The houseguests speculate about Canada's upcoming nominations

March 28, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Jon told Neda that he thinks that Andrew and Sabrina will be nominated. Neda said that hopefully that will be the case. Neda pointed out that Heather told her that the diary room has been asking her questions about Sabrina being mean. Jon said that Kenny has been coming to him and saying that they need to stick together, likely because he expects that Andrew will be nominated by Canada. Jon also said that Kenny mentioned that he thinks that he screwed himself over with Canada by hanging out with Andrew too much.

Jon and Neda agreed that it is better to get Andrew out over Kenny if they are on the block together. Neda explained that Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle would then be left hanging. Jon said that those girls will be his targets next. Neda thought that Allison should go first since she is such a strong competitor. Jon said that he would like to be in the Final 5 with a big player and slouches. He said that at the Final 5 he would turn on the big player and go to the end with the slouches. Neda then questioned if Jon had really never seen the show before. He said that he had not, but Neda continued to say that she does not believe him.

11:00-12:00 PM: Sarah and Kenny were discussing that the way that Andrew acts is frustrating. Sarah said that she is sketchy about Allison because she is so close with Andrew, but she guesses that some women like that type of guy. Kenny said that Allison is just playing it up and that’s why Andrew needs to beware and be prepared to cut her when the time comes. Sarah mentioned that it’s possible that Canada hates the First Five. She said that it’s possible that there is something small about each one of them that Canada does not like, and they want them to fail. Kenny said that they just have to roll with the punches and go from there.

Sarah noted that if Canada really doesn’t like the First Five, they can just nominate two of them and use one as a replacement. Kenny said that they will just need to regroup from there. Sarah was concerned about ending up on the block next to Kenny. She said that if Canada doesn’t like the First Five, hopefully they dislike two of the other members more than they dislike she and Kenny. Kenny said that she doesn’t think that Sabrina is seen in a good light. He figures that Andrew and Sabrina are the two that Canada would nominate.

12:00-1:00 PM: Sarah and Sabrina agreed that they are worried that Canada may not like Andrew. Sabrina thinks that the nominees will be Andrew and Allison in order to break up the showmance or Neda and Rachelle because they don’t do anything in the game. Sarah said that if Canada puts two First Five members up, it’s very blatant statement from Canada that they do not want the alliance to make it to the end. Sabrina said that she really doesn’t think that that’s going to happen. She said that it freaks her out not to have any control, as she felt that she had a handle on things up until this point. Sarah said that she doesn’t think that Canada will nominate Sabrina. Her reasoning behind this was that Canada would see how big of a role Sabrina has played. Sarah said that she expects Andrew to be nominated, but she will continue to make him believe that he is safe.

Arlie joined in on the conversation. Sarah told him that she thinks that Andrew will be nominated no matter what. Arlie said that if it’s a “vote to save”, Neda and Rachelle would get the fewest votes and would be nominated. If Canada is voting to nominate, Arlie expects that two of Andrew, Allison and Rachelle will be nominated. Arlie said that if he had to choose a fourth, it would probably be Kenny. Arlie mentioned that their alliance has been running through the house and may want to see a power shift. Sabrina says that she thinks that Canada will want to see the First Five go down in history with Chilltown and The Exterminators, so they will not try to break them up.

Arlie told Sarah that Sabrina talks out of her ass and lies all the time. He brought up the “sugar incident”, as she first said that Adel stole the sugar from her and then changed the story and accused Ika of stealing it. Arlie said that it was an example of Sabrina blatantly lying to her own alliance. Arlie mentioned that he does not believe that Sabrina actually saw Jon and Allison talking to the cameras about their alliance on the night of their task. He feels that it would have been beneficial to Sabrina to lie about it in order to put a target on Allison, who she hates. Arlie told Sarah that all that Sabrina is doing is trying to make things perfect for her own game. Sarah said that Adel told her that he saw it too. Arlie told her that Adel and Ika were trying to cause drama in the house that night in order to help further their games.

Sarah then said that with Andrew acting the way he is and Sabrina doing all of this shit, the only First Five member that they have to worry about keeping around is Kenny. Arlie said that they need the First Five members around for jury votes. He said that they can do work behind the scenes to get the others out without getting blood on their hands. Arlie expects that Sabrina will be nominated, seeing as Canada gets to see her lying all the time. Arlie said that he is playing this game for the fans and if Canada puts up Andrew and Kenny, he wants to give them what they want. Arlie told Sarah that he came up with an alliance name for them; Espionage.

Heather and Adel said that this is the first nomination ceremony that they are excited for. They both agreed that they would love for Canada to nominate Sabrina. Heather said that Sabrina is probably a good person and has a good heart, but she does not like her game. Adel said that Sabrina spreads so many lies and makes them so big and evil. He assumes that she is the same in the outside world. Heather noted that Sabrina likes to blow things totally out of proportion. Heather told Adel that Sabrina’s lies are what caused Neda and Rachelle to distance themselves from her.

