Rachelle nominates Allison and Heather; Allison wins the Power of Veto

March 22, 2014

8:00-9:00 AM: Andrew told Arlie that it should be clear where his head is at, even more so after what he has heard about Allison. He said that he is definitely with the First 5. Kenny told Andrew and Arlie that one of the girls told him that they overheard Jon and Allison taking to the cameras about their alliance. At this time, it is unclear whether or not Jon and Allison were actually caught doing this and, if so, who overheard it. Arlie said that he can totally see Allison saying that she is going to play the guys and then bite their heads off.

9:00-10:00 AM: Sarah grew frustrated with Sabrina, after Sabrina said that she is the only member of the First 5 that is doing everything for the alliance. Sarah told Sabrina that she has her hand in every jar, while she was force to draw a line in the sand by voting to evict Paul this week, so don’t tell her that she isn’t doing everything for the alliance. Sabrina told Sarah that she is like the queen in there. Sarah said that’s not a good thing, as nobody is going to want to take the person that they love to the end. Sabrina then backtracked and said that she didn’t mean that Sarah wasn’t helping out the alliance. She said that Kenny and Andrew aren’t doing anything for them. Sarah agreed but remained hopeful that they will in the future.

Sarah spoke to Andrew about needing to play it cool about the fact that he thinks that Allison is playing him. Andrew said that he is going to play it right up, noting that “if she thinks she is playing me, I am going to play the fuck out of her”. He said that he will get an award winning nomination for his performance. Andrew said that Allison took the emotion out of it for him, which is sweet since he had no intention of getting involved anyway. Sarah pointed out that that Allison was saying a lot of odd things last night while she was drunk, such as that Andrew is only making out with her and liking her to get her vote. Andrew said that it’s unfortunate for Allison that he doesn’t have a heart in this situation. Andrew told Sarah that if Allison doesn’t win PoV and she stays on the block, they should get rid of her. Sarah acknowledged that it could be a good plan. Andrew also suggested that they go after Jon in the near future.

Last night, Allison went to the HoH room and broke down about Kenny apparently telling her to “don’t even” start. Allison admitted that she was drunk and wasn’t even sure what Kenny was saying that for, but she thought that he was doubting that she had good intentions when doing what she needed to do to complete her secret mission with Jon. Today, Kenny told Sabrina that Allison came up to him out of nowhere last night and accused him of not trusting her. Sabrina told Kenny that Allison is working with Jon. Sabrina asked if they need to get rid of Allison now instead of Ika. She believed that Ika is still more dangerous to them. Kenny said that they need to keep business as usual and not act any different, and that they will figure things out later.

Sabrina and Andrew then had a quick chat. Sabrina said that Allison needs to go next. Andrew agreed and said that either Allison or Jon have to go. Andrew said that Jon has more pull in the house. Sabrina said that he only has more pull with Neda. Sabrina is also more weary of Allison due to the fact that she came in late and could possibly be on some sort of mission, making her more unpredictable.

12:00-1:00 PM: The feeds returned following the nomination ceremony. Rachelle went through with her plan as expected, nominating Heather and Allison for eviction. Ika was seen explaining herself to Heather. Ika told her that it was never about getting her out, but rather about saving Paul. Ika said that Paul was such a big target that it was beneficial to keep him around. Heather was confused, as she said that she would also go after the big players. Ika told her that she didn’t believe that she would actually, as she had heard so many lies about her. Also, Ika said that Heather’s knee injury made it unlikely that she would be able to win.

Andrew swore to Allison that he would use the veto on her if he won it. Allison said that she hopes so, as Rachelle will not go after the boys if he does. Andrew asked who she would put up. Without straight up saying it, Allison let Andrew know that Ika would be the one to be nominated. Elsewhere, Kenny and Sarah were discussing that Ika is dangerous. Kenny had been mentioning going after Jon at some point. Sarah said that Ika needs to go first. She said that Andrew and Kenny would be the clear top targets once Jon leaves. She said that she will backdoor Jon if that’s the way that they want to go, though. Kenny said not this week, but soon. Kenny agreed that Ika is still way more dangerous and that they need Jon and Allison to vote with them for a bit longer before cutting ties.

Kenny and Sarah then discussed that Sabrina is dangerous. Sarah feels that Sabrina may come after her at some point. Kenny said that she will have to go when it comes down to it, as she is the one that is doing all the dirty work and would have a great argument for winning the game if she lasts. Kenny said that there is a fine line with Sabrina, as she is so emotionally charged and can explode, so they need to handle her with care.

