Ika wins $5,000 but the whole house listens in on her thoughts

March 25, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Sabrina and Kenny discussed that Jon had been told by Ika that Kenny had made a three week deal with Rachelle to keep her safe in return for backdooring Ika. Both Kenny and Sabrina said that they told Jon that it was not true. Kenny explained that all that he had told Rachelle is that he would not go after her if she would not go after him. They mentioned that Neda cannot be trusted at all. Kenny then informed Andrew about why Jon was freaking out last night. Kenny said that Jon has made it so obvious that he is working with Ika. Andrew told Kenny about the plan that he and Sabrina came up with last night. If he or Kenny win HoH, Andrew said that they will nominate Jon and Adel. He said that he doesn’t want to put Allison up but will if he has to. He mentioned that Jon is the bigger target, but the girls don’t want to have to put him up. The plan is for Sabrina and Sarah to nominate Allison and Adel if they win HoH.

10:00-11:00 AM: Ika spoke with Kenny in order to make her pitch for why she should stay. Ika said that her plan was clearly to keep Paul around last week, and Kenny knows why. Ika asked Kenny who Paul was going after. Kenny said him. Ika questioned if he didn’t think that Paul was after Andrew. Ika explained that Paul’s target was clearly Andrew, not him. Ika said that Andrew has a lot of ties in the house, including Sabrina, Allison and Kenny. She said that other people would become targets once Andrew left, which would lessen the focus on Kenny. Ika swore on her kids and everything that she will not go after Kenny if he would keep her. She said that she could not promise the same for Andrew, but she would not go after Sarah either. Ika went on to say that she would love to give Rachelle and Sabrina a taste of their own medicine. She swore that she would nominate Rachelle and Sabrina, and possibly Andrew. She mentioned nominating the girls initially to make them cry, then putting Andrew up as a replacement.

Ika told Kenny that she had given him her word that she would not go after him, and followed through on it last week when she won HoH and PoV. Kenny said that he needs to think about things and cannot give her an answer right now. Ika said that she will never go after Jon. Ika told Kenny that he can 100% trust Jon, even if she leaves the house. She said that Jon has his back. Kenny pointed out that he has seen the two of them talking. Ika said that their conversation were never about Kenny and that Jon has his back and would never target him. She swore to God that Jon is not after Kenny, and added that it would be damn shame if Kenny didn’t have the same loyalty towards Jon. Kenny said that he does. Before wrapping the conversation up, Ika said that they can have a two week truce if she stays in the house. Ika said that the minute that that asshole (Andrew) leaves, Kenny becomes more like Jon and will be well-liked throughout the house.

Kenny went to Arlie and Andrew to inform them about his conversation with Ika. He said that Ika was trying everything she could, but he does not listen to her. They all agreed that Ika still needs to go. Kenny noted that Ika and Jon made it so clear that they are together. He said that Ika has got to go since they are beginning to catch on to the First 5. Kenny then explained to Arlie that Jon is freaking out because Kenny didn’t come to him soon enough to tell him that Ika would be nominated. Kenny said that they need to include Jon as much as possible and act like good buddies with him in order to calm him. Kenny said that he gets nervous when Jon freaks, because he is capable of exploding and it would do nobody any good.

Andrew told Arlie that the guys will nominate Jon if they win HoH, while the girls will nominate Allison and Adel. Kenny said that Jon is too dangerous and has to go. Arlie asked who Kenny would nominate. Kenny said Jon and Adel, to flush out Adel’s power if he has one. Arlie went along with it, not saying much. Arlie said that he will stay close to Jon to keep an eye on him. He also mentioned that they have to be weary of Allison as well, because he can totally see her trying to play the guys and take Andrew out. Kenny said that he is almost full blown worried about the Andrew and Allison relationship, so she is another target to consider.

11:00-12:00 PM: Arlie and Sarah had a lengthy discussion. Arlie pointed out that they are at the centre of the information highway in the game. While Sabrina had just said told Arlie and Sarah that Jon is aligned with Ika and Adel, Arlie told Sarah that there is no way that it’s true. Arlie said that Jon knows that Ika is going home. Arlie told Sarah that they just need to continue to play the middle. He mentioned that the boys are planning on nominating Jon and Adel, which is bad since they cannot save Jon. They discussed that Jon’s paranoia has gotten to him and he has been playing a dumb game of late, especially the night that he got drunk. Sarah didn’t want to alienate Jon. Arlie mentioned that Jon is 100% with her. Arlie told Sarah that Adel will use his power on Jon 100%, since he is in a three person alliance with he and Jon. They laughed about Adel actually being in a four person alliance without even knowing it, since Sarah is involved as well.

