Sarah gets fed up with Andrew's comments; Ika takes on Sabrina

March 26, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Neda told Adel that she is having issues with the girls. Adel advised her to be nice to them, for her own good. Neda said that she went to use the HoH bathroom to shower, and the girls sat in silence the whole time. Neda explained that she is screwed unless she, Jon or Adel win HoH next week. Neda asked Adel to please use his power. Adel said that he would and that it would be of benefit to the whole house.

11:00-12:00 PM: Earlier, Sarah had told Ika that she doesn’t blame her for shredding their letters from home in favour of taking the $5,000 and letter for herself. She and Jon then had a chat in which Sarah mentioned that they all would have done the same thing. Sarah said that the only thing that pissed her off was that Adel was running his mouth. Adel was mentioning last night that people were making comments during the whole ordeal, so he was calling them out. Jon said that he could not believe that Andrew called Ika a whore. He said that those words have never come out of her mouth.

12:00-1:00 PM: Neda, Sabrina and Rachelle discussed what happened with Ika last night. Neda said that what happened is something that would never occur in real life. Neda said that the same thing happened to Topaz last season, but Topaz didn’t say anything mean. Sabrina agreed and said that Ika was making personal attacks when they got to overhear her. Neda said that she was thinking that Ika needs to shut the fuck up when Ika was bringing up her name. Neda told the girls that she is pissed off. Sabrina said that Ika made it seem like she, Neda and Jon were aligned.

Neda explained that Ika came to her and Jon and asked if she had the votes, but they said no. Neda mentioned that she doesn’t want everyone thinking that she would vote for Ika. Sabrina told her that everyone had been saying that. Neda pointed out that it would make no sense for her to vote to keep Ika, so she hopes that people drop it. Neda was pissed off when she found out that Ika went to the girls and said that Neda informed her of her upcoming nomination beforehand. She explained that she has been true to her word and did not tell Ika that she would be nominated. The three girls reassured each other that they will not nominate each other.

Elsewhere, Arlie told Sarah that the two of them have to think of an alliance name just for the two of them. He said that they are going to go deep into the game and it would be cool to play it up in the diary room. Sarah was on board.

2:00-3:00 PM: Sabrina and Sarah discussed the possibility of a double eviction tomorrow. Sabrina expects that it will happen. She said that she really wants Adel gone. Sarah said that he can’t go unless his power doesn’t exist. Sabrina agreed and said that she meant next week. Kenny joined in on the conversation and said that he wants to win HoH so badly. He said that they are in a good position but there is likely still something to come that will rock them. Sarah mentioned possibly saying something about the First 5 in her goodbye message. Sabrina and Kenny advised her against doing so. Kenny said that they are in too good of a position to even chance messing something up. Kenny said that it could be worth going after Allison before Jon now, seeing as Jon will be playing scared without Ika. Kenny explained that Jon will not make any big moves. Sabrina said that she agrees 100%.

3:00-4:00 PM: Many of the houseguests were discussing the possibility of an upcoming twist. It was thrown out there that a twist may keep the “most hated houseguest” in the house. Neda said that it can’t happen since Ika already got $5,000 last night. Sabrina said that it would be unfair as well. Sarah then said that maybe Canada gets to vote to save someone and choose the replacement. Arlie pointed out that Canada would 100% save Ika, seeing as the viewers like chaos. Andrew then chimed in and said “There are so many people that worship Satan in the real world.” and “There are Satan worshippers everywhere”. The others weren’t amused by his comment. Sabrina kept saying “Andrew!”, while Sarah said that “We know Canada is never going to save Andrew, so we don’t have to worry about that”.

Andrew then pointed out that Satan is evil and it was a jab at Satan, so he doesn’t understand why people can’t understand his undertones. He said that he is no longer making any jokes relevant to anything in this house. Sarah questioned why he was getting so upset. Sarah said that she is just one person and nobody else sees anything else wrong with it. “I don’t see any reason to be overly rude and mean and obnoxious when there is no need”. She told him that she finds what he says to be hilarious the majority of the time, but he should let it go when she has a moment and doesn’t approve of what he is saying. Andrew apologized.

