Arlie meets Marsha; Ika learns of her fate

March 23, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Adel and Ika were talking some game. Ika told Adel that at some point the people within alliances will have to turn on each other, so they just need to make it through next week. Ika again told Adel about how the girls immediately stopped talking game when went into the room last night. She said that she tried to talk to them and fit in, but it didn’t work. Ika said that she has lost trust in Rachelle, so she wouldn’t put it past her to nominate her. Ika too Adel that he should tell Rachelle that he will use his power and nominate Sabrina if she nominates Ika. Adel said that he doesn’t want to threaten her.

Sarah spoke with Rachelle and let her know that she feels sorry for Ika because she has no one. Sarah said that Ika mentioned that if she cannot win, she would rather go home to her kids. Sarah acknowledged that Ika is dangerous in the game and she wants her gone, so she still has to go even though she understands Ika’s struggles. Rachelle said that Ika is very dangerous, even though she is not directly targeting her. Rachelle said that she is concerned about Adel using his power to save Ika. Rachelle said that she just hopes that Ika will understand that it’s a game. Rachelle asked Sarah what she should give as a reason for nominating Ika. Sarah said that Ika is smart, strong, strategic and a threat to win the game. Rachelle added that there are now also trust issues between the two of them.

11:00-12:00 PM: Sabrina told Rachelle to let Adel know that he cannot use his power no matter who she names as the replacement nominee. Sabrina said that Adel will go up next week if so. Sabrina pointed out that Ika likely knows that she is going up, since they are not talking to her. Both girls agreed that they cannot look Ika in the eye and that they feel bad for her. Adel joined the girls, at which point Rachelle said that she has to replace somebody. Before she could finish her sentence, Adel said that he swears on the Quran that he will not be using his power. Rachelle promised Adel that she will not be nominating him to try to flush out his power, or anything like that.

12:00-1:00 PM: Sarah told Jon that she is as susceptible as anyone to be the replacement nominee, seeing as she had turned on the girls just a few days ago. Jon said that he doubts that. Sarah played up that she has no idea what will happen. Allison spoke with Heather and encouraged her to stay positive and not give up, as she has a good feeling that both of them can stay in the game this week. Heather agreed, saying that she has a good feeling about this for some reason.

Sarah, Kenny and Andrew were discussing that it’s amazing how things have played out for them in the house thus far. Kenny said that he isn’t sure where Arlie’s head is at. He said that Arlie doesn’t say anything and just looks for information from them. Kenny pointed out that Arlie is always hanging out with Adel and Jon now. Sarah said that he has had enough conversations with Arlie to trust that he is First 5 before anything. Sarah did note that Arlie is likely building relationships in case the First 5 falls apart, as he knows that Kenny and Andrew are big targets. Kenny said that Arlie has been snarky of late. Sarah said that he probably feels a little under appreciated, but he wants the First 5 to work. Andrew said that they realistically only need his vote for a couple more weeks. Sarah said that she is confident him, as she feels that he will want to play this out with the First 5 since he is a big fan and wants to be a part of something that has never been done before.

Neda, Sabrina and Rachelle discussed whether or not Ika knows that she is going to be nominated. Neda said she doesn’t think that Ika has any idea. Neda asked if they were 100 million percent sure on this. Sabrina said yes. Rachelle said that she would not be doing this unless she was completely sure of the move. Rachelle told Neda to know that they would not do this to her. Rachelle and Sabrina told Neda that they will have her back. Sabrina said that Heather and Allison will be going next. Neda wondered if Andrew was getting too close to Allison. Sabrina said that Andrew doesn’t even like her and is just using her for a number.

After those two girls go, Sabrina said that Adel will be the next one on the chopping block. They tried to convince Neda that Ika leaving is a good thing since the guys would have targeted Ika and nominated Neda next to her. Neda remained hesitant about it all but said that if the girls think that it is the best thing to do, she will support them. Rachelle said that it will benefit Neda too, while Sabrina said that it will be nice not having Ika around to try to tell them what to do all the time. Neda said that she will obviously not be the lone vote to save Ika, so she will go along with them.

Ika chatted with Jon and said that it would be “really shady” if Rachelle were to put her up. Jon said that he cannot see that happening. He said that people like her far more than they like Heather. Ika said that there is reason to be worried when no one is telling you anything. Jon said that that’s why he is worried as well. Ika said that Sabrina likes to run around, create drama, and then play the victim or cry. Ika said that her worst move was trying to stay loyal to people like that for too long. Neda said that she is concerned that their numbers have dwindle from five to three, but maybe she is just clinging on to something that is no longer there. Sabrina told her that quality is better than quantity.

3:00-4:00 PM: Arlie began acting very weird. It was a little too weird, as though he was on a secret mission. Last season’s tasks/missions took place on Sundays, so it seemed to fit. He was telling people that the slop was really getting to him and that he is cracking. As the afternoon went on, it became clear that he was indeed on some sort of mission. He went to a number of houseguests and told them something that he didn’t like about them or that was bothering him about them. They would then apologize and he would thank them for making him feel better before hugging it out.

