie feels that Adel is valuable and will do what they need him to do.