1:00-2:00 PM: Sabrina told Andrew that Allison was overheard talking to the cameras. She said that Allison and Jon are working together and were referencing being the “2 New Newfs”. Sabrina questioned Andrew about getting so close to Allison and making their showmance more out in the open. She wondered if this would lead to Andrew having a harder time letting her go. Andrew told Sabrina to wait until she sees his diary room sessions. He said that he is playing it up and that Allison should be sent home this week if she does not win the Power of Veto.

Arlie told Adel that he, Adel and Jon have to be the biggest secret ever. Adel asked if they are going to try to save Heather if she stays on the block. Arlie simply told Adel that he will figure it out. Meanwhile, Neda and Jon discussed that Arlie is a lot smarter than he lets on. They agreed that he is downplaying his Big Brother knowledge. Neda said that she would like to keep Ika around. Jon agreed and told her that he would not nominate Ika if he were to win HoH. They also agreed that getting rid of Andrew would be the “best thing ever”. Neda said that Allison would then gravitate towards Jon, which would help him immensely.

2:00-3:00 PM: Adel advised Ika not to say anything bad about the girls, as they will tell each other and it will cause internal conflict within the alliance. On the contrary, Adel said that he plans to try to stir things up between the guys by planting things in their heads to make them fight. Ika and Adel discussed what they should do if they win the veto. Ika was considering using it on Heather. Adel said that his concern with doing so would be that Rachelle may nominate Ika in her place. Ika questioned if Rachelle would really do that to her. Adel thought that it was a possibility. Adel then informed Ika that he is telling Arlie that he has her right where he wants her and is pitching that he, Arlie and Jon need to take three girls (Ika, Neda and one more, possibly Heather) to the Final 6 because they will kick the girls asses. He explained that he just wanted to be straight up with Ika and tell her everything that is going on. Ika said that she trusts him 100%. Adel then told Ika that she needs to go hang out with the girls.

Ika made her way to the HoH room where the girls were hanging out. Before making it there, she stopped Sabrina to tell her that she will fight her ass off next week to win HoH and keep the girl safe cause that is all they have in this game. Late last night, Ika was telling Sabrina that she feels as though the girls’ alliance is no more and that they are basically playing for themselves. She told Sabrina that the guys were getting to her and caused her to start questioning things, but they can no longer allow that to happen.

3:00-4:00 PM: The players were selected for the veto competition. As HoH and the nominees, Rachelle, Heather and Allison were automatically in the competition. Rachelle pulled a houseguest’s choice chip and selected Kenny to play. Jon and Sarah were also chosen.

6:00-7:00 PM: Rachelle asked Sabrina when she should start telling people who she wants gone. Sabrina said that when she puts Ika up on the block, people are going to know. Rachelle was worried that Ika wouldn’t go home and then she will be screwed. Sabrina said that the only possible votes that Ika could have are Adel, Jon and Neda. Sabrina said to tell Ika that she is going up because she intimidates her and tries to influence her game. Sabrina then gave herself credit for getting a target on Allison’s back by telling the guys that she heard Allison and Jon talking to the cameras about being aligned. She told Rachelle that Andrew now hates Allison. Adel came up to the HoH room, at which point the girls reiterated that he cannot use his veto this week regardless of who goes up. Adel agreed and said that he wont use it unless it’s next week on himself or one of the girls.

7:00-8:00 PM: Sarah, Andrew and Sabrina were talking things over when Sabrina informed Andrew that she had convinced Rachelle to take out Ika this week. Andrew was happy to hear this, as he previously believed that the target was Heather. Sabrina told him that he better not forget that she convinced Rachelle to nominate her own friend. Sabrina then said that Allison will need to go next week. Andrew was fine with that, and Sarah noted that Andrew would have been fine with Allison leaving this week as well.

Ika, Rachelle, Neda and Sabrina had a chat about the state of the girls’ alliance. Ika said that she feels as though it would not be good for them to break away at this point. However, she noted that there is an awkward vibe between them. Sabrina agreed, while Neda referred to it as “tense”. Though Rachelle won HoH and saved them, in Ika’s words, something feels off to her. She said that the girls are lacking trust in each other and underestimate their abilities as girls, opting to look to guys for protection. Ika mentioned Kenny and Rachelle, Andrew and Sabrina and Jon and Neda as pairs and said that those guys are already in a solid guy alliance and will choose each other over the girls, so they are playing a dangerous game.