First up was Allison. Arlie told her that she looks as though she has put on some weight since the slop. He question if she had been crushing the food. They went on to talk about how he will make it through the week and survive his time as a have-not. Next up was Adel. Arlie told Adel that when he is trying to go to bed, he gets really annoying. Arlie said that he needs to be able to sleep sometimes. After Adel, Arlie went to Andrew and told him that he feels really really annoyed with him sometimes. He said that he feels as though Andrew treats him like shit. He said that Andrew doesn’t even hear him at times and will just listen to other people over him. Andrew said that he was unaware, thanked Arlie for bringing it up and apologized to him. Arlie then told Rachelle that he feels as though she is a big bitch to him all the time, never giving anything back when he tries to talk to her or joke around. He said he feels that she wouldn’t care if he died tomorrow. Rachelle apologized and said that she was unaware that she was being that way.

4:00-5:00 PM: Sarah saw that Arlie was acting weird. She asked him if she could help. He said that he will come talk to her later, but he needs some time. She then followed him outside to check on him again. She questioned if he was just making people think that he is sad for game purposes. Arlie said “Oh God, no”. She told him that he is a mastermind sometimes, so you never know. She said that she is there for him, but Arlie told her that he needs some time alone. Rachelle and Sabrina were talking in the HoH room when Rachelle said “Oh! Maybe he (Arlie) has a mission to act sad!”. Sabrina downplayed and said that it would be a failure if they figured it out, so he’s not on a mission.

Arlie’s next target was Heather. He told her that her voice grinds his gears sometimes. She apologized and told him to eat some slop since it makes him a happier person. Arlie then told Ika that sometimes he feels that she hates his guts, and it looks like the devil is inside of her and looking back at him. After Ika, Arlie went to Sabrina and told her that he feels as though she is extremely emotional and it makes him not want to say the wrong thing to her, for fear of her reaction. He said that Canada may also see it too. Sabrina was upset to hear that and said that she doesn’t think that she is emotional.

Arlie told Jon that they need to have a talk. They went out the backyard, where Arlie told Jon that he smells like shit right now. Jon said that he cannot shower due to having to go in the pool all the time because of his punishment. Arlie then said that they will have to have this talk another time. Arlie then told Kenny that he feels that Kenny thinks that he is better than him at times. He said that it seems like Andrew and Kenny are the older brothers that just mess with him. Kenny apologized and said that he knows that he is no better than anyone in the house. Kenny began to cry. This comment got to him. He had shared with some of the houseguests that he was seen as a bully in high school, which is the last thing that he wanted to be.

While Arlie was in the storage room, production was heard telling him that he was doing a good job on the task. They told him to go for some more lighthearted ones. He proceeded to go sit down with Sarah for a talk, at which point he told her that her breath stinks. He said that he would need to sit a little further away.

5:00-6:00 PM: Ika told Adel that she feels as though she will be the replacement nominee. She said that Sabrina has not talked to her at all, nor has Neda or Rachelle. Adel said “this is bad”. Ika said that she is so fucked this week. Adel said “Fuck Sabrina. She’s a witch”. Adel then said that he believes that things went downhill the night when everyone got drunk. He said that Ika must have scrapped with someone. Ika said that she did with Sabrina. Adel said that he will be in major trouble if Ika leaves. Ike expects that they will try to nominate Adel next week because they will want to flush out his power. Adel said that he will make it clear that he is going to put up the best friend of whoever nominates him.

Arlie was called to the diary room. Marsha was heard on the feeds, congratulating Arlie for completing his mission. While that happened, the other houseguests were discussing that Arlie had been insulting them all. Kenny told Sabrina that just because Arlie is down and on slop, it doesn’t mean that he can go around insulting everyone. While Kenny was upset, some of the girls had caught on that it was a task, but didn’t want to flat out say it. They then all gathered in the HoH room and compared notes on everything that Arlie had said to them. They began cracking up when they went over it all.

6:00-7:00 PM: Ika told Neda that she is scared and feels that she will be nominated. She said that she would hope that Rachelle wouldn’t do that to her. Ika said that she was told that things were fine. Neda said that she should be okay then. Neda eventually began crying. She said that she wishes that she knew what was going on or had a say in it. She added that she honestly believes that this is Andrew and Kenny’s HoH again, for the 3rd week in a row.

Jon asked Sarah if Arlie was talking about a four person alliance between he, Sarah, Arlie and Adel. Sarah said yes. Jon said that he likes that idea. Sarah said that Arlie was considering bringing in a fifth as well, if necessary. Jon told Sarah that he feels that things are drifting apart between he and Kenny. Sarah said that she hasn’t noticed that at all, leading Jon to believe that it might not even actually be happening. Jon told Sarah that she, Neda and Kenny are the only three people that he wholeheartedly trusts in this game.

