Allison uses the veto on herself, Ika goes up in her place

March 24, 2014

8:00-9:00 AM: Rachelle continued to be concerned that Adel may possibly use his power to save Ika. Sabrina told Rachelle to go get Adel then. Adel then swore on his Quran that he will not use it. He said that there is no chance, cause it doesn’t make any sense to use it. Rachelle told Sabrina that she feels a lot better about nominating Ika now that Ika at least knows that it is happening.

9:00-10:00 AM: Neda went to Ika and told her that she tried her hardest to get the girls to change her mind. Ika said that it’s okay and that Neda doesn’t need to cry. Ika explained that she saw it coming and that she tried everything possible to make them change their minds. Ika said that it was a planned backdoor from the start. Ika said that things will be really hard for Neda in this game now, seeing as Rachelle is on the other side now and there are only so many people left to pick off.

Neda questioned who puts their own alliance up. Ika said that it’s okay, and that things were probably said that were untrue but everyone is playing a game. Ika told Neda that she will need to talk to Adel, seeing as the only people on the outside of the big alliance are Adel, Neda and Heather. Neda said that she is hoping that the alliance turns on their own sooner than later, otherwise she is in trouble. Ika pointed out that the girls said that there are cracks in the guys’ alliance. She specifically told Neda that she believes that they were talking about Jon and Andrew.

Neda told Jon that he needs to be careful about his comments, cause he is becoming a target due to saying that he wants Andrew out. Jon said that Andrew is going home next week unless he wins HoH, since Adel is going to be using his power to take him out. Neda said that it is stupid to keep Andrew until jury. Jon said that he is not trying to and that he has been trying to get him out before jury. Neda and Jon discussed that nobody is even talking about going after Allison anymore, just cause she is with Andrew. Talk then turned to the Jon and Kenny relationship. Jon said that he really doesn’t believe that Kenny would turn on him. Neda said that she feels as though Kenny thinks that he would leave over Jon. Jon figures that Kenny sees Andrew as good for his game in the short term but not the long term, so Kenny will have a use for him.

12:00-1:00 PM: Allison used the Power of Veto on herself. Rachelle went through with nominating Ika as the replacement nominee. Adel said that the guys are getting everything that they want in this game. Ika said that they are playing good. Adel told Heather that everyone wants Ika out, so she wont have anything to worry about. Adel told her that the two of them in Neda need to work together and prove that they can trust each other. Adel said that he has also been trying to get Heather in with Arlie. Heather said that she appreciates that. Heather said that she thinks that she will try to talk to Neda and let her know that the things that were spread about her were untrue. Adel said to tell Neda to look at the source of it. The witch (Sabrina). Heather said that Sabrina is hands down the person that she wants to go home if she wins HoH. Heather said that Sabrina has ruined her game up to this point. Heather noted that the house is not talking to her because of Sabrina.

Andrew asked Sarah and Sabrina who they need to go after once Ika leaves. Sarah said that she thinks that Adel and Allison should go up. Sabrina said that Allison would need to go. She asked Andrew if he was okay with that. Andrew said yes. Sarah said that getting rid of Allison would show Arlie that they are loyal to the First 5 above anything else. Andrew asked who else saw Jon and Allison saying that they were aligned. Sabrina then asked if Andrew did not believe her. Sabrina played it off and said that she got rid of her friend in Ika, so Allison can go at any time. In the event that Allison wins the Power of Veto, Sabrina said that Heather would need to go up. Sarah said that Heather would then have to go home.

1:00-2:00 PM: Kenny told Sabrina that Andrew is full aware of what’s going on with Allison and wants her gone. Sabrina was having doubts now that Andrew questioned who had seen Jon and Allison talking. Kenny said that Andrew might be having some internal doubts. Sabrina was upset that Andrew was having Allison swear up and down that she is loyal to him. Sabrina figures that Allison will begin having doubts if he keeps that up. They agreed that Allison needs to go. Sarah reassured Sabrina that Andrew will be 100% on board once Allison is out the door.

Sabrina began crying to Sarah because Andrew had called her judgmental and emotional. Sabrina said that she has done everything in this game for the group, yet Andrew turned his back on her the second that Allison pranced in. Sabrina then told Sarah not to lie to her face by saying that Kenny is nice to her. Sarah said that she doesn’t notice it, as she sees the things that Kenny says as a joke. Sabrina said it sucks to do things for people that don’t like her. Sarah said that if she honestly believed that, she would tell Sabrina that they should jump ship. Sabrina then said that her heart is broken over doing this to Ika, as she knows that Ika would never put her up and she likes her. Sabrina said that she has a big heart and it kills her to manipulate people and use it to her advantage that people are close to her.

