Ika is evicted; Canada becomes HoH

March 27, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Adel and Neda, along with Ika, spoke about the best plan of action for them in the week ahead. Adel told Neda that he plans to nominate Kenny and Sarah, and that they will have the votes to take out Kenny. He wants to tell Andrew that if Sabrina or Allison win PoV, don’t you dare use it to save Kenny or else Andrew will be going up. He also plans to leverage his “power” in order to try to further manipulate them into doing what he wants. Neda said that she feels that Andrew is a bigger threat than Kenny. Both Adel and Ika disagreed with her.

Neda explained that Andrew has more connections. She said that he controls Sabrina, Allison and Rachelle. Ika said that Sabrina controls Rachelle. Neda said that Kenny is smarter but will go to Jon once Andrew is taken out. Ika said that once Kenny is gone, Jon will get closer to Adel and Neda and they can pick Andrew off. Neda was worried that Andrew would come after she and Jon if they get rid of Kenny. Ika said that the minute Kenny leaves, the house is divided. She said that Sarah will be running around and Rachelle will be lost. Ika said that it will be a lot harder to get rid of Kenny since he has Sarah, Rachelle, Sabrina, and will get a lot closer to Jon if they take out Andrew.

Neda said that Adel is not thinking things through and is making the stupidest decision. Adel told her that even Arlie agreed that it was the smartest move. Neda said that if Andrew leaves, Sabrina and Allison are so hated by Kenny and will be hung out to dry. She added that Jon will have such a big influence on Kenny once Andrew is gone, which will allow she and Adel to have an in with Kenny. Ika and Adel continued to push for Kenny to leave. Neda said that she will lose all trust with Jon if she votes out Kenny. Neda was concerned that Andrew will target them no matter what, while she believes that Kenny will not due to the influence of Jon. Adel pointed out that the Newfoundland connection is so tight, that Kenny, Jon and Allison will never take each other out. Adel mentioned seeing the Newfoundland players talking up their connections on the night of Jon’s task when they were all drunk.

Adel told Neda that she and Heather will be able to fly under the radar once Kenny leaves. He believes that the whole house will turn on Allison once Kenny is gone. Neda disagreed and said that Andrew, Allison and Sabrina will be so tight if Kenny leaves. Neda was unsure that Jon would even vote out Kenny. Adel said that he would but he will go and get confirmation again since Neda is so unsure of it. Neda questioned if Adel will use his power tonight if it’s a double eviction. He said that he has to, and would put up Kenny or Andrew. Neda discussed that her plan is to nominate Kenny and Andrew so that one of them is guaranteed to stay on the block and go home, since they have the votes. She planned to run things by Jon in order to confirm that they would have the votes to take one of the big guys out. Adel said that this is their only chance to make a big move and they have to make it this week. He said that he, Jon, Neda, Heather and Arlie have to get it done. Neda agreed. They decided that Adel will take out Kenny if he wins and Neda will take out Andrew if she wins.

10:00-11:00 AM: Andrew and Kenny quickly chatted about what they should do if they win HoH. Andrew mentioned nominating Heather and Adel, and keeping Jon off the block for this week. Kenny said that there is a good chance that Allison will go up if it’s a double eviction. He noted that Allison is still a real question mark. They agreed that Adel needs to go up in order to flush out his power. Kenny said that whoever can go home, cause it doesn’t matter. Kenny wanted to go after Neda next, seeing as it would make Jon weaker. Andrew wondered if they should take Jon out before jury, because he might get voted back in. Kenny said that Jon is surprisingly really bad in competitions so they could just vote him right back out if he comes back in.

11:00-12:00 PM: Neda asked Adel if he is going to try to win. He said 100%. Neda explained that she still feels that it is a bad decision to leave Andrew in the game. Adel said that Kenny will have the ability to blend in and get to the end if he stays, so Kenny needs to go. Neda felt that Kenny would go after Allison and Sabrina if Andrew was gone, but Adel felt that there was no chance. Adel told Neda that he and Heather are “one billion percent” on the same page. Neda said good, she likes Heather. Neda mentioned that she wants to go to the end with people that she can beat and Heather is one of the only ones that she has a chance against. Both Adel and Neda agreed that they, along with Heather, can never evict each other if they want to have any chance in this game.

9:00-10:00 PM: During the eviction episode, Ika was sent home by a vote of 8-1. This was expected. However, something a little less expected is the twist that was revealed. Canada will be the HoH for upcoming week.Viewers will have the power to nominate the houseguests of their choice for eviction.

11:00-12:00 AM: Neda told Adel that she is so scared that she is gong up. She asked “What if Canada hates me?”. Adel told her that she will be fine. They eventually shared a laugh about it. Adel then told her that he believes that it will be Andrew and Sabrina that are nominated. Neda said that everyone seems to be thinking that.

Neda, Sabrina and Rachelle chatted about what Canada could possibly be thinking. Sabrina wondered if they would want to break up the showmance. Neda said “But they voted her (Allison) in. They must like her”. Sabrina asked if she thinks that Canada likes Andrew. Neda said that it depends on what has been shown. She said that if Andrew’s side has been shown, he good come off well as a guy with a big personality. If they show everyone else’s side of it, Neda figures that Andrew would not come off well. Neda explained that it’s the same for everyone and that they don’t know what has been shown. Sabrina said that Neda has nothing to worry about. Sabrina also feels that she will be “okay”. Sabrina said that Adel will not being going up, yet he should. She added that “No one knows him”.

Jon and Adel discussed that they are in an amazing spot. Jon figures that they can make the Final 4 or Final 5 together, along with Arlie. Adel said that he feels so happy this week. Jon mentioned that Canada loves Adel and he thinks that Canada likes him. Adel reassured Jon that Canada would be a big fan of his. Jon then brought up that no matter what decision Canada makes, they can’t get pissed off about it or else Canada will just nominate them the next time. They agreed that the likely nominees will be Sabrina and Andrew.

2:00-3:00 AM: Arlie and Sabrina went over their nomination predictions. Sabrina said Andrew, since they may want to break up a showmance, Kenny because he is coming off to grumpy, and Neda because she is “completely useless” and has “zero game". Arlie said he thinks that it will be Andrew, Allison and potentially Rachelle. Arlie noted that the viewers may feels that Rachelle is very very stupid for last week’s move, seeing as Ika was on her side. Sabrina said that Canada sees what she says in the DR and can tell that she is protecting Rachelle. Arlie said that it was still a terrible move for HER (Rachelle). Arlie believes that Allison is playing a horrible game for being a super fan. He figures that Canada would want to nominate her to piss of Andrew as well. Arlie thinks that if Canada is doing a “vote to save”, Neda and Rachelle would get the fewest votes and thus would be the nominees.

Arlie and Sabrina discussed that Ika was a huge threat in this game. Arlie said that her stupidest move was going after Heather. Sabrina then said “Those were my votes…those were my nominations”. They then discussed that they feel as though the HoH screen will likely now be working. It has not worked up until this point. Sabrina said that she will not sleep if she is HoH, as she will be watching the screen since she is obsessed and will do whatever it takes to get to the end.

They again discussed the possible nominations. Arlie said that it would be crazy if Andrew, Kenny, Allison or Rachelle did not go up. Sabrina said it has to be them. She wondered if “they” (production) would have anything to do with it if they did not like who Canada voted for. Sabrina said that as long as it’s not two of the First 5, they will be fine.

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