Jon said that his biggest fear in the game is Andrew coming after him. Jon asked if Sarah trusts Andrew. Sarah said not really, but she thinks that she is okay with him in the short term. Jon said he fears that it will get back to Andrew if he voices his opinion about not being a big fan of Andrew’s. Jon told Sarah that he sees no scenario in which Sarah would be on the outs and get voted out any time in the near future. Sarah said that the fact that everyone likes her and trusts her is exactly the reason they need to vote her out.

8:00-9:00 PM: The houseguests were rewarded for Arlie completing his mission. Talla visited the Big Brother Canada house. Also, the houseguests got to see some videos from fans.

9:00-10:00 PM: Jon and Sarah discussed what may happen with Adel’s power. Jon said that they may as well make use of it. Sarah asked if Adel is going to try to use the power to take out one of the strong guys. Jon said that he thinks so and that Adel has his mind set on one of them. Jon Asked if Sarah would be on board with that. She said if everyone else is.

Ika caught up with Adel and told him that Neda said that she doesn’t know who is going up as the replacement nominee. Adel said that the boys are playing the game smart and are going to keep Heather around. Ika said that’s why she will be going home. She said that at least she gets to go before jury and can go home to her kids. Adel agreed that that would be best, though he hopes to last to jury because he believes that Canada would vote him back in. They agreed that they will just have fun for the rest of the week if Ika is leaving. Ika said that she liked Rachelle but now she is just Sabrina’s pet. Adel said that if Ika is indeed nominated, he will confused as to how the girls can be so manipulated by the guys. Adel informed Ika that many people he talks to are wanting Andrew and Sabrina out. Ika said that she wouldn’t mind keeping Sabrina around until her minions are all gone, so that she can show Sabrina what real checkin’ feels like.

10:00-11:00 PM: Ika asked Heather if she thinks that she has a chance to stay this week. Heather said that it will really depend on who Rachelle puts up next to her. Ika mentioned that she thinks that it might be her going up. Heather was a little surprised by that, thinking that Ika was close with the girls. Heather said that all that Rachelle had told her was that the person that is going up was her target from the beginning. Rachelle was upstairs telling Sabrina that she feels really bad but has to keep telling herself that it’s a game. Sabrina told her that Ika is bad for her game, so it has to be done. Rachelle mentioned that Kenny is planning on going after Jon if he wins the next HoH. Sabrina said that she will tell him that Adel needs to go because he would get voted back in if he makes it to jury. The girls agreed that Allison needs to go next, as they want the house dynamic to go back to the way it was.

11:00-12:00 AM: Adel told Heather that they can trust Neda and Ika. Heather was unsure about Neda, seeing as she was really close to her until Neda began believing what other girls said about her. Adel explained that nothing that he had ever told Neda had gotten back to him. Both agreed that Sabrina is manipulating Rachelle and that Rachelle will never be with them until Sabrina is gone. Adel couldn’t understand why people weren’t making “real moves”, saying that they are just getting picked apart and need to smarten up. He told Heather that he was praying that the girls had a real alliance, but he found out that they suck. Adel said that you need to put up two strong players, then nominate a well liked person if one of them wins the veto. They agreed that neither one of them will put each other up if they win HoH. As for this week, both were in agreement that Rachelle is likely going to nominate Ika.

12:00-1:00 AM: Rachelle joined in on the conversation and said that she has been hearing that Ika has said bad things about her. Ika said that people are telling her what they have to in order to make her a target. Rachelle said that she has heard so much that she is forced to believe at least some of it. Ika swore that she would never nominate Sabrina, Rachelle or Neda, so it makes no sense to take her out of the game. Sabrina spoke for Rachelle and said that she would be safer for a lot longer if she makes other deals. Ika began to cry and said that she is just asking for another week, as she does not want her friend to send her home. Ika explained that Rachelle will get picked off to, seeing as people are just telling her what she wants to hear. Ika said that Heather will stay and do exactly what the guys want, just like Rachelle is doing this week.

Rachelle told Ika that what happened last week totally changed the game. She said that she needs to do what best secures her in this game, even though she knows that Ika would never come after her. Rachelle said that she feels that she will be safe for at least three weeks longer than she otherwise would be, if she makes this move. Rachelle added that this is not what she wants to have happen. Ika told her that it is her HoH and she can do whatever she wants. Ika pointed out that if these people really have her back, they shouldn’t care that she, as HoH, wants to take out Heather and go after Ika a week later. Sabrina spoke up and told Ika that too many people have guaranteed Rachelle her safety if she does this. Ika continued to plead with them and tell them that she will always be the target before them, but there was no changing their minds. Ika eventually told them that it’s okay and that she understands. She then asked to be alone so that she could talk to Adel.

Ika informed Adel that she will be going home this week. Adel said that he hates that what they thought was going to happen is what is happening. Adel said that they will just have to be crazy and have fun now for the rest of Ika’s time in the house. Ika said that there was no talking herself out of this, noting that she even tried to cry. Ika said that she hates those two bitches and will not be friends with those dumbasses, even though they told her that they love her and want to be friends with her.

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