Kenny and Andrew discussed that Jon is the only one that is threatening to them, due to his social game and how much he is talking to everyone. Kenny said that once Jon is gone, Neda will go to Rachelle and they control Rachelle through Sabrina. Andrew and Kenny agreed that they need to make a move on Jon if they win HoH. Kenny said that Adel and Heather can always be fallback options for whenever the number one target can’t be taken out. Kenny told Andrew to be careful about his showmance, as people view it as threatening since two is better than one. Kenny told Andrew that he realized two things based on Arlie’s task yesterday. First of all, he said that Arlie is a good actor. Secondly, Kenny believes that the insults that Arlie made gave some insight into his true feelings.

2:00-3:00 PM: Adel said that he thinks that Arlie is feeling that he needs to make a big move ASAP. Ika disagreed, saying that Arlie wants to play a low key game and fly under the radar until the last minute when he can strike. Adel believes that Arlie has his back, saying that they have been together since Day 1. Ika wasn’t sure, since she doesn’t speak much with Arlie. However, Ika does believe that Jon has Adel’s back and wants to keep him around. Adel agreed. He said that he feels as though Arlie and Jon would never put him up. He said that he needs to get to Neda before the next HoH competition, since she is an outcast as well. Finally, Adel said that he can get close to Heather since everyone ignores her and treats her like she has the plague.

5:00-6:00 PM: Adel and Jon discussed that they cannot stand Sabrina. Adel revealed that Heather is planning on going after Sabrina if she wins HoH. Jon then asked Adel if he is planning on using his power to take out Sabrina. He said that Sabrina is easier to take out than Andrew, so it’s better to use it on Andrew. Jon agreed. Jon said that the votes to evict Andrew would be him, Adel, Arlie, Neda and Heather. Adel asked Jon who he would nominate. He said he would seriously consider nominating Sabrina alongside a pawn in Rachelle. He also said he would consider nominating Heather with Rachelle.

Jon spoke with Neda and told her that he had asked Kenny if he thinks that Andrew would turn on him before he would turn on Allison. Jon said that Kenny believes that Andrew would choose Allison over him. Jon said that Andrew will be going home next week unless he wins HoH, since Adel is using his power to get him out. Since they are banking on that, Neda and Jon agreed that they should drop out of the HoH competition once Andrew is out of it. They then discussed whether or not Sarah can be trusted 100%. Jon questioned if Sarah is working with Kenny and Andrew. Neda said that she is likely with Kenny, but Jon is the one that talks game with her. Jon said yeah, but possibly he is talking too much game with her. Neda mentioned that she doesn’t trust the girls any longer after what they did to Ika. Jon told her not to trust Rachelle and Sabrina at all. He said that those are likely the two that he would nominate if he wins HoH.

6:00-7:00 PM: Sarah and Kenny discussed that Sabrina can explode at any moment. Sarah said that it is really due to the fact that Sabrina feels as though she is doing everything for the entire alliance. Kenny said that Sabrina is building a great case for herself in the event that she makes the Final 2. Sarah said that all of Sabrina’s manipulation and lies will eventually catch up with her, at which point she will no longer be the one carrying the alliance. Sarah said that it will then be them saving Sabrina, not the other way around. Sarah and Kenny then discussed the powerful emotional bond between Allison and Andrew. Sarah said that it is dangerous and that she and Kenny needs to make sure that they have the strongest bond.

Adel spoke with Neda and Ika and said that he would nominate Kenny and Allison or Kenny and Sarah. If Kenny gets taken down, he said that he would nominate Andrew. Neda explained that it is not a good move, as Andrew could win the veto and save Kenny. Adel agreed and said that he would nominate Kenny and Andrew together. Adel mentioned that he may have to nominate Jon as a replacement, feeling that he would stay over the other guys. Neda told him that this is a terrible idea, as Jon would for sure be going home over both of those guys. It then clicked in Adel’s head, and they agreed that Sarah would have to go up to ensure that one of the guys go home. Adel advised Neda to start working on getting closer to Heather. He said that the two of them, Arlie and Heather are going to have to stick together. Neda was a little concerned about telling too much information to Heather, as she believes that Heather would tell the guys if they end up winning the next HoH. Adel explained to Neda that his power doesn’t totally go away if he doesn’t use it next week. He said that it simply weakens, only allowing him to play in a veto competition of his choice from that point forward. Neda told him that he still better use it since Canada would be pissed off at him if he didn’t.