4:00-5:00 PM: Sarah was crying alone in the bedroom. She said that she is going to get evicted because she can’t handle this “bullying shit”. She called it disgusting. Arlie came to check on Sarah. She said that she cannot take it and asked Arlie to not even try to calm her down. Sarah said that she hates that Andrew is such a fucking dick. She told Arlie that Andrew just needs to leave the poor girl (Ika) alone. Sarah explained that Andrew is allowed to bully, yet when she makes one comment about Canada never voting to save Andrew, he got all offended. Arlie said that both he and Canada see everything that Sarah is saying, but it doesn’t help her to tell Andrew what to do. Sarah said that she has integrity and can’t be seen sitting in a circle and laughing with someone that is saying disgusting things. Sabrina also checked on Sarah and pointed out that Andrew always acts that way with her, getting defensive and angry when being called out or told that he is wrong.

Sarah then went up to the HoH bathroom and broke down crying again. Sabrina then joined her. Sarah said that she is not herself in this house and she doesn’t like it. Sarah was worried that her kids would see her sitting around with Andrew and not standing up to him, or going along with him, and would feel that it’s okay to behave like Andrew. Sarah said that she honestly does not like Allison at all, even as human being. She said that she does not like how Allison eggs Andrew on. Sarah also pointed out that she didn’t like that Adel and Ika were sitting around with them but they are all adults can have a conversation, yet Andrew thinks that it’s a big deal to associate with those two. Sabrina agreed.

They discussed that the game is getting to be a bit much. Sabrina said that she was not impressed that Ika kicked her letter from home last night. Sarah admitted that she laughed inside when it happened, seeing as the way that Ika was acting was so ridiculous. Sabrina told Sarah that it hurt that Ika had done that to her letter, as it has been eating her up inside that she had to turn on Ika and get Rachelle to nominate her.

5:00-6:00 PM: Ika and Sabrina got into it out by the hot tub. Ika and Adel were in the hot tub, while Sabrina was sitting in one of the chairs. Ika asked Sabrina if there was a reason why she was there. Sabrina said “Am I not allowed to come outside?” and asked “Is there a reason why you smashed into me on the stairs?”. Ika responded by telling Sabrina to shut the fuck up. Ika told Sabrina that she is so lucky that she is not staying. Ika said that Sabrina is the biggest liar in the house. Sabrina kept responding with “You are threatening me?”, so Ika said yes and told her to go on the treadmill and shut the fuck up. Ika said that she would put Sabrina’s ass up on the block so fast if she stayed.

Ika told Adel to watch out for Sabrina cause she is a snake. Ika pointed out that Sabrina cried about Allison being so close to Andrew, yet now Allison is her best friend. Ika called her a fake ass bitch. Sabrina said that Ika is a horrible human being to talk to someone like that. Sabrina kept mentioning that Ika was threatening her, even telling the cameras as much. Ika then said that Sabrina and her pet (Rachelle) would be on the block so fast if she was still there. Sabrina got up and went inside shortly after.

Sabrina tried to get into the diary room, but they didn’t let her in. She then told the rest of the house that Ika threatened her and gave her a “legitimate threat”. Sabrina told them that Ika had said “You’re fucking lucky I’m not here next two days, Sabrina, cause you’re going to see what I’m going to fucking do to you and your pet. I’m going to fucking do both of you in". Sabrina then looked to the camera and said “You guys heard her!”. Sabrina then pointed out that Ika bumped into her while walking up the stairs. Andrew said that’s physical abuse. Andrew asked her if she feels threatened. Sabrina said yes. Andrew told her to go into the diary room and let them know. Sabrina said that she was making slop cookies and had a little bit of sugar, then Ika came and took it and poured it into water. Sabrina said that she didn't make a scene about it, so no one knew. Sabrina then said “I ate one thing all day. One fucking thing, and then she (Ika) says walk your fat ass out of her. Who wants you near the tub. Fuck you. I was a model, fucking whore! I don’t care!”.

7:00-8:00 PM: Sabrina came back out of the diary room. She told her fellow houseguests that everything was fine. It quickly became apparent that Big Brother had made an announcement to the houseguests to clarify what had and had not been said. Kenny, Jon and Arlie were discussing that they cannot believe that the words “I’ll do you in” were never said by Ika, seeing as Sabrina had repeatedly used them in her retell of the fight. The guys agreed that Ika has nothing left to do but stir the pot.