Ika said that she just wants to know if the girls are actually going to work together or if they are all going to break apart now that Sarah had flipped on Thursday night. Neda said that they can continue working together while also positioning themselves in other parts of the house. Rachelle said that she doesn’t feel as though Ika trusts them. Ika said that that’s not true, though she doesn’t trust anybody 100%. Sabrina said that they messed up when they opened their mouths too many times to those outside of the alliance, who then relayed those conversations back to the girls and created conflict. Overall, before the feeds were cut, the girls had failed to reach a conclusion in terms of what to do.

8:00-9:00 PM: Rachelle asked Sabrina what she would do if she were HoH. Sabrina said that she would nominate Ika. Rachelle questioned if she really would. Sabrina said that she would, as the house would be backing her. Rachelle then asked if it is really that much better for her game to take out Ika over Heather. Sabrina said yes.

Sarah then came up to the HoH room and told Rachelle and Sabrina that she knows that they have no reason to trust her, but Ika came to her and said “if I knew what I knew now, I would have done the same thing you did”. After Sarah left, Rachelle again questioned if it’s best to take Ika out over both Heather and Allison. Sabrina said yes. She then told Rachelle that she has a deal for her with the others to get to the Final 6 with Andrew, Kenny, Sarah and Arlie. Sabrina then had Kenny reassure Rachelle that she will be safe for a long time. He said that she will be. Rachelle was worried that Adel would save Ika with his power. Kenny explained that even if that happened, Ika will not be after Rachelle since she will come after him first. Rachelle agreed. Kenny said that he is going to go hard for the next HoH and will likely go after Jon.

1:00-2:00 AM: The feeds returned and we found out that Allison and won the Power of Veto. It was a competition with prizes and punishments. Sarah got a two week slop pass, while Kenny won $18. Heather needs to walk 10,000 steps (for the week?), Rachelle is getting a hot dog costume, and Jon has to get up and jump in the pool to do laps whenever a horn goes off.

Sabrina and Rachelle told Neda that Ika is going to go up and that they don’t want her to think that they would do the same to Neda, cause they would not. Rachelle and Sabrina said that Ika has been saying things like she would have chosen not to work with the girls if she knew what she knows now and that she hates Rachelle. Sabrina said that the guys will see this as a sign of loyalty if they take out Ika, which will buy them more time in the house. Rachelle said that Ika would have been going home next week anyway. Neda argued that Ika winning HoH would take another big player out of the game, while keeping them safe. Sabrina and Rachelle countered that by saying that they don’t have the numbers so it doesn’t even matter who Ika would nominate.

Neda questioned if the girls have more trust in Sarah than they do in Ika. They said yes. Rachelle said that Ika is trying to turn people against her and has built a new alliance. Sabrina asked if Neda would to evict Ika. Neda said if it is the only option, then yes. Sabrina said that it is the way that they can protect Neda, as the guys will go after Heather, Adel and Allison before her. Neda asked if Ika will get to a point where she starts saying things that she shouldn’t be saying. Rachelle said of course. Sabrina then asked if Neda is not afraid to speak when Ika is in the room. Neda said no. Sabrina then questioned if Neda finds it annoying that Ika thinks that she has that type of control over people. Sabrina told Neda that she will no longer have Ika hovering over her. Neda said that Ika would never put them up and doesn’t have anyone, so people will keep coming after Ika. Rachelle said Ika will take out the big players, and then the big players will come after them. Neda said that she is afraid that they are playing the boys’ game for them.

2:00-3:00 AM: Ika told Adel that the girls broke up their game talk and left the HoH room as soon as she went up there. That concerned her. Adel told her not to let the paranoia get to her, as they are fine as long as neither of them are nominated. Ika insisted that the game talk stopped as soon as he walked in. Adel asked if Ika thinks that Arlie will be nominated. Ika said that she believes that that’s a possibility.

3:00-4:00 AM: Ika was crying in bed when Sarah went to comfort her. Ika said that she is completely alone in the game, and even the girls are turning on her. She said this all without a clue that the plan is to nominate her. Ika explained that her personality clashes with everyone, so it is tough for her even though she has tried really hard. Sarah said that she felt bad for contributing to her struggles by turning on the girls. Ika said that she doesn’t mind that at all, as she knows that it was totally a game move. Ika said that Sarah is there for her kids too, so she can’t hold it against her that she is playing the game.

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