Sarah said that the First 5 has the upper hand in the game. Arlie agreed but said that it is near impossible to make it to the end together. Arlie noted that Sabrina is being the mastermind and is pulling all the strings, but they see it and know it. They agreed that nobody can take her to the Final 2. Arlie pointed out that Sabrina thinks that she is the shit but is coming on too strong too early on. Arlie believes that Andrew and Sabrina sticking around would help them, but he also feels that they would not necessarily be screwed if they were to go home. Arlie pointed out that he has a big influence over Jon and Adel, so he can get them to nominate Allison alongside of their true target. At that point, they will have the numbers to get rid of Allison.

Arlie told Sarah she is her number one, while Adel and Jon are his number two and three in either order. It was discussed that they can pull Neda in soon. Arlie said that Sabrina thinks that it’s the Sabrina show, but it is really the Jon and Arlie show. Arlie said that they are in good everywhere in the house. He revealed that he does not want the First 5 to be the Final 5. Arlie explained that he and Sarah will not have as good of a shot at the end if they go with the rest of the First 5. He prefers that each of their alliances alternate being and power and pick each other off. He said that they don't even need to do a thing and can just sit there and let it happen. Arlie said that Kenny, Andrew or Sabrina will go home the first time that someone other than the First 5 wins HoH.

Kenny went to Rachelle and let her know about his talk with Ika. He mentioned that Ika said that her targets are Rachelle and Sabrina and that she wants to make them cry. Kenny explained that Ika continually stroked his ego, while telling him that he is good at the game but not really good at the game. Kenny said that she is full of shit and needs to go. He said that the only thing that he took away from the conversation is that Jon is after him. Kenny believes that Ika and Jon are aligned since Jon came to him and said that they were good and Ika came to him and said that Jon has his back, over a very short period of time. Both Kenny and Andrew reassured Rachelle that she is good with them. In the event of a twist that saves Ika, Rachelle said that she would have to put up Arlie as a pawn so that Heather would go home. Kenny said that she could also make a power move and put up Jon. Andrew said that he would go that route. He told her that she would not have to worry about the votes.

Kenny spoke with Jon and let him know that words has been twisted somewhere along the way, as he had never made a three week promise to Rachelle. He said that all that was agreed upon was that they would have each others’ backs. Jon said that he had heard from more than just Ika, but realizes that it is impossible to guarantee such a deal. Jon said that he was ready to have Kenny’s back for the duration of the game, but then he found out that he was left out of such talks. Kenny said that it was all Ika trying to say what she can to stay in the house. Jon told Kenny that he would never ever turn on him. Kenny said that he knows that and is solid with him. Jon revealed that his biggest fear is that Andrew would come after him if he wins HoH. Jon explained that people have got it in Andrew’s head that he is after him, so he is worried. Kenny said that he believes that Andrew feels that they are solid enough that he would not touch him at this point.

12:00-1:00 PM: Jon told Neda that he finds it hard not to trust Kenny, seeing as he is so smart. Neda told him that those are the people that ARE hard to trust. Jon believes that Kenny is willing to do what it takes to prevent Andrew from targeting him for the time being. They discussed that Kenny may want to keep Rachelle around now, seeing as he would feel that he can control her. As for Andrew, they expect that he will want Sabrina and Allison both to stay for the long run.

1:00-2:00 PM: Sabrina spoke with Jon and asked him if he will be voting Ika out. Jon said that he 100% will be. Sabrina told him that Ika is the one that screwed him over by saying that he was after Andrew. Jon told her that it would not be good for his game to be going after Andrew. Jon said that he really doesn’t want Andrew coming after him. Sabrina said that she had a long talk with Andrew about it and he said that he believes that Ika is behind it all. Jon told Sabrina that he definitely trusts Kenny but he had a little lapse last night. They agreed that it would make no sense for Jon and Kenny to go after each other. When asked if she thinks that Andrew has her back now that Allison is here, Sabrina answered “yes and no”. Her concern was that Allison may come after her because she will think that Andrew would protect her first then. Sabrina asked Jon if he would nominate her if Allison wanted him to. Jon said definitely not. He added that Sabrina and Neda are the only two girls that he would not put up.

Sabrina told Rachelle that she cannot believe that Canada does not see how much of an asshole Adel is. She has been telling the houseguests that Adel needs to go before jury so that he does not get voted back in. Rachelle said that she is puzzled how someone that everyone in the house hates is liked by Canada.

2:00-3:00 PM: Sabrina told Allison that another person told her that Allison is after her. Sabrina said that she believes Allison that she is not, but questioned why people keep saying it. Allison said that people are trying to sabotage any connection that they make. Allison told Rachelle that she is also not coming after her. The three girls agreed that Adel needs to go before jury. Allison said that Heather also needs to go. Allison said that she would nominate Adel and Heather if she wins HoH, then they would have to vote out Heather after Adel uses his power. Allison informed Sabrina that she and Heather had a conversation and Heather told her that she is after Sabrina. Sabrina’s response to hearing that was “what a hooker!”.