Sabrina said that she loves Big Brother but they just made her look like a crazy liar. Sabrina then mentioned that Big Brother reviewed the tapes and she did not let Ika finish her sentence, which is why there is no record of her saying “I’m going to do you in”. Sabrina said that she is so pissed off, cause she has no idea how she misunderstood Ika. She mentioned that she did not want to waste production’s time, but the conversation just did not go at all like she thought it did. Sabrina told Kenny and Jon that he should not have followed Ika outside. She mentioned that the compilation of Ika brushing shoulders with her while on the stairs, Ika stealing her sugar and Ika blowing up on her is what made her crack.

Sabrina spoke with Rachelle about the whole incident. Sabrina said that it was not her intention to get more people pissed off at Ika. Rachelle understood and said that there would be no point in doing that. Rachelle said that Ika embarrassed herself. They then began discussing what had went down last night, with Ika choosing the $5,000 and letter from home over giving the rest of the houseguests a letter from home. Sabrina and Rachel admitted that they would have done the same but they said that there was no need for Ika to bash them for 20 minutes in the process. Rachelle said that she hopes that their families watched it and said “that is a disgusting human”. Sabrina said that Ika doesn’t deserve the money but her kids do.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jon and Sarah spoke about the incident between Ika and Sabrina. Jon said that he thinks that Sabrina’s story was bullshit from the get go. He brought up that Sabrina stressed the “I’ll do you in” part over and over, yet Ika had not used those words. Jon then asked Sarah if she thinks that Andrew and Kenny will turn on him. Sarah said that if they do, she doesn’t think that it will be anytime soon. Sarah explained that she had not caught wind of that. They then discussed what will happen if Adel uses his power to nominate Andrew. Sarah said that she is almost scared to make a move against Andrew this early, for fear of him staying in the house and coming after her. Jon thought that they would have more than enough votes but agreed. They discussed that they will have to nominate Adel if they win HoH, otherwise they will be screwed. It was mentioned that the good thing is that Adel can use his power to save himself.

Sarah told Sabrina that she feels horrible lying to Jon. She said that it kills her and that she does not want to have to go after him. Sabrina agreed and said that they need to make the guys take him out. They both believe that Jon would never come after them and that he is such a good guy. Sarah then mentioned that she doesn’t see the First 5 falling apart unless Andrew gets voted out. The girls agreed that the rest of the First 5 have to stay together if that ever were to happen. As for the upcoming week, it was discussed that Allison now seems to be the clear target for the First 5. Previously, the guys were planning on targeting Jon.

10:00-11:00 PM: Kenny and Sarah discussed that Sabrina’s emotions got the best of her earlier today when she got into it with Ika. Kenny said that her mind snowballed. Sarah added that Sabrina convinced herself that something that did not actually happen, happened. Kenny said that she just needs to realize that Ika is trying to get a rouse out of her and has nothing left to do in the house except to stir the pot. Kenny and Sarah the discussed that they both adore Jon as a person. They said that it will be tough when they have to let him go. Sarah told Kenny that she thinks that she got Jon off of the Andrew train. She explained that she asked if he is loyal to Kenny. When Jon said 100%, Sarah said that it is too early to take out one of his allies. The two then mentioned that they would both like to see Andrew gone first once they make it to the Final 5. Sarah said that she was concerned that Kenny might want to take him to the end since he would win. Kenny said that he considered it but wants to be at the end with Sarah.

11:00-12:00 AM: Adel and Heather talked over some scenarios that could play out in the upcoming weeks. For the week ahead, Adel is still planning on targeting Kenny. He wants to nominate Sarah next to her in order to guarantee that Kenny goes home. Heather revealed that she would also like to target Kenny, though she preferred the backdoor route. She said that she overheard Kenny and Andrew saying that they have to say whatever they can to reel the girls in, only to cut them later on. After that, Kenny came to Heather and tried to cut a deal with her. She said that she had planned on nominating Sabrina and Rachelle initially. She later said that she likes Adel’s plan a lot and could possibly use it as well. Adel reiterated that none of he, Heather, Jon, Neda or Arlie can be nominated, otherwise they lose the votes. Heather agreed.

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