5:00-6:00 PM: Feeds returned after the have-not competition. Jon and Adel are the only two have-nots for the week. Heather and Neda were discussing Canada’s nominations. Heather said that Canada will either want Sabrina to stay to stir up more shit or will really be getting sick of her. She also finds that Kenny has been acting quite nervous and is one of the most scared people about the nominations. Neda doesn’t see Allison going up, given that she believes that Allison was voted into the house by Canada. Adel eventually joined in on the conversation. Heather asked if Andrew will be voted out if he and Sabrina are on the block. Adel said of course. He said that they need to get rid of the strong guy if given the opportunity. Andrew entered the room and broke up the conversation. He mentioned that he is likely going to be one of the two nominees.

8:00-9:00 PM: Arlie and Adel discussed that Sabrina is not popular amongst her fellow houseguests. Arlie said that Jon hates her guts. He said that he is not too fond of her either. Arlie brought up the Ika vs Sabrina fight retell, saying that Sabrina made it sound like she was scared for her life and thus tried to get Ika removed from the game. Arlie added that Sabrina’s retell was so off that Big Brother had to come over the speakers to tell them that it wasn’t true.

9:00-10:00 PM: Sarah, Andrew and Arlie had a quick discussing about nominations. Sarah said that Canada may be annoyed with players that aren’t doing anything, specifically listing off Rachelle, Heather and Neda as examples. On the other hand, Sarah said that Canada views them as their puppets and just wants to mess with them, so they very well could make nominations based on what would create the most drama.

Sarah then spoke with Sabrina. They discussed that they have a true friendship that exists outside of the game. Sarah pointed out that Kenny is playing the game hard and would throw her under the bus before Sabrina ever would. Sabrina questioned if Jon thinks that he, Sarah and Kenny have an alliance. Sarah said that they have never talked about any alliance. She said that it was more so an understanding that they would protect the same people. Sabrina asked if she is someone that Jon wants to keep safe. Sarah told her that her name has never come up as someone to keep safe or as someone to target.

Sabrina has been concerned about the lack of control that the twist leaves her with. She and Andrew had earlier discussed that shifting of control to Canada makes it tough and could possibly lead to an uninformed decision. Sabrina asked Neda if she could see her being nominated. Neda said that it’s so hard to say what Canada is thinking. Sabrina said that while she had her incident with Ika, she doesn’t go off unless people attack her personally and not her game. Sabrina explained that she is not a bitch and doesn’t think that she comes off bitchy, seeing as she is literally nice 97% of the time.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jon and Sarah had a talk about Andrew. Sarah asked Jon if she thought that the showmance was real. Jon said that Canada probably told Allison to get in a showmance with Andrew, cause he can’t see any other reason for it. Sarah said that Andrew comes off as severely insecure and thus he is always looking to prove himself. Jon said that he didn’t ever think of it that way and now feels a little bad for some of the things that he said in the diary room about Andrew. Sarah reassured him that everyone says things in there in the moment. When Jon asked Sarah who she thought would be nominated, Sarah said maybe Andrew and Allison. Jon agreed.

11:00-12:00 AM: Arlie told Sarah that Heather is the first one that needs to be cut from their backup alliance. He explained that Heather revealed most of her game to him and that it is clear that she wants to make a big move. In addition to that, Arlie is concerned that Heather may have a deal with Kenny and/or Andrew. Sarah figured that she would have heard about it from Kenny. Arlie said that Kenny has such a brilliant mind that there is no way that he wouldn’t have approached Heather. Sarah said that perhaps Kenny had fallen into the ego trap and feels so safe with the First Five, Rachelle and Jon. Arlie said that he and Sarah are currently in the best position in the house, followed by Kenny in 3rd.

Arlie and Sarah discussed that Neda can be brought in when the time is right. Sarah asked Arlie for advice on how to better her game. His main message was to remember that it is a game. He said that she needs to get it in her mind that she will do anything to win the game, as he is going to do anything that he can to win it himself. Kenny eventually joined the two. He is worried about being nominated tomorrow. The three agreed that Allison needs to go sooner than later, as she strengthens Andrew too much and also will become even more inseparable from him as time goes on.

12:00-1:00 AM: Sabrina said to Rachelle that the people that they want out are Allison, Adel and Heather, so hopefully Canada is aware and puts two of them up. Sabrina said that Heather is boring and walks around all day like a weird doll, so she doesn’t get why anyone would want to keep her. Rachelle questioned what would happen if Canada likes Heather and she is mean to her. Sabrina said that people don’t have eyes or ears if they like Heather. Rachelle said that Arlie is a nothing as well. Sabrina threw Neda’s name in the bunch too. Rachelle said that she is nervous that Andrew will go home. Sabrina told Rachelle that Andrew wont go home because he has the votes. Sabrina said that they need to just say that they are safe. Sabrina said “I am so sorry for the two people going up, but it’s not us”.

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