7:00-8:00 PM: The feeds were down for a few hours. When they returned, the houseguests were eating a steak dinner. They were discussing a prize. They do not know who won the prize, but they have been discussing it. Sabrina went to Heather in order to try to clear the air with her, after earlier finding out from Allison that Heather was after her. Sabrina said that she really hopes that it is not fake, since it is not fake on her end. Heather said that she genuinely hopes that they can have a fresh start on things. Sabrina said that if Heather ever wins HoH and wants to put her up, she would understand. Heather said that Sabrina is not her target right now. Sabrina said that Heather is not her target for a long time either.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jon asked Heather how she was feeling game wise. Heather said that she is feeling pretty god cause it seems like there is going to be a lot of coasting. Jon then try to feel her out in terms of determining if she is open to making a big move. He asked Heather which big player she thinks needs to go. Heather said that Kenny is smart, so he needs to go. She pointed out that Kenny came to her and said that he is going to swing the vote in her favour if she will keep him safe, even though she already knew that she was staying regardless. Jon asked if the girls would be behind taking Kenny out. Heather said yes. Jon continues to bank on Adel’s power being a game changer in a sense of taking out a big player. He told Heather that he wants to win HoH to make a big move, but also doesn’t want to because Adel can just use his power to make the move anyway.

11:00-12:00 AM: Feeds were down for a while again. It appears that it was related to the earlier outage. Ika won. She said that when she was released into the backyard, she saw everything that the rest of the house saw. She mentioned that she got $5,000 and letters from home. It sounds as though Ika had to choose between taking the cash for herself or giving everyone else a letter from home. She chose the prizes for herself, and apparently kicked around other people's letters in the process. Ika’s words, as well as video, were being played back into the house. She was unaware. She said that Big Brother didn’t tell her to talk out loud, but she was explaining herself to Canada and to Big Brother and also venting in the process.

Ika said that even though she got “Topaz’d”, she was glad with the outcome. While the others were listening, Ika revealed that the only people that she liked are Adel, Jon and Neda. Ika and Adel discussed that Neda is now done for after what the houseguests overheard. Adel said “this shit just go real, yo!”. Adel said that Sabrina was continually repeating their three names to put a target on their backs, so he is happy that Jon and Neda got to hear that.

12:00-1:00 AM: Ika and Adel began talking over what he should do after she leaves. They agreed that Kenny is the brains and needs to be the person to go. Ika told Adel that once Kenny leaves, the game is his. Adel said that he needs to get the bearded one out, as it will be the play of the year and get him back in the game. Adel plans to tell Sarah that he hopes she wins HoH and gets her letter from home, but if she puts him up he will use his power to nominate Kenny. Adel said that he would nominate Kenny and Sarah if he wins HoH.

Adel said that he would then go to Andrew and tell him that if he or Allison use the veto to save Kenny, they will be going up (possibly with his power). He said that would tell Andrew that he has no issues with him and doesn’t want him to get backdoored, but he will have to put him up if Kenny is saved. Adel wants to explain that Andrew will go home over Kenny if that happens. Adel also discussed lying to the other houseguests about his power some more. If he isn’t HoH and isn’t nominated next week, he said that he will tell them that his power is actually good for a third week. He will explain that he didn’t want to tell them earlier because he was afraid that they would force him to play it, but it was meant to get him to jury so it was good for three weeks.

Arlie and Jon discussed that they may have to nominate Adel, but it wont matter since he will just use his power to save himself anyway. They said that it would help them hide their allegiance to him. Jon said that it would also help him build some trust with Andrew and Kenny. Jon then went to Rachelle to make sure that they were still good. Rachelle promised him that they are. Jon said that he will always have Rachelle’s back.

1:00-2:00 AM: Ika told Adel that she would have picked the letters for the rest of the houseguests, rather than the money for herself, if she had any chance of staying in the game. She explained that she would pay $10,000 just to be in this game, so she only took the $5,000 because she knew that she had no hope. She said that the other houseguests were calling her heartless, yet they would have been heartless by taking the letters from her and then sending her home two days later. She also mentioned that there was no way that she was going to sit there and not let Canada hear what she was thinking. Ika said that she was previously so down about going out via the backdoor, but now she is so grateful for Big Brother. Ika said that she was feeling really down about how her HoH went and how she was being backdoored, but now she is happy. She told Adel that Big Brother made her dreams come true and also gave her opportunity to meet someone real like him.

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