7:00-8:00 PM: Neda asked Ika if there is any way that she can stay. Ika said that she doesn’t think so, but “they” (production) want her to try. Ika said that she would try but she doesn’t want to kiss any more ass. Ika explained that Neda and Adel would have to be the ones campaigning for her, but she doesn’t want them to make themselves targets. Neda said that Andrew needs to go, cause then she can get in closer with the others. Neda named off Sarah and Kenny as people that she could get closer to. Neda also doesn’t like the influence that Andrew has over Sabrina, which is another reason that she wants Andrew to go. Neda told Ika that Sabrina is the biggest liar in the game and she no longer believes that Heather said the things that she was accused of saying. Neda said that she has zero trust in Rachelle and Sabrina, but she has to pretend that she does.

8:00-9:00 PM: Sabrina went to Andrew and began telling him things that she claimed that Allison had said to her. Once Andrew denied everything that Allison had said, Sabrina pointed out that Allison cannot be trusted. Sabrina said that Allison is playing the game and is playing a nasty one. She told Andrew that it is time to start the detachment process. They discussed a number of options for next week. Andrew said that he wants to go after Jon if he gets the chance. Andrew explained that Jon is the only one that is vocally rallying the troops against them. He said that he and Kenny can go after Jon, while Sabrina and Sarah can go after Allison. They agreed that Jon, Adel and Allison need to leave in the next three weeks.

Jon made his way around to Sabrina and Arlie, asking about the three week deal that he had heard that Kenny made with Rachelle in order to get Ika backdoored. Ika had informed him about it. He asked Arlie if he knew about it. Arlie said that the guys leave him out of those sorts of things. Jon said that he went to Kenny and Kenny had just lied to his face about it. Jon then said that he would love to get Kenny out right now. He told Arlie that he needs to start playing the game. Arlie agreed but said that they should end this talk right now and pick it back up tomorrow. Sabrina quickly got to work, spreading the word that Jon is feeling left out of the alliance since he was in the dark about Ika going up and about the apparent three week deal. She told both Andrew and Arlie about Jon freaking out. Sabrina told Arlie that Rachelle just said that to have an excuse for nominating Ika. Sabrina also admitted to playing that up to Rachelle in order to have her make the move.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jon continued to voice his frustration with Kenny for not informing him about Ika going up and the deal that was made with Rachelle. Jon told Neda that he is so livid right now. He mentioned that he may throw Andrew and Kenny up there if he wins HoH, with Allison as a replacement nominee. Jon was concerned that Sarah may not be a vote to evict those boys, which goes against what he previously thought. Neda said that Sarah will not vote out Kenny.

Jon made his way inside to talk with Adel and Arlie. Adel said that he will know if the guys are for real if one of them wins HoH and puts Andrew up on their own. Jon said that they would have to backdoor him. Arlie agreed. Adel said he is not nominating Neda or Heather if he wins. Arlie said the same goes for him. Jon said that he would have no problem nominating Rachelle. Adel thought it was smarter to focus on the stronger women, naming off Sarah and Allison. Adel said that Sarah is in deep with Kenny and nobody is going to change his mind about that. He noted that Sarah is a strong player, having made the biggest move of the game in flipping on the girls.

Arlie said that he would put up a guy and a girl. He said Kenny and possibly Allison could work. After Adel left, Arlie told Jon that Sarah might be someone that they can bring in eventually since she cannot possibly think that going to the end with Kenny and Andrew is smart. He told Jon to nominate Kenny and Allison if he wins. Jon said “done”. Arlie revealed that he would have to go the backdoor route to take out a strong guy, seeing as the guys think that he is still with them.

11:00-12:00 AM: Arlie next had a discussion with Heather. He said that Neda had to have had her eyes opened by the fact that the girls turned on Ika so easily. Arlie suggested that they work on bringing Neda in over the next couple of weeks. Arlie said that he, Heather and Jon are going to be the core three in the alliance, with Adel on the outs and Neda really on the outs. He also told Heather not to worry about Sarah. Heather said good, cause she likes Sarah a lot. Arlie said that as long as they can keep Jon and Adel around past next week, they will be in a good position.

Arlie told Heather that he was glad that the girls mistreated her, seeing as it gave him a chance to work with her. He pointed out that the guys will likely be trying to pull her in, especially if he exposes himself as being against Andrew or Kenny when he wins HoH. Arlie asked Heather who she would nominate if she won HoH. She said that she had been thinking about targeting Sabrina. Heather mentioned having told both Kenny and Andrew that she would not put them up. Arlie said that it would be best for Kenny or Andrew to go home. Heather told him that she cannot nominate both of them. Arlie suggested that she nominate one of them next to Allison. He later said that Sabrina would also make a good pawn. Heather liked that idea. Arlie advised her against using Rachelle or Neda as pawns. He explained that both would go home, as would Adel. Heather eventually said that she would be willing to backdoor Kenny or Andrew but would not want to nominate them initially.

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